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Agudath Israel of America, Catholic Church: Huge Carpet Sale. Free Installation! Enter Discount Code "Molester"

If you, your child or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse in a Jewish yeshiva, you can get the help you need. No one should ever be allowed to remain unpunished when they have sexually abused a child - the loss of innocence and enjoyment of life could only be the beginning of a lifetime of fear, anger, shame and other emotional and physical aftereffects of sexual abuse. The Zalkin Law Firm is a legal group dedicated to providing support and representation to survivors of sexual abuse in the Jewish and Jewish Orthodox community.
When you place your child in the care and instruction of a rabbi or teacher in a yeshiva, you never expect that your beloved child will suffer sexual abuse. Yeshivot across New York and the United States are supposed to be educational havens for Jewish and Jewish Orthodox children, not places of abuse, terror, manipulation and criminal sexual deviation.

New York Yeshiva Sexual Abuse Attorney

Like other areas in which children are under the absolute control and authority of adults, yeshivot ketanot can carry the risk of sexual abuse by rabbis, administrators, teachers and other employees or volunteers. As in any religious or secular institution or association in which children are left alone under the care of an adult or adults, sexual abuse can occur any time and in any form.

Unfortunately, many cases of sexual abuse in yeshivot go unreported. It is observable and known that sexual abuse survivors are often unable or unwilling to bring accusations against well-respected and established members of the Jewish or Jewish Orthodox community. Pedophiles and sexual abusers often use tactics such as manipulation, intimidation, threats, lies and other strategies to get their victims to remain silent about the abuse. Because of this, many survivors of abuse are unable to speak out until much, much later.

The New York yeshiva sexual abuse lawyers at the Zalkin Law Firm are very aware of the deep emotional and physical effects that sexual abuse can have on men, women, adolescents and children, no matter when that abuse occurred. Child sexual abuse such as touching, fondling, looking, exposing, inappropriate sexual "talks," sexual contact and other abusive activity is highly illegal and punishable by law in the United States. You do have legal recourse and you can do something about the situation.

Contact a New York Yeshiva Sexual Abuse Attorney at the Zalkin Law Firm today to discuss your abuse case.


Myths & Truths:
A Critical Analysis of Top 8 Storylines Promoted by Catholic Church Leadership in Their Lobbying Efforts to Defeat the Child Victim's Act of New York (A2596).
Using a research-based methodology and applying a common sense review of the historical record, this rigorously cited report finds that the Catholic Church hides behind contrived, disingenuous storylines in an attempt to Defeat the Child Victim's Act of New York (A2596).
Together with commentary from Irwin Zalkin, a leading sexual abuse attorney who has negotiated more than $200 million in clergy abuse settlements nationwide, and the managing partner of The Zalkin Law Firm, the report examines Church leaderships‘ eight (8) most frequently used storylines and provides detailed, cited evidence of their illegitimacy:
Storyline #1:
―We did not know then what we know today.‖
Storyline #2:
―It is not fair to hold Bishops of today accountable for the behavior of others.‖
Storyline #3:
―We‘re going to go bankrupt!‖
Storyline #4:
―We will no longer be able to carry on charitable works!‖
Storyline #5:
“We will have to close schools and sell churches.‖
Storyline #6:
“These revival statutes are targeted to the Catholic Church; it‘s unfair not to include public schools that are or were just as bad.‖
Storyline #7:
“This is all about greedy trial lawyers who have made millions.‖
Storyline #8:
―We have addressed the problem.‖

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Ger Chosid said...

It must be a harsh reality for Ohel's David Mandel to concede he goofed up and will be exposed come time when Mondrowitz is flown to face justice.

zweibel on ywn again said...

Gee.. whatduknow, it's zwiebel with booming advice. Surprised he didn't say vote YES for child molestation.

Anonymous said...

it is ridiculously funny how
in the first you tube clip he claims plea deal is bad, yet he sticks with it.

Like kolko plea bargained (too sweet of a deal if you asked me) because he too was innocent. Get out of here.

"second rape" said...

Clergy abuse survivors call diocese settlement offer a "second rape"

Rabbi Ephrayim Byrks said...

YWN reporting on some brilliant news that
caught my eye.

