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Indifference Is The Essence Of Inhumanity.

The chutzpah of the Catholic Church

By Asher Lipner
Posted Friday, 21 August 2009

In the State of New York the Catholic Church has been fighting against the passage of the Child Victims Act of Assemblywoman Margaret Markey “with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their might”. The proposed legislation extends the statute of limitations on sex crimes against children and opens a one-year window for adult victims to sue their childhood perpetrators with no statute of limitation at all. Aside from granting the victims the opportunity to receive justice and some level of compensation for their suffering, similar window legislation has proven to be the best way to help identify scores of sexual predators that were unknown to law enforcement in both California and Delaware.

The Church has postulated a conspiracy theory that sees the sole purpose of allowing adult survivors of child sexual abuse to sue their molesters as a way for enemies of the Church to do it harm.

The Church should be ashamed of itself after the publicly humiliating exposure of its tolerance of perverted behaviour by pedophile priests, and its cynical cover up and intimidation of victims it has perpetrated on a system-wide level. It truly gives a new definition to the word “Chutzpah”, for the Catholic Church to speak out in any but a humble and apologetic tone.

A grand jury in Long Island, New York, for example charged the Archdiocese there of stalling victims of abuse from pressing charges until the statute of limitations was up, so that the Church would not have to answer for the molestation perpetrated by their priests. In Los Angeles, Archbishop Mahony is being investigated by the FBI for the crime of placing priests who were known to have molested children in the past in positions of authority over children without notifying the children’s parents.

Aside from the audacity of an organisation claiming to speak for God placing their financial concerns over the welfare of victims, the tactics used in defending their “assets” by the Church have been extremely “un-Christian”. In Brooklyn, Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio has, in a Machiavellian threat, warned legislators that if the Child Victims Act passes, he will shut down churches in the precincts of those who voted against it.

Ironically, given the Church’s record of aiding and abetting pedophile priests, legislators who care for the safety of the children in their precinct would do well to view this outcome as a positive promise and not as an unwanted threat.

Child sexual abuse, however, knows no religion and is certainly not a plague that is limited to the Catholic Church, and therefore the Church is hurting children of all faiths when they use their considerable political power in New York to deny justice to survivors who have been abused. While the bill was in fact never intended originally by anyone to be “anti-Catholic”, once the Catholic Church has shamefully turned anti-children, they have made it so, because they have once again become actively pro-molesters and the bill is most definitely anti-molesters.

As a Jew, I cannot say I am totally shocked at the lack of concern by representatives of the Catholic Church over the past several decades (and indeed centuries) about the brutalising of innocent children by adults in power.

After all, this is a religious institution that only 60 years ago turned a blind eye to the wanton murder of one million innocent Jewish children in countries that were mostly dominated by practitioners of the Catholic religion.

Although the last Pope did “apologise” to Jewish survivors (the children are not with us to have heard it), not so much has really changed in the Church's sense of morality or sensitivity for child victims. This was recently on display by Pope Benedict’s appointing as a bishop a priest who openly denies that the Holocaust even happened and that Jewish children were gassed to death, and by his pursuing “sainthood” for Pope Pius XII, labeled by historians as “Hitler’s Pope”.

For those children who survived the death camps to have the Church once again treat their feelings like so much political nuisance, reminds them of how little they can trust their Catholic “friends” at a time of need.

But adding insult to injury, in New York, home to many Jewish children as well as Catholic, the Church now seeks to deny all children the right to their day in court when they suffer their own private Holocaust-like trauma of rape, sodomy and sexual molestation. It has been shown repeatedly by psychologists that for many victims of childhood sexual trauma, it often takes growing up into adulthood to even remember, yet alone understand the nature of the harm inflicted on them. Sometimes symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are only manifested once the victim has children of his or her own. And even for those who have suffered from symptoms for years and have had their lives forever damaged, many need years of professional help to regain the emotional strength it takes to confront their victimisers.

To withhold access to restitution for their medical treatment as well as for emotional pain and suffering, is to tell victims of all faiths and ethnicities that their pain is not our concern and their cries will continue to fall on deaf ears. All this from the "religion of love". Apparently the Church, once again, demands from its victims that they "turn the other cheek", while the Church itself aggressively continues to protect itself from being exposed for the destruction of lives that it has caused.

Unfortunately, as a Jew, I am also ashamed at witnessing history repeating itself with the neglectful behaviour of many of my own people. While almost all mainstream Orthodox Jewish groups such as the Rabbinical Council of America, The Rabbinical Alliance of America, The Jewish Board of Advocates for Children, the Orthodox Union, and Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services, and our two Orthodox Assemblymen Dov Hikind and Speaker Sheldon Silver have joined Protestant groups, Catholic victims advocacy groups such as the Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests and Voices of the Faithful, and other non-denominational child advocate groups in lobbying for the Markey bill, our brothers and sisters of the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist branches of Judaism have been deafeningly silent about the spiritual holocaust for children in New York, much as they were during the Holocaust of Jews in Europe. While these branches of Judaism have impressive records in America of social activism, when it comes to standing up for victims of abuse their voices have not been heard.

To be clear, in traditional Torah Judaism, based on halachic law, there is no legal precedent for statutes of limitations on crimes of violence or harming another, neither in civil nor in criminal law. While not speaking directly to the issue of time constraints on claims of damages, one of the most famous dictums in the tort laws of the Talmud states "Adam Muad Le'olam". A person is always responsible (for the damage he/she does). Furthermore, every Jewish person has a biblical obligation to speak out for children’s safety: “Thou shall not stand by idly thy neighbour’s blood.”

Legislators of all religious backgrounds would be wise remember that one out of five or your constituents has been the victim of sexual abuse before the age of 18, although many have not been vocal about it. When facing your own conscience and being tempted to play politics with the lives of innocent children, remember that NO God, not the God believed in by Jews, Christians or Muslims, (and not even the God that atheists reject), could possibly countenance the violation of innocent children. We must all come together in support of our children and pray that the One Merciful God, will in His infinite wisdom, truth and justice, grant our legislature the common sense and the courage needed to enact both the Child Victims Act and other legislation to protect the children He has entrusted to us.

Rabbi Dr Asher Lipner, PhD is an ordained Orthodox Rabbi with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is the Vice President of the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children. The opinions expressed in the article are those of the author only, and do not necessarily reflect the position of any organisation.


exposemolesters said...

George Bernard Shaw:

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that's the essence of inhumanity.

Helen Keller:

Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all -- the apathy of human beings.

Margaret Chase Smith:

We should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference.

Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the Jews. I was silent. I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists. I was silent. I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists. I was silent. I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me. There was no one left to speak for me.

Paulo Freire:

Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.

Eugene V. Debs:

Now my friends, I am opposed to the system of society in which we live today, not because I lack the natural equipment to do for myself but because I am not satisfied to make myself comfortable knowing that there are thousands of my fellow men who suffer for the barest necessities of life. We were taught under the old ethic that man's business on this earth was to look out for himself. That was the ethic of the jungle; the ethic of the wild beast. Take care of yourself, no matter what may become of your fellow man. Thousands of years ago the question was asked; ''Am I my brother's keeper?'' That question has never yet been answered in a way that is satisfactory to civilized society.

Yes, I am my brother's keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death.
1908 speech

Edmund Burke:

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

The chutzpah of the Catholic Church : Comments said...

Firstly, the author of this 'attack' should get his facts right. Pope Benedict did not appoint Bishop Williamson who denies the Holocaust.
The Bishop was appointed by the schismatic Society of Pius X.
Secondly, whilst the German and other Nazis operated in Catholic countries, just what could the local priests do ?they did not collaborate and in most cases assisted as far as they were able without losin thier own heads which would serve no purpose.
Thirdly, for a people who were persecuted themselves and clandestinly took physical refuge in a country belonging NOT to them, the Israeli Jews are no example of moral living in regard to their neighbours whose lands they appropriated in the name of money.
Posted by wubble you, Friday, 21 August 2009 11:20:11 AM
In view of the on-going stream of revelations re catholic (and indeed other christian denominations) priests and pedophilia, it is a complete mystery to me as to why any conscientious parent would let their children anywhere near a faith-based school or a church of any denomination whatsoever. As if the mental abuse is not bad enough without added physical brutality as well, if indeed there is any real difference between the two.
Clerical pedophilia has been going on for years and will continue as long as the clergy maintain a totally unnatural lifestyle, and are supported in their irrational self-proclaimed position as 'keepers of the public morality', whilst enjoying unfettered access to children.
Posted by GYM-FISH, Friday, 21 August 2009 1:23:54 PM
Looking at histories of the Catholic Church in Australia and around the world, it looks as though paedophilia has been treated as a company perk.

The only comandment they have paid attention to is the eleventh:

"Thou shalt not get caught."

Who else would want to join a men's club where you can't have relations with a woman and dress up in frocks?

When I see a catholic priest, the first question that springs to mind is "Is he bent?"
Posted by Shadow Minister, Friday, 21 August 2009 1:42:27 PM
There seems a lot of emotional manipulation in this article. It seems to me that the author is using the plight of child abuse victims to promote his own agenda against the Catholic Church in particular and in favour of Jewish ‘victimhood’ in general.

This is just another type of abuse.

If the author is concerned about child abuse he would keep a sense of proportion about his criticisms. Child sexual abuse, as he says is not the sole domain of the Catholic clergy. He acknowledges it in other churches as well. It is rife throughout society. It happens in private homes a lot more than it does in church situations. The most common perpetrator is the father of the victim. If he is really concerned about child sexual abuse he should focus his attention where most of it takes place.

Why does he feel the need to draw parallels with the Holocaust? Is it not a bad enough thing in its own right or is it his real aim to keep the holocaust before people’s attention.

“Furthermore, every Jewish person has a biblical obligation to speak out for children’s safety.”
If that is the reason why he speaks out then it is the wrong reason. He speaks out not because of a genuine sense of justice and concern for children but because of an obligation. Many other people fight for the rights of children because it is natural to do so. They do not need to be told. People who act out of religious motivation must always have suspicion cast upon their motives. When they write articles like these which single out a particular group one must question their real motive. It does nothing to fix the problem and tells us nothing new. Everyone who abuses a child should be dealt with by the law and a great deal is being done for victims of abuse. To use the issue for nothing else than promoting your own personal agenda makes you a perpetrator of taking advantage of other people’s suffering.
Posted by phanto, Friday, 21 August 2009 2:37:45 PM

Male survivors of sexual abuse: part I said...

"I feel like an alien." -Survivors everywhere.

Male survivors of incest often deal with confusion about their sexuality. Since the abuse was committed sexually, it
is often mistakenly seen as an act of sexual passion instead of what it really is-an agressive, destructive violation of
another human being. Survivors who were sexually abused by other men question what this experience means to
their sexuality.

Questions about their sexuality are faced by male survivors regardless of their sexual orientation. Although the specific form of these questions vary slightly, the upshot of them is the same whether the survivor is heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, undecided, or confused. Many survivors, in fact, have moved among these categories in search of answers. The essential question is, "What did the abuse do to my sexuality?" Heterosexual survivors wonder whether a "victim" can ever function successfully as a sexual partner to a woman- "Am I man enough?" This concern can lead to sexual "performance anxiety" or promiscuous behavior in an attempt to "prove his Manhood."

The anxiety may be acted out in fear and avoidance of homosexuals (unless the survivor himself is identified as homosexual) or by more active, sometimes violent forms of homophobia. For most of the men, the question also involves whether being sexually victimized by a man causes homosexuality. The tone of the question for heterosexual men is, "Does this mean I'm gay?" For homosexual men, it more often takes the form, "Is this why I'm gay? or "Did this happen because I'm gay?" These are difficult questions and it would be wrong to attempt to solve them with easy answers.

Some male survivors feel completely unable to define themselves as sexual beings. Any sexuality has become so associated with abuse that to be sexual means to define themselves as asexual or simply confused about their sexuality. Their low self-esteem (coupled with the fear of further abuse) doesn't allow them to feel attractive. When the issue of self esteem and sexuality come up in recovery groups, male survivors are amazed to discover the understanding and support that are available to them.

For resources in Alabama for male sexual abuse survivors please email

Please visit The mission of 1in6 is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.

This article focuses on males sexually abused by other males, future article, "Males survivors sexually abused by women".

where is malka leifer hiding? said...

It's good that this topic is being discussed. Let's also not forget about female children who are sexually abused by a female adult. Often it is the mother, or sister. Survivors of female/female sexual abuse suffer immensely and go through the same emotions and thoughts as male survivors (as described in this article). It is vital to keep this issue alive and to force Americans to know that mothers sometimes sexually abuse their daughters.

Anonymous said...

Please visit The mission of 1in6 is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.

Helen Beale said...

Child sexual abuse is a larger national problem than we, as a society, anticipated. Research has shown that as many as one in four women and one in five men suffered abuse as a child and that almost 90 percent of abuse never gets reported.

Those who do come forward find themselves barred by the legal technicality of a statute of limitations. Considering how long victims often take to find the courage to speak out, the statutes of limitations are woefully short and act as arbitrary barriers to justice.

When victims do speak out, current statute of limitations laws for child sex abuse cases favor the abusers over the victims. In some states, the statute of limitations on child sex abuse is too short for many victims, who often find the courage to speak out and confront their abuser or recover painful buried memories of abuse only after the statute of limitations has run out.

Neither the individual states nor the federal government have taken adequate steps to protect victims of child sex abuse. Sexual offender lists, GPS tracking, pedophile-free zones and harsher penalties are only effective if offenders are actually convicted and/or publicly known.

Victim support programs only help those who are able to come forward.

Short statutes of limitations keep the abusers from being publicly identified, restricting or defeating the effectiveness of these precautions.

Statute of limitations reform does not target specific groups. Expanding the statutes for child sex abuse is about helping victims and holding offenders accountable, regardless of their identity. When the majority of abuse is by family or family acquaintances, allegations that statute reform is prejudicial against any institution are groundless.

States must either expand or eliminate their civil and criminal statutes of limitations for child sex abuse. State legislatures should follow the example of California, Delaware and others to eliminate bars on when victims can bring civil suits and authorities can bring criminal charges.

Regarding statutes of limitations, child sexual abuse should be treated more like murder than like a property dispute.

The federal government should encourage reform. Congress has already intervened in the area of child sexual abuse by creating a national registry of sex offenders and criminal laws when a child is taken across state lines. It is also constitutional for Congress to condition federal funds for health, victim support programs or law enforcement, for example, on mandated state statute of limitations reform.

Expanded statutes of limitations result in more predators being held accountable and more victims identified. Predators generally have more than one victim. While criminal statutes of limitations cannot be retroactive, civil ones can be. Publicly identifying predators could have the dual benefit of bringing justice to victims and preventing future abuse by the same perpetrator. When California passed reform legislation, more than 300 previously unknown offenders were publicly exposed, and hundreds of previously unknown victims were able to come forward.

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Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway said...



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Last updated: 4:08 am
August 23, 2009
Posted: 3:52 am
August 23, 2009

Rabbis may soon have to answer to a higher authority -- state court judges.

A New York State Supreme Court judge recently overturned a rabbinical-arbitration ruling, angering rabbis who are worried that Jewish justice could be headed for extinction.

"If the judgment is affirmed, it would be useless to go to a rabbinic court," said Marc Stern, acting co-executive director and general counsel of the American Jewish Congress.

Rabbinical judges who sit on what are called "beth din" courts often handle cases that New York City Jews don't want in the regular judicial system, such as matters involving tax evasion or other illegalities.

"That's definitely true in some cases," said Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann, director of the Beth-Din of America. "But by and large, I don't think that's what compels people to come here."

Rabbinical justice is "a lot cheaper, faster and decided by people in your own community," Weissmann said.

Also, under Jewish law, religious litigants are actually obligated to initially bring disputes to a beth din rather than secular courts.

State and federal courts have long recognized the rulings, which are mainly handled through voluntary binding arbitration. Decisions have been changed or overturned only due to major problems, such as blatant fraud or bias.

But in a strongly worded decision, Brooklyn Judge Bruce Balter tossed out a ruling by the Beth-Din of America involving a disagreement between a Jewish elementary school and a veteran teacher.

In a brief filed with the state Court of Appeals, the Orthodox Union argued that Balter's decision violated the First Amendment because it "unconstitutionally interfered with a fundamentally religious dispute."

The Talmudic tussle started after the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway fired one of its teachers, Rabbi Nachum Brisman, arguing that his religious philosophy was in conflict with that of the school.

Brisman, who had been at the school for more than a decade, countered that he had obtained tenure and was therefore entitled to added job protections.

The beth din agreed, ordering the school to reinstate him. But when Brisman brought the case to state court to be confirmed -- a routine step to enforce arbitration awards -- the school persuaded Balter to overturn the beth din ruling.

The 1929 Arab Terror Attack said...

The 1929 Arab Terror Attack: When Hebron Became Occupied Territory

Today is the anniversary of one of the most monstrous terror attacks in Jewish history.

August 23, 2009 - by Sammy Benoit

Hebron was the first piece of land ever purchased by a Jew in Israel. Approximately 38 centuries ago, the patriarch Abraham purchased a cave in Hebron to bury his beloved wife Sarah. Jews have owned land in Hebron from then until the early part of the 20th century.

