Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's time for the Vaad HaRabbonim of Baltimore to walk the walk and start living up to their commitments!

They talked the talk. Now they must walk the walk. Put words into action. Empty is the promise that isn't fulfilled. Shallow is the cry that isn't heartfelt. It's past due for the Rabbincal Council of Greater Baltimore to have addressed some crucial concerns. Why does Rabbi Moshe Eiseman still have accessibility to youngsters? Which Rabbi in Baltimore is the biggest fraud? Why do the crimes of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau not bother the Baltimore Vaad? How do Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann , and Rabbi Dovid Cohen - among others - have the gall to treat sexual abuse victims in the manner that they did - with such utter contempt and recklessness - Have they no shame? How do they live with themselves? Does their conscience not feel any empathy for another Jew?

They put their signatures to it. On a resume it shows they have acted like miniatures. Does the Vaad HaRabbonim of Baltimore care to take a step in the right direction???????

The letter above was sent to the entire Baltimore Orthodox Jewish community from the Rabbincal Council of Greater Baltimore. It is the letter referred to in R. Gottlieb's drasha. Click on the pictures to enlarge, use the arrow keys to scroll down.



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star-k said...

Rabbi Heinemann was uprooted from his birthplace in Germany after Kristallnacht, and emigrated first to England and then to the United States. Upon settling in New York City with his family in 1949, he enrolled in Torah Vodaath where he became a student of HaRav HaGaon R' Avrohom Pam zt"l.

In 1954 Rabbi Heinemann was one of 58 students learning in the Lakewood Yeshiva. He had a close relationship with his mentor HaRav HaGaon R' Aaron Kotler, zt"l. When Rav Aaron passed away in 1962, Rabbi Heinemann studied with his son HaRav HaGaon R' Shneur Kotler, zt"l. Rabbi Heinemann received his s'micha (Rabbinic ordination) in 1964 from HaRav HaGaon R' Moshe Feinstein zt"l.

An invitation to join the Rabbinic staff at Yeshiva Ner Israel brought Rabbi Heinemann to Baltimore in 1967. During his tenure at Ner Israel, he also received s'micha from HaRav HaGaon R' Yaakov Yitzchak Ruderman, zt"l.

Several years later, Rabbi Heinemann began giving a popular class in Jewish law which continues to this day. Given the breadth and depth of material covered by the Rav, members of the Baltimore community came to recognize and appreciate the greatness in their midst. Rabbi Heinemann's encyclopedic knowledge of the practical application of Jewish law to contemporary issues such as kashrus, medical ethics, and business law, earned him the reputation as a posek (decisor of Jewish Law) throughout the entire country and abroad. Furthermore, Rabbi Heinemann's mastery of both the complex world of modern technology and the intricacies of Jewish law made him an ideal candidate to serve as Rabbinic Administrator of the newly revitalized STAR-K. In 1971, Rabbi Heinemann assumed that position. When Agudath Israel in Baltimore established its own synagogue in 1981, Rabbi Heinemann was chosen to serve the congregation.

fed up said...

It's disgusting that the slaughterers of Jewish neshamas are considered the experts on Kashrut today.
STAR-K Kosher Certification has provided kosher supervision for over fifty years. The STAR-K, formerly known as the Orthodox Jewish Council of Baltimore/ Vaad Hakashrus, originally served the Jewish community of Baltimore.

As the demand for “kosher” began to explode in the 1970's, the Vaad expanded both its services and staff, under Rabbi Moshe Heinemann’s leadership as Rabbinic Administrator. With the spread of Rabbi Heinemann’s reputation as an expert in the integration of the complexities of food technology with kosher requirements, the STAR-K assumed a more prominent role on the international kashruth scene. STAR-K’s kosher symbol quickly gained wider recognition. Its roster of local companies grew to include food manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

As the STAR-K earned respectability in the world of kosher certification, its Rabbinic Administrators were consulted regularly for authoritative opinions in the complex world of Kashrus. The STAR-K Kashrus Hotline was busy responding to inquiries, disseminating the latest information to consumers, and assisting manufacturers from around the globe in acquiring kosher certification. Its popular and internationally distributed newsletter, Kashrus Kurrents, became a leading voice and primary source of information.

As a leader in the international world of kosher certification, the STAR-K is most proud of its reputation for providing prompt, friendly and professional service to both the kosher consumer and members of the food industry.

Which Rabbis Make Up The Vaad of Baltimore? said...

The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter said...

See the flyer below about a program being put together by Ohel for the Baltimore Jewish community. The program is called: "How to Keep Our Children Safe". As you may be aware, Ohel is a community mental health center based in the ultra-orthodox community in Brooklyn, New York. Over the years The Awareness Center has heard complaint after complaint from survivors who utilized their services. Unfortunately, Ohel has a bad habit of making the orthodox community believe they are experts in the field of child sexual abuse. What ends up happening is that hey are doing a disservice to those who have been sexually victimized. When a survivor doesn't get help from those who really understand the dynamics and work with them from a multidiscipline approach the survivors end up getting re-victimized, making healing almost impossible. If the rabbonim really wanted to make changes they should be educating the community with professionals who really know what they are doing. The Ohel - Baltimore program includes:

* Rabbi David Gottlieb - promised a survivor to do something when the survivors alleged child molester moved to the community. A year has passed and nothing was done. The alleged sex offender is roaming freely attending classes in which minors are present.

* David Mandel - has a degree in Business, has no clinical experience yet continues to speak out as an expert in the child abuse field. Mandel and Rabbi Dovid Cohen have been named by many as helping to cover up sex crimes in Boro Park and other Jewish communities around the globe.

* Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer - who has been advocating for the rights of alleged sex offenders and has a long history of shaming and blaming survivors of sexual abuse.

* David Pelcovitz - a psychologist who jumped on the sex abuse bandwagon when he thought it was a trendy thing to do, yet really does not have the background to be working with survivors.

CALL TO ACTION: Demand the Rabbonim of Baltimore Stop Playing Games! Demanding that when programs are presented about sexual abuse they bring in professionals who actually have the education and experience to be presenting such a program. Contact:

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
Shomrei Emunah
Shul Office: 410-358-8604 (Option #1)
Home Office: 410-653-2423

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer
(Note: when you call Rabbi Hopfer be aware that his secretary is the daughter of alleged sex offender, Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. Demand she not screen the message and actually gives it to him).
Shearith Yisrael (Glen Ave. Shul)
Phone: 410-466-3060
Fax: 410-367-9183

Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion Congregation
Fax: 410-358-2631

exposemolesters said...

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Does Phil Jacobs Support Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer'?
I'm guessing the Vaad of Baltimore decided to put together an education program in their community as a reaction to The Awareness Center's screening of the film 'Narrow Bridge' and the panel discussion afterwards. The event was extremely successful. As a result The Awareness Center is putting on another program in a few weeks. I haven't heard all the details yet I've been told the same speakers will be coming back with a push on the importance of making police reports, speaking out and networking.

Back on January 15, 2008 The Awareness Center put out a CALL TO ACTION: Education The Baltimore Jewish Community On Sexual abuse, when they learned the vaad of Baltimore was putting a program together in conjunction with Ohel (a mental health center in Brooklyn, NY).

Phil JacobsI was shocked to learn that Phil Jacobs, executive editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, attended the Baltimore screening of the film 'Narrow Bridge', yet didn't feel it was important enough to write about in his paper, yet the Owings Mills Times did. I was also shocked to see that Phil Jacobs is promoting the Baltimore Vaad's program on his web page. This is shocking because Phil Jacobs keeps saying he's an advocate for those who have been sexually violated. If he was truly an advocate for survivors of sexual violence wouldn't he be working with The Awareness Center instead of the vaad?

On Phil's blog he states:

If anything, if this is an area of concern for you and your family, please make plans to attend.

A great deal of behind-the-scenes work went into putting this effort together.

It is a sincere step forward.

Phil keeps saying he's writing stories about sexual abuse in Baltimore, yet had not mentioned the number of alleged and convicted sex offenders who daven in Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer's shul or the number of cases in which rabbis Heinemann and Hopfer continue to cover up.

* Rabbi Yaakov Menken
* Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau
* Cantor Stuart Friedman
* Aron Goldberger
* Martin Kaufman (still waiting for confirmation)

It's shocking to learn that Phil Jacobs would be promoting an event on sexual abuse in which one of the keynote speakers is sex offender enabler -Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer.

If anyone has a photograph of rabbi Yaakov Hopfer or Moshe Heinemann please e-mail them to me at: jewishsurvivors

Baltimore Jewish Times said...