My conclusion is there should not be any problem whatsoever if an older man (50+) likes a younger woman (10+).

And the same should apply to mishkav zachar. Like the boy who committed suicide just because he thought I was old enough to be his grandpa.

"rabbi" shlomo mandel said...

As far as I can tell, Elior Chen was only following halacha by being mechanech his children. Lemaseh - he is being thrown to the wolves.

If the courts punished me for looking away everytime nussbaum molested boys under my watchful eye, or if they reprimanded me for mastering the art of physical and emotional abuse rampant at YOB, they would throw me in jail forever.

Obviously the courts are biased against frumkeit and have no shyches with how child abuse is a humongous chesed to yiddishe neshomos in the long-run.

Rachel said...

full article at----

Warning signs of domestic violence

Studies indicate 20 to 30 percent of Jewish families in the United States and Israel experience domestic violence. But many people — even women who are being abused — don’t know what constitutes domestic violence.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In the past 30 days, agencies across the United States have worked overtime to educate communities about domestic abuse to ensure adults and teenagers have healthy and safe relationships.

If your partner, a friend’s partner or a relative’s partner has done any of the following, contact Shalom Bayit for confidential assistance by calling (866) SHALOM-7.

• frequently criticized, shouted or called you names

• withheld approval, sex or affection as punishment

• thrown objects at or near you

• humiliated you in private or in public

• been irrationally jealous

• isolated you from friends or family

• controlled where you go

• controlled your money

• locked you out or in the house

• abandoned you in strange places

• ridiculed or insulted your most valued beliefs, your religion, race, class or sexual orientation

• threatened to commit suicide if you leave

• threatened to hurt you, your children, relatives or friends, or your pets

• forced or pressured you to have sex

• held you against your will or pushed you

• punched, shoved, slapped, bit, kicked, burned, choked or hit you

• destroyed your personal belongings

Source: Shalom Bayit

Rabbi Aaron Shlechter and other ass rabbonim said...

"The underlying factor in any kind of an abusive relationship is that someone wants to be in dominant control," said Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski. "That's what abuse is."

Meir said...

Baltimore has some of the worst cases of child molestation by orthodox Jews.

Is it possible that Hopfer, Feldman and heineeman have the Commish in their back pocket?

What is the "Shomrim's" role in all of this?

How else do we explain away a trend so perpetrator friendly?

Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel said...

My offensive history speaks for itself. Go to lukeford for more.

Rabbi Avi Shafran said...

I am against finger-pointing of any kind, especially when it portrays 42 broadway as a villainous entity.

Vatican’s New Defense on Child Molestation Charges: Finger-pointing
By Rebecca Dube

The Jews and Protestants are worse.

That appears to be the Vatican’s newest defense of its ongoing child sex-abuse scandal.

Responding to criticism, Catholic Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s representative to United Nations organizations in Geneva, read a statement on September 21 to the U.N. Human Rights Council, noting that reports of sex abuse were common in the Jewish community and that most of the American churches being hit by sex abuse allegations were Protestant.

“As the Catholic Church has been busy cleaning its own house,” Tomasi wrote, “it would be good if other institutions and authorities, where the major part of abuses are reported, could do the same and inform the media about it.”

Tomasi’s statement came in response to an accusation from a representative of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, Keith Porteous Wood, that the Catholic Church had covered up child abuse and was in breach of several articles under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Jewish leaders were dismayed by the Archbishop’s finger-pointing.

“I was shocked by the statement. I don’t believe in comparing abuse. That’s a dangerous path to travel,” said Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, head of the New York Board of Rabbis, the largest interdenominational rabbinic organization in the world. “They have a problem they need to address; we have a problem we need to examine. Every faith community needs to be accountable to its members.”


Rabbi and child molester, Yehuda Nussbaum said...

Shloime Mandel lets me teach boys even after sex-abuse complaints against me.

Nashville-Murfreesboro teacher worked after sex-abuse complaint

Sex abuse claim was raised in '05

By Kate Howard / Gannett Tennessee

Four years before Louis Jay Levine was indicted on charges of producing child pornography, someone complained to the state that Levine had sexually abused him years earlier.

