Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shatnez Checker and child molester (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum, still has access to boys in Yeshiva Of Brooklyn

It is with great pain that we were left with no choice but to alert the public in these forums, of the physical and sexual abuse that were inflicted on my brother and other victims over 15 years ago. I know that it is a shock for some to believe or come to grips with the reality that some of our own "Rabonim" could commit such henious and reprehensible crimes against children.

Yet, as it stands now, we know that a "Rebbe" Such as Yudi Kolko did exist. We know that Yudi Kolko is a sick child molester who did much of his dirty work while employed as a "Rebbe" at Yeshiva Torah Temima in Brooklyn. We also know that as of this writing, another child molester is hunting his victims at Yeshiva Of Brooklyn (it could EVEN BE YOUR CHILD that he is molesting as his latest victim).

(Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum/(Rabbi) Yaakov Mandel sex/scandal is something perhaps not as well known yet as the other child abuse cases. There has not been much light shed upon this sex scandal of the 80's and 90's, and it was tried to be put to rest by (Rabbi) Yaakov Mandel who at the time still was Principal of the elementry boys school. 'R" Mandel threatened my father he "would turn his name into mud" if he tried to press Yeshiva Of Brooklyn about my brother and others in his class who were being sexualy molested and physically abused with a thick wooden ruler by "Rabbi" Yehuda Nussbaum . There was not one iota of even an attempt by "R" Mandel to look into the sexual allegations against "R" Yehuda Nussbaum, the 5th grade Rebbe at the time (where he served for many years) and now is still employed as a "rebbe" in Yeshiva Of Brooklyn. Ironically, two of my brother's classmates, had parents who were Rebbe's at Yehivah Of Brooklyn at the time of the abuse. Two of the victims are now in process with attorney's in pressing forward and exposing this sick Child Molester "Rabbi" Yehuda Nussbaum AKA (Shatnez Checker) and his boss "Rabbi" Yaakov Mandel for not firing him.

I Understand that there may be those who may be reluctant to believe or accept these allegations, yet my motive in exposing this is to make sure that Child Molester's such as Kolko and Nussbaum and their respective bosses of Margulis/Mandel, don't ever get a chance to KILL even ONE child again. Yes, sexually molesting boys is KILLING THEM. If a Rabbi were to take a loaded gun and pull the trigger on one of his students, that is what the marriage of Lipa Margulis/Yudi Kolko and the marriage of Yaakov Mandel/Yehuda Nussbaum, did to all these victims.

My dear father A'H, was a very respected Rabbi, he was known and admired by many. My dear father A'H, spoke to other parents in my brother's 5th Grade class at the time, and confirmed with at least three of them that their son's had also complained to them about being sexually abused by (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum. Later though, after being spoken to and threatened by "Rabbi" Mandel, they refused to press the issue anymore, and were unwilling to go along with my father's insistence in removing this pedophile from Yeshiva Of Brooklyn and away from kids. Eventually my dear father A'H, got all of us out of Yeshiva of Brooklyn, including the girls. He knew he cannot keep any of us in such a currupt envionment.

I miss my father terribly, but up in Gan Eden, he must be smiling that finally we are addressing the horrible truth that some of our Yeshiva's are guilty of which is, sheltering and abaiding Child Molesters who pose as "Rabbi's". This is a mission i will not drop. My mission is clear: SAVE CHILDREN"S LIVES (Maybe even your kid's life).

The Torah Tells us: One who saves one life, it is considered as if he has saved the world!

There will be more posts and updates on this issue and the pending lawsuit against Yeshiva Of Brooklyn and those responsible for the sexual and physical abuse the victims horrificly endured. There is much more to write and I will continue to do so G-D willing.


Emes said...

Having taken Bar-Mitzva lessons with Rabbi Nussbaum - in the privacy of his home - and never ever did he attempt to sexually molest me - Remember there was no one around just him and me - I can not accept this terrible Lashon Hara you are writing about him. I sure hope that you are certain with what you are saying and are not out to destroy an innocent individual.

topshadchan said...

Im sorry, but all 3 posts have the same information repeated.

If you can convince gross on this matter then you may get some credibility.

In the Kolko case you had Eli Grunwald who is known quantity lend credibility to the charges.
In the angrysoul case, there are people who know the victim and some claim that even the accused own rabbi will tell you he abused his victim to some degree.

You have not provided any corroboration other than 3 posts repeating the same thing over and over.

not believeable.

exposemolesters said...

(Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum is a Child molester period. I will come out with damaging details real soon. This is only the beginning stages and soon everyone will know the truth! This is not a popularity contest and I intend to reveal more and more in the coming future. There will be depositions, and people will be forced to talk aboout this sexual and physical abuse. Until then if you want to send your child to Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, do so at your own risk!

--- said...

did u seek halachic guidance before u started this?

exposemolesters said...

This stupid question below, is exactly the big problem that screwed up all these victims of sexual abuse by so called "Rabbi's" all these decades.

By 'Said',

did u seek halachic guidance before u started this?

Here's my answer to you 'said' and to anybody else who wants to play the "religious" card game.

Did "Rabbi" Yudi kolko seek halachic guidance before he brutally molested countless boys at Yeshiva Torah Temima? Did he ask a Rav if it was okay to put his hand down the young boys underwear and feel them up, at camp Aguadah? What about at Camp Manuvu(el), was there a "shayla" asked on weather we should get rid of this scum who preys on the innocent he is sworn to protect?