Phil Jacobs-I really think that you mean well-that you think you are some crusader here-But that’s the sad thing-you can’t see that what you have done to Rav Eisemann is outright evil. There is absolutely no benefit that will come from your publishing it. You think by doing it, more ‘victims’ will come? But even if we believe every word of your ‘sources’, Rav Eisemann NEVER abused anyone. At worst, he rubbed someone on the back, etc.- I find it funny that your ‘star witness’, this guy in Phoenix, produced nothing for you. I find it sad that you could take his allegations of staring at crotches seriously-as if anyone, and for sure not a high school boy, really knows where someone is staring and what they are thinking about. And as if there’s a crime in teaching boys that the Torah says not to masturbate? And then you print that he thinks Rav Eisemann maybe touched him in the rear. Give me a break-what sloppy, unprofessional and decadent journalism.
Phil, you fished and dug and you came up with nothing on Rav Eisemann-no real abuse victims or stories, just exaggerations, and you still had the chutzpah and guile to publish that Rav Eisemann is an abuser, lumping him with real abusers. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what anyone gained by what you did, besides your ego.

One thing is clear, Phil. You have a lot to atone for this Yom Kippur. I hope you do teshuva and ask Rav Eisemann, and Rav Hopfer for forgiveness, and print a major retraction.

Rabbi Hopfer is a slimy hypocrite said...

What Hopfer says is false. He's a lying jackass!

Rabbi Hopfer Addresses Sex Abuse In Baltimore's Orthodox Community

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, one of Baltimore's two most important Orthodox rabbis, spoke about the whole issue (no names of course) of rabbinic sex abuse on Sunday morning in shul (it was taped and widely distributed).
It was a Q&A session with the rov. Rabbi Hopfer knows his name has popped up repeatedly on the Internet [Protocols] in connection with Orthodoxy's handling of the string of sex abuse cases in town.
Rabbi Hopfer brought up the issue of sex abuse. How it's a real problem, taking place too prevalently. (Someone asked him how prevalent it was. He answered "too prevalent".) How every claim has to be investigated and that nobody should be turned away and not believed. How he has dealt with a number of cases. How victims have come to him. etc. He also added that an accusation is not a conviction. he knows of false accusations made by people.
Rabbi Hopfer said the community rabbis are aware of the problem and that investigations are being done behind the scenes.
Someone in the audience spoke up: said he's a teacher in one of the local prestigious public school boards, and that in the public school system there is a system that investigates things quietly too.
Rabbi Hopfer recognizes that they don't want to ruin innocent lives by exposing someone who is only accused.
Someone in the audience asked if three people make accusations about one teacher to three different rabbis or principals, does it ever centralize? He said that it does. He said that he didn't want to name names in public (and on tape), but the accusations do usually reach the same people in the community who take them seriously and investigate.
Rabbi Hopfer is not a smooth political operator. He is a soft-spoken, mildly stuttering giant of a talmid chochom. The other big rabbi in town -- rabbi Heineman -- seems to be more of an operator.
Rabbi Hopfer did add that not all "abuse" is worth all the destruction. He seemd to recognize a category of inappropriate behavior that did not warrant destroying a child's life by convincing the child that s/he's damaged and broken/irreparable.
He said that every yeshiva and day school in Baltimore has precautions in place and a system of dealing with accusations.
He said that some communities have taken extreme measures. e.g. In LA he said that the yeshiva/day school educators have come to a consensus never to touch any students, in any way. He (and an audience member) aknowledged that that may be too harsh, since often children need physical affection (eg a hug). R. Hopfer says that he knows that he takes a chance every time he hugs a kid, but that he feels the risk is worth it because the child needs it.
He mentioned how much more dangerous accusations are nowadays, because as soon as someone is accused, it can be on the Internet within minutes.
I think it's clear that the Eliezer Eisgrau case was brought to his attention, investigated under his auspices, and he concluded that it was false.

Jewish Divorce Case Grabs Public Eye said...

Laura Berg
OCTOBER 06, 2006

Cynthia Ohana says she plans to do whatever it takes to obtain a get, the divorce document required under traditional Jewish law, from her ex-husband, Ephraim Ohana.

"I've learned to be my own best advocate," said Mrs. Ohana, who secured a civil divorce from Mr. Ohana in May 2005 after 19 years of marriage. "I'm not going away."

Mrs. Ohana, 40, has recently received a good deal of local print and broadcast media attention, and the resulting buzz, as part of a community push to free her from remaining an agunah, "anchored down" in Hebrew. Until she receives a get, Mrs. Ohana is prohibited by Jewish law from remarrying.

"I would like to be in a healthy relationship for me and for my children," said Mrs. Ohana, who has sole custody of her five children. Mr. Ohana does have visitation rights and spends time with his children, several of whom still live in the area.

On Sept. 18, a rally attended by a few dozen people was held outside the University of Baltimore School of Law, where Mr. Ohana is a student.

"It was very important to do it right before the holidays, hoping that maybe it would appeal to [Mr. Ohana's] conscience," said Mrs. Ohana.

The rally, initiated by Mrs. Ohana and sponsored by the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot Inc. (ORA) in New York City, was the community's third public attempt to pressure Mr. Ohana, 44, into granting a religious divorce.

Two other rallies were held in June and July, both outside of Mr. Ohana's home in Upper Park Heights.

The case also has gained attention in the Reform community, which does not make Jewish religious divorce decrees mandatory.

Rabbi Rex D. Perlmeter, of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, attended one of the rallies outside of Mr. Ohana's home. He said the case cuts across denominational lines because "this is not just an Orthodox issue. This is an issue of Jewish justice."

Although Mr. Ohana gave a lengthy, detailed interview to the Baltimore Jewish Times last week regarding all accusations against him, he decided to retract his comments, per a previous agreement with the Jewish Times. Instead, he issued a statement (see sidebar). Mr. Ohana's civil divorce attorney, Roanne Handler, also declined to comment.

Mrs. Ohana disputed her husband's statement, saying that she sent 13 letters to Rabbi Simcha Shafran, secretary of the Baltimore Bais Din, to request a hearing date. She said that she received permission from Rabbi Shafran to sue in secular court when Mr. Ohana refused to come.

Mr. Ohana's father, Rabbi Samuel Ohana, of Beth Midrash Mishkan Israel in Los Angeles, and a dayan (judge) recognized by the chief rabbinate in Israel, said he is still hopeful that Mrs. Ohana will receive a get.

"I have recommended to my son that he give the get," said Rabbi Ohana. "However, I was disappointed how the Jewish community has acted in a selective way," referring to his belief that other situations were handled quietly.

"He is not an abuser and has been a good husband and a good provider," Rabbi Ohana added. "This is a man who went to work as a plumber in the winter to provide for his family."

The Counseling, Helpline & Aid Network for Abused Women (CHANA), a program of the Women's Department of the Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore became involved when Mrs. Ohana became a client in September 2003.

In a final protective order, dated Dec. 21, 2004, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Sylvester B. Cox found that on Dec. 13, 2004, Mr. Ohana put Mrs. Ohana "in fear of imminent serious bodily harm."

Additionally, on May 31, 2005, as part of the divorce judgment, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Audrey S. Carrion found Mr. Ohana "voluntarily impoverished himself." Judge Carrion ordered him to pay future monthly child support as well as outstanding child support and alimony.

Mrs. Ohana's complaint to the court for divorce included that Mr. Ohana engaged in several adulterous affairs, according to Larry Feldman, an attorney for Mrs. Ohana who said he is working pro bono on the case.

For the past eight months, the Rabbinic Council of Greater Baltimore, also known as the Vaad HaRabbonim, has banned Mr. Ohana from area synagogues and Jewish homes. In a letter posted in area synagogues dated Feb. 17, 2006, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, president of the Rabbinic Council, wrote, "Mr. Ohana has conducted himself in a manner that is unacceptable and that will not be tolerated within our community. As such, we declare Mr. Ohana persona-non-grata within our community."

Rabbi Moshe Hauer of B'nai Jacob Shaarei Zion, and a member of the Rabbinic Council, added, "We're trying every which way to bring across to Ephraim that granting the get is the right and appropriate thing to do. Once he does that, we look forward to welcoming him back to the community and we will offer him every opportunity to appear before a Bais Din."

Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz, of Woodside Synagogue in Silver Spring and a professor of law at University of Maryland Baltimore, also sympathizes with Mrs. Ohana.

"Unfortunately, there are people who use the get to victimize, and this is a very repulsive and repugnant thing to do," said Rabbi Breitowitz. "Even if there are disagreements, a get should not be used as blackmail or a bargaining chip."

But it has not just been Baltimore's religious Jewish community that is supporting Mrs. Ohana. The Awareness Center, Inc., the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse in Rockville, Jewish Women International in Washington, D.C., and CHANA are some of the agencies involved.

"At the rallies, I was surrounded by Jews, non-Jews, women working for the House of Ruth, as well as rabbis from each denomination of Judaism, because after hearing Cynthia's story, people in the community want to go out and support her," said Nancy F. Aiken, director of CHANA.

Such public pressure is often seen as a step of last resort.

Yehoshua Zev, director of ORA, said the non-profit group organizes rallies for agunot throughout the country. Over the past two years, more than 15 rallies also have been held in support of Sarah Rosenbloom, whose husband, Sam Rosenbloom of Gaithersburg, still refuses to give her a get, even though a civil divorce was finalized in 1999, Mr. Zev said.

Mrs. Ohana said she hopes her case will dissuade other husbands who refuse to grant gets to their ex-wives.

