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The abolitionist and the radical loose canon!

Some people go off the edge in life. They totally lose it and become dangerously unpredictable. It's hard to measure extremists. Was Baruch Glodstein a nihilistic unpeacful Jew? Or should he to be considered a militant hero? Was he right in doing what he did? Was he wrong? Who is worse in your mind, Baruch Glodstein or a member of Hamas? Are they both equally guilty? Do you see a scenario where one is better over the other?

between Noam Federman, one of the great "Hilltop" boys and leader of Rabbi Kahane's (ztk"l) still vibrant movement in Judea. It appears (more)
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By Dr. Manfred R. lehmann

A year will soon have passed since Purim 1994--and it is likely that the leftist press will use the opportunity to heap again lies, abuse and distortions on the memory of Dr. Baruch Goldslein.

Here are some of the things they will spread throughout the media: Goldstein wonted to derail the peace process...Goldstcin refused to treat Arabs... Goldstein was a poor soldier...his atack was unprovoked ...his victims were peaceful Arab weapon was found in the Machpelah... the Shamgar Report found no evidence of hostility by the Arabs against the Jews... this incident was proof that Jews are terrorists no less tihan the Arabs.. the Hebron incident justifies Arab terrorism... Goldslein is typical for violence by all settlers...

All these statements are false and malicious. Before analyzing them we should perhaps ask ourselves: which are the motives of the leftist fanatics to use Goldstein for their purposes? Here are some of the sinister motivations:

1. Firstly,the Leftists are keen to help their PLO friends to clear out the Land of Israel of Jews, starting with Hebron and "setllements."
Immediately after Purim they raised a clamor for the disarming of all setllers throughout Israel. This would make them exposed to murderous Arab attacks, and would force them to abondon the setllements and surrender them to the Arabs.

2. The leftists have, on ideological/materialistic grounds, determined to destroy the image of any Jewish hero. In this vein they have caried out the "debunking" of our greatest heroes in our history: they claim that the martyrs of Massada did not really commit suicide, they denounce the hero of the Second Revolt, Bar Kochba, as not a great hero at all, they deny that Josef Trumpeldor, the early Zionist martyr, said "It is good to die for our Land" they even claim that Hanna Senesh, the great Holocaust martyr, was really a traitor who denounced her fellow partisans to the Nazis ...Recenlly a TV program was produced in Israel attacking the story of Hanna Senesh's martyrdom - when a storm of protest arose, the author had to admit that his story was pure fiction and that the evidence of Hanna's heroism still stood. But the image of Goldstein as a hero has to be destroyed!

3. The leftists need an excuse for the Arab murderers who have killed scores since last Purim. It is convenient to imply that these murders somehow were provoked by Goldstein instead of by the inherent Islamic hatred for jews, which has been allowed to take violent form since the Oslo "peace"agreement.


On my last stay in Israel, I invited Mr. and Mrs. Israel Goldstein to come from their home in Kiryat Arba to visit me in Jerusalem. It was a very significant and emotionol meeting. On the personal side the deep mourning over their beloved son was of course with them every moment.

They related to me the many details of Baruch's childhood and youth. His life in the USA was so similar to that of thousands of young Orthodox boys and girls, brought up in Day Schools and Yeshivoth. Only Baruch yearned for making aliyah and making a contribution in Israel as a doctor. His family ancestry, through his mother, went back eight ganerotions to the Baal Hatanya founder of the Lubavitch dynasty. Members of his family had been victims of the Arab pogrom of Jews in Hebron in 1929, when some 69 Jews were slaughtered, without the British troops interfering. The memory of this tragedy weighs heavily on all residents of Hebron, it shows that the lribe of Arabs in Hebron, the Hebronite Arabs, more than most other Arab tribes are known for their violence and blood thirst. They are the descendants of the Arabs who on June 17,1839, almost murdered Sir Moses and Lady Judith Montefiore when they visited the Machpelah with the Turkish Governor. His diary reports the near-outbreak of an Arab pogrom of the large old Jewish community in Hebron after that near-fatal visit.