On Friday, August 23, 1929, that changed. Things began to stir as the Jewish community was preparing for the Sabbath:

At about half past two on Friday we saw a young Arab arrive by motorcycle from Jerusalem. He alarmed the Arab inhabitants of Hebron, saying that the blood of thousands of Moslems in Jerusalem was being shed like water. He called to the Arabs to avenge this blood. The unrest among the Arabs of Hebron was very strong, particularly after the motor cars began to arrive from Jerusalem with news of disturbances.

Similar charges are used by the Palestinians today to incite violence against Israel. Both the first and second intifada began with false charges of Israeli actions against Muslims and their holy places in Jerusalem.

Rest of article here: said...

Rabbi’s Kidney Donation Inspires Community

Eliyahu said...

The never ending saga of jew against jew. Kind of makes one wonder what benefits are there in observing the faith.

KIRYAS JOEL — The bitter fight between rival factions of Satmar Hasidim took a dramatic turn Thursday when mourners hastily dedicated a new cemetery just outside Kiryas Joel to bury a 41-year-old man who died that morning.

One side in the Satmar rift claims Kiryas Joel's ruling faction refused to let Eziel Perlstein be buried in the community's main cemetery unless his father, a prominent member of the Brooklyn-based faction, agreed to drop a lawsuit over burial rights in the Kiryas Joel cemetery and posted $50,000 to guarantee the suit would be dropped.

Those demands were refused.

And so, compelled by Jewish law to bury the deceased as quickly as possible, mourners turned to property in the Town of Monroe where a group is seeking approval to open a new cemetery, adjacent to the graveyard where Satmar founder Joel Teitelbaum was buried 30 years ago.

There in a clearing on Raywood Drive, following a large funeral in Kiryas Joel, men in black suits and hats dug a grave and lowered Perlstein's casket into the ground.

A dedication ceremony had been held at the burial site earlier in the day.

The conflict provided the latest flashpoint in an incessant struggle between feuding partisans of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum and his brother, Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, each of whom is regarded by his followers as the grand rebbe, or supreme leader, of the Satmar movement.

State troopers were called to Raywood Drive when boys from Rabbi Aaron's yeshiva gathered near the cemetery dedication and began chanting and singing, but there appears to have been no violence.

Rabbi Zalman's supporters expressed outrage that their opponents would set "extortionate" conditions while a mourning family waited to bury Perlstein, a father of nine.

"Of course, we did not want to give in to that demand," said Joseph Waldman, a longtime critic of Kiryas Joel's ruling faction.

David Ekstein, a leader of Rabbi Aaron's faction, replied that Perlstein wasn't entitled to be buried in Kiryas Joel because he wasn't a member of its main religious congregation and hadn't gotten special burial permission.

Ekstein said his side offered to allow the burial if the other faction brought their cemetery dispute to a rabbinical court and if the Perlstein family paid the standard burial fee of $10,000 — not $50,000.

Some of Rabbi Aaron's followers questioned the legality of burying someone without a cemetery permit.

The application for a cemetery on Raywood Drive went before the Monroe Planning Board for the first time a week earlier, but no decision was rendered.

eli said...

KIRYAS JOEL — The bitter fight between rival factions of Satmar Hasidim took a dramatic turn Thursday when mourners hastily dedicated a new cemetery just outside Kiryas Joel to bury a 41-year-old man who died that morning.

One side in the Satmar rift claims Kiryas Joel's ruling faction refused to let Eziel Perlstein be buried in the community's main cemetery unless his father, a prominent member of the Brooklyn-based faction, agreed to drop a lawsuit over burial rights in the Kiryas Joel cemetery and posted $50,000 to guarantee the suit would be dropped.

Those demands were refused.

And so, compelled by Jewish law to bury the deceased as quickly as possible, mourners turned to property in the Town of Monroe where a group is seeking approval to open a new cemetery, adjacent to the graveyard where Satmar founder Joel Teitelbaum was buried 30 years ago.

There in a clearing on Raywood Drive, following a large funeral in Kiryas Joel, men in black suits and hats dug a grave and lowered Perlstein's casket into the ground.

A dedication ceremony had been held at the burial site earlier in the day.

The conflict provided the latest flashpoint in an incessant struggle between feuding partisans of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum and his brother, Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, each of whom is regarded by his followers as the grand rebbe, or supreme leader, of the Satmar movement.

State troopers were called to Raywood Drive when boys from Rabbi Aaron's yeshiva gathered near the cemetery dedication and began chanting and singing, but there appears to have been no violence.

Rabbi Zalman's supporters expressed outrage that their opponents would set "extortionate" conditions while a mourning family waited to bury Perlstein, a father of nine.

"Of course, we did not want to give in to that demand," said Joseph Waldman, a longtime critic of Kiryas Joel's ruling faction.

David Ekstein, a leader of Rabbi Aaron's faction, replied that Perlstein wasn't entitled to be buried in Kiryas Joel because he wasn't a member of its main religious congregation and hadn't gotten special burial permission.

Ekstein said his side offered to allow the burial if the other faction brought their cemetery dispute to a rabbinical court and if the Perlstein family paid the standard burial fee of $10,000 — not $50,000.

Some of Rabbi Aaron's followers questioned the legality of burying someone without a cemetery permit.

The application for a cemetery on Raywood Drive went before the Monroe Planning Board for the first time a week earlier, but no decision was rendered.

rabbi avi shafran said...

I would take anything this consevemeister says with a grain of salt. Bernie Madoff is my hero and people should stop disparaging him.

“When (Cammarano) asked me to do the benediction at the inauguration, that was understood as a bridge-building gesture,” Scheinberg, who is Conservative, told The Jewish Standard late last week after news broke of Cammarano’s arrest. “It is terribly depressing that a person with such great leadership potential would degrade himself like this.”

Cammarano and 43 other New Jersey public officials, including Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell — who resigned on Tuesday — and Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez, were arrested last week on corruption charges. Also arrested in a separate but related operation were four rabbis from Brooklyn and Deal on charges of money laundering, and another Jewish Brooklyn man charged with conspiring to sell human organs.

“It’s a chillul HaShem,” a desecration of God’s name, Scheinberg said. “It’s like Madoff Part 2 — in some ways even worse. Madoff was a Jewish philanthropic leader but he wasn’t a rabbi. When you have a rabbi engaging in criminal activity it’s just devastating and makes people cynical about their leaders.”

Scheinberg wrote in his blog last week that he felt the position of rabbi was diminished in the public view after news of the scandal broke.

around the blogs said...

The Sensible Jew is a blog set up in May to stimulate debate among Melbourne Jews about what its author perceives to be failings of Jewish community leaders.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that Jewish leadership is lacking the tools necessary to hold its communities together, we must raise our voices to demand the resignation to oust them from power. It's amazing that the Torah preaches democracy and fairness but we are left with the same old beards year after year, and all they manage to do is tarnish our image with their corruption and indifference - especially when it comes to pedophiles in the community.

Agudas Israel, Senior Citizens Division said...

Man, 84, held in sex abuse
BARRINGTON | Pony ride owner accused of fondling girl, 14

August 22, 2009

An 84-year-old man who runs a pony ride business has been charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl who cared for the animals at his Barrington area home.

George R. Todd of the 28000 block of Roberts Road in unincorporated Barrington was arrested without incident Thursday at his home and charged with one count of criminal sexual assault, a Class 1 felony, and two counts of criminal sexual abuse, a Class 2 felony, according to the Lake County sheriff's office.

The investigation started last week when the 14-year-old girl reported that Todd had inappropriately touched her while she was caring for his ponies, police said. Todd is co-owner of Todd's Ponies and Hay Rides in Garden Prairie, east of Rockford.

The assault and abuse began in June and continued through August, police said. The victim is not related to Todd, they said.

At a hearing Friday morning, Lake County Judge Raymond Collins ordered Todd held on $500,000 bond.

Todd has lived previously in Galena, Garden Prairie and Island Lake, as well as Palmetto, Fla., and police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been victimized by Todd to come forward.

"Due to the nature of Mr. Todd's business, we feel there is great potential for prior victims to be out there that have never reported it," Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said.

Yeshiva of Brooklyn said...

This girl deserved what she got. Here at yob we do things with an iron fist. If the father was arrested we would hate to think what the NYPD whould do to us.

It is also forbidden to eat pizza, which is a goyish food, unless one does so with a fork and knife.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A Gainesville father has been arrested for hitting his daughter with a pizza slice.

The 38-year-old man was arrested early Friday on a charge of child abuse without great harm, a third-degree felony. The man's name was being withheld to protect the identity of the victim.

Deputy Nick Vickers says the man used racist and sexist terms when he asked his daughter to turn off her computer, and she fired back with some crude language of her own.

Vickers says the father "intentionally threw a slice of pizza at the victim, striking her in the back of the neck, against her will."

The girl, whose age was not available, called 911 and her father was arrested.

shmuel said...

Good article in Jewish Press by Rabbi Yehuda L. Oppenheimer

Time For Haredim To Stand Up To Hooliganism

Anonymous said...

What the leadership of today do not comprehend is the greasy fashion they conduct themselves when the heat is on.

Bad enough the majority of "FRUM" yidden follow blindly and foolishly the many ridiculous bans by these so-caled torah giants.

It is made worse, though, that there is no accountability for their stupidity.

London Beth Din said...

Sydney rabbi wins dispute with synagogue

August 24, 2009

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) – The London Beth Din ordered the board of an Orthodox synagogue in Sydney to make a six-figure payout to a prominent rabbi it tried to lay off.

Last Friday’s ruling by the rabbinical court ends a bitter dispute between the Mizrachi Synagogue in Bondi and Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, who won an injunction in the New South Wales Supreme Court in March to stop synagogue members from voting on a resolution to lay him off.

In a statement, Gutnick, who worked part time as the synagogue's rabbi while also serving as a judge on the Sydney Beth Din and rabbinic administrator of the New South Wales Kashrut Authority, said he had been “fully vindicated” by the ruling.

The cash-strapped synagogue's board had argued that it could no longer afford to retain the services of the rabbi, who was first appointed to his post in 1987.

But Gutnick had argued that he was granted life tenure, which entitled him to retain his salary until he is 80. The board argued there was never a formal agreement.

The three judges ruled that although there was no “clear indication as to what was agreed between the parties,” Gutnick should receive his annual salary of $67,000 until he reaches the normal retirement age of 65 -- a total of $1 million over 15 years. But because the synagogue is facing financial ruin, the judges then ruled that Gutnick should be paid $168,000 immediately and about $4,000 a month from 2012 until 2024.

The judges also said Gutnick is entitled to recover costs incurred during the injunction proceedings because the synagogue board “bluntly refused” to resolve the issue in front of a rabbinical court “despite repeated requests.”

Gutnick is the brother of Joseph Gutnick, who was a special emissary of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe and a close confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

jew said...

The Muslim pigs incited riots over some cartoons. Are the Jews supposed to just be quiet and take this latest anti-Semitic rhetoric?

same can be said about the jews protecting pedophiles said...

It is long past time for parishioners to speak out about the vile activities of pedophile priests. Such a scandal that the heirarchy has protected the miscreants. All such bishops and cardinals ought to be in prison for misprision of a felony, because they protected the pedophiles.

same can be said about the jews protecting pedophiles said...

How in the world has Mahony come out of all of this without a scratch? The hypocrisy and evil connected to these so-called "religious people" is mind boggling. They protect these priests disgusting behavior mafioso-style, but then those same people sit and preach to the rest of us how to act and how to live. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Mystery surrounds haredi man's death
Aug. 18, 2009

A man with one hand cuffed who was found dead in an empty building in Beit Dagan last Friday was identified as Raphael Miriashvili, 25, of Lod, following the lifting of a media gag order by police on Tuesday.
Hundreds of people attended Miriashvili's funeral in Lod on Monday evening.

The circumstances of Miriashvili's death, and the fact that he had served time in prison for attempting to forcefully break up a Jewish-Arab couple, led to speculation that the dead man had been the victim of a revenge slaying.

Police, however, said that an autopsy revealed no foul play.

"No gunshot wounds or knife wounds were found by the coroner," a police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. "No evidence of criminal wrongdoing was found."

A police source said it was too soon to know whether Miriashvili's past activities were linked to his death.

Miriashvili, who was a member of Lod's Chabad community, had been missing for approximately a month, prompting police to launch a missing persons inquiry in late July.

His body was spotted by a tow truck driver in Beit Dagan on Friday.

A police source told the Post that Miriashvili's shoes played a key role in identifying him, since the body was partially decomposed.

Police believe Miriashvili had been dead for weeks, and sent his body to a coroner for a limited postmortem examination on Monday evening, after reaching a compromise with members of the Chabad community, who initially objected to the procedure.

Four years ago, Miriashvili heard a caller on a pirate haredi radio station describe how her daughter, who was under 18 at the time, had entered into a relationship with an allegedly abusive Arab teenager. The couple had started living together and were expecting a child, the woman said.

Miriashvili made contact with the woman after receiving her phone number from the radio station, and proposed a "rescue plan."

Donning Border Police uniforms, Miriashvili and two friends pulled up to the home of the youth in a rented car, arriving late at night. They informed the youth that he was under arrest, and that he was being taken to Ramle's police station.

As the car sped through the streets of south Tel Aviv, the youth realized he was not in police custody, and he leaped out of the car as it traveled at high speed, sustaining light injuries.

He called the police, who apprehended Miriashvili and his two accomplices.

Miriashvili was found guilty of kidnapping, battery, and conspiracy to commit a crime while carrying a firearm. He received an 18-month prison sentence, which was reduced to a year for good behavior, and was set free a year ago.

Miriashvili was last seen by his sister in July as he was leaving his home. His family say he had planned to travel to Safed to begin a new job.

This article can also be read at /servlet/Satellite?cid=1249418637255&pagename=JPArticle%2FShowFull

yob sux said...

YOB was miserable. Everyday was another dreadful one. They beat students, verbally abuse them, and even molest them.

My memories are only bad. Wish parents would use their brains and stop subjecting their kids to an abusive environment sure to leave scars for a long time to come.

Gilad Schalit: Everybody's Child said...

Several American Jewish communities will mark the 23rd birthday of kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit on Friday with a series of events and rallies, as well as a postcard campaign urging the International Red Cross to visit him.

More than three years after Schalit was captured, emissaries from the Jewish Agency, in conjunction with federations and Jewish organizations across North America, are urging Jewish communities to sign postcards to Schalit and send them to the Red Cross as a way of urging the organization to visit him and ensure his safety. A series of educational events and rallies will take place on or around August 28, Schalit's birthday, in participating communities from Minnesota to New Jersey.

The campaign - called "Gilad Schalit: Everybody's Child" - comes amid a push by the Schalit family to engage American Jews in the struggle for their son's release. For emissaries organizing and coordinating the events, a main goal is pressuring the IRC to live up to its mandate.

"I take it very personally," said Noga Shavit, a Jewish Agency emissary in Minneapolis who said she began to think about Schalit's 23rd birthday and ways the Jewish community could show solidarity with Schalit's parents.

"On top of showing solidarity and support and prayers, and the different things we'll do with kids in summer camps and T-shirts people will wear, the most important thing is the postcards we'll distribute," Shavit said.

"We think Gilad should be on everyone's agenda all the time," she said. "Our goal is to make sure the Red Cross knows that thousands and thousands of people in the US and Israel call upon them to fulfill its duty" in visiting Schalit, she said.

Yaakov Weiss said...

Indictment: Rabbi told boy 'just say nothing happened'
Founder of the Chabad of Colonie accused of abusing 2 boys

By ROBERT GAVIN, Staff writer
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ALBANY -- A Loudonville rabbi was arraigned in Albany County Court today on charges he not only sexually abused two 13-year-old boys in 2007, but repeatedly slapped and kicked one of them.

Yaakov Weiss, 29, founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School, also allegedly tried to convince one of the two youngsters to lie about the sex abuse to his mother and police.

"Just say nothing happened," Weiss told the child on June 30 on Sycamore Street in Albany, according to a four-count indictment.

Weiss, who already faced charges is City Court, was hit with the superseding indictment on Aug. 14, which alleges he victimized the children throughout 2007.

He faces up to one year behind bars on misdemeanor charges that include sexual abuse and child endangerment.

The dark-bearded rabbi pleaded not guilty before Judge Stephen Herrick as his wife and young daughter looked on from the gallery. Free without bail, Weiss later exited the courthouse, his wife by his side and daughter in his arm.

The indictment contends Weiss took a far more menacing role two years ago.

It alleged that sometime between Jan. 1 and April 30 in 2007, Weiss repeatedly slapped one 13-year-old on the back on New Scotland Avenue, "knocking him to the ground and then kicked him in the leg."

The court papers say Weiss sexually abused one of the boys in June 2007, the other between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 of that year. Both incidents allegedly took place at 340 Whitehall Rd. in Albany, which is the Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center.

In both cases, June, the indictment alleged, Weiss had sexual contact "consisting of placing his penis in contact with said child's buttocks." It allegedly took place inside a pool known religiously as a mikveh, according to his attorney.

The indictment said one of the boys sought advice from Weiss, his teacher and spiritual leader, on Sycamore Street on June 30 that year.

Weiss allegedly "instructed the child to be untruthful" and to "not tell his mother or the police about an incident where the defendant subjected the victim to sexual contact."

Arnold Proskin, the lawyer for the rabbi, told reporters the allegations are baseless. He said one of the victims is the son of another rabbi with a possible ax to grind against his client.

Asked why the case went from City Court to Albany County Court, Proskin said, "Press coverage," adding, 'I'm being serious. There's no advantage (to it)."