At the time of the complaint, Levine was working as a substitute teacher at Metro Nashville Public Schools and also taught nature-related programs at the Jewish Community Center. A then 42-year-old man told the Tennessee Department of Children's Services that when he was a teenager Levine sexually abused him. He reported the alleged abuse in 2005 in hopes of preventing Levine from working with children any longer.

Though the DCS complaint was made four years ago, it wasn't until April of this year that Levine, 52, was arrested by federal agents on charges of producing child pornography with an extensive hidden camera system in his home. He also has been charged in state court with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual battery by an authority figure. Reports filed this week in Davidson County Criminal Court document the extent of accusations against Levine by more than a dozen people — young people who spent time at Levine's Alton Road home recently, and adults who frequented the house when they were teenagers decades ago.

Rob Johnson, spokesman at DCS, said he can't speak specifically about the 2005 complaint made about Levine, but the agency is not able to launch a search for possible victims based on something that may have happened years ago.

"We, as a government agency, are required to weigh the rights of individuals who may be targeted for an investigation against the rights of children to be protected from any abuse," Johnson said. "We would always err on the side of child protection, but we would need specific enough information to know whom we are protecting, and from what."

The complaint to DCS notes that the allegations were referred to internal affairs.

No information was filed with the court about the outcome of any DCS investigation.

A police investigation began in late March, when a concerned parent told a Metro detective that her teenage son and other teenagers were given alcohol and marijuana at Levine's house and allowed to use the bedrooms for sex.

Investigators allege that the teenagers were taped having sex and hundreds of home videos were found at the house.

Concern raised

Just before the federal investigation began, a teacher voiced a concern about Levine at the Murfreesboro City Schools, where Levine began teaching full-time in 2008.

The human resources director, Lee Wilkerson, told investigators he had gotten an e-mail from another teacher saying Levine was paying a lot of attention to a certain student and took pictures of him, according to court documents.

No action was taken until the school district learned of the federal investigation.

School officials interviewed the elementary school student and he said he didn't feel like Levine was paying him any special attention, Wilkerson said.

Once the teacher made the complaint, Wilkerson said that Levine, who taught districtwide, never returned to that particular school.

He was arrested soon after on federal charges stemming from the investigation in Davidson County.

"As soon as we began to ask questions, that's when the (federal) investigation began," Wilkerson said.

Levine is also facing a civil lawsuit from a family that says he victimized three of its children. The family got permission from a judge to leave their names off the suit, filed last week in Davidson County Circuit Court.

The family is asking for $1 million in damages from Levine for each of the victims, alleging that his conduct in videotaping the children had intentionally caused emotional distress.

exposemolesters said...

Just a bit of benevolent guidance. The sordid past of Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE OMITTED.

This guy is one of the worst and most vile predators of all time.

Who the hell cares how many parsha sheets he transmits worldwide, or the abundance of tears he sheds, or the distance from yeshiva-land to his office. Bottom-line: He's a criminal!

Sobel solicited his own demise, forget that not.

Opportunity after opportunity, days.. weeks.. months.. years.. this yeshiva.. that yeshiva.. In the end, the casualties and ravage results kept piling up like a ton of bricks, and Sobel kept upping the ante like it was a poker-match.


And for all his apologists - who never care to hear a victims perspective - God help you, because you're nothing less than a coward and an ignoramus.

Your children (if you have any) should never be tested. I'd hate to envision your reaction to your own flesh and blood.

I recently met face to face with one of Sobel's "statistics" and I am choked with fury.

That Sobel did not spend a day in prison - is as grave a sin as those he executed against the young and defenseless .

Cured (as some claim) or not, don't dare play with fire by proclaiming mesifta-aged boys have little to fear in having Sobel befriend them.

V'amevin Yavin!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said...

"UK Lockdown" is my favorite website.
Rabbis attack conspiracy website
By Robyn Rosen
Created 2 Nov 2009 - 3:09pm

UK news Antisemitism Holocaust denial

Rabbis across the country have spoken out against a new antisemitic website which denies the Holocaust, calls Jews “Satan worshippers” and lists addresses of all UK synagogues.

The site, entitled UK Lockdown, lists various Jewish conspiracy theories and claims that Jews were responsible for the economic downturn, MPs’ expenses scandals and 9/11 attacks.