In tear-drenched moments, Goldslein's mother. told me of her son's total commitment after his years as a student ot Yeshiva University and Albert Einstein Medical School to his profession as a doctor. She showed me confirmation of his healing an Arab terrorist.

The details ond facts the Goldsteins documented to me, reflected some of the findings in the 338 page Shamgar Commission Report of which I obtained a copy - but were not widely published under the obvious leftist inspired censorship which had been imposed on many of its findings. Thus on page 77 the Report confirms that Goldstein treated ond healed an Arab terrorist in October 1990. If this had been publicized, the world press, including Time Magazine could not have claimed that Goldstein hated Arabs and refused to treat them.

The central feature in the actual events, clouded in the official versions, came out crystal clear from Ihe documents his parents brought.


A. On February 21,1994 The Kiryat Arba Town Council near Hebron had an emergency meeting called at short notice by General Mofaz and Brigadier General Kalifi who warned the residents that the Army had concrete evidence that the Arabs were planning a serious attack, and the Jewish medical officers be ready for emergency aid (this referred to Dr. Goldstein as the head medical officer in Kiryat Arba).

B. At the same time a leading Israel newspaper Yediot Aharonot, published a news report before Purim with a report that Hamas forces in Hebron had for days circulated through their terror group Ez a-Adin Alquasam,the murderers who recently had killed the Lapides and other Hebronite Jews, an alert to all Arabs in Hebron to stock up with food and provisions since a great attack on Jews would take place ond that it could be expected that, afterwards,the Israeli government woule impose a curfew on the Arab populalion. This all-important clue to the impending Arab pogrom is contained in the Shamgar Report (Page 236): "This being a Friday, the end of the Ramadan holy month, warnings of an attack had been given. There were no grounds for expecting a Jewish attack on Arab worshippers - but to the contrary an attack by the Hamas was expected." The background to these warnings is elaborated on, on page 235 of the Report with a description of the violent ond hostile mood of the Arabs and their cries of "Etbach el Yahud".

C. The Report also contains an account (page 139) of the appeal by the Sheikh Tayassar Temimi in the Machpelah to kill Jews, which set the bellicose mood of the Arabs.

D. The Israeli Press (Hatzofeh of February 27th) reported that on the eve of Purim some 2000 Arabs gathered during the time of the reading of the Megillah and shouted the infamous warcry "Etbach el - Yahud" - slaughter the Jews. These blood curdling cries must have shocked and unnerved every Jew and were foreboding for what the Arabs had prepared for the next day. In 1929, too, the pogrom had been preceded by the dreaded warcry. Baruch Goldstein understood full well what was impeding. The Lapids, recent murder victims of the same terror group, had died in his arms.?..

E. At least one witness, Mordechai Sayed, heard from inside the Machpelah that a gun, wrapped in an Arab "kafiye" was found in tha Machpelah, proving that the Arabs-fariom being peacful worshippers, were armed for their planned pogrom. The witness to this discovery offered the Shamgar Ccommission to testify about his discovery, but was informed by Commission by their letter to him of April 12, 1994 that "there is no need for your testimony." This refusal is most curious and indicates a preconceived prejudice to rule out evidence of Arab provocations. (No body search was conducted on Arabs entering the Machpelah.)