Weiss moved to the Capital Region from Iowa in 2004. He adheres to a branch of Judaism known as Chabad-Lubavitch, which is known for its work to get Jews more involved in their religion. Last October, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, chairman of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, the educational arm of the Brooklyn-based worldwide Lubavitch group, told, the Times Union the rabbi was suspended. He added it was in "no way whatsoever implicating him or an admission or a decision of guilt."

jimmy adolf carter said...

Rabbi Yosef asks Carter to help Shalit

Shas' spiritual leader meets former US president, other diplomats and asks them to assist in captive soldier's release
Ronen Medzini

Former US President Jimmy Carter met with Shas' spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, at the latter's home in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

"You and other leaders need to make an effort at this stage and do everything to release Gilad Shalit," the rabbi told Carter. "You can influence this."

Carter arrived along with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu and the former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, who recently received commendation from US President Barack Obama.

The rabbi stressed his commitment to peace and condemned incitement against Israel in schools located in various Arab countries.

Shas Chairman Eli Yishai, who was also present at the meeting, said Israel had made many efforts to achieve peace with countries which in turn do not even recognize its existence.

Carter told Yosef that following his meeting with Yishai one year ago the Shalits were able to receive a letter from their captive son, and that he hoped additional cooperation would soon make his release possible.

Carter was last in Israel two months ago, when he toured Gaza and met with Noam Shalit, the kidnapped soldier's father.

Anonymous said...

Why must the religious beliefs of the ultra-orthodox Jews be superimposed on others? This is not fair. No one is forcing them to live like gentiles so why should others be forced to refrain from parking where they want to, even on the sabbath.

molester yehuda nussbaum from yob said...

5th grade is a popular age for me too.

A former school counselor at Lemme Elementary was arrested early Monday on charges that he sexually abused a fifth-grade student while employed at the school.

Donald Lyle Clark, 41, 1435 Valley View Drive in Coralville, was charged with second-degree sexual abuse, a Class B felony. He surrendered to Iowa City Police at 4 a.m. Monday, Sgt. Troy Kelsay of the Iowa City Police Department said.

The Iowa Department of Human Services hotline reported the alleged abuse to police June 10, according to a police news release. The reporting party in the case said it occurred during the 2003-04 school year, when the alleged male victim was in fifth grade. Kelsay and Superintendent Lane Plugge declined to say Monday whether the student, now a teenager, still is a student in the district.

The alleged victim provided details about the incidences and identified Clark as the abuser, police said. Police investigators found Clark still lived in the area but is no longer employed by the district. Clark was a counselor at Lemme at the start of the 2001-02 school year and became a part-time counselor at Grant Wood Elementary in fall 2002. Plugge said Clark resigned as school counselor April 15, 2008.

SNAP said...

Suspended and unsupervised, dozens of predator priests commit more crimes

Recently, and especially over the past year, more and more suspended unsupervised pedophile priests have begun to commit more subsequent crimes. This proves what history, psychology and common sense have long indicated (and we in SNAP have long said): merely removing a child molesting cleric from ‘active duty’ doesn’t ‘cure’ him. These men remain dangerous.

Cases like these and dozens more, show that it’s irresponsible for church officials to do the bare minimum: suspend predatory priests but refuse to house and/or supervise them.

For a list of these publicly disclosed cases over the last few months, go to

avi shafran said...

I am really jealous. Where does weiss get his hat steam cleaned? With such an immaculate shiny brim, it's impossible for me to believe he would be guilty of molesting any boys.

is it true all Kennedys' were cursed by some rabbi?? said...

Sen. Edward Kennedy dies at 77

U.S Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) waves as he walks out of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, in this May 21, 2008 file photo. Kennedy, a major figure in the Democratic Party who took the helm of one of America's most fabled political families after two older brothers were assassinated, died late on August 25, 2009, CNN said. He was 77. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/Files

Rabbi Shlomo Mandel the monster said...

I don't understand why physical abuse charges were added to the complaint. I have used my bare hands and fists for years in keeping the talmidim in line at yeshiva of brooklyn. Not only that - but every rebbe is encouraged to be mechanech their talmidim with sticks and stones if they must.

In certain cases it was also necessary for talmidim to get a practical one on one lesson in body anatomy by our very own child abuser/molester - yudel nussbaum. All in the name of leshem shomayim; of course!

kid slapper lipa margulies said...

vut iz rong mit de albeny policia depertment. slappin der kinderlach acruss de punim is gantz feine chinech.

Weiss is accused of sexually abusing the boys at the Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center back in 2007. He's also accused of repeatedly slapping 1 of the boys on the back, knocking him to the ground and kicking him in the leg.

His lawyer, Arnold Proskin, calls the charges "baseless." His client was released on his own recognizance.


he's a true american. you guys appreciate this deviate behavior. it happens in the diocese and synogogue and you raid neither. let him keep at it!

MBD said...

Chevron Chevron shelanu zchus avoysaynu!

Eighty years ago, violent Arab riots against Jewish immigration gripped British-ruled Palestine. The worst violence occurred in the city of Hebron where, on the 23 and 24 August, 67 Jews were murdered. Dina Newman reports on how memories of the bloody events of 1929 still linger in Hebron today.

yudi kolko said...

Here is a picture of the next gadol hador. This was decided at a bungalow colony meeting just a few minutes ago.

yaakov perlow was in attendance. His rationale was that this was indeed a boro-park matter.

avremele schorr said...

Ah Chutzpuh! I ban anyone from attending any Matisyahu concert and/or events.

Update on Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu said...

7:00AM (Israeli time): Shaare Zedek Hospital officials report former Chief Rabbi HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita remains in serious condition following surgery. The Rabbi was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after collapsing in his Kiryat Moshe home. A CT conducted on the Rabbi Tuesday afternoon signaled a serious problem that demanded immediate surgical intervention.

The Tuesday afternoon operation involving the Rav’s intestinal track was to last a maximum of 3 hours but in actuality it lasted closer to 5, the result of complications.

Earlier in the week, slichos were said at the Kosel on the Rav’s behalf, led by Mekubal HaRav Yaakov Addis Shlita.

The tzibur is requested to continue davening for Mordechai Tzemach ben Mazel.

Muammar Gaddafi said...

New Jersey town outraged over upcoming Gaddafi visit

Englewood, New Jersey officials attempting to block Muammar Gaddafi's stay in their area

A small town in New Jersey has become the latest community engulfed by the controversy raging over the release from a Scottish prison of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.

Community leaders in Englewood, which includes 600 orthodox Jewish families, are trying to block plans for the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to stay in their area during his visit to the US next month. Gaddafi is understood to want to pitch an air-conditioned Bedouin tent - his traditional calling card - outside a mansion house in Englewood owned by the Libyan embassy since 1982.

Local representatives have made approaches to the federal government to try to have Gaddafi's immigration permission revoked or restricted. It has been reported that the Libyans earlier requested permission to pitch a tent in Manhattan's Central Park but were turned down.

The warm welcome that Gaddafi extended to the recently released Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on his return to Libya has angered many US politicians.

The events, and Gaddafi's planned trip to New York to attend the UN general assembly next month, are particularly sensitive in the New York area in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Thirty-three people who died as a result of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie came from New Jersey.

The mayor of Englewood, Michael Wildes, said the idea of a Gaddafi visit had caused much anger in the area. "We've seen him in recent days offer a hero's welcome to a convicted terrorist. This is a community that will never forget acts of terrorism."

Wildes will be joining other local politicians and residents in a protest rally outside the Libyan property on Sunday morning.

According to the mayor, agents from the secret service and the protection division of the state department have this week visited the mansion. The property is said to have been in a state of disrepair for many years, but in recent months the Libyans have been renovating it.

The lawn on which any tent would be erected sits next door to the house of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, an orthodox rabbi who makes regular TV and radio appearances. He wrote in the Huffington Post this week that "we are peace-loving people and we don't want a terrorist funder and lover in our midst".

The state department said it has yet to make a decision on the pitching of any tent.

A spokesman said: "I would urge any foreign leader to be sensitive to the concerns of victims of the most horrific terrorist attack before 11 September affecting American citizens."

Palestinian charged in murder of Jewish cabbie said...

Indictment says Ahmed Totaki Abu Hanini, who last May boarded Gregory Rabinowitz's cab with two more West Bank residents, strangled the Israeli driver to death after he was beaten and robbed.,7340,L-3768082,00.html

Crown Heights said...

An 11-year-old Jewish girl was attacked at a Crown Heights playground by a band of black youths who slammed her into a metal slide, kicked her repeatedly - and pelted her with anti-Semitic invective, the girl's mom said Wednesday.

"Dumb Jew! B----! Why are you here? Why are you in this world?" the boys screamed as they pummeled Nechama Benjamin at a Montgomery St. playground early Tuesday evening.

The shocking attack by at least three boys is being investigated by police. The beating caused Nechama to black out and left her with a bloody nose - and a terrible fear of leaving home, her mom said.

"My daughter told me she is afraid to go out, to go to the park - to go anywhere," said Elka Benjamin, 31.

Nechama went to the local park with her 6-year-old brother around 6 p.m. Although Crown Heights has long been plagued by racial and religious tension, Nechama's mother thought it was okay for her kids to go to the playground alone because the family lives on the same block.

Trouble started when one of a group of boys playing soccer tossed the ball at Nechama, hitting her in the leg, her mother said.

She tossed it back - and an argument ensued. The boys surrounded Nechama, taunting her mercilessly, her mother said.

Then the boys grabbed her by the hair and dragged her from the bench to a playground slide.

Nechama spoke to cops Tuesday at the NYPD's 71st Precinct stationhouse, where a boy who witnessed the incident was also questioned.

No arrests have been made, a police source said Wednesday night.

al sharpton the bigot is nowhere to be found said...

Could you imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed and it was Jewish boys attacking a black girl!

Public Service Message said...

NCYI And Queens Jewish Community To Host Child Safety Program, September 1

In an effort to educate people about protecting children from improper behavior and sexual predatory acts, the National Council of Young Israel, together with the Queens Jewish community, is hosting a critical program for parents, teachers, and rabbanim that will focus on prevention, awareness, and action strategies. The program, which is entitled “Keep Kids Safe from inappropriate behavior at school, in camp, and in the neighborhood,” is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills (150-05 70th Road).

This program is open to the entire community and is being sponsored by NCYI, the Queens Jewish Community Council, the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, Jewish Connections—Pride Of Judea—Ezrat Chayim, the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, and the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills.

Opening remarks are to be delivered by Rabbi Herschel Welcher, the mara d’asra of Congregation Ahavas Yisroel. The guest speaker is David Pelcovitz, Ph.D., Strauss Professor of Education and Psychology at the Azrieli School of Jewish Education at Yeshiva University.

“The abhorrent act of sexual molestation against children is a real threat that people need to be cognizant of at all times,” said Rebbetzin Judi Steinig, the director of programming for NCYI. “This program will provide parents and teachers with the essential information necessary to combat these heinous acts and properly protect our children from sexual predators.” Rebbetzin Steinig noted that a similar program is being planned for the Brooklyn Jewish community in the fall.

For more information about “Keep Kids Safe” or to schedule this program in your community, call Rebbetzin Steinig at 212-929-525, or e-mail

exposemolesters said...

Healing Service for Trauma Victims Scheduled
An offer of hope, validation for trauma survivors.
August 28, 2009

Phil Jacobs
Executive Editor

“Listen, Believe, Respond—to those among us who have experienced the trauma of abuse as children, adolescents or adults.”

A unique service, coming just days before Rosh Hashanah, will bring hope, validation and healing to the survivors of domestic, sexual, physical, verbal and all forms of abuse.

This community gathering is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 13, beginning 7:30 p.m., at the Weinberg Park Heights Jewish Community Center, 5700 Park Heights Ave.

Co-sponsored by the Shofar Coalition, CHANA, the Baltimore Board of Rabbis, Jewish Community Services, the Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore and the BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES, it is open to all survivors, family members and friends, mental health and medical professionals, clergy and educators. The healing service is open to Jews of any and all denominations, affiliated or not.

The service will place its emphasis on the voices of the survivors. There is a feeling among many survivors that their struggles have sometimes fallen on deaf ears. This is an opportunity for the community to learn about their struggles and respond to them.

“Whether you know all about this issue, or nothing about this issue, it is an event for everybody,” said Rabbi Amy Scheinerman, spiritual leader of Beth Shalom of Carroll County, a Baltimore Board of Rabbis officer and a member of the service’s planning committee. “I would like those who had experiences of abuse and trauma to know they are being heard, that people care and that people listen to their stories, believe their stories and are prepared to respond to those stories.”

Elaine Witman, Shofar Coalition director and a key planner of the service, said it is her hope that the community and its leaders will hear the message brought forth by trauma survivors; and that there are consequences to being silent.

“There are consequences to the victim and to the community,” she said. “Historically we as Jewish people know all too well the consequences of silence in the face of human suffering. I am hoping that this event will be the beginning of reshaping and rebuilding a community that is informed, educated and responsible.”

“I would like people to come away with a feeling that the rabbinic community would like to take more responsibility for the healing that needs to take place, and that the rabbinic community will take a lot more seriously the allegations that have been brought forward and will not put them under a rug,” said Rabbi Elan Adler, who is also on the planning committee.

“I’d like people to feel it’s a situation we’d like to turn around as a group of rabbis, to take allegations more seriously and to follow through more carefully, and to be thought of as a body that is part of the solution as opposed to as part of the problem,” he added.

Visit the Baltimore Jewish Times for this article in its entirety!

around the blogs said...

FailedMessiah and Daas Torah blogs Report:

Rabbi Menashe Klein On Child Sexual Abuse: Doctors And Other Mandated Reporters Who Call Police Should Be Killed

boston globe said...

Kennedy and the sex abuse crisis
Posted by Michael Paulson August 28, 2009 09:57 AM

I'm getting lots of e-mail in response to today's story about Kennedy and Catholicism, with many questions and observations, some of which I'll try to share over the course of the day.

Among those who e-mailed was Mitchell Garabedian, the Boston lawyer who represented scores of victims of clergy sexual abuse, who wanted to share a little about Kennedy's response to the abuse crisis. Here's what Garbedian told me:
A few years ago Senator Kennedy, while traveling to a meeting concerning the conditions at Guantanamo Bay, personally called me to express his support for clergy sexual abuse victims and for my legal representation of clergy sexual abuse victims.

While speaking with Senator Kennedy about the the harm to clergy sexual abuse victims I could sense a genuineness in his heart and a sincerity in his soul. He was very easy to talk to. It was like discussing the matter with the concerned neighbor next door. Senator Kennedy was not in a rush to end the conversation. In our discussion, Senator Kennedy stressed the continuing need to help those less fortunate.

Several scholars I spoke with yesterday pointed out to me that Kennedy, despite being repeatedly criticized by the Catholic right, never fought back by criticizing the church. I took a look in our clips to see what Kennedy said about the abuse crisis.

In February of 2002, Kennedy said Cardinal Law should not resign over the abuse crisis. "What I'm most interested in is those families, their needs, and their tension and their anxiety, their pain, is attended to, and that we're going to develop within this whole archdiocese an accountability and a responsibility," he said.

But when Law did resign, in December of 2002, Kennedy said the resignation was the "right thing to do for the victims, their families, the church and the whole of the Catholic community. Real closure is far off for the victims, their families and all that are hurt by the terrible pain of this ordeal. But today is the first step toward a new dawn in our hearts and in our church."

Agudath Israel Senior Citizens Division said...

We are opposed to prosecuting cases so old. Avi Shafran and Dovid Zwibel are having a meeting with yaakiv perlow about our next move. chasvesholom this can happen to a yid too.
Man charged with 1960s sex abuse

A 62-year-old man has been charged with a number sex offences against boys from a children's home in Berkshire, between 1964 and 1970.

Denham Gilbart-Smith, from Buckinghamshire, faces five rape charges involving boys aged under 16.

He is also charged with one count of gross indecency and seven counts of indecent assault on boys under 14.

The alleged abuse took place at Green Field children's home in Maidenhead and at locations in Kent and West Sussex.

The former home in Ray Park Road catered for boys aged from about 10 to 15.

Home demolished

Mr Gilbart-Smith was not an employee at the home, Thames Valley Police said.

Mr Gilbart-Smith is due to appear at Reading Crown Court on 29 October for a plea and case management hearing.

Green Field home was managed by Berkshire County Council, which was abolished in the local government reorganisation of 1998.

The home no longer exists and the building was demolished some time ago.
Story from BBC NEWS:

shimon said...

These "Haredim" are despicable.,7340,L-3768734,00.html

J'lem: Haredi injured in parking lot protest

After mass prayer at controversial parking lot, ultra-Orthodox demonstrators throw themselves on road in attempt to block traffic in protest of Shabbat desecration. One man lies down under car stopped at traffic light, is dragged several meters when car begins to move, evacuated to hospital in moderate condition

Cancer Cure said...

Tick saliva could hold cancer cure: Brazilian scientists

SAO PAULO — It may be one of nature's repulsive little blood-sucking parasites, but the humble tick could yield a future cure for cancers of the skin, liver and pancreas, Brazilian researchers have discovered.

They have identified a protein in the saliva of a common South American tick, Amblyomma cajennense, that apparently reduces and can even eradicate cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

"This is a radical innovation," said Ana Marisa Chudzinski-Tavassi, the molecular biologist at the Instituto Butantan in Sao Paulo who is leading the research.

