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Young People And Parents Are Charging They Are Victims Of Rabbi Mordechai (Motty) Elon's Sexual Harassment

New harassment claims against Rabbi Elon

Since original case exposed, other young people turn to Takana forum, saying they were also victims of sexual harassment. Forum to hold emergency meeting. Deputy attorney general threatens to launch investigation into complaints
Kobi Nahshoni

Since the case of Rabbi Mordechai (Motty) Elon was published, Ynet has learned that other young people and parents have turned to the Takana forum claiming that they too were victims of Elon's sexual harassment.

Sources connected with the case confirmed that there had been further claims, though they have not yet been submitted formally to the Takana forum, the Religious Zionist organization charged with handling cases of sexual harassment among the movement's leaders.


Show of support in Migdal: We believe in Rabbi Elon / Sharon Roffe-Ofir

Dozens of supporters, students, and rabbis from around country flood into northern town of Migdal to show support for rabbi warned Monday by religious forum for handling sexual harassment. Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: I felt like my flesh was being cut; we must not let him be alone
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However, forum staff is already beginning to investigate, and members are due to hold an emergency meeting in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening to discuss developments.

Attorney Ran Nizri, the attorney general's senior assistant, sent a letter to the Takana forum saying complaints filed against Rabbi Mordechai Elon for sexual harassment must be turned over to the police. He added that the police may launch an investigation into the complaints.
On Tuesday morning in the northern town of Migdal, Rabbi Elon had spoken to supporters, focusing on disproving and rejecting the allegations.

Rabbi Elon with supporters. (Photo: Gili Eliyahu)

Following the rabbi's sweeping denial and his claim that they were blood libels, forum members will also discuss whether to make details of the case public along with various documents.
In the light of the relatively moderate nature of the rabbi's speech, no dramatic decision is likely to be taken during Tuesday's meeting.

"We always knew that the real enemy who may cause Haman to win is jealousy and hate," Rabbi Elon had said. "We won't get swept up in this. I won't attack – we'll build. I refuse to take part in the mudslinging. And I ask everyone to refrain from this."

The rabbi had also spoken about the "exile" that had been imposed on him in Migdal and that for years he had tried to avoid blasphemy, which led him to do illogical things – against the advice of others.

Efrat Weiss contributed to this report

Rabbi suspected of 'conning' NY Jews

Brooklyn DA investigating whether Elazar Abuchatzeira of Beersheba offered divine promises for thousands of dollars in cash

The Brooklyn DA is looking into suspicions that Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira defrauded Jews from New York City and its surroundings out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the New York Post reported Tuesday.
According to the report, the rabbi offered divine promises for cash.

Fraud Allegations

NY cantor accused of defrauding charities / News agencies

Daily News reports Benny Rogosnitzky of the prestigious Park East Synagogue accused of swindling National Council of Young Israel, education group Gateways out of more than $300,000
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A stream of alleged victims from Borough Park, Brooklyn, to Englewood, NJ, said the rabbi, of Beersheba, demanded money from them during annual visits to Orthodox Jewish communities in the tri-state area.

"This man is hurting people," said Borough Park businessman Menachem Ellowich, 53, who signed over a check for $100,000 – shown to The Post – in exchange for a guarantee that his barren daughter would be able to conceive a child. That never happened.
He ruined my life. He ruined my finances by making these promises," the man said.
Brooklyn Assistant DA Eileen Ayvazian said the authorities were aware of the complaints. "It's an active investigation," she added.

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