F. I was shown various personal eye witness accounts describing the threatening position prior to Purim: Carl Bishop, an American visitor with a group from the States, encountered violence at the Machpelah one week before Purim. Betya Cohen, local resident, testified that she heard in the days before Purim Arab appeals by loadspeaker "screaming in flowery language that the Holy Land must be recovered from the evil people (the Jews)." Mrs. E.S., a local resident, testified about the Arab broadcasts before Purim heralding Arab attacks on Jews. When she reported this to the Israeli Army she was told "we know." Similar Arab broadcasts had been heard some weeks before which were followed by the attacks on the Lapides, resulting in killing of 2 of their members. Yisrael Ben Ahron, an Army reservist in Kiryat Arba, testified that he saw Arabs storing food before Purim, and that although the Army knew this, they did nothing about it. Yitshak Matoof, local resident, testified that "Arab storekeepers told me not to come to the Machpelah on Purim as it will not be good for Jews there." Ilan Tor, local resident, who was used to reciting Tehillim every morning in the Machpelah was terrified Purim morning "by fhe Arabs howling 'Slaughter the Jews' and their threaiening gestures." Mr. Tor was sure that he would be killed by Ihe Arabs. IDF major D.S. testified before the Shamgar Commission that he was afraid to sleep in his usual place on Purim eve "because he knew that something terrible was going to take place and he wanted to be ready."

Dr. Goldstein had gone to the Machpelah Purim eve, Thursday evening, to attend the reading of the megillah, but could not pray because of 1he howls of the Arabs "Etbach el Yahud" (Slaughter the Jews). He later told his father that when he turned to an IDF soldier and asked him to stop the Arabs, the officer just shrugged his shoulders and turned away. Goldstein left the Machpelah and atiended the Megillah reading in the Community Center in Kirya Arba. The Shamgar Commission never interviewed Goldstein's parents.

These testimonies give ample proof of the explosive atmosphere which the Arabs had created in the Jewish population. David Bar-lan, the Chief Editor of Jerusalem Post, writes to me in a letter: "The Shamgar Report says 'It should be pointed out that a day before the massacre, a proclamation was distributed in Hebron from a terrorist organization saying that a terrorist action would take place within one or two days." It lakes only common sense to conclude precisely that Goldstein acted to forestall a massacre."
G. lt is cryslal clear that nothing was further from Goldstein's mind than "derailing the peace process." He felt responsible for the entire community which faced a blood bath, for which ample threats and notifications had been given. In his anguish about the impending loss of lives especially in light of the Israeli Army's apathy in similar situations in the past, he must have felt that he had to take the defense of his fellow Jews into his own hands. No doubt a well - established Jewish legal rule was also on his mind "Ha-Ba le-horgecha hashkem le-horgo."-If you are threatened by murder, you can preempt it by killing the murderer in self defense. It is also evident that his act thwarted a blood bath which would have killed and maimed countless Jews - much as in the Arab pogrom in Hebron of 1929. His act was therefore thoroughly provoked - not unprovoked as the leftist propaganda wants us to believe. The Arabs were not peaceful worshippers but hostile fanatics, partly armed, ready to launch their pogrom against Jews.
H.The incident cannot have any bearing on the position of "settlers" anywhere else, nor can it ever be used to justify unprovoked acts of murder and massacres being perpetrated by Arabs in fulfillment of Islamic religious commands. It has not before been pointed out that the Purim pogrom would have fallen on Friday, the holy day of Moslems on which many of the murders of Jews committed since the Oslo "peace" agreement have taken place. Generally unknown, but undoubtedly known to Baruch Goldstein is the fact that the 1929 Hebron Pogrom also broke out on a Friday - August 23! No wonder that a blood bath was also to take place Fraiday Purim 1994. Some of the murderers have openly confessed that by sacrificing Jews to Allah, thay come closer to him. That fact, too, must have weighed on Goldstein's mind - the threat of a pogrom on a Friday was more threatening than on any other day.

I. Goldstein parents handed me proudly some certificates issued by the Israeli Army certifying Baruchws exemplary character and service record: He had just been promoted to the rank of Major. In the lengthy ietter of promotion it says: "All his services have always been performed without monetary awards, worthy of highest praise. If there is an officer in the District of Judea and Samaria worthy of promotion in rank it is wihout doubt Dr. (Captain) Baruch Goldstein."

In another diplomo the Medical Chief of the Army thanks Goldstein for miraculously saving the lives of soldiers who had been wounded by Arab terrorists: "With your dedication you saved the lives of the wounded and you saved an entire world."