"The component of the saliva of this tick... could be the cure for cancer," she told AFP.

She said she stumbled on the properties of the protein, called Factor X active, while testing the anti-coagulant properties of the tick's saliva -- the way it stops blood thickening and clotting so the tick can keep gorging itself on its host.

The protein shares some characteristics with a common anti-coagulant called TFPI (Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor), specifically a Kunitz-type inhibitor which also has been shown to interfere with cell growth.

A theory that the protein might have an effect on cancerous cells led to laboratory tests on cell cultures -- which exceeded all expectations.

"To our surprise it didn't kill normal cells, which were also tested," Chudzinski-Tavassi said. "But it did kill the tumorous cells that were being analyzed."

In her modest lab in the institute, housed in a rundown building, a line of immobile bloated ticks could be seen lined up with straws under their heads.

The small amounts of saliva captured that way was reproduced many times over in yeast vats so that tests could be carried out on lab rats with cancer.

The results have been more than promising.

"If I treat every day for 14 days an animal's tumor, a small tumor, this tumor doesn't develop -- it even regresses. The tumor mass shrinks. If I treat for 42 days, you totally eliminate the tumor," the scientist said.

Producing a medicine from the find, though, will require years of clinical tests and a significant financial investment -- neither of which Brazil is geared to provide.

Chudzinski-Tavassi has applied for a patent on the tick protein, and is presenting her team's discovery in medical journals and conferences around the world.

But she says moving beyond her lab "proof of concept" will be frustratingly difficult.

"To discover this is one thing. To turn it into a medicine is a whole other thing entirely," she said.

penetration scheinberg said...

Is sodomizing the same as penetration?

A child molester charged with sodomizing a boy while working as a counselor at a Harlem YMCA may have attacked other kids, officials said yesterday.

Adrian Dorsey, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to fondling a boy in his Cub Scout troop, has worked around kids for years, including as a counselor at the Y between 2002 and 2006.

It was there in 2003 that Dorsey allegedly approached an 11-year-old boy in the bathroom, punched him, and sodomized him.

He was arrested this week after the victim came forward.

Prosecutors ask anyone with information on other incidents to call the Manhattan DA at (212) 335-4308.

haredim or low-lives? said...

They rioted against having a parking lot open on shabbos. They rioted the arrest of a mother who almost starved her child to death. Did they even ONCE riot against the molestation and abuse of children?

Can somone please explain why these so-called ultru-orthodox Jews act in a manner unbefitting the torah?

Kennedy Puts Focus on Brain Cancer said...

Raising money for brain cancer is tough, advocates say. It doesn't have the high profile of campaigns for breast cancer or heart disease. For one, the disease is less prevalent—fewer than 18,000 people are diagnosed with brain cancer each year, Wallace estimates. About 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually.

Because it's a small market, drug companies aren't as interested in devoting research dollars to brain cancer. That's where Wallace's group comes in. The organization was set up to help entrepreneurs and funded about $7 million in research so far, he says.

Accelerate was started by former AOL Time Warner CEO Steve Case and his brother Daniel, the Hambrecht & Quist investment banker who died of brain cancer in 2002. The brothers formed the organization a year earlier after Daniel was diagnosed with brain cancer and realized little research was being done toward finding a cure.

Avastin, a drug made by biotech company Genentech Inc., was approved last spring to shrink tumors in brain cancer patients. Avastin, an existing drug that was approved earlier for other types of cancer, was the first new treatment of its kind in more than a decade.

around the blogs said...

Another example of rabbinic curruption.

BREAKING! Leading Lakewood Rabbis Attend Party For Felon Who Defrauded Poor Illiterate Non-Jews Out Of Millions Of Dollars

Real estate scam run by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Strulovics in Austria. Party thrown by Lakewood brass on Strulovics' return to the US after serving his jail sentence. Event calls into question claimed haredi attempts to thwart crime.

Lakewood is home to America's premier – and largest – haredi yeshiva. It rosh yeshiva attended this party along with other rabbis from Lakewood Yeshiva and celebrated openly with Strulovics.


Anonymous said...

what a chutzpah . He gets arrested by the vienese authorities for major fraud and they make him a seuda? He has ruined many families back in vienna from his his shtick . .

avi shafran said...

Some of my heros...

Reb Chaim Moishe Strulowitz is my hero. Bernie Madoff is my hero. Yudi kolko is my hero. Unshowered men are my heros.

New Jersey Jewish Standard part 1 said...

‘Jewish education for every Jewish child’: Turning the slogan into reality

Jay Ruderman • Op-Ed
Published: 28 August 2009

As we prepare for “back to school,” we need to grapple with a crucial recurrent question: Where will kids with special needs be educated, how will they fit into existing frameworks, and beyond that how will they develop into integral and valued members of our community? A breakout program in Boston has demonstrated in five brief years that every Jewish child can have a quality Jewish education within existing schools. In fact, more than 500 special-needs children will be learning inside no less than 12 of Boston’s Jewish schools this year, a remarkable feat. It took much work and new funding approaches, but the model bears special relevance for the New Jersey Jewish community.
Continuing the conversation…

Like many of us, summer vacation provided me the opportunity to visit relatives seldom seen during the year. One highlight this summer was at a family gathering, seeing my 5-year-old son energetically playing with his cousin, also 5. The two are so alike. They swim, ride bikes, play on the jungle gym, and do all the things that 5-year-olds do. They are alike in every way, except that my nephew has autism, and this lone fact means his life will never be the same as my son’s. They will grow up differently, interact with others differently, and may even go to different kinds of schools. It doesn’t have to be that way. My nephew is a Jewish child, just like my son, and deserves the right to quality Jewish education like all Jewish children. Today in Boston that opportunity exists.

Over the last five years the Ruderman Family Foundation has partnered with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston to create a program that enables students with special needs to attend almost every one of the many Jewish day schools in the Boston area. This unique partnership has also fostered the creation of Gateways, a community-wide organization that provides support and resources to any special-needs child who wishes to receive a Jewish education in a Jewish day school or supplemental program in our community. Not only has this program allowed the nearly 15 percent of students identified as having special needs the ability to receive a Jewish education, but it has increased the range of special needs addressed in the schools and dramatically improved their quality. In addition to training scores of participating teachers, 65 volunteers are now equipped to play an active support role.

New Jersey Jewish Standard part 2 said...

Not only is this a breakthrough in education, serving special-needs students across the community from Orthodox to pluralistic schools, but it has pioneered a new model of effective philanthropy at a time the Jewish community has been rocked by a severely weakened economy, the Madoff scandal, and so much more. By focusing the majority of our giving in one area, our foundation has made a tremendous impact in our community. We have also found a true partner in our federation, CJP, which welcomed us in this initiative. CJP brought its professionalism to the table and allowed us to more fully develop our mission. At a time when funders are seeking a deeper impact for their philanthropic investment, community leaders in New Jersey should take a hard look at this new paradigm of partnership philanthropy.

Special-needs children are our children. There is hardly a family that doesn’t have or know a special-needs child, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, or neighbor’s or friend’s child. Statistics confirm that one in every 150 children born in the United States has autism. Currently, 14 percent of the children in America are defined as special-needs children. As Jews, we have the obligation to care for all the children in our community. We all know that Jewish education is critical if we want our children to grow up to be strong members of our community. All of our children, regardless of their situation in life, should have the opportunity to learn the beauty of our religion and heritage.

The success of the special-needs initiative in Boston is demonstrable, but it doesn’t have to be unique to our community. I urge Jewish communities across the United States to learn about what we have created in Boston and seek to replicate it in their own communities. My nephew should have the opportunity to have a Jewish education in the school of his family’s choice, even if he lived in New Jersey.
Jay Ruderman is president of the Ruderman Family Foundation.

rabbi yaakov (jack) mandel said...

So glad my brother shlomo is being attacked for being a monster while i slip under the radar. many people feel I am just as cruel and prabably more so.

I am no longer working at yob as the menahel after shlomo kicked me out. This must have something to do with it.

How is that boy doing? You know the one I pulled his pants down and zetsed him. I hear he's still in ohel.

Eliezer ginsburg was sandek at my son's bris. Very fitting that he defended convicted pedophile Stefan Colmer. he's my kind of guy.

I was perfectly fine with defending Yehuda Nussbaum after I heard he molested some of his students at yob. He's my kind of guy too!

please pray for Rav Mordechai Tzemach ben [son of] Mazal. said...

( Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi for a decade and a top spiritual leader of the religious-Zionist public, remains in intensive care, after being operated on last week.

Rabbi Eliyahu, 80, was hospitalized last Monday after losing consciousness for several minutes in his home. He underwent an operation on Wednesday in Shaarei Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, after which his son Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu – the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat (Safed) -- said his father’s life had “once again” been saved.

As of now, the Rabbi remains in the intensive care unit, attached to a respirator. Attempts to remove the respirator have not yet met with success, and he is being kept in a drug-induced coma. Sources close to the family say he is awakened periodically, at which times he remains alert while still attached to the respirator.

Rabbi Eliyahu has been in and out of hospitals since suffering a heart attack in May 2008. The family asks that the public pray for the rabbi’s health: Rav Mordechai Tzemach ben [son of] Mazal.

Rabbi Eliyahu and the late Rabbi Avraham Shapira served as Israel’s Chief Rabbis from 1983-1993.

Rev. Victor Figueroa said...

The pastor of a Pentacostal church in Brooklyn sexually abused a female employee and then fired her after she rebuffed his advances, the woman's $30 million lawsuit charges.

The Rev. Victor Figueroa fondled the woman and tried to pull off her clothes last October 2008 in an apartment she shared with her husband in the basement of the Iglesia Pentecostal Jesus El Camino Verdadero Church on Tilden Ave., according to the complaint filed Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The 39-year-old woman told the pastor's wife what happened and she responded, "Again?" the complaint states.

The Daily News is withholding her name because she's the victim of a sex crime.

The couple, who had been maintenance workers at the church for three years, was fired in April.

The woman reported the attack to the Police Department, and Figueroa was charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse, criminal trespass and harassment.

Figueroa, 54, could not be reached for comment.

The suit also seeks back pay because the couple's only compensation was the one-room basement apartment

Orlow, Orlow & Orlow, P.C. said...

August 29, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- NY Bill to Change Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Victims Fails

Article provided by Orlow, Orlow & Orlow, P.C.
Visit us at

A bill that would have extended the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse did not pass the State Assembly during this year's legislative session. The Child Victims Act (A.2596) was pulled from the calendar on June 23, 2009 after Assembly leaders decided the bill did not have enough votes to pass.

Under current law, victims of childhood sexual abuse have five years from their 18th birthdays to report the crime and/or to file a civil claim for damages against their alleged abusers. The Child Victims Act sought to change the five year statute of limitations period so that it did not begin to run until the victim's 23rd birthday, giving the victim until age 28 to file criminal charges and/or a civil lawsuit. This would have effectively increased the statute of limitations period from five years to 10.

Arguably the most controversial measure of the Child Victims Act would have created a one year window from the time the bill was enacted that would have allowed anyone to file a claim alleging sex abuse, no matter how old the victim now was or how long ago the alleged act occurred. After the one year period ended, the statute of limitations period would have reverted to the expanded 10 year period.

This marks the fourth year the legislation has been proposed, but did not pass. In the 2006, 2007 and 2008 legislative sessions, the Act passed the State Assembly, but failed to receive the necessary votes to make it out of the State Senate. Many believed this was the year the bill would finally become law, given that the Democrats took over the majority in the Senate. In past years, the Republican majority in the State Senate prevented the bill from passing.

Why did the Child Victims Act Fail?

Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey, the main architect and biggest supporter of the bill, argued the bill was necessary to give victims of childhood sexual abuse their day in court and a chance at justice. She also argued that the Act would help prevent future acts of sexual abuse by encouraging victims to come forward and identify their abusers, who then could be prosecuted and punished for their crimes.

The one year suspension of the statute of limitations was deemed necessary to ensure victims who had been denied access to the courts were given a chance to pursue their legal claims against their abusers. Supporters of the legislation argued that the short statute of limitations period prevented many victims from coming forward with their claims and allowed many perpetuators of these crimes to go free and continue to harm other children.

While it is difficult to find anyone who would disagree with the spirit of the legislation, many of the bill's opponents felt the new law would not accomplish these important goals...

Press release service and press release distribution provided by

Anonymous said...

"My first time was not by choice."- Yushima Cherry

Many first sexual encounters are non-consensual. Though penetration may not take place, fondling, molesting and oral copulation may very well be present and very hard to prove, especially when the victim is too young to express the violation to trustworthy adults. In some cases the victims are old enough to talk but, secrets, games and guilt
may be used to keep the child quiet. In other cases, children disclose sexual abuse, but the adult does not believe them and does not take the necessary steps to stop the abuse.

First sexual non-consensual encounters happen to children of all ages. The youngest fatality of child sexual abuse that BWP has heard of involved a six month old child. In Madison, Alabama a six month old died due to strangulation by his fathers penis. His father was not labeled a sexual predator because this was the only known incident of sexual behavior between him and a child. His father said his addiction to pornography played a role in
this crime against his first and only child with his wife who went shopping with family for the first time since the baby was born.

Anonymous said...

>I was perfectly fine with >defending Yehuda Nussbaum >after I heard he molested >some of his students at >yob. He's my kind of guy >too!

I hate jack mandel. What a scumbag. This sadist has no business being in chinuch of any kind.

As far as nussbaum is concerned - he ought to be locked up in rikers. He fits right in with the brutal mentality of the yob prison. He sexually violates boys and they have the chutzpah to keep him around? But what i want to bring out is the tortourus physical and emotional abuse that nussbaum doles out. that alone should land him in a locked cell with a big man in there to inflict man to man justice.

Nussbaum not only taught 5th graders, but also 4th grade - for any parents that care to look into their child's well being. He also conducts one on one resource room lessons.

He is very dangerous and so are the people who permit his audacious conduct.



rabbi avi shafran said...

Looking at madonna is like viewing pornography.

Ehud Olmert said...

Olmert Indicted in Corruption Cases

Mr. Olmert will be the first former Israeli prime minister to be put on trial on criminal charges here. He was forced to resign in September 2008 amid political fallout from the police investigation into alleged corruption.

and these are jews? said...

Haredim block murder investigation in J'lem

Police arrive at scene of murder in Geula neighborhood hostel. Haredim throw stones at them, set police cruiser ablaze, and try to block removal of murdered man's body. Clashes also break out in Mea Shearim. Police respond with stun grenades
Efrat Weiss

The crime scene in Jerusalem's Geula neighborhood has turned into a battleground between police and haredim. A few dozen ultra-Orthodox people threw stones at police officers dispatched to the hostel on Tsfaniya Street, where a 50-year-old man was murdered Sunday night during a fight. The protesters tried to block removal of the murdered man's body from the scene.

In the Mea Shearim neighborhood intense clashes broke out between the two sides. Haredim threw stones and metal objects at police officers, who responded with stun grenades. Eight police officers and an ultra-Orthodox man were lightly wounded. Three police officers were evacuated to the hospital for medical attention. The rest of the wounded were treated by ambulance crews on the spot. Damage was caused to a police patrol car and two motorcycles.
Singin' the Blues

God has no mercy on cops / Yoram Kaniuk

Who would want to join police force that is being beaten, humiliated by haredim?
Full Story

Haredim started fires at a number of different locations throughout the city. A police cruiser was set ablaze on David Yellin Street. The cruiser was parked there as its police passengers investigated Sunday's murder. Police believe that haredi protesters are behind the arson. No one was injured in the incident.

Haredim tried to set fire to the welfare bureau on Yehezkel Street, however, a police force on site prevented this. A haredi man was arrested while throwing stones at the welfare bureau building.

Police investigation of the murder has thus far revealed that the scuffle between the 23-year-old Palestinian who lives in the West Bank and works in the hostel and the 50-year-old Jewish victim was not nationalistically motivated. The two had reportedly been arguing since morning hours and the dispute boiled over in the evening when the Palestinian, who works at the hostel, allegedly stabbed the Jewish man in the back, chest and abdomen, multiple times.

The suspect, who fled the scene, was apprehended by Border Guard officers operating north of the capital.

Ongoing battle between haredim and police

The ultra-Orthodox struggle against the police was bumped up in recent days. Earlier Sunday, haredim gathered in Mea Shearim to protest against the welfare bureau's cooperation with the police in the investigation of the haredi woman charged with starving her toddler son.

During the protest, they damaged a security vehicle parked near the welfare bureau. The vehicle's mirrors were smashed and tires slashed. Police were dispatched to the location to help the security company's employee leave the scene with the car.

On Saturday, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox demonstrated and attempted to block the entrance to the Karta parking lot in the city. The protestors blocked adjacent streets and confronted police forces which tried to prevent them from reaching the parking lot. Eleven of the detainees were released on Sunday with court restrictions, but following an appeal filed by local police, the court ordered that the detainees' remand be extended by 24 hours.

jackoff mandel said...

Hey.. you gotta give me credit. I sure know how to torture little kids and make them cry.

Sam said...


I hope all victims of abuse get justice one day. The rabbis failed me time and time again. My hatred for them holds no bounds. They need to be forced into accountability NOW!!!

This blog has been a great source of inspiration for me.

Great article by kilian Melloy.

Exposemolesters is referenced.