"It's validating to have the community's support," she said. "The exposure is terrifying. But I know there's another guy out there who is going to try and pull this same stunt, and I hope instead he thinks, ‘No, I don't want it be like what happened with Ohana.'"

The following statement was provided to the Baltimore Jewish Times by Ephraim Ohana:

I have not been vocal about the tragic difficulties in this divorce because I feel it is very detrimental to my children's wellbeing. While it would be too involved to address all the issues, I would like to highlight one.

A Jewish divorce is most often worked out in a Bais Din, and usually as a legally binding arbitration. Cynthia and I signed two agreements to enter into arbitration through the Baltimore Bais Din. She continuously breached these agreements and chose to address issues in other arenas, which included false allegations and malicious abuse of the judicial system.

Over the past year-and-a-half, my attorney has sent several letters to the Bais Din and met with its representatives in an effort to pressure her to abide by those agreements. She refused and the Bais Din remained silent. I have also made many attempts to offer to resolve our differences through negotiation asking only that she cease the hostilities she continues to instigate. She has refused all of these attempts. More recently, Judge Kathleen Sweeney recommended that we enter into mediation. She again refused.

There are still many outstanding issues that need resolution, including the get, and my offer to resolve them still stands

Phil Jacobs said...

The whispering got louder in the summer of 2006. Rabbi Moshe Eisemann, 71, a beloved longtime Ner Israel Rabbinical College scholar, teacher and author, was associated with the words “alleged molester.”

A Baltimore-area pulpit rabbi and Ner Israel colleague left Rabbi Eisemann off the invitation list to his daughter’s wedding, because of the uncertainty of it all.

The blogs, the Internet sites, were teeming with allegations of molestations by many rabbis, including Rabbi Eisemann. There have never been any complaints or charges filed with the police against the rabbi.

When students identified themselves as victims to Ner Israel, the school allegedly chose Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, president of the Baltimore Vaad HaRabonim, to look into the accusations.

Rabbi Hopfer, spiritual leader of Shearith Israel Congregation in Upper Park Heights, is not on the faculty or staff of Ner Israel. He did not return two telephone calls to the Baltimore Jewish Times made in early August of this year. His response could have cleared up much of the speculation. He also chose not to respond to a personal letter mailed to him by the Jewish Times on Aug. 5, 2007, pertaining to the status of Rabbi Eisemann. The letter was referred to by Rabbi Eisemann in a recent conversation he had with the Jewish Times.

exposemolesters said...

Please call Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer and express your outrage. Flood the phone lines. Do it and help save other victims from the grasp of brutal "leadership."

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann Is Still Tutoring Students at Ner Israel

Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out [Baltimore]
May 1, 2007

The Awareness Center continues to receive reports that Rabbi Moshe Eisemann is still allowed to tutor students in the privacy of his apartment located on the Ner Israel Rabbinical College campus. For more information on the allegations made against Rabbi Moshe Eisemann contact Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer and the administration at Ner Israel (see numbers below).

[Rabbi Moshe Eisemann]
Rabbi Moshe Eisemann is still tutoring students

Please note that Rabbi Moshe Eisemann and Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger (President of Ner Israel) are related through marriage. Rabbi Moshe (Mario) Eisemann is also a relative of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau (through marriage).


Ner Israel Contact Information:
Rabbi Aharon Feldman - Rosh Yeshiva (Head of the School)
Rabbi Beryl Weisbord - Dean of Students
Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger - President

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer Contact Information:
Shearith Yisrael (Glen Ave. Shul)
410-358-3450 or 410-466-3060
410-367-9183 fax

Horav Yisroel Belsky said...


When I go to the bathroom I use my right and my left hand to wipe with!

Compiled by Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits
Reviewed by Rabbi Benzion Schiffenbauer Shlita
All Piskei Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita are reviewed by Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita
Daily Torah Archives
Halachos Concerning The Bathroom Part 4

Washing Hands For Davening/ Or Before A Meal In The Bathroom Sink

Horav Moshe Feinstein zt"l maintains that one may only wash one's hands in the bathroom for davening if there is no other place to wash, and the drying should be done outside. Horav Moshe did not permit one to wash one's hands in a bathroom before a meal.(28) Other poskim argue with this and maintain that it is permitted.(29)

Placing Hand Into The Bathroom To Turn Off The Lights

In the common situation where one does not enter the bathroom with his entire body, but rather places his hands in the bathroom just to turn off the light etc. one would not have to wash his hands according to most poskim,(30) while others argue.(31) If one stuck in one hand inside then only one hand needs to be washed.(32) While others say that both hands should be washed.(33)


OU Document B-65 - Part II


kzayis of a food said...

Rema ibid.

If they don’t adhere to each other, the M.B. 208:15 brings a machlokes as to whether the proper beracha is Mezonos or Hoadama. This food should only be eaten in a bread meal or by reciting the beracha of Mezonos and Hoadama on other foods.

Harav Binyomin Forst shlita (author of sefer Piskei Halacha on Hilchos Berochos) and Harav Yisroel Belsky shlita. See also Vsein Beracha p. 505 note 603

Information provided by Quaker

Harav Yisroel belsky shlita

Harav Moshe Heineman shlita see also Vzos habracha in Birur Halacha Siman 27:7 in the name of Hagaon R’ Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv shlita.

Vsein Beracha (ibid) quoting Hagaon R’ Shlomo Zalman Aurbach ZT”L, Harav Yisroel Belsky shlita, Harav Binyomin Forst shlita, Harav Shmuel Fuerst shlita, and Harav Dovid Zucker shlita.

O.C. 208:4 There is a dispute amongst the poskim whether it is sufficient for one who wishes to avoid this sheilah, to eat a kzayis of a food that certainly requires an al hamichya together with a kzayis of food that certainly requires a borei nefashos, see Kitzos Hashulchan siman 48 s.k. 33, Olas Tamid 208:s.k. 3 and haoras of Harav Binyamin Forst shlita at the end of sefer V’zos Habracha #8.

Torah Umesorah said...

· 1985 – A follow up meeting takes place at the home of Rabbi Simcha Kaufman and includes Rabbi Kaufman, Rabbi Lipa Margulies, Rabbi Shia Fishman, an Askan and an eyewitness. The eyewitness recounts his personal knowledge of Rabbi Kolko’s sexual abuse of boys and discusses the information he had gleaned from others. Rabbi Lipa Margulies insists that the charges are all fabrications and attacks the reputations of everyone involved in seeking the removal of Kolko from his Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Rabbi Shia Fishman subsequently informs anyone who asks that he can not deal with this issue as he is old (50 at the time) and will lose his job if he pursues this matter.

Dov Hikind and Child Sexual Abuse said...

Is Dov Hikind trustworthy, or just merely another politician?

Dov Hikind and Child Sexual Abuse

Dov Hikind – elected official, former close Kahane follower and the address for much of Brooklyn's Jewish politics – devoted his radio show last night to child sexual abuse in the Orthodox community. The show can be downloaded from JewishSurvivors or here (part 1, part 2).

I just downloaded this and have not listened yet. I am told, however, that Hikind does not tell people to go to the police. This is remarkable because Hikind is an elected official with the responsibility to uphold the law.

Kosher Innovations said...

HaRav Yisroel Belsky Shli'tah

Why a Special Toothbrush for Shabbos?

There are four main categories of prohibited melacha related to brushing teeth on Shabbos with a REGULAR toothbrush and REGULAR toothpaste. These issues vary for individual communities and contemporary poskim. Now, thanks to the new Kosher Innovations™ Shabbos Toothbrush™ and specially formulated Kosher Innovations™ Shabbos Toothwash™, these melachos are avoided, allowing you to brush your teeth on Shabbos according to all opinions.

Sechitah. Squeezing liquid out of a solid in which it was absorbed is prohibited on Shabbos. When wet, densely packed nylon bristles of a regular toothbrush are pressed against the teeth, many poskim consider it is as if the water is squeezed out of the bristles and forbid using a wet toothbrush. The rubber bristles of the Shabbos Toothbrush™ are far enough apart that it is obvious that liquid does not get absorbed into the bristles and is not squeezed out.

Chavalah. Causing oneself to bleed on Shabbos is prohibited. Sharp nylon bristles of a regular toothbrush can cause gums to bleed. The soft rounded rubber bristles of the Shabbos Toothbrush™ do not cause bleeding. In the extremely rare case that very sensitive gums bleed even with the Shabbos Toothbrush™, consult your local Rabbi and see your dentist!

Memareach. Spreading a cream or ointment onto an object used as an applicator to the body is prohibited on Shabbos. Therefore, most poskim prohibit use of regular toothpaste or gel applied to any toothbrush. Kosher Innovations™ Shabbos Toothwash™ is a concentrated liquid and this prohibition does not apply. We do not recommend using the Shabbos Toothbrush™ with any product other than Kosher Innovations Shabbos Toothwash™ Also, the Shabbos Toothwash™ is certified kosher by the OU.

