Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shatnez Checker and child molester (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum, still has access to boys in Yeshiva Of Brooklyn

It is with great pain that we were left with no choice but to alert the public in these forums, of the physical and sexual abuse that were inflicted on my brother and other victims over 15 years ago. I know that it is a shock for some to believe or come to grips with the reality that some of our own "Rabonim" could commit such henious and reprehensible crimes against children.

Yet, as it stands now, we know that a "Rebbe" Such as Yudi Kolko did exist. We know that Yudi Kolko is a sick child molester who did much of his dirty work while employed as a "Rebbe" at Yeshiva Torah Temima in Brooklyn. We also know that as of this writing, another child molester is hunting his victims at Yeshiva Of Brooklyn (it could EVEN BE YOUR CHILD that he is molesting as his latest victim).

(Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum/(Rabbi) Yaakov Mandel sex/scandal is something perhaps not as well known yet as the other child abuse cases. There has not been much light shed upon this sex scandal of the 80's and 90's, and it was tried to be put to rest by (Rabbi) Yaakov Mandel who at the time still was Principal of the elementry boys school. 'R" Mandel threatened my father he "would turn his name into mud" if he tried to press Yeshiva Of Brooklyn about my brother and others in his class who were being sexualy molested and physically abused with a thick wooden ruler by "Rabbi" Yehuda Nussbaum . There was not one iota of even an attempt by "R" Mandel to look into the sexual allegations against "R" Yehuda Nussbaum, the 5th grade Rebbe at the time (where he served for many years) and now is still employed as a "rebbe" in Yeshiva Of Brooklyn. Ironically, two of my brother's classmates, had parents who were Rebbe's at Yehivah Of Brooklyn at the time of the abuse. Two of the victims are now in process with attorney's in pressing forward and exposing this sick Child Molester "Rabbi" Yehuda Nussbaum AKA (Shatnez Checker) and his boss "Rabbi" Yaakov Mandel for not firing him.

I Understand that there may be those who may be reluctant to believe or accept these allegations, yet my motive in exposing this is to make sure that Child Molester's such as Kolko and Nussbaum and their respective bosses of Margulis/Mandel, don't ever get a chance to KILL even ONE child again. Yes, sexually molesting boys is KILLING THEM. If a Rabbi were to take a loaded gun and pull the trigger on one of his students, that is what the marriage of Lipa Margulis/Yudi Kolko and the marriage of Yaakov Mandel/Yehuda Nussbaum, did to all these victims.

My dear father A'H, was a very respected Rabbi, he was known and admired by many. My dear father A'H, spoke to other parents in my brother's 5th Grade class at the time, and confirmed with at least three of them that their son's had also complained to them about being sexually abused by (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum. Later though, after being spoken to and threatened by "Rabbi" Mandel, they refused to press the issue anymore, and were unwilling to go along with my father's insistence in removing this pedophile from Yeshiva Of Brooklyn and away from kids. Eventually my dear father A'H, got all of us out of Yeshiva of Brooklyn, including the girls. He knew he cannot keep any of us in such a currupt envionment.

I miss my father terribly, but up in Gan Eden, he must be smiling that finally we are addressing the horrible truth that some of our Yeshiva's are guilty of which is, sheltering and abaiding Child Molesters who pose as "Rabbi's". This is a mission i will not drop. My mission is clear: SAVE CHILDREN"S LIVES (Maybe even your kid's life).

The Torah Tells us: One who saves one life, it is considered as if he has saved the world!