Check it out:

Rabbi Arraigned for Allegedly Molesting Boys
by Kilian Melloy
EDGE Staff Reporter
Monday Aug 31, 2009

An Upstate New York rabbi is accused of molesting two boys.

The rabbi, Yaakov Weiss, who teaches in Albany, appeared in court to answer to charges that he had inappropriate sexual contact with two of his male students, both 13 years old, according to an Aug. 26 article posted at

Weiss, 29, was accompanied by his wife. One of the couples’ three children also accompanied Weiss to court, the article said.

Another Aug. 26 article on the case was published at Albany newspaper the Times-Union, and said that the rabbi allegedly struck and kicked one of the boys, and urged the other to deny that anything untoward had taken place.

"Just say nothing happened," both articles reported the rabbi allegedly told one 13-year-old.

The Times-Union article said that Weiss was accused of having improper sexual contact with the boys in a ritual bathing pool called a mikveh. One boy was allegedly assaulted in June of 2007, and the other later that same year.

Weiss, who opened the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School, defended himself in an email sent to the Time-Union in 2008 by claiming that the charges were baseless and the story of the sexual molestation a fabrication "generated by an individual who has been antagonistic toward Chabad of Colonie from its inception and continues to be envious of continued success."

Weiss, the article said, wrote that the accusations were "his way of getting rid of us."

The Fox News article quoted Weiss’ lawyer, Arnold Proskin, who said that Weiss had hundreds of supporters.

"Public support is absolutely outstanding," claimed Proskin.

Added the attorney, "This is just something that makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle and I’m not saying it as a joke.

"It just bothers me greatly," Proskin went on. "It bothers a lot of people and we’re defending this matter."

Proskin also suggested that the case going before the Albany County grand jury was a matter of publicity on the part of the prosecution.

"There’s no advantage," Proskin said.

Sam said...

Part II

But the District Attorney for Albany County, David Soares, was cited in the Fox News article as explaining that the grand jury was presented with the case as a result of the special victims unit’s involvement.

Said Soares, "We prefer to try our cases in a court of law and not in the media."

Exposemolesters, a Web site dedicated to tracking media reports of alleged child molesters, covered the story, along with allegations that a Brooklyn rabbi had molested three young victims over the course of several decades.

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was accused of assaulting a boy--now a man in his 30s--as well as two young boys more recently. His lawyer, Jeffrey Schwartz, was quoted as saying, "In 21 years of trying criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I have never seen a case so weak."

Schwartz pointed out that the rabbi had passed to lie detector tests in which he claimed innocence.

The site also posted text about Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, another rabbi accused of child molestation, who fled Brooklyn for Israel more than 20 years ago when he was first accused.

Those cases were also referenced in an Oct. 2, 2008 Jewish Daily Forward article about alleged sexual abuse of children in the Jewish religious community.

That article said that Jewish leaders had begun taking a closer look at alleged instances of child abuse at the hands of Jewish clerics.

The article noted that New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn had claimed that child molestation was occurring in the ultra-Orthodox community, an extremely anti-gay faction of Judaism.

Hikind said that that he had heard "an avalanche" of stories about child molestation over the course of only a couple of months, leading him to determine that he should create a list of alleged molesters that he would make generally accessible.

Hikind also said that the ultra-Orthodox community was liable to end up unwittingly harboring child molesters out of a wish to pursue religious, rather than secular, means of obtaining justice.

The article quoted Hikind as saying, "If you’re a child molester, the best community to come to is [a community with many ultra-Orthodox such as] Borough Park, Flatbush, Lakewood or Monroe.

"Your chances of being arrested are much smaller because people don’t press charges."

Agudath Israel of America’s director of government affairs, David Zwiebel, was also cited in the article; said Zwiebel,
"Until not terribly long ago, the issue [of child molestation by Jewish rabbis] was very much in the shadows."

Added Zwiebel, "Sometimes they were dealt with correctly and sometimes incorrectly, but the severity of the problem and the possible magnitude were really things that most people, including myself, just didn’t understand."

Zwiebel opined that the Jewish community had finally begun to address the problem in the wake of the global pedophile priest scandal that sent shock waves through the Catholic Church.

More recently, the New York Post reported on April 2 that Charles Hynes, the DA for Brooklyn, had unveiled a new push to investigate and prosecute cases of sexual assault among Orthodox Jews.

"Sexual abuse is not only a horrific nightmare for the victims, but an agonizing experience for their parents," the article quoted Hynes as saying.

The DA cited an increased flow of sexual-abuse cases out of the Orthodox community in recent years. The office currently has 19 pending cases.

Kilian Melloy reviews media, conducts interviews, and writes commentary for EDGEBoston, where he also serves as Assistant Arts Editor.

shame on hynes said...

More recently, the New York Post reported on April 2 that Charles Hynes, the DA for Brooklyn, had unveiled a new push to investigate and prosecute cases of sexual assault among Orthodox Jews.

"Sexual abuse is not only a horrific nightmare for the victims, but an agonizing experience for their parents," the article quoted Hynes as saying.

The DA cited an increased flow of sexual-abuse cases out of the Orthodox community in recent years. The office currently has 19 pending cases.

Hynes let Yudi Kolko off with a slap on the wrist (no jail and no sex offender registration). Stefan Colmer who was a fugitive, will be eligible for freedom this year. Moshe Reichman of Satmar (sexually abused Joel Engelman) is free to continue hunting his prey, no investigation, nothing!

Lipa Brenner (abused a boy in shul bathroom from age 12 until age 15) no jail, no sex offender registration, nothing!

The arrest of a popular rabbi in the Bobox Hasidic sect in January 2000 provides another example of the pressure that can be placed on those who complain to outside officials. In that case, a 9-year-old boy accused the Brooklyn rabbi, his tutor, of physically and sexually abusing him.

In the end, Hynes' office threw out all charges against Rabbi Solomon Hafner. Schmetterer said they were found to be baseless.

Avrohm Mondrowitz, oh, He's still in Israel, thanks to Hynes.

December 3, 1984 -- Brooklyn District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman's office said Mondrowitz was named in an arrest warrant charging him with two counts of sex abuse". At the time, Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz worked in special education school for boys in Brooklyn, that had connections with Ohel Children and Family Services in Brooklyn, New York. He was responsible for about 20-25 young children who already had either emotional problems and/or learning disabilities.

October 11, 2007 -- Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes finally signed papers requesting the U.S. Justice Department extradite Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz back to the United States. Fled to Israel months after charges were first brought up against him twenty-three years ago.

November 16, 2007 -- Israeli police arrested Avrohom Mondrowitz, a Gur Hasid who was suspected of sexually abusing children in the United States was arrested pending extradition orders to the U.S.

November 18, 2007 - At the extraditon Hearing for Alleged Serial Child Molester, Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, the judge extended Mondrowitz's detention until November 27, at which point he will decide whether Mondrowitz will remain in jail or be placed under house arrest. Mondrowitz's attorney, David Ofek, said he plans to appeal the decision to keep Mondrowitz in custody.

November 29, 2007 - The Israeli Minister of Justice released that Mondrowitz's extradition case is being handled by the Department of International Affairs of the Office of the State Attorney (prosecutors Nili Gesser and Marlene Mazel-Herskowitz) and in cooperation with the Israeli Police's Interpol Department.

Davis Duvallya said...

Career criminal befriends rabbis, then robs them, cops say

BY Rocco Parascandola

Read more:

shmarya take a look said...

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef threatens Shas principals who refuse to accept Ethiopians
Sep. 1, 2009

Shas spiritual mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef threatened Monday to fire any school principal from Shas's school system who refused to receive Ethiopian students.

In parallel, Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar announced that it was forbidden to send Ethiopian students to secular schools.

"If I was brought into this world only to help the Ethiopians that is enough for me," Yosef said Monday morning, during a meeting with Amar in his home in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood, according to Amar's spokesman.

Amar's spokesman said that Yosef ruled that it was forbidden to integrate the Ethiopians in secular schools because many were Falashmura who were still in the process of converting to Judaism.

"If one of those children comes before a rabbinical court to convert and he or she does not know anything about Judaism it will be problematic," said Amar's spokesman.

Yosef, considered the greatest living Sephardi halachic authority, was the first top-tier rabbi to recognize certain groups among the Ethiopians as full-fledged Jews. Many have been integrated into Shas's Maayan Hahinuch Hatorani school network.

"Anyone who refuses to accept Ethiopians should get up and go home," Yosef said, according to Amar's spokesman.

The spokesman said that in an agreement that had been reached with the Petah Tikva municipality, Shas's schools would help absorb the Ethiopian students.

The meeting Monday morning was attended by Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Construction and Housing Minister Ariel Atias.

This article can also be read at /servlet/Satellite?cid=1251145168074&pagename=JPArticle%2FShowFull

Shlomo Benizri, Abraham Hirchson said...,7340,L-3770118,00.html

2 former ministers going to jail Tuesday

Shlomo Benizri, sentenced to four years in prison, spends recent weeks attending conferences, with family. Abraham Hirchson, sentenced to five years in prison, also spends his last days as a free man with relatives

SNAP said...

Victims of sexual abuse
by priest speak out
Sexual abuse victims by priest speak

* Cami Mountain

Stevens Point - MyFox Wausau - Bob Schwiderski is the Minnesota director of the group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

He says from 1966 to 1970 a sex offending church brother worked at a catholic school in Stevens Point and abused several students.

We did not find any information to confirm the allegations, so we are not identifying the man. This is an issued that's been out there for some time and victims are speaking out.

Daniel Kortenkamp was thirteen years old when he says he was sexually abused by a prient in Iowa. Now living in Stevens Point, it took him nearly a lifetime to finally tell someone what happened.

He says, "It was fifty years before I told anyone about my abuse. I'm still looking for justice."

Kortenkamp has filed a lawsuit against the ArchDiocese of Dubuque and is still waiting on an outcome. This is the first time he's spoken publicly about the abuse.

Same goes for Brenda Varga. She says she was abused by a priest when she nine. She finally told her family thirty years later. She says she's speaking out so others will too.

Varga says, "Once you break the silence of your abuse, you being that healing process. I believe because I've broken my silence it makes me a strong, better person. I don't have all that anger bottled up inside about what happened."

Both Varga and Kortenkamp are on the same mission as Bob Schwiderski of SNAP, a sexual abuse group aimed at stopping clergy members from abusing ever again. He says if one person steps forward others will follow.

He says, "We are trying to bring social awareness and knowledge of the crime of sexual abuse so that maybe the future, maybe we can do almost an irradication of sexual abuse of children."

If you were abused by a member of the clergy you're encouraged to call SNAP at 1(877)SNAP-heals.

The President of Stevens Point Catholic Schools says he's never heard of any claims against a former teacher, but if someone was abused, he asks them to step forward. Church leaders are also discounting these claims of abuse.

Anonymous said...

Child sexual abuse can be prevented

In lieu of the recent news articles showing the prevalence and effects of sexual abuse, my hope is many are asking, "How can we prevent this atrocity from repeating itself in this community?"

Holy Family Memorial's Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC), in collaboration with Lakeshore CAP, has answers. Learn how to prevent childhood sexual abuse by inquiring today about a "Stewards of Children" workshop.

"Stewards of Children" is available in two formats: in person and online. Organizations and individuals that would like to schedule in-person training should contact the SARC prevention educator at (920) 320-8654. A facilitator is equipped to consult with your organization about child protection policies and procedures.

For the online version, visit The two-hour training is open to the public and is of specific interest among parents, youth sports and service organizations, coaches, camp counselors, teachers and faith centers. The two hour workshop is designed to educate adults on how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse. The training also provides continuing education credits.

Only 10 percent of child sexual abuse cases are committed by strangers; 90 percent involve an adult known by the child and/or the child's family. This is a chilling statistic that cannot be ignored.

As adults, it is our responsibility to protect the children in our community from sexual abuse so they can grow up to lead healthy, productive lives. They are our most precious resource.

Anne Lee, founder and president of Darkness to Light, says public education is an essential tool to prevent sexual abuse of children. She points to leading research that shows educating 5 percent of a community's adult population can create a "tipping point" toward societal behavior change. The tipping point carries momentum throughout the community to further spread awareness and make preventing sexual abuse the norm.

Kris Jacobs

SARC prevention educator

Haim Cohen, a spokesman for Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv said...

Haim Cohen, a spokesman for Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, considered the preeminent halachic authority of Ashkenazi haredi Jewry, said that while he did not want to comment on the justification for the demonstrations, he accused the police of purposely escalating the tensions in Jerusalem to detract from criticism voiced against law enforcement authorities for not doing enough to fight a wave of violence.

"It is interesting that deterioration of the situation in Jerusalem comes just a week after the police were so severely criticized by the media for not protecting Israelis from hooliganism," he said.

Haredi girls paid not to wear makeup said...

Following rise in use of makeup among female ultra-Orthodox students, seminary offers NIS 1,000 to each girl agreeing not to put on makeup for her wedding

Israel Valas said...

Court rejects appeal by haredi father who killed infant son

Supreme Court rules six-year sentence ordered in case of Israel Valas, convicted of shaking his three-month-old son to death, stands

Aviad Glickman
Published: 09.01.09, 12:38 / Israel News

The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied the sentencing appeal filed by Israel Valas, an ultra-Orthodox man convicted of killing his three-month-old son, and ruled that the original sentence of six years imprisonment stands.

Valas, 22, was convicted of shaking the infant to death in late 2007. The judges noted in their ruling that the offences he committed "were some of the gravest in the rule book."

The State's case detailed that Valas, then 19, used to systematically abuse the child, who suffered from a congenital defect in the muscles of his neck. He would slap the infant, bite him and pinch him, eventually shaking him to death because he would not stop crying.

The court stressed in its ruling that Valas never expressed any remorse for his actions. Nevertheless, a relatively short sentence was chosen "since the court considered that this is a young man… who had never shouldered any responsibility other then studying Torah."

The Supreme Court acknowledged that while Valas did not wish to end his son's life, "His actions were careless and reckless… This was a helpless baby who departed from the world in agony as a result of his father's violent and merciless behavior.

"The court must rule harshly in this case not only in order to meet the act, but to deter others."

Attorney Mickey Hova, for Valas, said that the defense still believes the court should have ruled the conviction on of involuntary manslaughter. We will study the ruling further before deciding on our next step."

Haredi said...

Women protest gender-segregated buses

Dozens of people, mostly women, ride on 'mehadrin' buses in which men and women sit separately and sit at front of bus in protest. Protesters demand an end to discrimination that forces women to sit at back of bus for modesty reasons. Protesters make sure to respect religious ban on coming in physical contact with opposite sex

The protest against gender-segregated bus lines stepped up. Dozens of protesters, mainly women, rode en masse on buses labeled 'mehadrin lines' in Jerusalem in which women must sit at the back of bus out for modesty reasons.

Under the banner "Free transportation day – putting an end to discrimination in public spaces," the protesters flocked early in the morning on Sunday to 'mehadrin line' bus stops. When the buses arrived, they sat in the men's section at the front of the bus. The protesters, among them members of city council Laura Wharton and Rachel Azaria, wore red bracelets on their wrists as a sign of their protest and distributed to the passengers information booklets against the controversial separation between the sexes.

Haredi said...

Police in Beit Shemesh have arrested a haredi man in connection with an attack on two women early Wednesday morning.

The man, whom police said was upset by the "immodest dress" of the women, also allegedly damaged their vehicle during the incident.

After being detained for questioning by police, the man was later positively identified by the women and arrested.

A remand hearing was scheduled for later Wednesday in Beit Shemesh.

Cancer Cure said...

New Hope For Deadly Childhood Bone Cancer: Surprising Discovery Made By Studying 'Junk DNA'

ScienceDaily (Sep. 1, 2009) — Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah have shed new light on Ewing's sarcoma, an often deadly bone cancer that typically afflicts children and young adults. Their research shows that patients with poor outcomes have tumors with high levels of a protein known as GSTM4, which may suppress the effects of chemotherapy.

The research is published online in the journal Oncogene.

"Doctors and researchers have long known that certain Ewing's sarcoma patients respond to chemotherapy, but others don't even though they have the same form of cancer," says HCI Investigator Stephen Lessnick, M.D., Ph.D. "Our research shows that GSTM4 is found in high levels among those patients where chemotherapy doesn't seem to work. It's found in low levels in patients where chemotherapy is having a more positive effect."

The research could lead to drugs that can suppress GSTM4 in certain patients. It also could lead to a screening test that could reveal which therapies will be most effective for patients. "GSTM4 doesn't seem to suppress the benefits of all chemotherapy drugs, just certain ones. A GSTM4-based test could help to identify the best therapy for each individual patient," Lessnick says.

Ewing's sarcoma is the second most common bone cancer in children and adolescents. The five-year survival rate is considered poor at about 30 percent if the cancer has spread by the time it is diagnosed, and there is an even poorer prognosis for patients who have suffered a relapse.

For this study, researchers focused on an abnormal protein known as EWS-FLI, which is found in most Ewing's sarcoma tumors. What they discovered is that EWS-FLI causes increased amounts of the GSTM4 gene – and the protein it produces – to be expressed in tumors, a previously unknown effect that led them to make the connection between poor outcomes and high levels of GSTM4. The discovery was made by focusing on repetitive DNA sequences called microsatellites. Microsatellites are sometimes referred to as "junk DNA" because they are not thought to have a normal role in the genome. By examining how EWS-FLI interacts with certain microsatellites, Lessnick and his team were able to identify GSTM4.