Uvdin D'Chol. If a regular activity involves something that one may not do on Shabbos, that activity will be classified as a “weekday activity”. For some poskim who permit the use of a regular toothbrush without toothpaste this prohibition would apply to using one's weekday toothbrush and they require a separate and even distinctive toothbrush for Shabbos. The Kosher Innovations Shabbos Toothbrush™ was designed specifically for Shabbos and not for weekday use, eliminating the issue of Uvdin D'Chol according to all poskim.

Blood Spots in Eggs said...

39 This is the opinion of Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita (Hakhel Janurary 2006 daily e-mail).
40 OU document H-61. In regard to protein spots see OU document I-184 where the opinion of Horav
Yisroel Belsky Shlita is that protein spots are permitted. (There is a very slight chance of finding protein
spots in white eggs, and if one does it is white). One who can not tell the difference between a blood spot
and a protein spot is permitted to eat the egg (Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita as expressed in OU document
I-184:page 3).

Agudath Israel of America said...

News of PETA's attack against a prominent kosher meat manufacturer forced a historic vote at the Agudath Israel of America's annual convention in Stamford, Connecticut. Moments before the end of the powerful Orthodox umbrella group's four-day strategizing session yesterday, David Zwiebel, its executive vice president of government and public affairs, took to the microphone urging all in the room to remain seated. By unanimous vote, the group condemned what it termed a "vicious and unethical attack on Jewish religious practice."

Orthodox Jewish dilemma over Israeli produce said...

As pictures of Gaza in darkness circulated the world's media a few weeks ago, the start of Israel's blockade of the strip caused a far lesser-known crisis in kitchens across the Jewish state.

In an arrangement that seems to turn the Middle East tensions on their head, Orthodox Jews are orchestrating their own boycott of Israeli goods. What is more, they are clamouring to get their hands on produce from Gaza and other Palestinian areas.

The boycott is not motivated by politics, but by a biblical injunction. “In the seventh year the land is to have a Sabbath of rest, a Sabbatical to the Lord,” it is stated in Leviticus. According to rabbis' calculations, this Jewish year, which began in September, is the seventh.

This means that no new crops can be planted, so vegetables cannot be grown. Minimal maintenance can take place only on fruit trees, defined as those that bear produce year on year.

So as Gaza looks to Israel for its fuel, Orthodox householders look to Gaza for their vegetables. Agricultural produce from here - and other areas that are outside the Land of Israel as defined by the Talmud - is perfectly permissible.

This dependency has worked relatively well in the past. Before this Sabbatical began in September, there were even rumours of covert negotiations between rabbis and Hamas-supporting farmers. In fact hardly a single cucumber is getting through from Gaza; and with relations with other Palestinian areas at a low, vegetables are at a premium.

Produce is being flown in from as far afield as China and America. A trip to the greengrocer's is costing the Orthodox Israeli double what it did this time last year.

In Britain, where the extent of agricultural trade with Israel is usually limited to receiving her exports, trade has been turned on its head. As soon as species arrive, they leave for Israel.

The Israeli produce in British shops presents Orthodox Jewish shoppers with a dilemma. And Israel's strongest advocates, who respond to the campaign to shun Israeli goods by buying extra in a bid to offset trade lost by the boycotters - what do they do when they see Galilean sweetcorn and Jerusalem basil? Do they buy, thus acting on their solidarity to Israel or do they follow their religion and thus unwittingly join Israel's detractors?

In fact, the decision is far more complex than this. While much of Israeli Orthodoxy strictly enforces the ruling and shuns local produce, some rabbis claim that it is permissible, even desirable, to buy the vegetables that are supposedly prohibited. These contradictory schools of thought are locked in a 119-year-old dispute on whichthe Orthodox British shopper must make a judgment in the vegetable aisle.

It started in the late 1880s. For centuries, this Sabbatical had been little more than an academic subject, as few Jews lived in the Holy Land. But as Zionists arrived and struggled to establish agriculture, they complained that surrendering a seventh of their produce would make their task near impossible. One leading rabbi, Elchanan Spector, said that farming could continue if the land was sold to a non-Jew and then bought back when the Sabbatical was over.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, first Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, and many other influential religious authorities, approved, and under his successors this has become standard practice. But many equally influential rabbis lambasted the practice, regarding it as an unconvincing get-out.

The Israelis demanding foreign produce follow this school of thought, while other Orthodox people - sometimes even in the same family - claim the land sale is binding and eat domestically grown produce.

Tzohar, an alliance of religious Zionist rabbis, is promoting this practice. Its chairman, Rabbi Rafael Feuerstein, says: “This solves a conflict of values, both of which have status in Jewish law. First is the need to keep farming going, and self-sufficiency in production is a matter of national welfare given Israel's uncertain security situation. Second is the Sabbatical regulation.

“Even without the Sabbatical restriction, many people are leaving farming in Israel as it is difficult to make a decent salary. Trusting this land sale and buying Israeli vegetables - in Israel and abroad - is important if Israeli farming is to survive; it is key to the survival of the State.”

Leading the antis is an �migr� from London, Rabbi Yoel Moore, an activist in the pressure group called the Institute for Agricultural Research According to Torah. He says: “This leniency was permitted because of special circumstances that no longer apply. The agricultural community was just starting out and people were in danger of losing their livelihoods. Now, doing without agriculture for one year in seven would hardy harm the economy. The reasons for allowing the leniency no longer apply, so it should no longer be used.”

The British Jewish mainstream has rejected the land sale custom. The London Beth Din, the ecclesiastical court of the Chief Rabbi, has issued statements advising people “to avoid using products that are grown in Israel”. Other Orthodox synagogue organisations concur.

But the reality, as in most matters of religious observance, is that people are largely acting on their own judgment. While careful not to undermine the leadership by stating so publicly, many religious figures privately voice disquiet: “I would probably disagree with the authorities on this, but I would not give guidance to my congregation accordingly as rabbinic authority rests with them,” comments one leading religious-Zionist rabbi.

Man indicted on charges of attempting to kill rabbi said...


A 37-year-old Lakewood man has been indicted on charges of attempting to murder an Orthodox rabbi in a baseball-bat attack last year.

An Ocean County grand jury on Tuesday afternoon handed up an indictment, made public Wednesday, charging Lee Tucker of Ventura Drive with attempting to murder Rabbi Mordechai Moskowitz, 53, of Lakewood on Oct. 9.

The indictment also charges Tucker with possession of a weapon, a bat, for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of that weapon.

Moskowitz, a third-grade teacher at Lakewood Cheder School, was severely beaten while walking to synagogue to pray. The attack occurred just after dark at Princeton Avenue and Carey Street in Lakewood.

The victim required hospitalization at a rehabilitation center for injuries to his face and head.

The attack received widespread attention, including a news conference held by the Vaad — Lakewood's council of Orthodox leaders — and the Anti-Defamation League to offer a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Tucker was arrested Oct. 24, eight blocks from the attack, as a result of an intensive investigation by Lakewood Detective Steven Wexler and Ocean County Prosecutor's Investigator Carlos Trujillo-Tovar.

Authorities were unable to provide a motive for the attack, but they have said there was nothing to support a theory that it may have been motivated by religious bias.

At Tucker's first court appearance on Oct. 25, state Superior Court Judge Barbara Ann Villano noted the defendant had a history of mental illness.

In fact, Lakewood police first questioned Tucker in connection with the attack on Oct. 23, after picking him up from Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in Winslow upon his discharge from that facility. They did not say why he was there or for how long.

Court records indicate that Tucker was charged with a weapons offense in Monmouth County in 1997, but that charge was downgraded to the disorderly persons offense of fighting in public, to which he pleaded guilty. He was fined $250.

Tucker was charged with aggravated assault in Ocean County in 1994, but that charge was administratively dismissed.

The defendant remains at the Ocean County Jail on the current charges, unable to post $300,000 bail.

If he is convicted of attempted murder, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

Tucker could face up to five years in prison if convicted of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and up to 18 months in prison if convicted of unlawful possession of a weapon.

Norwich Diocese faces another sexual abuse lawsuit said...,0,1170591.story
Norwich Diocese faces another sexual abuse lawsuit

1:40 PM EST, February 24, 2008


A 49-year-old woman has sued the Norwich Diosese of the Roman Catholic Church, alleging she was the victim of years of sexual assaults at the hands of a priest in Groton.

The woman says the Rev. James Curry began the assaults at St. Mary's Church in 1966 when she was 8-years old during private counseling sessions. The lawsuit alleges that Curry sexually assaulted the girl in the church sacristy and rectory, in the church center and in his car.

The abuse continued on a regular basis for the next eight years and involved hundreds of sexual assaults, according to the woman's attorneys.

Curry died in 1986. Diocesan spokesman Michael Strammiello confirmed the existance of the lawsuit, but declined to comment on the allegations.

Two other lawsuits are pending against the Diocese alleging abuse by other priests. The diocese and its insurance company have paid $4.6 million to alleged victims of sexual abuse, according to the church.

State law allows victims of alleged sexual abuse to file lawsuits up until they are 48. The woman's attorneys argue that law should not apply in this case. They argue that the priest, as an employee of the diocese, engaged in "fraudulent concealment" by threatening her with consequences, including eternal damnation, if she told anyone.

sexual torture said...