Another magnificent diploma thanked Goldstein for his committed medical services beyond the call of duty. After he served in Lebanon, the army issued a certificatc thanking him for his "devoted, efficient, diligent, enterprising, thorough, disciplined and expert exercise of his medical profession."

All these documents should lay to rest the malicious, totally unfounded criticism of this exemplary soldier and doctor

A year after the event, there is every reason to honor Goldstein's memory as a Jewish patriot who, only in the last desperate resort available to him preempted a vast blood both of Jews being prepared for Purim morning 1994. As a self - sacrificing comnassionate doctor his aim was to heal and save lives. He was incapable of an act of murder. Forced by the impending disater and convinced that the Government would not sufficiently protect the Jews against Arab attack, he took their defense into his own hands. We can think of outstanding acts of preemptive strikes in our long history, ranging from Pinheas and Samson in Biblical days, to incidents during the Crusades, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943, the uprisings in Nazi death camps, to the preemptive attack, under Rabin, in the 6-Day War. They are all remembered with awe and reverence.

I am grateful to Goldstein's wonderful parents for sharing the evidence with me, and its publication should serve as a well deserved consolation to them in their grief. Those who rushed to judgment last year, should rightfully hang their heads in shame.


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Yeshiva Tuition Nightmare!

Yeshiva Tuition Nightmare

Be fruitful and multiply (pru urevu as they call it) is one of the Torah’s Commandments. Hey, the bright side of looking at it is it’s a mitzvah that’s pretty doable, pardon the French. It’s one of those commandments that most frum Jews have no problem conforming to, for the most part. The opposite spectrum of that would be a mitzvah that’s extremely beyond reasonable expectations, so it seems, such as vahavta leriach komocho. Is it too much to ask of a fellow Jew to respect other human beings and to come to their aid in their time of need? In the same way that one would be repulsed by those who deceive the klal by selling them non-kosher chicken and meat to consume, so too they should be just as ambitious and determined to speak out and demonstrate the unacceptable repulsive conduct of those who enable abuse. At fresser events, the "Glatt Kosher" turned out to be pure treif meat which thousand upon thousands of yiddishe neshamas - Rabbis, gedolim, Jews of all kinds were consuming treif meat. Isn't that in itself a wake-up call? Is it too much to expect from the average Jew to intercede and help other Jews, instead of shamelessly watching silently as their Jewish brethren are being psychologically and physically abused? Is it too crazy to start holding parents responsible and accountable for refusing to protest or say a word against the brutality taking place right under their noses?

So you go under the covers one Friday night with your spouse and make sweet noises until dawn. You keep in mind that this is

an essential act of planting seeds for future generations to come. Before you know it you become a parent and have a baby boy.

Inside you’re ecstatic that your first is a boy and not a girl - although you convince yourself that had it been a girl you would have been just as gratified and satisfied. And it’s true, all you really care about is that the baby is healthy. You make a Shalom Zachar and thank the almighty for giving you such a nice present. Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov!

You become a father. Your wife becomes a mother. Your parents now become proud Grandmas and Grandpas. How beautiful it is. Before you know it, your

baby gets older and it’s time to send him to a Yeshiva. It’s your first child so the average $8,000 - 15,000 annual tag of tuition is not exactly

affordable, but you still manage to make ends meet, because you are able to hold down to a ‘decent’ paying job. Then one day your wife says to you, honey; I’m pregnant, again.

You can hardly contain your glee. you’re in seventh heaven. You can’t wait for the day you will become a father for the second time. And then

comes the delivery, it’s a baby girl. Mazel Tov. Mazel Tov! You’re totally delirious. On your second try you have managed to accomplish what many

cannot ever do in a lifetime, and that’s fulfilling the mitzvah completely with the hasgachas badatz on it -

affixed with gedolim signatures, which says one must have at least one boy and one girl. You and your wife are now proud parents of

two healthy wonderful children. Time passes by quickly and your little baby girl is now a five or a six and it’s time to find a good school for her. You search for a nice

Jewish girls school. It’s going to be another big financial burden. For your child though, you would do anything. Your tuition bill is now running you over $20,000 annually for both of your kids. As it is, you have other bills that need to be paid. You're not Donald Trump. You get a second job to make ends meet. It’s the only way.

