Sunday, September 10, 2006

The naive amongst us

I am judging favorably that people are really naive and dumb, because were it to be for any other reason, would make everyone who claim ignorance, an accessory to a crime, a crime against children. A crime that lasts a lifetime for the victim. A crime that destroys families. A crime that robs youth of their innoccence. A crime that stains FOREVER. No amount of therapy can reverse the living nightmare. No amount of jail time can undo the damage that these children rapists inflicted. The healing is for a lifetime. The damage is everlasting.

It is beyond the scope of comprehension how people will do anything to pervert justice by perverting the Torah.

A recent example of the naiveness of people is illustrated by the following which occured.

A person who when told about the outbreak of child abuse in Yeshiva establishments, couldn't fathom that such atrocities could have taken place. The response was: Many of the victims who are accusing their rabbi's of abuse, do not "keep shabbos", how can we believe such people?

Absoloutly ingaremous logic and distortion if we ever saw one. What does the fact that the victims do not keep shabbos (which by the way, is because they were turned off the derech by these fake rabbi's) have to do with suddendy deeming the victims unworthy of being credible evidence as witnesses to their own abuse?

For crying out loud. If a not frum person testifies that they were abused, do we chuck their testimony aside and discredit it because the victim is no longer religious? If I take off my yarmulka, does it mean i have no ground to stand on? Does it make me any less believable?

Many "Frummies" associate that screwed up logic with being frum. G-D forbid we should believe someone who no longer wears tztiz, and no longer keeps shabbos, and no longer eats kosher.

What has the "frum" world come to? How do we allow evil-currupted men to pervert the torah? How does a slime like Belsky continue to be a "Rov"?
Shouldn't we demand his immediate resignation? Shouldn't we demand moralality out of our elected leadership? It's not asking too much is it?

Why do we fuel the fire by twidling our thumbs and continuing to shut our mouth and ears to the death train that is Belsky,Margo,Mandel,Kolko, Nussbaum, etc.?

The Jews are a disgrace mostly because of their own ineptiude. They go with the flow. If it ain't broke don't fix it. However, this is not just a situation of being broken, it's so broken, that it cannot be fixed. The pieces are all over, and we need to collect those pieces and burn it. Belsky, is not worthy of being a paskan for goyim, kal vechomer for yidden.

He has proven himself to be so dirty, that all the baths and showers will need to be snaked out after his use. The guy is a first class apikoreth and wannabe mafioasa. John Gotti would have pumped Belsky's dirty a$$ with many bullets. This is no mafiosa. This is an ugly, dirty-money-hungry crock of Sh*it, who cares only about himself. This is a guy who will never have your back (unless you float some $$$$ in front of him). He is as trustworthy as a snake. As cunning as a fox. He'll sell your soul to the devil if he he gets paid enough. Thank goodness R'Avadia Yosef and others saw through the distorted and shamful Psak that this leech was trying to force upon them.

Our leaders need a punch in the gut in order to awaken them. They need to know that Klal Yisroel demand they step down NOW. Drive these scum of the earth to the nearest cliff and let them jump off. Believe me, there won't be too many tears shed.

We need the tzibbur to wholeheartedly not stand for this crap anymore. By remaining quiet and allowing the Belsky's of the world to pervert justice and pervert the Torah, the people are acting as an accessory to the crimes this man spews forth. They will be held responsible for not standing up for the Torah and for Hashem.


Anonymous said...

I'm not frum. i was beaten viciously by my rabbi's. All they did was smack, punch and threaten me. I'm supposed to remain jewish? i went to chassideshe yeshivos all my life and was kicked out of many because i wasn't frum enough for their liking. I had no one that would listen or help me. Even my parents beat me up because it is an acceptable tradition to use violence as a way of "chinuch". Go to any chassideshe yeshiva today and you will see nothing has changed. Ridiculous world we live in. it's so upsidown. i just want to say that your blog exposemolesters has given me a lot of courage and i feel better after i read what you write. Keep up everything. i wish there were more like you.

exposemolesters said...

Sad, I wish i can comfort you. Just realize and always remember that justice will prevail. There are a lot of people who do care. You are not alone in this.

Anonymous said...

I went to Yeshiva of Brooklyn and I was pummeled and beaten by Jack, Nussbaum and all the rest of the goons there. NOw I am no longer religious, on the contrary I am as anti - religious as Marx.The one thing I can be greatful to Yeshiva of Brooklyn for is that I appreciate that they showed me what Jewish Orthodoxy is all about, and I am so happy to know that my children will have a much better childhood than I did. They will be safe from physical and emotional abuse in public school. I remember once I saw Manis Mandel (may he rot in the lowest levels of hell forever) crossing the street several years ago. I wanted to run him over right then and there. The only reason I did not is because I did not want to make him a martyr to these crazy yeshiva people.

exposemolesters said...


I heard so many stories of this nature from YOB students that i am litterly sickened to the core. Nussbaum, may he also rot in hell, will pay for his crimes. Jack Mandel and Shlomo Mandel, the 2 goons who no longer talk to each other, will rot in hell along with their goon father, Manis Mandel. Manis, is waiting for his boys to join him. Manis wants to tell his boys to bring an air conditioner with them, however he realizes the only things they'll take to the grave with them, is their currupt asses.

He would have been portrayed as "martyr" you are correct, but manis would have enjoyed the 72 virgins waiting for him, and is upset you didn't run his rotton tuches to the ground.

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