Lessnick says the next step in research is to focus on testing and treatments that may lead to better survival rates in patients. "Personalized medicine is the next frontier in the battle against cancer," he says. "We now know all cancers are not the same. By focusing on how these proteins are expressed in individual tumors, we may soon be able to offer the treatment that will work best for each patient, and that could lead to higher cure rates," he says.

Lessnick is director of HCI's Center for Children's Cancer Research, and is a Jon and Karen Huntsman Presidential Professor in Cancer Research. This research was supported by funds from the Terri Anna Perine Sarcoma Fund, the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative, the Sunbeam Foundation, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said...

Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP Files Lawsuit On Behalf of Rabbi Shmuley...
Tue Sep 1, 2009 3:40pm EDT

Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP Files Lawsuit On Behalf of Rabbi Shmuley
Boteach to Stop Libya's Illegal Construction Adjacent to His Englewood, NJ Home

NEW YORK, Sept. 1, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The law firm of Kasowitz, Benson,
Torres & Friedman LLP announced that it filed a lawsuit yesterday in New Jersey
Superior Court, Bergen County, on behalf of nationally syndicated journalist and
author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and his wife Deborah Boteach, seeking an injunction
to stop the Libyan government's ongoing illegal construction at its Englewood,
New Jersey property, which is interfering with the Boteach family's use and
enjoyment of their neighboring home.

The lawsuit also seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as a result of, among
other things, the Libyans' unauthorized removal of at least 10 trees and a fence
from the Boteach property. The Boteach complaint names as defendants: the Libyan
Government, Col. Moammar Qaddafi, the Libyan U.N. Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi,
as well as the construction contractor retained for the work on the Libyan
property, Quattro Construction Management, and its owner, Sal Dunia.

The Boteach lawsuit alleges, among other things, that the Libyan government is
carrying out extensive unauthorized renovations and other construction at its
Englewood property, including the planned building of a huge tent, in
anticipation of a visit by Col. Qaddafi for the September opening of the United
Nations General Assembly. The complaint alleges that this construction poses a
safety and security risk to Rabbi Boteach's family and neighbors and that the
Libyan Government's actions constitute public and private nuisance, trespass,
negligence and conversion of Rabbi Boteach's property.

While there have been reports that the Libyan Government has bowed to tremendous
local opposition and agreed not to build the planned tent on the Libyan property
in Englewood, the construction work at the property continues.

Eric Herschmann of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman is available for comment.

About Rabbi Boteach

Rabbi Boteach is an international best-selling author of over 20 books, and is
host of the award-winning national TV show on TLC, "Shalom in the Home." He is a
frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey show and numerous other TV and radio shows,
and hosts the daily "Rabbi Shmuley Show" on Oprah's national radio network.
Rabbi Boteach is the recipient of numerous awards and has been named one of the
ten most influential rabbis in America.

About Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP

Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP is a national law firm with over 300
lawyers specializing in high stakes, complex litigation. Principal practice
areas include general commercial litigation, creditors' rights and bankruptcy,
employment practices, intellectual property, and family law. Clients include
leading companies in the financial services, technology, manufacturing,
utilities, chemical, energy, entertainment, consumer products, pharmaceutical
and telecommunications industries. The firm has offices in New York, Newark,
Houston, Atlanta, Miami and San Francisco. For more information, visit

The Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP logo is available at

CONTACT: Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP
Media Contact
Eric Herschmann

Rubenstein Associates
Media Contact
Ming Lee Hatch

yob sux said...

Shlomo Mandel is the type of faker that smiles to your face and then beats up children the next minute. He is an expert at belittling and embarrassing students and punishing them for minor pranks. I would say that his brother, yaakov, was/is more cold and doesn't know how to hide it with a smile in the way shlomo does. All in all they both are assassins of Jewish neshamales. Find EX-YOB students today and you will discover many are off the derech, drug abusers, and suffering from depression. This is a fact. Almost my whole class is non-observant and they attribute it to the abuse they endured by the yeshiva of Brooklyn dictatorship.

Sholom Rubashkin said...

Iowa Judge Hears Motions In Slaughterhouse Trial
IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) ― A U.S. District Court judge will take on several critical motions in the case against a former kosher slaughterhouse company and four of its top managers.

The hearing in the case against Agriprocessors, Inc., will be at 8 a.m. Monday in Cedar Rapids.

Judge Linda Reade will address a motion to change venue and a request to delay the trial, as well as former manager Sholom Rubashkin's motion to dismiss all 163 counts against him because of alleged abuse of the grand jury process.

Rubashkin and three co-defendants have pleaded not guilty to immigration, bank fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud charges.

The Agriprocessors slaughterhouse in Postville was raided by immigration agents in 2008.

It was sold to SHF Industries in July.

michi said...

When Jewish children are sexually molested they don't give a damn, but over sudden "true torah jews" wake up.

The anti-Zionist group True Torah Jews plans a demonstration of Orthodox Jews today at 2:30 PM in front of the Israeli consulate in Manhattan. The demonstration comes in reaction to the recent clashes between police and religious Jews in Jerusalem over a new parking lot opened by the government near the religious neighborhood of Meah Shearim. Religious Jews object to the government's decision to keep the parking lot open on the Jewish Sabbath.

"The Israeli government and the Jerusalem municipal government are committing acts of brutality against religious Jews on a scale not seen in the last 65 years," said Rabbi Menashe Fulop, a prominent Rabbi of the Satmar Hasidic community. "For the past three months, religious Jews have been regularly beaten mercilessly at demonstrations, called by the chief rabbis of Jerusalem, against the parking lot set up by the city government right next to the walls of the Old City. The government is inviting Sabbath-desecrators from the entire country to come to the Holy City, the palace of G-d, the place where the Divine Presence resides, to insult G-d, who warned in His Torah against the desecration of the Sabbath."

tuition crisis said...

Observant Jews forced to choose: school or rent?

’Parents have to choose between having a home foreclosed on or having a Jewish education. It’s a very tough decision,’ said a rabbi who has been inundated with calls for help.

By Mayer Fertig

After years of talk about a tuition crisis affecting Jewish families that often must scrimp and sacrifice to send children to religious schools known as yeshivas, some of those families appear to have hit a financial wall across the New York area — including in Riverdale.

“Many children will end up in public school as a result of all this,” said Rabbi Shneur Wolowik, director of Chabad of the Five Towns, on Long Island. “It’s really sad.”

He is inundated with calls for help from parents who simply have run out of options.

“Parents have to choose between having a home foreclosed on or having a Jewish education. It’s a very tough decision,” he said.

He received an e-mail this week from a woman in the Five Towns who outlined her situation: “They have two children, she’s pregnant with a third, they’ve cancelled the babysitter, have two old cars and a very simple home. She said it’s either tuition or their home and they can’t be homeless. She did the numbers with me and, unfortunately, she’s right.”

The children are registered in public school.

The mother of a 17-year-old girl entering 12th grade said, “I registered my daughter in public school yesterday… I can’t begin to tell you what that moment was. It was horrific.”

The girl, who lives with her mother on Long Island, had gone to yeshiva her whole life. Her father, who is legally obligated to pay tuition according to the terms of a divorce decree, nonetheless elected to stop paying just before her senior year in high school; her mother lacks the means to pay it alone.

“I really understood their point of view,” the mother said of yeshiva officials who insisted that the tuition must be paid anyway, “but there has to be a way.”

In this case, there was.

“When I told my parents I’m not fighting this anymore, I’m just putting her in public school, they hit the roof.”

Her parents, who live in Brooklyn, “called in all their trump cards,” she said, and exerted enough pressure that the school reversed its decision. An attorney friend agreed to represent the mother at trial to try to force her ex-husband to pay up.

“What if someone doesn’t have the kind of family I have, who can hustle and bustle and make miracles?” she wondered. “I love my children but they’re not worth more than somebody else’s.”

Most Jewish schools contacted by a reporter said they did not know of any students who would attend public school on account of a family’s inability to pay tuition.

One such school in Riverdale, Yeshiva Ohavei Torah, a 10-year old high school for boys, would “most likely swallow and absorb [the student],” said Rabbi Eliezer Stern, the executive director. “We do have some individual circumstances — more in the past year, but in years before as well — with some boys who are on 100-percent scholarships,” he said. It is the school’s policy to not turn away a student for financial reasons. As a result, the school’s fundraising needs are “in excess of a million dollars a year,” he said......

Aron Twerski said...

Jonathan Bleiweiss is an honorable gay cop.

incest said...

An open secret

By Larry Derfner

The Jerusalem Post - July 21, 2000, Friday


'Not long ago we had a boy, seven years old, whose father was committing incest against him, and he climbed to the roof of his school and tried to jump. We asked him why, and he said, 'So my body will break into pieces and I won't have to suffer anymore.'"

Dr. Hanita Zimrin has too many such shocking stories to tell. "I've seen cases of incest with an infant, (and) it's not unusual at all to get victims of three or four years old," notes the director of ELI - The Israel Association for Child Protection.

Even when it was never admitted or discussed, incest existed in Israel. In the last couple of years, though, the problem has become much more acute. It's happening more often, and the victims are getting younger and younger.

Kids being kids, they are beginning to imitate their elders. "A family came in this week - the parents are professionals, well-educated, financially well-off. The mother accidentally saw her son and daughter, one is 12, the other is 10, naked together and playing. She said it wasn't just childhood curiosity," says Zimrin.

Consequently, ELI, which until now has treated only child victims of abuse, is opening a new division at its Tel Aviv therapy clinic for child perpetrators of child abuse.

Incest is also becoming crueler. Fathers are sharing their daughters - over 90% of incest victims are girls, notes Zimrin - with their friends.

"A four-year-old girl told her nursery-school teacher, 'Abba lost me at cards.' The teacher asked her what she meant, and the girl explained that her father had 'given' her to a man to cover his card-playing losses," Zimrin says.

Between 1995 and 1998, the number of incest victims treated at ELI ran to 300-odd a year. Last year, though, the figure leaped to 811, and in the first six months of this year, 546 incest victims have already come in. "I used to say the number of victims was going up because people were reporting it more, but now I have to say that the actual incidence of incest is on the increase as well," she maintains. Based on past research of child abuse, Zimrin's "intelligent guess" is that the true number of incest victims is about 10 times the number reported. Over half of ELI's cases involve incest.

'We're seeing second- and third-generation incest," notes Barbara Reicher, head of child therapy at ELI. "A victim of incest will often choose a husband who she thinks, unconsciously, will do to her daughter what was done to her." This choice is motivated by an ambivalence towards the incestuous father, she says: "The father she hates is also the father she loves, the father she needs." All too frequently, a woman will complain to police that her husband is committing incest, then drop the complaint shortly afterward. Facing up to incest means admitting one's abject failure as a mother and a wife, which few women are prepared to do, relates Zimrin. Allowing incest to continue is a way of punishing oneself, and victimized women feel they deserve their plight, she adds.

A couple of weeks ago, Reicher notes, ELI was approached by a family in which the father, who is now in jail, had committed incest with his 17-year-old son, while another son had committed incest with one of his sisters. There are eight children in the family.

"I'll bet my life we haven't gotten to the end of it," says Zimrin.

parenting part 1 said...

Well intentioned parents, doing as they have always done to protect their children when they were young, often circle the wagons and marshal control when their teenager makes a mistake in judgment. Others keep their wagons circled all the time, never giving up any control in the first place. Such parents then wonder why their teenager struggles and rebels against them or lacks maturity.

It's natural for parents to believe that trouble can be avoided by keeping their teenager always in sight, by fixing their every problem, and by generally keeping them under control. But I've learned that teens will mature quicker, and a season of teenage rebellion can often be avoided, when parents take steps in the early teen years to give up some of the control they have over their teen's life.

Learn to Let Go!

Do you have the habit of picking up the slack, covering all the bases, answering all the questions, solving all the problems, and making everything easy for your teen? If so, you might not be doing your teenager any favors. Instead, you may just be keeping your teenager immature, dependent and powerless.

If you want your child to grow up, and he's reached the teen years, you may have to learn to let go. You may have to get out of the way. It boils down to one very simple concept -- the best way to empower your teenager is to share the power you've always had over him, allowing him more and more power and responsibility for making his own decisions.

parenting part 2 said...

Hold Them Accountable

Responsibility becomes an internal life force when parents empower a child to make decisions, line out their options, define the consequences, and then let them choose.

If your teenager is fully capable of doing well, communicate that belief to him by giving him more freedoms. Fortunately, most teens want to take control of things in their life -- so let them. As you back off, let your teenager know they will be given even more freedoms if they handle the first steps well. And make it clear that you will remain in the role of the enforcer of consequences, should they break the rules. Such consequences could include losing some of their newfound freedoms and losing some of your trust.

Then, let them make their own choices, and also let them bear the full responsibility for those choices. Line out their options, define the consequences for bad decisions, and then let them choose. Don't rescue them by not enforcing consequences for their poor choices. And equally as important, don't forget to congratulate and reward them for making good choices!

The Power of Empowerment

As you learn to let go, your teen's expectations will shift away from leaning you to run their life and fix everything for them (including their mistakes), to the understanding that they are the ones responsible for how things turn out. They'll surely make many mistakes before they begin to understand what good decision-making looks like. And they may even try every trick in the book to get you to rescue them out of their poor choices. But don't do it! Hold them responsible, just as they will some day be held accountable as an adult.

Give Them Something to Be Responsible For

Teenagers don't become responsible or learn to think more maturely by accident. They learn from being in situations where responsibility and maturity is expected and modeled. That's why I highly recommend to parents that they get their child into a part-time job throughout the teen years, and particularly one that is service-oriented. Probably the biggest mistake of schools today is when they keep kids so busy with after school activities, that there is no time for a job in which teens can learn responsibility. Outside of what Mom and Dad are expecting of them, nothing can teach a teenager about life and making a livelihood than a job can, whether they need the money or not. Kids who get their first job after they graduate from high school are at a disadvantage and have a lot of catch-up to do in the area of maturity.

The right job for just a few hours each week can be a perfect training ground for a teenager, teaching people-skills, money-management, time-management, and even helping the teenager determine what she does or doesn't want to do after high school. Skills learned on a part-time job can also help the teen appreciate their education and encourage them to seek more education after high school so they won't have to continue serving hamburgers, washing cars, or being a lifeguard their entire life.

parenting part 3 said...

When to Take Back Full Parental Power

Now, let me address the family dealing with a teen who is already spinning out of control or is addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, or other harmful substances or behaviors. This situation is entirely different. In this day and age, a child choosing to self-destruct or to live a dangerous lifestyle could end up in serious trouble, or could even die. In this case, empowerment shifts back to the parent, who must intervene and retake decisive control, since the teen's lifestyle is actually controlling the teenager at this point.

An old Jewish proverb says, "Don't meet troubles half-way." Give it all your attention now, or it could take more than you can give later. And you'll be powerless when they become an adult. Take whatever measures are necessary to ensure his safety and do it now. It is up to you to create a solution, such as counseling or substance abuse treatment. And you, too, will need to surround yourself with good counsel and a group of godly friends who are willing to pray with you and encourage you.

Then, with a plan in hand and with all the power you can muster, communicate this message: "Honey - we love you. Nothing you do or say will make us love you any less, and nothing you do or say will make us love you any more. But we are not going to live like this anymore. Since you are not making the right choices on your own, here is what will change in your life, as of today..." And then stick to your plan. There's nothing that will ruin your future ability to get such a teen back on track than to not follow through the first time.

Small Bumps Are Temporary

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.-- I Corinthians 13:11 (KJV)

Maybe you are just having some small bumps in the road with your teenager. Let me assure you, most immature behavior is just that -- immaturity. They will grow out of it as they mature and as they come up against the consequences for wrong decisions. And they'll mature more quickly if you empower them to take on more responsibility for their own life. Give them ample opportunity to make errors in judgment early on, when you still have some control over them in your home.

Letting go doesn't mean backing off completely. It simply means allowing the teenager to make more and more decisions on their own, and to have more and more freedoms. When they make mistakes, or overstep your household boundaries, it is still a parent's responsibility to dole out the consequences as a means of discipline, which will prevent them from making the same mistake again and again. For that is how teenagers learn.

So, what have you done today to encourage and empower your teenager to put away their childish immaturity?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Gregston is an author, speaker, national radio host, and the founder of Heartlight, a residential counseling opportunity for struggling teens, where he lives with 50 high schoolers. Learn more at

It's really sickening said...

Perhaps the fault of these protests are not totally the fault of the protesters. They are misguided punks.

The Edah HaChareidis rabbis, on the other hand, should be firmly opposing these demonstrations.

The haredim think the whole world needs to bend in to their religious beliefs.

These lunatics should worry about real issues. All they manage to accomplish is more havoc and more hatred towards Jews in general. It's really sickening!

Creepy Phil said...

The filthy, ramshackle secret garden, hidden inside evil Phillip Garrido's California backyard, is where the beast raped innocent schoolgirl Jaycee, then twice forced her to give birth amid the sickening squalor. She was just 14 when she had the first of his two daughters, now 11 and 15.

Jaycee - snatched from a bus stop by Garrido, 58, when she was just 11 - had to raise her undercover family amid this makeshift home of sheds and tents, surrounded by rubbish - topped off with a chilling sign bidding Welcome.