Sexual abuse, torture trial on hold

The Cullman Times

— By Patrick McCreless
An area man scheduled to stand trial next week for the alleged sexual abuse, torture and sodomy of several children could receive a reprieve from judgment.
District Attorney Wilson Blaylock said the case of Howard James Hagemore, 41 could be postponed for an indefinite amount of time due to the defendant’s statement that he is unfit to stand trial.
“There is a motion waiting to be ruled on ... he is waiting on a mental evaluation,” Blaylock said. “The judge will rule on that probably Monday.”
If the judge agrees to the mental evaluation, Hagemore will be sent to the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility in Tuscaloosa for observation. Psychiatrists will then determine if he is fit to stand trial.
“If the judge doesn’t see any need, then it (trial) would go forward,” Blaylock said.
Hagemore’s case was placed on the Feb. 25 court docket for the 32nd Judicial District Circuit Court. Hagemore was indicted by a Cullman County grand jury in January after a four-month long investigation by the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office.
“The investigation began after one of the victims made the allegations,” said Cullman Sheriff Tyler Roden. “After the investigation began, additional victims were identified.”
Roden added that all the victims were children.
The grand jury indicted Hagemore on charges of sexual abuse of a child less than 12-years-old, sexual torture, sexual abuse in the second degree, sodomy in the second degree, sodomy in the first degree and sexual abuse in the first degree.
Roden said Hagemore allegedly committed the crimes over several years.
“He was doing it at various locations,” Roden said.
Hagemore is currently free on a $50,000 bond.
Though Blaylock may not have the chance to prosecute Hagemore during this court term, there are still around nine other alleged sexual abusers to choose from on the court docket. Blaylock said the large amount of sexual abuse cases on the docket are due to the tireless efforts of the Child Advocacy Center of Cullman and local law enforcement.
“With knowledgeable law enforcement and reporting to the advocacy center, all that adds up to the prosecution of these cases,” he said.
Sodomy in the first degree and sexual torture are Class A felonies, punishable by as much as life in prison. Sexual abuse in the first degree is a Class C felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Yudi Kolko & Stefan Colmer said...

Afghan police sentenced for sex abuse of boy, father

The Associated Press
Saturday, February 23, 2008

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan: A judge on Saturday sentenced three Afghan policemen to 10 years in prison for the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy and his father, a rare accounting of crimes by Afghan police, many of whom are poorly paid and susceptible to corruption.

At the trial, the 55-year-old father testified that police accused him of stealing US$400 (€269). When the father protested that he had not carried out any crime, the officers took him and his 12-year-old son to a police outpost where the two were sexually abused, he told the court.

Judge Gen. Mohammad Yousef found three police officers guilty and sentenced them to 10 years in prison. A fourth officer accused of the crimes had fled. The cases can be appealed.

The Associated Press is not identifying the father and son because they were victims of sexual abuse.

The trial, held inside Kandahar province's police headquarters and attended by about 60 police officers, was a rare accounting for abuses carried out by Afghan police, who are paid little — some only US$100 (€67) a month — and are often accused of corruption.

A U.S. military official who helps train Afghan police, Lt. Col. Thomas Ritz, praised the trial as "police policing their own."

Ritz said he saw the trial as a step forward for Afghanistan's police.

"They're trying to get rid of corruption, they're trying to do the right thing," he said.

Sexual abuse of boys by those in power in Afghanistan — by police or warlords, for example — is said to be rampant, though such crimes are rarely talked about publicly and rarely brought to trial.

Gen. Nasarullah Zarifi, the chief of the police training academy in Kandahar, said that most police in the southern province are not properly trained and instead come from existing militias and are simply given a police uniform.

"It's a good thing to have an open trial like this. After this, those bad police characters will not do these things," he said.

Yehudah Nussbaum said...

300 child abuse cases reported in 2007

The Yomiuri Shimbun

The number of child abuse cases investigated by police hit 300 in 2007, a record high since the National Police Agency began compiling the data in 1999, according to the NPA.

Mothers were the most common abusers, being implicated in 97 cases, followed by fathers, adoptive fathers and common-law husbands, who were named in 91, 55 and 46 cases, respectively.

Thirty-seven children lost their lives in 2007 due to abuse, down 22 from the previous year.

Among the cases, 211 involved physical abuse such as punching and kicking. There were 69 sexual abuse cases and 20 cases of child neglect.

Although they are not included in the 300 cases this time, the police discovered 10 cases in which babies were found dead in situations such as being abandoned immediately after delivery.

The revised Child Abuse Prevention Law will enter into force in April, giving representatives from child consultation centers the right to forcibly enter homes where child abuse is suspected.

Child prostitution goes online

Meanwhile, the number of cases involving violation of the law regulating Internet dating services, such as posting messages offering child prostitution, hit 122 in 2007, up 75 from the previous year and a record high.

In 61 of these cases, the children themselves took the initiative to post messages offering sexual services--an increase of 43 on the previous year. The number shows the seriousness of the problem with online dating sites, which children can access easily through cell phones. The ease of use of such sites may also prompt minors to post messages without thinking about what they are doing, starting them down a slope that eventually leads to prostitution.
(Feb. 22, 2008)

shlomo mandel said...

I know a thing or two about abuse.

Child's remains discovered in 'abuse' care home

By Joanna Vallely
IT IS the millionaires' playground famous for having a level of crime so low that one detective was able to solve most of it single-handed.
The Channel Island of Jersey will be forever etched in the collective memory as the home of unorthodox TV cop Jim Bergerac.

But the tiny island, a mere nine miles long by five miles wide, has long hidden a ghastly secret linked to the fictional police station in which Bergerac worked.

The discovery of a body at Haut de la Garenne – a former children's home which doubled as the 'Bureau des Etrangers' featured in the TV drama which ran from 1981 to 1991 – has cast a shadow over Jersey's image as a benign holiday destination.

The discovery yesterday of part of a child's body is the latest twist in an investigation which began undercover in late 2006 and involves a number of historical allegations of sexual and physical abuse of children said to have occurred on premises run by the state or voluntary groups.

And although the investigation is at an early stage, police officers are already openly admitting this could be just the start of unimaginable horror to come.

The search of Haut de la Garenne was prompted by information received from some of the victims and witnesses spoken to as part of the historic child abuse inquiry.

The investigation began in November 2006 after Jersey Police noticed links between victims in a string of sexual offence convictions involving officers from the island's Sea Cadet Corps, and cases from several island institutions – including Haut de la Garenne.

The alleged physical and sexual abuse against children is believed to date back to the 1960s, and attacks at Haut de la Garenne may have taken place over three decades, although police said the bulk of them focus on the 1970s and 1980s.

Built at the turn of the 20th century, Haut de la Garenne served as a school and as an orphanage before becoming part of Jersey's childcare provision.

Until its closure in the 1980s, it housed up to 60 young people with special needs. It is now a 100-bed youth hostel, run by the YHA, attracting tourists keen to explore the only part of Great Britain to be occupied by the Nazis.

Police said more than 140 potential victims had contacted a helpline since they went public about the investigation at the end of last year.

Many distraught victims were said to have expressed anger that their complaints had not been heeded at the time.

From those contacts, within a month police had identified more than 70 alleged victims, and at least 20 suspects.

At that point, faced with such a major inquiry, Jersey Police requested specialist help from the UK.

Deputy Chief Police Officer Lenny Harper admitted to the BBC in December that the allegations ranged "from pretty severe physical and mental abuse right through to the most serious sexual crimes that you can imagine".

"We will of course be looking to see if there are any criminal implications into why these matters weren't dealt with, and why they weren't brought before the courts," he said.

The case has echoes of the child abuse committed in Scottish care homes such as Kerelaw, in Stevenston, Ayrshire.

It was claimed as many as 40 staff members at Kerelaw preyed on vulnerable youngsters, sometimes with the full knowledge of co-workers and superiors, amid a culture of fear and collusion.

Kerelaw opened in the 1970s, originally only for boys, but later taking girls. Some youngsters had committed offences; others were sent there because of unruly behaviour or difficulties at home. The school was closed after an investigation by the Care Commission and education inspectors in 2004.

Former art teacher Matthew George, 57, and care worker John Muldoon, 53, were brought to justice in 2006, facing charges going back more than 30 years.

George was jailed for 10 years for sexually or physically abusing several boys and a girl, while Muldoon w
as given a 30-month prison term on indecency charges involving three girls.

Edinburgh High Court heard of 'rag-dolling' assaults on unruly pupils by pushing and shaking them, and of how George liked to practise martial arts on the youngsters. He also forced boys to perform sexual acts on him.

Reports last week suggested that the floodgates are set to open for compensation awards to thousands of abuse victims, with a legal ruling which will overturn a ban on historical claims.

A lawyer representing about 1,000 victims of historic abuse in children's homes in Scotland said he "fully expects" a "time-bar" rule to be swept aside following a House of Lords ruling last month.

Cameron Fyfe, who said that on his books he has 1,000 former children's home residents claiming abuse, added he expects the time bar north of the Border to be overturned at the Court of Session next month.

david mandel from ohel said...

