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(Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum is a child molester being harbored by Yeshiva of Brooklyn

I have been living with a brother who was sexually abused several times by (Rabbi) Yehudah Nussbaum, when he was in his 5th grade class, about 15 years ago. Because of this, he has practically ruined his life. It has also had a lasting effect on our family. (Rabbi) Yehudah Nussbaum is a sick child molester, that must be removed from children. However, he has been harbored and sheltered all these years by Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, Thanks to (Rabbi) Mandel who chose to threaten all those who sought to come forward with these allegations, as he did with my father a'h, when he threatened him that he "would turn his name into mud". There are several victims who were abused by (Rabbi) Yehudah Nussbaum, and this sick pedophile will pay the price for his crimes very shortly. The most frustrating part is that (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum is still employed by Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, and is continually accessible to the boys who attend there.
This injustice will not go un-punished. I will continue this fight for as long as it takes. I will also continue the fight to EXPOSE anybody who is abusing kids. No more sweeping things under the rug, (Rabbi) Mandel, your time will come just as it has come for Lippy (Margulis). As for you, (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum, all the boys you molested will never be the same. You had the nerve to call my mother when you were busy molesting my brother, and say to her "I don't know why your son doesn't like me anymore". Your day of judgment is near, quit working at Yeshiva of Brooklyn NOW!!!


A Just Cause said...

It is about time that this issue be dealt with in the frum world. It is a VERY BIG PITY that the rabbonim were not willing to protect children and were more interested and protective of their kavod and money than their responsibility to the children in their care. The truth is coming out now via tremendous chillulei Hashem but the burden of the Chillul Hashem is on those in positions to prevent this who instead did the opposite.

I am so sorry about what happened to your brother and your family.

May I suggest that if you want more publicity for your blog - that you post a link to it on the UOJ website as a comment on a RECENT posting of his (as those get more views).

Hatzlacha with your goal of protecting children from the horrors your brother endured.

gross said...

I too had R' Nussbaum as a rebbi in 5th grade as did my brothers. At this point I am not ready to say that this story is untrue but I am VERY wary of your allegations. Yes, R' Nussbaum did maniacally beat kids with his ruler but that was the extent of his abuse as far as I was concerned. You made a point to add that there were splinters as a result of his hitting your brother with the ruler, while anyone in R' Nussbaums class knows that the ruler was covered with multiple layers of white tape, rendering it impossible for splinters to result from contact.

You say that your brother was touched in inappropriate places but you will need to provide more details. Where and when did this occur? The building YOB was situated in made it nearly impossible for a Rebbi to be alone with a student (all those who have attended YOB 15 years ago know exactly what I mean)

I received my fair share of beatings from "Jack Mandel" and many others and I too would like nothing more than to see those bastards suffer, but this is a very serious allegation and you should be damn sure that you're being 1000% truthful when you say your brother was "molested.".

exposemolesters said...

To "Gross",

First of all, the fact that i'm posting allegeations of sexual abuse as well as physical abuse, means that I am 100% sure of what I am writing. This is a SERIOUS allegation in which there is plenty of evidence from my BROTHER as well as OTHER VICTIMS of (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum. You are correct that LATER (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum got "smarter" and wrapped the ruler with masking tape to avoid the evidence of splinters.

As far as touching where and when is something which will come out later in the lawsuit.

You write that:

" The building YOB was situated in made it nearly impossible for a Rebbi to be alone with a student (all those who have attended YOB 15 years ago know exactly what I mean)"

How far from the truth is that "Gross"?

You mean to say that Yeshiva of Brooklyn (old building) was somehow one big room with no possibilty of being alone with a student? No multiple classrooms? No bathrooms? No offices? no lunchrooms? no hallways? no yards? Are you really that stupid "Gross"??? You mean to also say the abuse cannot have taken place in front of other boys???

What world are you living in???

I remind the skeptics such as "Gross" to not simply brush aside these serious allegations that "Rabonim" have done for many decades. The skeptics were having a field day when the Kolko/Margulis scandal was revealed. This is just as serious, and soon this we all be out in the open!

exposemolesters said...

"a just cause",

I could not have said it any better than you! Thanks for your support in this very important task of saving children's lives.

gross said...

I am far from a "skeptic." If you do your homework you will know that I have been fighting this cause hand-in-hand with UOJ and have been a contributing member to the Unorthodox Jew blog since its inception - and that means long before WE went after Kolko. I seek to protect nobody and my reputation (at least in the blogosphere) speaks for itself.

I can pick your comment apart line by line too, but you would hardly have a leg to stand on.

Skeptics were not having a "field day" when the scandal emerged (kanoim perhaps, but not skeptics) in the public forum; after all they were skeptical - albeit naively.

Your claims are not "just as serious" as the Kolko issue. There, we are faced with decades of chronic abuse and a massive cover up by powerful people - nobody is out to protect YOB.

I urge you to provide more details as Framowitz and others have done - before the lawsuit or you might appear to be hopping on the bandwagon, conveniently like a johnny-come-lately.

My "credentials" in this matter speak for themselves. Besides for being a trusted contributing "board member" and confidant of UOJ and his blog, I was in a position to have been aware of any actual molestation in YOB. As I've indicated before, I despise YOB and the Mandels with a passion and I would love to see them fall; if not for innocent children suffering, I would almost wish the allegations were true. But the fact remains, you're going to need more than just generic claims to convince us.

Peloini said...

I think it's sickening that who ever wants could make up stories and smear the name on whom ever he hates, and I'm not saying that this didn't happend!

exposemolesters said...

To "Gross",

Thanks for writing. Patience is a virtue. Keep checking back here for more details. As I said in my posts to you, that more and more details will come out later. Understand that this is a delicate and sensitive issue, and not all information will be privy to people such as yourself. My brother was not the only victim here, there are several victims here, and soon it will come out for all to see.

It makes it hard to take you seriously though, with your outrageous comments such as

"The building YOB was situated in made it nearly impossible for a Rebbi to be alone with a student (all those who have attended YOB 15 years ago know exactly what I mean"

I seek justice for the horrible sexual abuse my brother and other victims endured.

I don't care how important you are or what connections you have or had. That means nothing whatsoever to me. You could choose to believe or not believe these allegations, but i promise that soon it will all be out for the public domain to see!

dayan said...

I fully concur with "talmid". Many in my family have studied at YOB throughout the '80s and '90s. All, myself included, will attest to the sincere righteousness of both Rabbi Nussbaum and Rabbi Mandel Shlit"a. You may have inadvertantly confused him with another "rebbi" named
Chaim Krause. That guy Krause had his hands everywhere inappropriate, molestation was (is) his trade. Chaim Krause even tried molesting mothers that came to him for PTA! A relative complained to Rav Manis Mandel ZT"L that Chaim Krause was inappropriately involved with women etc. Rav Manis did investigate and found enough evidence to have him thrown out of YOB during the zman on Erev Shvuos '87. Chaim Krause then went on to teach at Mchon Bais Yaakov where he attempted to ply his "trade" until someone informed Rabbi Oelbaum who threw him out as well.

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