And today the News of the World can sensationally reveal how Garrido:

TOOK the illicit daughters he'd brainwashed to be little "robots" outside their prison to attend a birthday party.
GAVE other guests the shivers with his weird behaviour.
INVITED his hosts back to dinner at the house of horror.
PLAYED God in his secret personal church in the basement.
ABDUCTED Jaycee to use as a baby machine because wife Nancy, 54, was infertile.

SEATED IN SQUALOR: Captives' rickety chairs amid mess

The shocking details of the perverted family life that went on at the house in the small town of Antioch, east of San Francisco, emerged as the Garridos were held for trial after denying 29 charges of abduction, imprisonment and rape - and 29-year-old Jaycee was reunited with her shocked family.

Our harrowing pictures, taken on Friday, show graphically how victim Jaycee and her daughters lived destitute in a maze of interlinked shacks and tents hidden from view by overgrown trees, 8ft fencing and tarpaulins.

The entire area is strewn with their sad array of worn and broken toys and possessions, vying for space with piles of the Garridos' dumped household junk including discarded cans of chemicals. Power is supplied by two green extension cables running from the house.

Eerily hung in the branches above the main tent and below the Welcome sign are star and butterfly cut-outs with a set of wind chimes. But they bring no joy.

Ominously some of the sheds are soundproofed and can only be opened from the outside.

Fatso Margo said...

One of Britain's largest bus operators has been accused of discrimination after telling heavyweight drivers to shed the pounds because of fears they will break seats.

Stagecoach has sent letters to staff informing them that drivers who weigh over 20 stone will either be offered weight loss advice or a different job.

The firm said the health and safety limit was not set by Stagecoach but by vehicle manufacturers and applied to all transport companies.

A spokeswoman said the company had taken steps to remind drivers across the UK about the policy, which had always been in place.

"We take the health and safety of our people and our passengers very seriously," she said.

"All bus operators have a duty of care to make sure these weight limits are adhered to and we have taken steps to remind all of our bus companies of the safe working load limits for the specific vehicles in our fleet."

Stagecoach drivers warned

But transport manager for London bus company Beeline, Stewart Field, branded the policy discriminatory.

"I wouldn't put that on anyone. Sometimes it's not down to lack of exercise. It could be a medical condition, like a thyroid problem," he said.

"We put our drivers through rigorous and regular medical checks - this is enough."

Mr Field added he did not believe weighing 20 stone would hinder the ability to drive.

It is not the first time drivers and bus companies have clashed over the weighty issue.

In 2005, 17 Australian bus drivers appealed to a tribunal after reportedly being sacked for being too fat.

And last year 53-year-old Marie Parker, who weighed 12 stone, was allegedly told to lose weight if she wanted a job as a bus driver.

yob victim said...

Anybody who went to yob has had to sustain some form of abuse there. There was no getting around it. I am one of those unfortunates. The abuse was constant. The physical part was just some pain and I would hold in my emotions so as to not give Nussbaum or the rest of the animals there - satisfaction in seeing me cry. One thing forever is etched in my memory. When I used to get beat up, I felt many times Nussbaum would hit me on my buttocks and genital area. He would do this with his bare hands but also using his big wooden ruler. The location of the beatings always felt uncomfortable for me even at that young age. One time I turned my head around for just a second (I was sitting towards the front of the class, near Nussbaum) when suddenly I feel my thigh area get vicious slap with the ruler. Almost as if he was poking around you know where. I definitely feel Nussbaum is a pedophile, a psycho and a danger to children. As far as Mandel and YOB, the NYPD should investigate and lock up these pervs. They too allowed and encouraged and participated in the abuse and sweeping it under the table and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

"For the past three months, religious Jews have been regularly beaten mercilessly at demonstrations, called by the chief rabbis of Jerusalem, against the parking lot set up by the city government right next to the walls of the Old City. The government is inviting Sabbath-desecrators from the entire country to come to the Holy City, the palace of G-d, the place where the Divine Presence resides, to insult G-d, who warned in His Torah against the desecration of the Sabbath."

These radicals are the ones insulting G-d. They should be in the bet medrash learning and praying instead of making a fool of themselves and causing a tremendous chillul hashem. They are fools!,7340,L-3771924,00.html

newsday said...

A schoolteacher from Merrick, arrested earlier this summer on a charge of raping a 15-year-old girl in Suffolk, now faces new charges in Nassau of sexual misconduct with two of her underage friends, police said.

Daniel Rothbard of 1271 Meadowbrook Ave., was arrested Thursday morning and charged with criminal sexual act, a felony, and two counts of child endangerment.

The latest charges against the 28-year-old Rothbard, who lied to his victims and said he was 17, came as a result of the investigation into the rape of the 15-year-old in Suffolk, said Det. Lt. John Allen of Nassau's Special Services Squad. The crimes took place July 7 after Rothbard had contact with an underage girl through his MySpace page, and she and her friend went to West Islip to meet him, police said. Rothbard drove them to his home where he "had sexual contact with one victim and exposed himself to the second victim," police said.

Rothbard is facing two counts of endangerment because one of the girls walked in on the sexual act between him and the other girl, police said.

None of the three girls in the Nassau and Suffolk cases are his students. All three are from Suffolk.

Nassau police asked anyone who might know about more victims to call the police hotline at 800-244-TIPS.

"I have a 28-year-old male who has now been charged by two police departments with two felonies, engaging in sex with a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old," Allen said. "I of course suspect that there are more girls out there."

Rothbard, who is also a former camp counselor, was to be arraigned Thursday on the new charges at First District Court in Hempstead.

He was previously charged with rape after a police officer caught him allegedly having sex with the 15-year-old in a parked car at a West Islip elementary school on July 21. He met the girl online and they communicated through MySpace and text messages, authorities said.

Using the screen name "DJ" or "D to the J" and claiming to be 17, Rothbard also communicated online with the girl's friends and asked them for sex, police said.

At the time of his initial arrest, Rothbard was a math teacher at the Willow Road Elementary School in Franklin Square, where he had been employed for four years.

Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Lison, of Valley Stream School District 13, did not immediately respond Thursday to a request for comment. She has previously said the district was consulting with its lawyer about his employment.

Rothbard also worked as a summer counselor for about 15 years at Rolling River Day School and Camp in East Rockaway. In the July 21 arrest Rothbard pleaded not guilty to felony charges of rape, criminal sexual act and sexual abuse, as well as misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child. His attorney said Rothbard was married and had no criminal record before his rape arrest.

Court records showed that Rothbard was released on $5,000 cash bail on the previous charges. Arraignment information was not immediately available Thursday on the new charges.

His lawyer, Todd Greenberg of Queens, was in court Thursday and not available for comment.

Ahmad Vahidi (yemach shemo) said...

The US has said Iran is "taking a step backward" by appointing a cabinet minister suspected of terrorism.

Interpol has distributed Argentina's warrant for Mr Vahidi's arrest over the attack at the Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) of Buenos Aires in 1994, which killed 85 people.

The US supported Argentina's efforts to prosecute those responsible for the bombing.

At the time of the attack Mr Vahidi was the commander of a special unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guard known as the Quds Force.

Israel and Argentina had earlier condemned Mr Vahidi's nomination, with Buenos Aires calling it "an affront to the victims" of the bombing.

Iran has denied any involvement in the blast and says the case against it is politically-motivated.

YouTube said...

The 'Winton Children' retrace their historical journey 70 years after British diplomat Nicholas Winton helped arrange the evacuation of hundreds of mainly Jewish children fleeing Nazi occupation in Czechoslovakia.

yudel nussbaum said...

The most important part of being a rebbe is smooching the kinderlach. Zicher many side benefits come along with it if you know what i mean.

5tjt. said...

A Wedding Speech

Translator’s note: Over 63 years ago, Reb Chatzkel Levenstein, zt’l, the mashgiach of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Shanghai and of the Ponevezh Yeshiva in B’nei Brak, spoke at the wedding of Rav Dovid Kviat, shlita. Rav Kviat is a member of Moetzes Gedolei Torah; the mechaber of numerous sefarim on Shas (Succas Dovid), Chumash, and the moadim; a rosh yeshiva in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn; and the rav of the Eighteenth Avenue Agudah in Brooklyn. The wedding of Rabbi Dovid Kviat, ylc”t, and Rebbitzen Dvorah nee Lieberman, a”h, took place in Brooklyn on 2 Tammuz, 5707 (on the evening of June 19, 1947). This was Rav Levenstein’s speech:

“Shlomo HaMelech writes (Shir HaShirim 8:9), ‘Eem chomah hee, nivneh alehah tiras kasef.’ Rashi explains this pasuk, ‘If her [this nation’s] faith and belief are as strong as a wall, withstanding incursions from beyond, we shall become her fortress and beauty.’

“We can observe from this pasuk that the underlying nature of the Jewish nation is that they are as solid as iron, unfazed by any and all circumstances and situations. We see it in Megilas Esther (5:9), ‘Mordechai…did not rise and did not stir before him [Haman].’ We see it from the Talmud (Beitzah 25b), ‘There are three that are fiercely bold, Israel among the nations, a dog before animals, and a rooster among chickens.’

“Indeed, it is this quality which has allowed the nation of Israel to endure.

“The Midrash states (Vayikra Rabbah 32:5), ‘There are four reasons why Israel was redeemed, that they did not change their names.’ They did not change because of this quality of which we speak.

“It is on account of this very quality that they merited to become close to Hashem as the pasukim say (Devarim 7:7-8), ‘Not because you are more numerous than all the nations…Rather because of Hashem’s love for you.’ The Ramban explains that the essential love that Hashem has for the Bnei Yisrael is because by nature they are fit for this. For the nation of Israel has stood by Hashem in all its trials. When challenged by the other nations of the world they have stubbornly responded (Sh’mos Rabbah 42:9), ‘We will either remain as Jews or we will be nailed to the stake!’

“It is with this concept that the Sabbah of Kelm explained the Gemara in Kesuvos (77b). The Gemara explains that Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi was so great that when he was ill the Heavenly court instructed the Angel of Death to go to him and fulfill anything that he wishes. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi requested to see his ultimate resting place in Gan Eden, but first asked the Angel of Death for his knife. The Angel of Death complied with the requests. When he was shown the place, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi jumped over to the other side. The Angel of Death held onto him by the edge of his cloak. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi swore an oath that he will not come back. What was the Angel of Death to do? Hashem Himself responded and ruled, ‘If Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi in his lifetime had ever annulled an oath, he must go back and cannot enter Gan Eden alive. If he had never annulled an oath then he may remain.’ The Sabbah of Kelm explained that if he had ever annulled an oath he would have been lacking ever so slightly in deveikus Bashem and he may only enter Olam HaBa through the Angel of Death. But if he had never annulled an oath in his life, it is a sign that he had complete deveikus to Hashem and the decree does not apply to him.

“This is the concept of a misas neshikah—death through a Divine kiss—that they [these righteous people] merit to cleave to Hashem within their lifetime.

“It is this quality which we see in our chasan. He is undeterred by any situation. He remains unchanged, solid as a door, under all circumstances. He will therefore merit all the good, kol tuv, and will surely build his house as a tiras kasef, a turret of silver.”

Robert Gates said...

Gates: AP decision 'appalling'

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is objecting “in the strongest terms” to an Associated Press decision to transmit a photograph showing a mortally wounded 21-year-old Marine in his final moments of life, calling the decision “appalling” and a breach of “common decency.”

The AP reported that the Marine’s father had asked – in an interview and in a follow-up phone call — that the image, taken by an embedded photographer, not be published.

The AP reported in a story that it decided to make the image public anyway because it “conveys the grimness of war and the sacrifice of young men and women fighting it.”

The photo shows Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard of New Portland, Maine, who was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade in a Taliban ambush Aug. 14 in Helmand province of southern Afghanistan, according to The AP.

Gates wrote to Thomas Curley, AP’s president and chief executive officer. “Out of respect for his family’s wishes, I ask you in the strongest of terms to reconsider your decision. I do not make this request lightly. In one of my first public statements as Secretary of Defense, I stated that the media should not be treated as the enemy, and made it a point to thank journalists for revealing problems that need to be fixed – as was the case with Walter Reed."

“I cannot imagine the pain and suffering Lance Corporal Bernard’s death has caused his family. Why your organization would purposefully defy the family’s wishes knowing full well that it will lead to yet more anguish is beyond me. Your lack of compassion and common sense in choosing to put this image of their maimed and stricken child on the front page of multiple American newspapers is appalling. The issue here is not law, policy or constitutional right – but judgment and common decency.”

The four-paragraph letter concluded, “Sincerely,” then had Gates’ signature.

The photo, first transmitted Thursday morning and repeated Friday morning, carries the warning, “EDS NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT.”

Rabbis Pack Heat said...

NEW YORK (CBS) Some might call it the "God squad," others a proactive approach to safety.

A rabbi in Queens is beginning a training program aimed at keeping places of worship worry free.

Inside a Kew Gardens temple is a team of experts whose goal is to make synagogues safer by teaching martial arts, how to use a gun and protecting worshipers if someone came in with guns blazing.

It's the brainchild of Rabbi Gary Moscowitz, a former New York City cop who said synagogues are natural targets.

"It comes from the FBI. Just call the FBI. They issue terror alerts to synagogues on a regular basis here," Moscowitz said.

Moscowitz pointed to this spring's attempted bombing of two Bronx synagogues as an example for the need.

"This is an insurance policy. I hope it never has to go into effect," Moscowitz said.

Now he's put together a team that's selling safety because police can only be in so many places.

"Even if they were parked in front of the synagogue, they hear a firefight. We'll be dead," Moscowitz said.


"Our idea is you can't be spiritual if you're dead. You have to be able to fight back to live another day," martial arts expert Stuart Rosenberg said.

To help with protection, Moscowitz is pushing state lawmakers to allow up to five people at houses of worship to carry a gun, but only after training.

When asked of all this precaution is truly necessary, Moscowitz said, "I believe so."

So does another rabbi whose synagogue has signed up.

"God forbid and God save us that someone would try to attack us. Why not let us know the skill in advance and be prepared just in case," said Rabbi Mordechai Hecht.

YouTube said...

President Barack Obama used a White House Ramadan dinner to praise American Muslims for enriching the nation's culture. (Sept. 1)

Atzat Nefesh said...

Think some things you hear from American right wing Christian groups are loony? Well, we Jews are very proud of our own right wing lunatic fringe as well.

According to the Israeli newspaper HaAretz, one Orthodox Jewish group in Israel has ruled that gay men can marry a woman and still have a male partner.

But there are conditions.

The gay husband can acknowledge he is gay and marry a woman with the understanding that he is not physically attracted to her whatsoever. Any children they have would be conceived artificially or through sexual relations that were only for the sake of reproduction.

At the same time, the gay man may continue a relationship with his male partner, but they would not be allowed to have sexual intercourse. Unclear is whether they may have any type of sexual relations whatsoever, but the rabbis who made this ruling probably only imagine one type of sex.

The husband would be required to undergo counseling with therapists from a group called Atzat Nefesh, whose only purpose is to treat gays and lesbians. Conversion therapy is as discredited by Israeli medical groups as it is by American medical and psychological associations. Since Israel has socialized medicine, it’s not clear who would pay these quacks.

A quote from the Orthodox ruling is that “there is nothing wrong with a close and loyal friendship between two men living with each other,” as long as they refrain from sex.” (All sex or penetration? The translation is unclear).

The ruling claims to adhere to the Bible and in the Bible, polygamy is common.

What is not clear is if the gay men live together, if the gay man lives with the wife or if all three live together. Why would a woman agree to this? Either the rabbis have been watching too much “Will & Grace” (Grace is Jewish, after all, and probably would have married Will) or they applied the Orthodox attitude toward women. A woman, of course, would be seen as little more than property.

The ruling, however, is hailed as liberal. No, not because it allows a relationship outside of marriage or condones an odd three-way relationship. This ruling is liberal because for the first time, an Orthodox body in Israel acknowledges that gay men exist among them.

— David Taffet

— Tammye Nash

Dennis Lingmann said...

A man already convicted of sexually abusing a minor now is facing six first-degree felony counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.

Utah Attorney General's Office spokesman Paul Murphy says 46-year-old Dennis Lingmann tried to hire his jail cell mate to kill the teenage girl he had abused, her parents and her sisters, and then burn down their house.

Court documents show Lingmann offered his cell mate $16,000 to commit the crimes. Lingmann allegedly said he would pay half the money up front and the remainder after the murders were committed.

"This is a very, very bad man and he took advantage of a very young girl," Murphy said. "Once things went awry, he tried to have her killed."

Murphy tells KSL Newsradio Lingmann believed the murder-for-hire plot would help free him.

""He said, ‘If there is no victim, I'm out of here.'" - Paul Murphy, Utah A.G.'s Office "

"He said, ‘If there is no victim, I'm out of here' - in other words, ‘I'm out of jail,'" Murphy said. "He wanted to kill the girl, kill her parents, kill her three sisters, burn the house down just so he wouldn't have to face any jail time."

Prosecutors describe Lingmann as a "trusted employee" of the victim's parents. She was 15 when the relationship began, and it lasted two years. They say he convinced her to take more than 1,000 pictures of herself and even supplied her with child pornography. He was arrested and charged in March.

Lingmann was sentenced at the Matheson Courthouse Friday morning. The judge sentenced him to 1 to 15 years for sexual exploitation of a minor, 5 years for unlawful sex acts with a minor, and no more than 1 year on a class A misdemeanor count of stalking.

The victim spoke in front of the judge today before sentencing was handed down. She talked a lot about the impact the abuse has had on her life.