Time passes and by now you have 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...... children. You thank Hashem everyday for the beautiful children he gave you

as a gift. However, times are not so good anymore. Even with your decent paying job, the cost of Yeshiva tuition for all your kids

has taken its toll on you. You can no longer afford the outrageous tuition asking price. It’s too much of a financial burden on you.

To add insult to injury, you discover that three of your children are in need of special education. You enroll them in the B’tach program (run by Chaim Berlin). They claim in their slogan that

“their door is open to everybody.” You soon discover that their claim is as real as false teeth. You can’t help but shake your head and laugh at the outright lies and deceit. You try too keep things in perspective. You remind yourself that B”Tach is just one example; but that there are many more Yeshiva’s and institutions that are downright dripping with similar thuggish tactics and unethical behavior patterns. You learn that money is the only language they understand. Despite all of that, for a special education school who claim to be professional and qualified, you realize that you sure aren’t getting a buck for your dollar. What you are getting in return for your investment in your child's education, is a lot of grief and being royally ripped of by some phony unqualified money hungry institution that has now caused you to take a closer look on how Judaisms should not be practiced.

The stress has reached its peak. You just cannot handle it anymore. Your wallet is empty and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Combine the ridiculous $20,000 - $30,000 per child for this ‘special education’ school and you just want to rip the hair right out of your head.

Then one day you get a phone call from the pit-bull money collector. He screams and yells bloody murder at you for being behind and late on your tuition fees. When you try to explain him the dire straits you find yourself in, he admonishes you for having the nerve to complain. Just give me some more time, you try and reason with him to no avail. You are rudely told that your children can no longer attend school until tuition balances are paid in full. You protest again. The bloodhound money collector continues to degrade you as if you were a criminal.

You are told to go knocking door to door and collect from complete strangers,

so that you can pay B’tach the tuition balance. Your financial nightmare gets even worse when this creep continues his threats about paying up or being forced to find another school for your kids. On top of that, you come to a sudden realization that the

staff and “special ed” teachers are nothing to write home about either. What kind of certification credentials do they have anyhow you can’t help but wonder, because

they sure don’t show it. The Yeshiva bulldogs treat you like you committed a crime - all because why?

Because your not rich enough to afford the tuition? Does that make any sense? That’s a reason to treat and talk to someone who unfortunately is in such a predicament with such utter disregard? The kind of values and manners they adhere to is sickening and it makes you so angry. By now you have totally lost it. You agonize over your misery.

Your sholom bayis is down the drain. You begin to reexamine your faith in Judiasim. You begin to have serious and legitimate doubts.

Suddenly, a thought creeps up on you. You receive a flash and envision the future. You see your children happily attending Public School.

You see them getting a fine education with dedicated professionals who are committed to your children’s best interests. You have no more Sholom

Bayis issues because financially you are secure and the children are well taken care of. No more do you have to suffer the wrath and

tongue of some sleazy bloodhound chastising and degrading you. Thank G-D no more threatening phone calls and meetings. You no longer

suffer anxiety over tuition bills because you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Your children are attending school where boys and girls

are classmates. You make sure to educate and talk to your children about sex and how to protect themselves from a sexual predator. You are Jewish

and know damn well the Rabbi child molestation epidemic that exists. Your kids are no longer in “Jewish” schools but child molesters could be

of any ethnic origin, gender, race, or color you constantly remind your child. You’re a secular Jew now, you don’t fall for any of the crap that are spewing

out of the mouths of so called “poskim” and “gedolim”. You remain traditional and try to keep some semblance of your orthodox Jewish past. You have

a Jewish soul you keep on reminding yourself. You vow to have the tradition continue by reminding your kids to marry a Jew, although not necessarily an orthodox Jew.