'Father Teresa' faces sex abuse charges in Haiti

Armand Huard

Graeme Hamilton, National Post, with files from Canwest News Service Published: Thursday, February 21, 2008

MONTREAL - An admirer once described Armand Huard as "a veritable Quebecois Father Teresa" for his work among Haiti's street children. In an open letter soliciting donations last December, Mr. Huard spoke of his joy at seeing children in the Haitian orphanage he ran gain weight after surviving an outbreak of dysentery.

But a different light was shone on Mr. Huard's decade of work in Haiti yesterday as he and a fellow aid worker from Quebec, Denis Rochefort, were charged with sexual crimes against a total of 10 boys, aged 13 to 17.

The two are accused under a section of the Criminal Code that allows sexual crimes against children to be prosecuted in Canada even if they are committed abroad. The Crown has opposed the men's release from custody because of the nature of the alleged crimes. A bail hearing is set for today.

"These sorts of crimes have been considered particularly serious for several years," Carmen Rioux, the Crown prosecutor, said in an interview.

She noted that a conviction on a single count carries a mandatory prison term of at least 45 days and a maximum sentence of 10 years.

"These crimes are alleged to have been committed in a country that is trying to rebuild," she added. The justice and policing systems remain rudimentary. "It is a country where it is relatively easy, more than here in Canada, to commit such crimes," Ms. Rioux said.

Mr. Huard, 64, faces 13 counts of sexual interference and sexual exploitation of minors. Mr. Rochefort, 59, faces 10 counts on the same charges. The offences are alleged to have occurred between Dec. 1, 2006, and March 1, 2007, when the two Quebec City residents were working in an orphanage in the port city of Les Cayes, 200 kilometres from Port au Prince.

The Haitian national police had received reports of sexual abuse at the orphanage and began an investigation early in 2007 before seeking assistance from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, which includes officers from the RCMP. The Surete du Quebec sent an investigator to interview the alleged victims last September.

Little is known about Mr. Rochefort's work in Haiti, but Mr. Huard has kept a higher profile. In 2004, he told a Radio-Canada reporter he was anxious to return to Haiti despite the upheaval at the time. "For me, Haiti is practically my homeland," he said.

He had formed a partnership with a Quebec aid group, GRANDIR, which encouraged people to donate to his work in Haiti. "You have to see him live among the people, eat and sleep as they do, to realize that a commitment like this is very rare," the group wrote on its Web site. In another passage, they called him "Father Teresa."

In a letter dated last Dec. 28 and addressed to his donors and partners, Mr. Huard announced he had left the orphanage in Les Cayes. He blamed his departure on a lack of support from the local community and international aid groups, and on difficulty obtaining land for a new building.

He said he intended to return to Haiti and solicited donations to cover medical and education costs for Haitian children.

The Canadian Criminal Code was modified 10 years ago to allow for the prosecution of child sex crimes committed abroad. This is the third prosecution brought under the new provisions.

Benjamin Perrin, an assistant professor of law at the University of British Columbia, said one Canadian has been convicted so far. Donald Bakker, of Vancouver, pleaded guilty in 2005 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually abusing children in Asia and for abusing prostitutes in Canada.

A second B.C. man, Kenneth Robert Klassen, was charged in 2007 for alleged sex crimes in Cambodia, Colombia and the Philippines. That case has not yet gone to trial.

raped body and soul said...

Donates Settlement Money

February 21, 2008
For years, WISN 12 News has reported stories of sexual abuse of children by clergy members, but 12 News reporter Nick Bohr has a different story to report -- the story of the journey of a teenage boy victimized by a Wisconsin priest and the remarkable thing he's doing that's helped him to heal.

Bohr traveled to California to bring the story to life.

Church Abuse Victim Donates Money To Charities

The victim was hesitant to tell his story, not because of the nature of what happened to him, but because he didn't want to draw attention to himself for what he's chosen to do with a massive financial settlement he's received.

It was an ideal childhood, growing up in San Diego just a few blocks from the beach. But for then 15-year-old Nick Jordan, his idyllic childhood crashed to an end in of all places in a place where he had every right to feel the most secure -- his church.

"When someone is raped by a priest, they're raped body and soul. And that's the situation," Jordan said.

Now 45 years old, Jordan can talk about the numerous sexual assaults by the Rev. Franklyn Becker, a priest who transferred to California from Milwaukee after numerous abuse allegations made it hard for him to find a job here.

"There were times when he would literally chase me around the house. Literally, not just like moving away, me actually running," Jordan said.

"Nick says he just couldn't bring himself to tell his parents, and Becker continued to take things further and further both at the rectory and on various outings he'd set up with Nick," Nick Bohr said.

"Father Becker did tell me no one would believe me. 'You can tell someone, but no one will believe you, who will believe you over a priest?'" Jordan said.

Jordan said he was singled out because he worked in the church office. He couldn't bring himself to talk about the sexual assaults until just a few years ago when he reported it to police and his mother.

"When I told her in 2003, I think, she said 'Why didn't you tell me?' And ah, how do you say something like that? Especially when you're a kid?" Jordan said.

But in the wake of the nationwide priest abuse scandal in 2002, Jordan said the emotion washed over him.

"That's when the shame and the remorse hit me, of, you know, if I'd said something how many boys could maybe have not been molested?" Jordan said.

The statute of limitations had expired on criminal charges, but Jordan pursued civil charges against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for allowing Becker to transfer to California without warning.

"As God is my witness, when I said something in 2002, I said, 'You know what? I didn't have the guts to say something then, and even in my early adult years, but I'm going to say something now,'" Jordan said.

Jordan learned Wisconsin law prevented Becker's victims in Wisconsin from suing, so when he was awarded more than $1 million in a settlement, he decided to give much of it back, donating tens of thousands of dollars to help sexual abuse victims in Milwaukee even though he'd never been here.

"Since the guys in Wisconsin that were molested by Becker have no recourse, I want to give back and say thank you to those organizations who were there for them," Jordan said.

Jordan wanted the donations to be anonymous, but he came to realize he needed to be more visible.

"If what I'm doing can then somehow inspire someone else who is able to lend a helping hand, to me that's what it's all about," Jordan said.

"It's a very rare thing. It's a very rare thing. It's wonderful," said Daniel Magnuson of the Counseling Center of Milwaukee.

Far from Jordan's home, the money is helping The Counseling Center of Milwaukee. It works extensively with young people and adults struggling with the effects of sexual assault.

"It's like an angel in a lot of ways. And given his journey, that's kind of an appropriate connection. He just basically called out of the blue," Magnuson said.

Money is also going to five other charities in the Milwaukee area that deal with the aftermath of abuse.

"A real testament to his heart, and what drives him, in terms of his commitment to healing and bringing wholeness," Magnuson said.

After years of restricted duty, Becker was kicked out of the priesthood in 2004 and is living in Mayville, Wis. He didn't wish to talk about Jordan when Bohr approached him this month.

"I'm Nick Bohr with Channel 12," Bohr said.

"I'm sorry, I have nothing to say to you. Please, please don't bother me. I'm not in good health," Becker said.

Becker is hardly repentant, Bohr said. In a letter to 12 News sent the next day, Becker bemoaned that he has not received any money from Jordan, writing, "He cost me my life savings and more -- $15,000 for legal fees." Becker further wrote, "Perhaps he hopes for an appearance on Oprah."

"If I didn't have my faith, I don't know where I would be," Jordan said.

Yet through his journey, Jordan said he's revived his faith -- gone from a sense of abandonment to a place where he can inspire others.

"The soul has been raped. It's been harmed, but it's not dead. And that faith is not dead. And those of us, the survivors that are able to stand on our own two feet, I think it's all about just extending a hand and helping someone back on their feet," Jordan said.

When Bohr asked the Milwaukee archdiocese for a reaction to Jordan's donations, it responded with the following statement:

"How private citizens choose to spend the money they received in the California settlements, or through the independent mediation system in place here in the archdiocese of Milwaukee, really is a personal decision. There are countless people who will be helped by Nick's generosity and we are grateful for that."

Jordan told Bohr that he has looked into possibly joining a religious order, perhaps living in a monastery.

While he's determining whether that's the right move, he continues his work in the film industry and keeping in touch with the Milwaukee charities he's donating to.


We are guilty of all kinds of abuse. That's why the police have been down here investigating.

Published February 24, 2008

Brown: Abuse patterns continue

Child Advocacy Center says area abuse cases rising.

Dirk VanderHart

The situation, as it stands, is an ugly one.

In 2007, the Child Advocacy Center in Springfield assisted a record 803 children reporting abuse — more than any similar center in the state.

Most of these were 6 or younger and, though the center deals with victims in an 18-county region,more than half came from Greene County.

Of these children, 88 reported sexual abuse, 15 percent reported physical abuse, 10 percent reported exploitation and 3 percent were seen for neglect.

In total, 803 children reported 1,180 offenses. Ninety-four percent of the abuse was allegedly at the hands of relatives.

For CAC Executive Director Barbara Brown, these figures send a clear message: the scourge of child abuse is increasing its longtime grip on southwest Missouri.