Do you think perhaps, Yudi Kolko and Lipa Margulis among others, had anything to do with the "Rabonim" remaining silent all these years? even though they were fully aware of the sexual abuse of young boys by the hands of this lowlife, yet did NOTHING to prevent it? Do you think "halachic guidance" could have saved all these young boys from being crippled for life?

Do You think "halachic guidance" might have failed the many victims of "Rabbi" Yudi Kolko? Who were the "Rabonim" more interested to protect, these young boys who were repeatedly molested, or the reputation of dirtbags who failed miserably in protecting the most vital assets, Your kids?

I'n regards to pedophile "Rabb" Yehuda Nussbaum, did he seek any "halachic guidance" before he went fishing into my brother's pants?

Did he receive any "halachic guidance" on weather it was permissible to chronically molest my brother and his classmates?

Did "Rabbi" Yakov Mandel ask "halachic guidance" when he allowed Yehuda Nussbaum to continue his sexual abuse of boys unchecked?

Did the "das torah" of the "Rabonim" who knew about the sexual allegations at the time fail these boys (now young men) time and time again?

All the VICTIMS of Yudi/Kolko and Yehuda Nussbaum are considered KILLED. SEXUAL ABUSE AGAINST KIDS (or adults), KILLS! It's as if everyone who failed to protect these victims, took a shotgun and blew them away.

Would "halachic guidance" have allowed a "rebbe" who took a shotgun and shoots dead his students to remain on board and teach another class, unaccounted for his repulsive crimes?

There were MANY "Rabonim" who were in a position to stop Yehuda Nussbaum from ever stepping near kids again, but for what ever reasons or motives did not, and that is precisley, why "halachic guidance" is not considered relevant anymore on issues such as child molesters who unfouratetly do exist in the Jewish Orthodox Community!

Anonymous said...

I went to Yeshiva of brroklyn for kindergarten through 8th grade, until I was able to leave that hell on earth. I was repeatedly physically assaulted by the animals who run the place like abu ghraib. I was viciously brutalized by Yaakov Mandel, Yehudau Nussbaum and other rabbis at yeshiva of brooklyn. I saw yaakov mandel pull a boys pants down and beat him with a belt. Anyone who was in my class saw how he beat a rachmonus kid in the class who later ended up in ohel with his bare hands. He beat another kid from a poor home who had no money to pay higher tuition elsewhere and when his divorced single mom complained she was laughed at, Jack said take your kid to another school for this tuition rates. These menuvalim should burn in hell. ask anyone why the mesifta never made it. The answer is plain and clear. Noone was willing to stay once they became a baar daas.

Anonymous said...

did u seek halachic guidance before u started this?
hey you low down piece of scum and hypocrite.
Did you consult dass tora to even come and blog here?
its pure bittul torah to blog , is it not?

exposemolesters said...

Then why are you writing? It is Bittul Torah is it not? You're such a fake, get back in your hole you sleaze bag!

Anonymous said...

I know people like you and lets face it your a scumbag. You never succeeded at anything and it gives you great satisfaction to put down anything above you, which is pretty much everything seeing as your the lowest of the low. Instead of doing anything with your life you spend time trying to draw others into your hole of pittiness. You arent happy in this life and you definitely wont be happy in the next world.Like i said your a miserable scum.

Anonymous said...

Convicted Criminal Rabbis


Miguel Grande said...

Great! When you're not murdering innocent people in Gaza, you're out fucking little boys. You call yourselves the chosen People? BWAA-HAAA-HAA-HA!

Concerned Jew said...

I know it's murder to molest a child, and it's very painful for those close with the victims. It's also important that people be aware of this crime which has spread heavily across ALL religions. However, by the nature of the comments made by the blogger, it seems to be more targeted against the orthodox than the problem of molestation which they share with the rest of the world. It IS wrong to allow known molesters to continue to be in close range with potential victims. But by no means is there any excuse to directly bash the Torah. To bash 'daas Torah' as a whole is to bash the foundation of Judaism. Even if rabbonim acted wrongly - to say that this is a reason not to care about daas Torah (i.e. 'the Torah' (i.e. 'what Hashem wants')) is very wrong. It is one thing to make people aware of -even Rabbi- molestors. It's a very different thing to disrespect EVERY RABBI because of it. Molestation is not at all unique to Orthodoxy, Judiasm as a whole, or any religion, as anyone who has strong desires can fall prey to them (which I'm in no way saying is anything but wrong). The previous comment illustrates that it's a very serious thing to have this blog (-I didn't say 'wrong'-), and to openly state that you don't care about what what ANYONE who spent their life trying to understand the Torah has to say - because a number (regardless of how large) of people who call themselves rabbis did bad things -- is the equivalent of not drinking water because your brother once drowned in a pool. I'm not 'playing the religious card' and am not on yet on such a level to spend every second learning Torah... etc. -but seeing a Jew bash the Torah and those who stand for it (again -I'm not referring to those who are really known molestors, about which people should be aware...)

exposemolesters said...

Concerned Jew,

Your comments are and noted and I will formulate a response in a future posting.

Shabbat Shalom


Joy said...

It is incredibly shameful that our society just lets this go on... It's so hard to believe that our children are at such high risk of being abused.

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