There will be more posts and updates on this issue and the pending lawsuit against Yeshiva Of Brooklyn and those responsible for the sexual and physical abuse the victims horrificly endured. There is much more to write and I will continue to do so G-D willing.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

(Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum is a child molester being harbored by Yeshiva of Brooklyn

I have been living with a brother who was sexually abused several times by (Rabbi) Yehudah Nussbaum, when he was in his 5th grade class, about 15 years ago. Because of this, he has practically ruined his life. It has also had a lasting effect on our family. (Rabbi) Yehudah Nussbaum is a sick child molester, that must be removed from children. However, he has been harbored and sheltered all these years by Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, Thanks to (Rabbi) Mandel who chose to threaten all those who sought to come forward with these allegations, as he did with my father a'h, when he threatened him that he "would turn his name into mud". There are several victims who were abused by (Rabbi) Yehudah Nussbaum, and this sick pedophile will pay the price for his crimes very shortly. The most frustrating part is that (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum is still employed by Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, and is continually accessible to the boys who attend there.
This injustice will not go un-punished. I will continue this fight for as long as it takes. I will also continue the fight to EXPOSE anybody who is abusing kids. No more sweeping things under the rug, (Rabbi) Mandel, your time will come just as it has come for Lippy (Margulis). As for you, (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum, all the boys you molested will never be the same. You had the nerve to call my mother when you were busy molesting my brother, and say to her "I don't know why your son doesn't like me anymore". Your day of judgment is near, quit working at Yeshiva of Brooklyn NOW!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Molester still a 'Rabbi' in Yeshiva of Brooklyn

I am sick to my stomach over the child abuse and neglect that 'Rabbi' Yehuda Kolko AND Yeshiva Torah Temimah ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. This poor kid that was molested repeadedly by Kolko (David Framowitz) AND OTHER VICTIMS, is as strong as they come. His pain and horror of being sexually abused by his own Rabbi on the way to school, and when in camp Agudah also by this same sick Rabbi, will never ever go away, but he can fight back as he is doing now, to prevent other children from bein abused.

"He who saves one life is like saving the world. That's what the Torah says." David Framowitz you are saving the world.

I would like now to bring to your attention another miscarriage of justice and irresponsibility by another school in brooklyn that employs a known child molester and allows him to continue his sick pedophile behavior to students in his 5th grade classroom.

Yehivah of Brooklyn (also known as Y.O.B) employs a 5th grade Rabbi child molester, who also happens to be a Shatnez checker.

The sexual abuse happened to my brother when he was a student in 5th grade YOB about 15 years ago. When he came home and told my parents that he was being "touched" in places that were private, my father A"H, took it very seriously. My father indeed called all other Parents in my brother's class to warn and find out weather it was happening to their boys as well. It turns out that at least 3 parents confirmed that their child had told them of being touched inappropiately and being abused by this 5th grade rabbi. My father A'H then called our Rav to consult with him on what to do. He also called the Principal of the school, Rabbi Mandel, right away. What happened after this phone call is eerily simialr to the case of Yudi Kolko and that of his superior, Rabbi Lipa Margulies, who would rather shelter and defend a known child molester, then to get rid of this waste so he doesn't have an opportunity to harm any more children.

Rabbi Mandel, principal of Yeshiva of Brooklyn, back when my brother was molested aboyt 15 years ago, refused to even make a good faith investigation into the alleged abuse, rather choosing as he did to dismiss all this as my brother's imagination and dreams. When confronted with the facts that other parent's had admitted that it too was happening to their children, Rabbi Mandel threatened my father that he would "drag his name through the mud" and would kick out all of my siblings from the school (all of my brothers and sisters were in YOB at the time, eventually my father got us all out of there).

When my father got back to the parents of these boys who said the abuse also happened to them, they were singing a different tune. Evidently as we found out later, they were told to keep quiet by Rabbi Mandel and that they better not go along with my father's efforts in removing this pedophile from being around children.

My dear father A'H (my father died 4 years ago from cancer), tried his best to continue with this case, but with the other parents being intimidated into not talking, my father was not able to press the case further.

There is so much more to write and I will do so I'H. The reason I am writing this blog is as follows. I want this molester who still teaches in Yeshiva of Brooklyn, to be brought to justice and removed far away from children. I want also other victims who were in YOB and were also molested there to speak up. We have so far another student who was in YOB and was also molested by this 5th grade rabbi, who is willing to testify about his abuse. We are in proceedings to file a lawsuit against this Pedophile and his bosses who allowed and still allow the abuse to continue by not firing this so called rabbi.



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