"Our numbers keep going up," Brown said. "I can no longer say this is solely due to better reporting (of abuse)."

Actually, reports of child abuse went down in 2006, the latest year available. Southwest Missouri placed 12,108 calls to the state's child abuse and neglect hotline in 2006 --more than 300 less than in the previous year.

Hotline calls are down statewide, as well. A total of 51,383 abuse incidents were reported in 2006, compared to 54,108 in 2005.

As usual, southwest Missouri had the highest regional call volume — outpacing the Kansas City and St. Louis regions by thousands of calls.

It should be noted that many of these calls are unsubstantiated.

Abuse, defined by statute, includes any physical injury, sexual abuse or emotional abuse inflicted on a child. Neglect includes failure to provide education, nutrition or any other care necessary for the child's well-being.

The permutations of behavior that can constitute abuse and neglect are limitless.

Just as limitless are the tolls that abuse can take on a child. Abused children often grow up to be abusers themselves, and studies have shown that a history of abuse can spur health problems, drug habits and social difficulties.

"We've got to make sure that the community has this on their radar, that it's not something that we put under the carpet," Brown said.

While there are no easy or quick fixes for such a complex problem, Brown said increased funding would go a long way toward creating lasting solutions.

She pointed to the sound defeat in 2005 of the Community Safety Initiative sales tax.

The centerpiece of the failed initiative was an early childhood development center that would have helped identify potential abuse situations, Brown said.

"Money solves lots of problems. It just does," she said. "Don't tell me we love and support our children, then turn around and not love and support our children. Don't just give me lip service."

Extra funds or otherwise, a call to action last year by nationally recognized child abuse foe Victor Vieth has set into motion efforts that, over time, could cut into the stranglehold child abuse has on our community.

"It raised awareness," Brown said. "Lots of things were begun because of Victor's visit."

exposemolesters said...

Education Ministry report shows increased sexual violence in schools
By Or Kashti, Haaretz Correspondent

Incidences of sexual violence in schools increased 26 percent last year, the Ministry of Education's Psychological Counseling Service (Shefi) said Wednesday.

Annual incidents of abuse, meanwhile, soared from 186 seven years ago to 404 last year. Shefi's department for combating child abuse is handling 24 percent more cases.

Shefi head Shosh Zimerman said sexual abuse among youths "is much more prevalent than people think, because society is not aware of what exactly constitutes sexual abuse. Comments on body parts or showing off pornographic pictures are often seen as normal adolescent behavior."

The law and the Education Ministry require the school staff to report every incident of sexual abuse to the welfare authorities, police and ministry inspectors.

Shefi is frequently called on to find educational and therapeutic ways to help the assault victim, other pupils, parents and even the perpetrator himself. Among other things, the counselors handle small children's aberrant sexual behavior, sexual harassment and serious crimes like rape and sodomy.

Out of 602 cases SHEFI handled last year, 166 involved children who were sexually abused by adults (compared to 127 in 2006), 404 involved students abused by other students (compared to 26), 321 were "general" complaints and six were cases of adults abused by minors.

Sixty-five percent of the incidents occurred in elementary schools, and 12 percent (about 70) in kindergartens.

The lowest number of incidents was reported in high schools.

Greater clarity

"Aberrant sexual behavior in kindergarten suggests the need for counseling and therapy," says Zimerman. "On the other hand, in junior high and high school there is more clarity regarding sexual harassment or abuse."

She says more incidents are being reported in part due to "increased teacher awareness about the situation and work with students to enable them to detect sexual abuse and encourage them to complain."

The figures show that more boys than girls were sexually abused by fellow students (343 compared to 287) and that the overwhelming majority of attackers are boys (482 compared to 46). Most assaults took place in schools or kindergartens.

A large percentage - 26 percent - of adults molesting children occur inside the family.

The victims in about half of these cases - usually girls - are in elementary school.

Lipa Schmeltzer Backs Out Of Big Event Concert! said...!.html

EXCLUSIVE: Lipa Schmeltzer Backs Out Of Big Event Concert!
February 24, 2008

lipa8.jpgThere has been much talk regarding the Kol Koreh issued by Gedoley Yisroel banning the “Big Event Concert”. Rumors were being spread as to the status of the massive show - which was scheduled for March 9 in Madison Square Garden.

Many people were questioning us why we did not post anything. YWN had consulted with leading Gedolim, and we were instructed not to post anything regarding this issue until now.

Yeshiva World has just spoken to Lipa Schmeltzer (Motzei Shabbos 5:45AM EST) and he has informed us that he will not be singing at the “Big Event Concert”. This decision was reached after he consulted with Daas Torah, and talking to leading Gedoley Yisroel.

Lipa Schmeltzer must be publicly commended for listening to the words and wisdom of true Gedoley Yisroel.

Lipa tells YWN that many people have had issues with the type of material that he has been singing during his career. He always chose to ignore the requests of some of his fans to change his style of singing. Although he did have certain standards that he always kept (never singing for mixed crowds), he many time decided to follow the customers requests - and sing questionable tunes.

Lipa now has decided to make a big change. He has decided to turn over a leaf, and will be changing his entire style of music. He has decided that he does not think that the current style of Jewish music is apropos for Frum people to be listening to.

The past week has been very tough for Lipa and his family. Tough decisions have been made. Major decisions. Decisions about money. Decisions about his future. But Lipa has made the correct decision.

Lipa has met with many Gedoley Yisroel in the past two days, and spent countless hours talking to them. He has decided to forfeit a large sum of money by not singing this concert - and instead chose Daas Torah.

We are sure that Hashem will pay him back double for making the correct decision, and being Mikadesh Shem Shomayim!

Lipa also tells us that he is very concerned that there will be a backlash at the Rabbonim. He is publicly asking everyone to please refrain from making any accusations against any Rabbonim. “There is no reason for anyone to mix into this business, and everyone should rest assured that this was all done Bishalom”, Lipa said. “I don’t want anyone to talk Lashon Hara and Motzei Shem Ra against anyone - especially the Gedolim whom I have tremendous respect for”.

“I have recently started learning Bichavrusa with a leading Rosh Yeshiva, and I promised him that I will never sing any songs which were composed by non-Jews. Being true to my word, I have sang at more then a dozen Chasuna’s since I made that decision - and I have not sang “Yidden”, “Abi-Mileibt”, or “Numa” (Rabbi Nachman M’uman) or any other song that is questionable as to its origin”, Lipa told YWN.

“People should know that this Kol Koreh and ban against The Big Event was not directed at me personally, but at all concerts in general. The Rabbonim felt the need to put their foot down and attempt to stop all future concerts in NY.”

For any further information regarding the status of the Big Event Concert, please call the concert hotline at 718-873-0888.

This Anon deserves an award said...

Anonymous said...

Now that i got myself a few quiet minutes i will indulge in parsing through the who's who of signatories on this holy ban against the MSG concert. I will use either personal knowledge or widely publicized facts only:

The 1st signer is the pre-eminent Skulener who most likely signed on the advice of advisors. Intersting how a popular rabbi of the hungarian masses held his tongue on most matters of life-and-death importance and found only the strength to take on the supposed ant-christ Lipa Shmeltzer. A man of sterling integrity who has down more for the sick and downtrodden of all types of jewry than the Yad L'Achim of Skulen will do in 150 years. The rebbe cannot be taken to task on this one due to his infirmity and age.

Rabbi Shechter of Chaim Berlin probably would not of signed had he known he would be in the company of Belsky.

Shmuel Kaminetzky, with all his good intentions, has not proven to be a man of integrity and leadership. Case in point his disastrous handling of MULTIPLE rabbinic molestation cases and his soft positions on that matter as espoused at the failed mechanchim forum in Flatbush which is available on tape for those who want to hear for themselves.

Dovid Feinstien, a venerable mench and Rav, was mislead before like in the incident of showing up in New Hempstead for a rally/meeting in support of Mordy Tendler.

The Perlow guy, who epitomizes the old vort on Pnei Hador K'Pnei Hakelev. He cowardly will refrain from taking any positon on any matter of importance, other than this AIS LA'ASOS of stopping this concert. The majority of HASC and Ohel (2 privately run businesses - one with a rap sheet full of in house molesters the length of the Battery Tunnel) concert worshippers are of the Noviminsker class of jewish zombies. If Kolko was not his problem "cause its in Flatbush and my throne is in Boro Park" when dear rabbi was the Garden moved to Boro Park? And since this ban is international doesn't that violate your own rule of isolationism.

Satmar is a blot on any person so we will skip these Talabanis today. We move on over the heads of the Stamars so they wont be distracted from dealing with the upcoming Purim Parties in Monroe and outside of Willy where Satmar ladies get together and masquerade in skimpy costumes covering less and revealing more than Britney Spears at her prime while and occasional guy drops by "unintentinaly" for a bit of fraternizing. All the while the frummer men are watching tv or at ball games and the braver ones are sharing drinks IN ALL KINDS OF BARS. But LIPA Shmeltzer, he is a SHAIGATZ! He probably even went to the kottel and even definately sang for the Nachal Charedi! And who gave him the right to co-op the name Lipa. We have a monopoly on it! (Truth be told, on an average shabbos you will find more ex-frummies in 18th avenue park doing joints and somoking on Shabbos going by the name LIPA than any other name. One even styles like a skinhead, nebech. From what we know from active askonim the majority of these boys are victims of rabbinic molestation and vicious abuse.)