Life is good now. You like your job. And best of all, you no longer are financially burdened to the degree that it messes with your life and psyche. You can never ever forgive

the Yeshivas for the ugly and terrible manner in which they dealt with you. Inside though, you are crying for what could have been. You had good intentions. You had wanted

your children to thrive in a nice Jewish Orthodox atmosphere, just like it was when you were growing up. You ask forgiveness from the almighty for living a different lifestyle that you had not envisioned when you started a family. You make a simple vow. You will do good to all. You will harm none. Your children will be respectful, well mannered, and hopefully get into a good college where they will be filled with the knowledge and determination to lead a successful life. You may not be “frum” so to speak. You may get the hostile stares and rude comments by others who can’t empathize with your situation. That’s when you say to yourself, see... I’m Jewish. I’m a mentch. I have derech eretz. I’m real. Who needs to be a fake, a hypocrite, and a phony? With those thoughts in mind, you wish your wife and children a good night. You fall asleep and have a dream. You see the following comment that was

posted on the Unorthodox Jew blog.

Pirush Ombudsman said...

“Ombudsman said...

A rov spoke about the Spinker shtinkers on Shabbos. He was visibly shaken by the chilul Hashem so far and from what will emerge when all the shoytim who gave the money are rounded up.

He did not justify their actions but made an excellent point that yeshivos are partially to blame for demanding ridiculously high tuition fees. Outside of Brooklyn, as in suburban NY-NJ and even Queens, tuition runs between 10 to 30 thousand per child.”

You can’t help but relate to that helpless, degrading, humiliation that was once you. You wish you could solve this problem so that no other folks suffer such. You’re devastated

that no solution for this crisis is on the horizon. You think about all the stuff orthodox Jews waste money on. What if each caring Jew would put aside five dollars a month towards a tuition fund that will be used in helping those in dire financial straits? There are so many tzedakah funds, why not one for this purpose? A thought creeps up on you.

What about the Yeshivas, do they deserve 10-30 thousand dollars per child? Are they so fantastic? Why the outrageous tuition fees to begin with? Why be so greedy?

They have bills to pay? So do everybody else. If a Yeshiva has so much emunah and bitochon like they lecture their students and parents to have - then again, why the crazy asking fee? Shouldn’t they trust in hakodosh baruch hu, rather than resorting to unforgivable attacks on Jews who are struggling to make ends meet because of ridiculous tuition prices?

You wish you had an answer. You wish you had a solution. You begin to cry. You wake up in a sweat. Just another nightmare!

Also check out the posting "is yeshiva tuition driving you over the edge" and Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis piece `A Blight On All Of Us`.

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Excrement and Feces are clogging the sewage system!

The Shit has it the fan! The enablers are out of control. The apologists who excuse those enablers, and even the abusers themselves, are mentally ill excrements. They certainly shouldn't be in positions of power and authority over any children. People who are in denial about the sexual abuse travesty and sweeping under the rug by the Rabbinical establishments for so many years are plainly STUPID. There's no other way to say it. The imbeciles who excuse this based on a manipulation of the Torah, by stating that "Loshon Harah" is forbidden (therfore don't believe that the child was molested - STUPID! ) are gormandizers and rippers of children. I believe there is a Roto Rooter guy who can help...

You buy a house in a good neighborhood and your toilet keeps backing up. Not every day, but just enough for you to realize that your sewer system is a problem. But you're busy, raising a family, making a parnassah, and all the other activities that occupy your time 110%.

So your sewer problem is there, any fool would realize that if your toilet keeps dumping zevel in your living room every few months, you have a sewer problem. In order for you to deal with the problem you must take a real hard look at the root cause of the damaged system. Then you come to realize that the whole neighborhood has shit backing up into their bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms as well.

Click on the link above for the rest of it....

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