She is now 19 years old, but she met Dennis Lingmann when she was 15 years old. She said their relationship started as a friendship. They then began exchanging text messages, and that progressed into a sexual relationship. She says Lingmann also sent her child pornography.

"I can see the manipulation and evil inside him." "He hurt me more than anything in the world. I thought he loved me. He said nothing was wrong with this," she said.

The victim was very emotional when she talked to the judge, saying she never wanted anyone like him to have contact with children ever again.

She said, "He is a disgusting pedophile. I know putting Dennis away will help many people."

She also said he confessed to her that he had another victim -- a 6-year-old niece who he sexually abused.

Lingmann could later face five years to life if he's convicted of the attempted murder charges.

Murphy says this case should serve as a warning to parents.

"The facts in this case should leave everybody cold. It is a very disturbing case. As a parent, it disturbs me beyond no end and it makes me worried for my teenage children," he said.

do you know who this man is? said...

Deputies search for man who assaulted girl in Nordstrom's Rack

Originally printed at

This is a press release courtesy of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday evening, Sept. 1, 2009, between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. a mother and her two juvenile children (male & female) were shopping at the Nordstrom Rack, on Southeast Sunnyside Road, in Clackamas.

The mother noticed a Hispanic male subject who was seemingly always nearby her and her children in different locations throughout the store. Eventually, she and her children moved to one of the shoe aisles.

While her six-year-old daughter was sitting on a stool only 6 feet away at the end of the aisle, just watching mother and brother occupied in this shoe activity, the suspect followed the family to that area and became aggressively bold. He began manipulating himself and rubbing his groin area upon the six-year-old female victim.

Between 7:50 p.m. to 7:55 p.m., the criminal activity was captured on the store security camera surveillance system while it was occurring in the aisle of the shoe department.

From this quality store surveillance images provided by Nordstrom security, it is clearly evident this male suspect intentionally kept his back to the mother of this child during the acts.

The suspect is observed carrying a garment in one hand to conceal his waist area and repeatedly steps in between mother and daughter to commit the crimes. Unbeknownst to mother, this happened repeatedly, about 6 times.

A short time after departing the store the 6-year-old female announced to her mother what had occurred to her inside the store. This child was very descriptive of the suspect's unpleasant criminal actions, even mentioning how this man kept blinking (winking) at her during his criminal course of conduct. The mother then reported the incident to Nordstrom Rack store security immediately.

Both the mother and young daughter are to be commended for immediately reporting the criminal incident to store security and law-enforcement.

It is a concern with investigators that additional victims may exist. Often, these crimes are committed repeatedly by suspects engaged in this sort of criminal behavior.

This suspect, featured in the attached store surveillance video and still images, is described as:

* An Hispanic male adult
* 40-50 years of age
* 5 feet 6 inches tall
* 200 pounds
* Short black hair

The suspect is observed wearing the following described articles of clothing:

* Blue and white stripped, short sleeved shirt
* A dark blue baseball cap – with the letter ‘B' on front
* A pair of shoes with an alligator logo displayed; perhaps the Izod brand.

More information appears below this photo


The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office provides this suggested web site offering suggestions on how best to prepare and instruct children of what to do if they encounter these types of offensive situations.


Anyone with information can contact the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office's confidential Tip Line by phone at (503)723-4949 or by using the online e-mail form.

The public can also submit crime-tip text messages to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office from a cell phone. All users have to do is send a text message to CRIMES (274637 on your phone keypad) with the keyword CCSO as the first word in the message body. Important reminder: Please do not send emergency messages using the text-messaging system. In case of an emergency, call 911. CCSO CASE NUMBER 09-27067

Lepold Margulies said...

I em verry afreid ov chs veeshulem geinin moore veit. ----

Boston (DbTechNo) - Results of a new study show that adult weight gain can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Prostate cancer is one of the slower progressing forms of cancer, that men are at risk for as they age.

The study, performed by researchers from the University of Hawaii shows that men who gain significant amounts of weight as young adults are at risk of developing the disease when they become older.

For their study the researchers analyzed a multitude of different ethnic study participants, all of whom took part in the Multiethnic Cohort study.

The researchers noted that men who put on weight during adulthood were at increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

They also noted that a person’s ethnicity also appeared to play a role in whether or not they were at risk of developing the disease.

Japanese men were found to be at a slightly reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, even if they gained weight during adulthood.

For black men, the study found that they were at risk of developing a less serious form of the disease than white men, despite the weight factor.

The study is published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

around the blogs said...

Anonymous said...

Since you've mentioned his name again - this time in the Simcha-Guidlines-Violators List, I feel compelled to inform you once again that Shlomo Mandel was miscategorized in your "Good-Guys-Average-Guys-Bad-Guys List"

He is not a Baininum guy - he is a RASHA GAMOR. I attended his "Yeshiva" in my elementary years and I want to tell you that so many of my schoolmates were RUINED and many turned off the derech as a result of the hell that was YOB. Under his and his bastard brother Yaakov's administration (and the fat piece of garbage English principal Avrohom Raider) countless students were tortured and abused. I hate the whole bunch and will never forgive them.
Sunday, July 03, 2005 1:12:00 PM

Anonymous said...

shlomo mandel is freakish. He has no business being a rosh yeshiva. Too many peoples lives have been messed up because of him and his employees. G-d knows he is a lowly piece of crap. You can excpect him to sehd some crocodile tears when rosh hashana hits, but those who know him, know he is destined for gehenim.

Anne Barker said...

A few weeks ago the ABC's Middle East correspondent Anne Barker was caught up in a violent protest involving ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Jerusalem.

As Anne tried to record the protest, against the opening of a municipal carpark on the Jewish Sabbath, the mob spat on her repeatedly.

She says if she had been a man it might have been less traumatic, but being a woman and being spat on by so many men was a very distressing experience.

The ultra-Orthodox Jews' protests, staged every weekend, have become a tourist attraction of sorts, and a form of entertainment for the rest of Jerusalem's population.

Their issue: the secular mayor's determination to open extra parking to cater for the increasing numbers of tourists and locals visiting the old city on weekends.

Even opening a car park is a violation of Shabbat - or the Jewish Sabbath - because observant Jews are forbidden from doing anything that equates to work, which can include driving, using any kind of machine, or even turning on a light switch.

Tourists come in increasing numbers to watch the spectacle of the protesters - with their curly sidelocks, long coats, and round box-like fur hats - clashing with police.

Often the protesters will throw themselves against cars, or even under them, to stop people from driving.

Black "Israelites" in Brooklyn said...

was coming home from shul this afternoon with my sons. There is one corner near my home that has become a sort of open air market for everything from t shirts to soda and bootleg movies. Often a group calling themselves "Israelites" sets up a sound system and starts haranguing passers by about how African Americans are the true Jews. Their usual attire is a cross between a priest's vestments and a costume for a high school play. Any time they see a Jew in a yarmulka or wearing a prayer shawl, they immediately launch into a rant against "the white man's religion" and "fake Jews". A former coworker of mine who is a white woman married to a dark skinned Hispanic passed by these people with her husband and listened to him being berated over a loudspeaker for betraying his race. My daughters heard an angry diatribe about how white Jewish women would one day be their *****es.

Unfortunately, New York state's legal eagles have extended free speech protection to the verbal abuse of pedestrians over loudspeakers. The only law that is occasionally enforced regarding these individuals concerns noise.

It is impossible to listen to the Israelites without thinking of the "Christian Identity" Aryan style spinoff from Christianity. The two seem to be spiritual twins. Both groups are dependent upon the existence of a racial enemy to have any sense of help. In the case of the Israelites, to whom I have regular (unwanted) exposure, there is no focus on being a good person or strengthening the family and community. If there were no Jews or white people for the Israelites to hate, they would be at a loss to define themselves.

The image of this group of hate contorted men remained in my mind's eye on the way home. There is a lesson to be learned in everything we see, even if it is only by negative example.

I started questioning myself as I thought of the passing encounter. Do I define myself by my hatred? I don't tell racist jokes. But do I gossip for a sense of superiority? What about office politicss? There are times to hate. There is a time to take up arms. But does that define who I am or what I believe in. What are my core beliefs? How do I fight for what I believe in? Do I respect the humanity of my adversary.

The men who were preaching hate on a hot Saturday afternoon were middle aged. They probably had children. What do they teach at their dinner table? Is it anything like what they say on the street?

I have no illusions of winning these hate filled individuals over. I could see them putting down the megaphone and taking up the rifle. But I feel a deep and saddened sense of pity when I see these people. I sense a cavernous spiritual emptiness at the core of their being. I have met a couple of Israelites who turned away from this hate cult to real Jewish faith. It it is that which I wish for these empty men in purple costumes. The best way to eliminate enemies is to turn them into friends. I hope that when the Israelites get to the end of their dead end spiritual road that they turn around and look for something real.

Reprinted with permission from

avi shafran said...

This article is pornographic.


Every day brings new evidence that we no longer live in a civilized and principled society. The worst part, it usually concerns another case of sexual misconduct involving a Catholic priest, young children and a church hierarchy that helped to cover up the case.
The recent revelations of Bishop Ray Goedert’s, a former vicar of priest, who knew that at least 25 priests had sexually molested children and did nothing. His rationale, as one fellow bishop admitted, that at the time , “he was not a mandated reporter.” In other words, like so many other bishops, cardinals and popes – better to protect dysfunctional sex freaks than God’s most precious commodity – innocent children.

Bishop Ray Goedert’s link to his deposition:

To be sure, media pressure and public outrage have inspired displays of contrition from members of the church hierarchy. But as more and more cases of abuse — and cover-up — come to light, one begins to wonder whether such displays should be considered any more trustworthy than those of, say, Saddam Hussein.

So — what is to be done? Given the level of wreckage and anguish caused in the lives of so many people, it seems appropriate to look to the war on terror for a model strategy.

Mordy Tendler said...

Is this one of the women who complained about me too?

Brooklyn pastor hit with $30M sex abuse suit; 'Again?' Pastor's wife asks

by John Marzulli
Daily News Staff Writer

Saturday, August 29th 2009, 4:00 AM

The pastor of a Pentacostal church in Brooklyn sexually abused a female employee and then fired her after she rebuffed his advances, the woman's $30 million lawsuit charges.

The Rev. Victor Figueroa fondled the woman and tried to pull off her clothes last October 2008 in an apartment she shared with her husband in the basement of the Iglesia Pentecostal Jesus El Camino Verdadero Church on Tilden Ave., according to the complaint filed Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The 39-year-old woman told the pastor's wife what happened and she responded, "Again?" the complaint states.

The Daily News is withholding her name because she's the victim of a sex crime.

The couple, who had been maintenance workers at the church for three years, was fired in April.

The woman reported the attack to the Police Department, and Figueroa was charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse, criminal trespass and harassment.

Figueroa, 54, could not be reached for comment.

The suit also seeks back pay because the couple's only compensation was the one-room basement apartment.

ex-yob student said...

Love the donkey sidebar of Shlomo Mandel. You were too kind. Animals act better then this schmuck!

SNAP said...

SNAP establishes Web sites to help victims of abuse by clergy

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A national self-help group network for victims of sexual abuse by clergy now has five Ohio Valley-area support group meetings to meet the need for healing.

SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (, has named Judy Block-Jones as the regional director for the Ohio Valley to oversee the expansion.

SNAP is the nation’s largest support groups for men and women who were sexually abused in religious organizations.

Barbara Dorris, SNAP’s outreach director, said the organization has been contacted by people who were assaulted by clergy from many denominations.

Jones also is spearheading a Web effort to publicize the meetings, post news stories and survivor videos, circulate a national hot-line number and expose predators and their records of abuse.

The group has launched five Web sites. Meeting times and additional information may be found for: Youngstown,; Steubenville,; Pittsburgh-Ohio Valley,; Wheeling-Charleston,; and Mansfield,

drinking problem? said...

Rabbi Sherlo: Alcohol abuse in religious public alarming

Prominent religious-Zionism rabbi says recent surge in violence cannot be perceived solely as secular public's problem

Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 09.07.09, 08:27 / Israel Jewish Scene

Rabbi Yuval Sherlo, one of religious- Zionism's most prominent figures, urged the sector to curb its alcohol abuse, which he defined as "alarming".

According to Sherlo, the past few years have seen the Hassidic community's sanction of drinking seep into the religious-Zionist sector. "We have to deal with it now, just as we began addressing the problem of drug abuse several years ago," he said.

Haredi leader: Keep protest to Mea Shearim / Kobi Nahshoni
Orthodox Righteous Court of Law publishes instruction ahead of community's weekend protests against opening of Jerusalem parking lots on Shabbat. Decree includes bid for demonstrators to remain within ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods
Full story
In an article published by the Tzohar Rabbinical Association, which aims to bridge the gaps between the secular and religious communities in Israel, Sherlo protests the religious community's viewing of the recent surge in violence as "the seculars' problem".

"The subject of domestic abuse has taught us that the religious community is not free of such cases, even if some try to ignore them," he wrote.

Sherlo went on to note several violent conducive factors, listing alcohol abuse at as one of them.

Another factor Sherlo believes encourages violence is exposure to the media. "The religious society spares no effort in protecting its youth from improper and immodest content, but at the same time, it is seemingly oblivious to the amount of violence tainting so called 'proper' media content," he said.


"We have been taught to believe that violence is far less grave than immodesty. Most of us would prefer to have our children watch a violent action film over a drama, because it is devoid of male-female interaction… that is the kind of message which allows violence to permeate."

Sherlo also noted the legitimacy given to political violence as an encouraging factor to street violence.

Dallas Police Department said...

Someone broke into Nina Chawla's Mercedes and stole an iPod and two pairs of expensive sunglasses, she says. She called Dallas police to report it, though she figured officers probably wouldn't be able to catch the culprit.

She was right. But she was shocked to find out recently that as far as the Dallas Police Department is concerned, no crime was committed.

Chawla's is among hundreds of car burglary reports this year that Dallas police have labeled untrustworthy. In doing so, the department escapes reporting their existence to federal authorities who keep track of crime statistics.

The procedure, implemented last year, is one of several initiatives designed to bring down Dallas' crime numbers in relation to other cities – or as police officials have put it, to more accurately report the amount of crime actually taking place.

But a Dallas Morning News review of car burglary reports from April revealed a system that lets real crime fall through the cracks.

Dozens of people like Chawla expressed surprise at learning that Dallas police did not consider the car burglaries they reported real. Among them were a rabbi, an accountant and an ophthalmologist.

Almost uniformly, those reached by The News said they'd called the department, reported the burglaries, and were never given any indication that their claims were not believed.

In most cases in which reports were found not credible, officers failed to document why.

Presented with the findings Wednesday, Chief David Kunkle said he was concerned. "If that's happening, that's a failure on our part," he said.

Since then, police commanders have begun looking into how to fix the flawed system and take stock of how many real crimes have been left uncounted. Some of the reports reviewed by The News have already been reclassified into crimes.

"It's a problem on our part that we need to solve if people don't understand the status" of their report, Kunkle said. "It's a problem on our part if our investigators aren't doing what's necessary to try to determine whether the person met the threshold to change it from a possible missing or lost property to a crime."

YWN said...,+in+Response+to+Criticism+of+OU+Kosher+Standards+in+Israel.html

Statement by Rabbi Yaakov Luban, in Response to Criticism of OU Kosher Standards in Israel
September 6, 2009

rabbi shloime 'crocodile tears' mandel said...

This article sounds like it was written against me and I don't appreciate it.


War tactics should be applied to abusers and lying schmucks who covered up

Every day brings new evidence that we no longer live in a civilized and principled society. The worst part, it usually concerns another case of sexual misconduct involving a Catholic priest, young children and a church hierarchy that helped to cover up the case.
The recent revelations of Bishop Ray Goedert’s, a former vicar of priest, who knew that at least 25 priests had sexually molested children and did nothing. His rationale, as one fellow bishop admitted, that at the time , “he was not a mandated reporter.” In other words, like so many other bishops, cardinals and popes – better to protect dysfunctional sex freaks than God’s most precious commodity – innocent children....

As horrific as sexual abuse by priests may be, the perpetrators might merit a more forgiving place if only their superiors had the courage to do the right thing. For a few, counseling and close supervision might have been enough to prevent future abuses. Others clearly required something more intensive — a mental hospital or a prison.

But repeated abuse, as well as willfully hiding the crimes and the criminals — as far as I can see, this brings us much closer to the realm of mortal sin. And the sinners include not just the church hierarchy, but also attorneys who ill-advised parents not to buck the system and take on the Catholic Church, or may even have provided inside information to thwart legitimate cases against the church, law enforcement officials who may have thought it best to warn church officials of pending investigations, and janitors, housekeepers, teachers, and employees of the Catholic Church who kept silent because of concerns about a paycheck, a 401K, a pension, or a fear of standing up to church authorities. God has a place for everyone — and if you abuse children or protect the abusers of children, we can only hope that your place is called hell.

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It is unfortunate that it has come to this. It is a big darn shame it has come to this. It is very hurtful that it has come to this. But yet, IT HAS COME TO THIS. It has come at the price of a GREAT CHILUL HASHEM. It has come to Hashem having to allow his holy name to be DESECRATED so that his CHILDREN remain SAFE. Shame on all those responsible for enabling and permitting Hashem's name to be desecrated! When you save children you save the future. You save the future you save generations. You save generations you save lives. You save lives you have saved the world!!!!!!!