Kotler is probably the man who can do the most to stop the epidemic of rabbinical sexual abuse, yet has publicly remained deaf, dumb and mute. For this he gets to host Yudi Kolko for the forseeable future until thay can this guy in Rikers. Your talmidim would be better off at the convention. One night less of intercouple partying in the Lakewood Kingdom.

Matti Solomon, I don't have the heart to lift the carpet from over this dust mite. Google "An open letter to Rabbi Solomon - Kolko" and u will have more info than u can read in a weeks time.

I cannot claim to know much about the next 4 wise men signing on the ban. I don't recall any of them signing a ban against exposing children to known molesters in schools or encouraging 1 to go to the cops. Rabbi Green did however sign against Mordy Tendler and let the record state to that effect.

If u r reading this u surely know more about Belsky than what I can cram into 1 paragraph. The shyster and menuval terrorized the one parent and askan of Yeshiva Torah Temima who had the testicular fortitute to stand up against the systemic coverup. Adolph Belsky is putting it mildly, UOJ.

LIPA MARGOLIS YEMACH SHEMO, klal yisroel has never had a mamzer chutzif like u who dared masquerade as a rabbi. U give the word Jew a bad rap by still being alive. U spent about 50 years of your miserable life putting the health, wellfare and wellbieng of yeddishe neshomas at risk so Yudi Kolko could get off on them. You knowingly destroyed countless yiddishe neshomas for the sake of linning your pockets and building your phoney prestige. But it is g-d's will that you will be brought down together with your yeshiva and the agudah and u all will be allocated to the dust bin of history like so many other murderers of young jewish souls. Only Mengele had more blood on his hands.

Ehrenfeld will achievr relevancy if and when he will sign for anything meaningfull other than the occasional shnorrer breivel. If his piousness keeps him out of general issues of importance, this was definately the wrong time to rear your head.

Dayan Tauber of Bobov 48 was the leadinf force in the Shlomo Hafner scandal and coverup. He is also responsible for other career mechanchem turn career sexual predatoers being on the street today. The case of the Molester at the Menashe Klien Mikva and the cases of little boys from the bobover cheder commiting suicide comes to mind at once. This arrogant grandstanding piece of work is the poster boy for powerfull rabbis who put money, fame and power before Tinokois Shel Bais Rabom who were sexualy abused and raped. Shame on u, C.Y. Your day of rekonning will come too. Just wait till the molesters u covered for come up next on the UOJ roster.

The Rav of Gur has failed miserably in handling the high profile molestation cases in his corner. He would be better off in ash and sack cloth for eternity. What prompted him to come out of hiding and sign this ban is beyond comprehension. Wait till he has his hands full dealing with the stinking perverts UOJ brings back from Israel and the court begins to investigate those who aided and abetted his sick congregants.

Belz is an active and progressive cult that has managed to attain leadership in community affairs and might have had genuine concerns about this concert.

Rubin of Bobov 45 has a lot of explaining to do as to why a concert is more "bannable" than going to secular court for a piece of the bobov prize. And what did he do to stop the sexual perverts in bobov.

Skver is too busy creating bigger and badder chilul hashem incidents. If Hillary Clinton would sing in New Square while in a bikini they would all turn out and clap along. But Lipa, now that is true toeva.

What is Nitra? A type of gas? a chemical combustion post chullent? Sorry, I draw a blank on that one.

Avrohom Schorr would asser breathing if he could. Wrong prority buddy.

Pupa! The name speaks for itself. High Flying Filth!

Tune in next week for an in depth preview of the aguda porn stars featured at the next Siyum Ha'Shas to be held at................................................MSG of course! Where else? If Margo lives to see the day he will be saying kaddish for the poor deceased Kolko.
5:21 PM, February 24, 2008

Anonymous said...

The Rabbonim are the reason I am no longer frum today. They killed me. I can never forgive them. Concerts and trivial things they sign against. They are the biggest phonies and hypocrites. Shame on them!

dovid said...

Not that I would ever go to a Lipa Shmeltzer concert, but who gives the right for the gedolim to tell us not to go to MSG?

Under this ban - there should be no more chol hamoed circus or events. I shake my head and i'm embarrassed that these clowns are actually are our das torah.

Polish Rabbi said...

Polish Rabbis Form Rabbinical Group

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's Jewish leaders have relaunched the first nationwide rabbinical association since World War II, the country's chief Orthodox rabbi said Monday.

The seven Orthodox rabbis who serve in Poland gathered in the central city of Lodz over the weekend and agreed to reform the Rabbinical Association of Poland, which thrived before World War II, the nation's chief Orthodox rabbi said.

"The recreation of the organization that existed before the war is simply a reflection of the reality that we now have several rabbis working in Poland," said Michael Schudrich, who is originally from New York.

Before the war, Poland was home to a Jewish community of nearly 3.5 million — Europe's largest — but around 90 percent died during the war under the Nazi occupation. The Jewish population is estimated at around 30,000 today.

yisroel belsky the putz said...

How dare Ehud Barak oppose this.
--- » Israel » Article

New dispute between coalition parties

Disputes between Shas and Labor posed the newest threat to the coalition on Sunday, as the two largest partners in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima-based coalition clashed over a series of bills that would benefit Shas's constituency.
[Welfare and Social Services...]

Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog.
Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski [file]

Welfare and Social Affairs Minister Isaac Herzog (Labor) and Minister-without-Portfolio Ruhama Avraham (Kadima) were forced to remove a bill from the cabinet agenda to extend the authority of rabbinical courts , after the Labor Party MKs harshly criticized the legislation.

Herzog was slammed by key members of his own party, including Labor chairman Ehud Barak, for proposing the bill that would strengthen the authority of rabbinical courts over marital and divorce issues and upgrade their status as arbiters of monetary matters.

Under the bill, backed by Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar, rabbinic courts would be given the power to adjudicate on monetary matters connected with the divorce process such as the division of assets, child support and alimony.

Holocaust teaches students justice, responsibility said...

by Christine Young
Intermountain Catholic

SALT LAKE CITY — “More than seventy years ago the Nazi German party committed atrocities and unspeakable acts on the Jewish people and others, herding them into ghettos and concentration camps,” said Rick Bartman, principal of Judge Memorial Catholic High School. “Those concentration camps are there today. I have been there. I have seen them.

“This happened to people your age, people younger, and people older,” Bartman told about 350 Judge Memorial students, and seventh and eighth grade students from Blessed Sacrament School. “I made a personal commitment years ago to a survivor when I was at a school in Florida that I would do everything in my individual power to never let anyone within my sphere of influence forget that the Holocaust happened.

“It is part of that commitment today that I welcome Erik Ludwig, executive director of the United Jewish Federation of Utah and Rabbi Aron Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, who came today to show the movie, “I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal,” said Bartman. “I think this might be the most important presentation you will see in your middle school or high school years.

Anonymous said...

The latest project of an Upper East Side billionaire famous for his colossal Hamptons mansion is a 20-volume encyclopedia of all 613 commandments in Judaism. The "Encyclopedia of the Taryag Mitzvoth," funded by the industrialist Ira Rennert, lists and explains each commandment in the Torah, such as the 25th commandment, to believe in God, and the 33rd, to respect and honor your parents.

A companion curriculum, geared toward middle school students, has been adopted by 500 schools worldwide and 30 in the New York area, including the Ramaz Middle School, Manhattan Day School, and the Yeshiva of Flatbush in Brooklyn.

Mr. Rennert, the chairman of the mining and metals conglomerate Renco Group Inc., donated $5 million to fund the encyclopedia and curriculum, called Project Taryag. The word taryag refers to the 613 Torah commandments, the basis for Jewish law.

In recent years, Mr. Rennert made headlines for building a home in Southampton that has more than 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, and a 164-seat movie theater.

Rabbi Midgets said...

Rabbi to present evening of stories and music

Rabbi Moshe Cotel, an internationally known composer/pianist who presents an uplifting mix of classical piano and personal stories, will perform Thursday at Congregation Ahavath Sholom in Fort Worth.

The performance, "Chronicles -- A Jewish Life at the Classical Piano," will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the synagogue, 4050 S. Hulen St.

Cotel will play Mozart, Bach, Mendelssohn, Bloch, Schoenberg, Scriabin, Gershwin and Delibes, with the musical content embellishing the meaning of the lesson.

Cotel has received annual ASCAP awards since 1975 and is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. He acted for many years as chairman of the composition department of the Peabody Conservatory of Music of Johns Hopkins University, and he has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants.

A dessert reception will follow the concert. A $3 donation is welcome; children can attend free. The concert is co-sponsored by Congregation Ahavath Sholom, the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, and Rose and Al Sankary. Call 817-731-4721 for information.

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