UK Lockdown, registered to Michael Samuel, living in Tottenham, includes videos and newspaper articles and refers to Jews as “the enemy”, “satanic”, “vampires” and the “devil mercy”.

It also lists the addresses of all UK synagogues, and states: “Synagogues are one of the many fronts used by the global Jewish shadow government to conduct their criminal and subversive activities against whichever host nation they happen to reside within, we must be vigilant and keep an eye on these people.”

Rabbi Jonathan Romain, of Maidenhead Synagogue, said that despite his synagogue being listed on the site, he refuses to feel threatened.

He said: “The synagogue details are in the public domain anyway and the worst reaction is to become fearful or to be bullied into acting less confidently.”

Rabbi David Lister, of Edgware United, said: “This site is threatening us but I don’t feel in any more danger. It joins the long line of people who are looking for someone onto whom to pin all troubles.”

The site also publishes the British Jews Wikipedia entry and says it is a “list of most of the Jews that occupy top positions in our country, some are very influential in many areas of our society while others in the list are not, at this stage of the investigation it is impossible to determine which Jews are guilty and which Jews are innocent so for the purpose of the investigation all listed are considered to be potential members of the Global Jewish Crime Network.”

Dean Staker, of north Finchley, came across the site when he was researching his family history and wanted to find out more about the Sephardi community in Leeds.

His Google search returned UK Lockdown as the first result.

He said: “I felt sick. I felt really threatened. What really concerned me was the list of synagogues. It’s a security issue and is there for anyone who wants to make trouble.”

Mr Staker, 42, has informed the Internet Watch Foundation, Jewish Internet Defence Force and the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors antisemitism but said that so far he had not heard of any action taken.

A spokesman from CST said: “CST will do whatever it can to deal with this disgusting website, and we have alerted the appropriate authorities.

“This is a disgusting website, dominated by hateful conspiracy fantasies. It typifies the way in which the internet allows legitimately compiled Jewish lists, including synagogues, to then be used in a threatening and abusive manner.”
Source URL:

The British Journal of Psychiatry said...

Analysis of trauma exposure, symptomatology and functioning in Jewish Israeli and Palestinian adolescents
Alean Al-Krenawi, PhD

Spitzer Department of Social Work, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, 84105 Israel

John R. Graham, PhD RSW, Faculty of Social Work

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Yaniv Kanat-Maymon, PhD

The New School of Psychology, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel

Correspondence: Alean Al-Krenawi, PhD, Spitzer Department of Social Work Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, P.O.Box 653, Beer Sheva, 84105 Israel. Email:

Declaration of interest



There has been no reported research comparing Jewish Israeli and Palestinian adolescents regarding the effect of ongoing political violence on adolescent psychosocial, family, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and aggression problems.


To compare Israeli and Palestinian responses regarding the relationship between exposure to traumatic events and psychosocial, behavioural, emotional and family problems.


A cluster sample of youths aged 14–18 years, including 442 Jewish Israeli adolescents in Ariel, Haifa and Tel-Aviv, and 450 Palestinian adolescents in Gaza cities, villages and refugee camps were surveyed in 2006 using our Traumatic Events Questionnaire (TEV), the Brief Symptoms Inventory (BSI), the PTSD Symptom Scale – Interview (PSS–I), the Index of Peer Relations scale (IPR), Buss–Perry Aggression Questionnaire (BPAQ) and the MacMaster Family Assessment Device (FAD).


Palestinian respondents had higher scores in the TEV, BSI, PSS–I and BPAQ questionnaires, and greater problems in functioning as revealed in the IPR and FAD. The social functioning of the adolescents with their peers predicted mental health symptoms and PTSD symptoms. Lower socioeconomic status predicted mental health symptoms, PTSD, pathology of participants’ family functioning and the social functioning of the adolescents with their peers. Parents’ education positively effected the FAD score and the avoidance item on the PSS–I, and religiosity improved the score on the FAD. Females reported more symptoms on the BSI and PSS–I than males, and males more symptoms on the FAD and IPR than females.


Both respondent groups had significant emotional and behavioural problems. Individual and community treatment, and community and social development, are likely to be useful for both populations, particularly Palestinians.

YWN said...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rabbi Yehuda Levin - How Should A Real Torah Jew Vote?

YWN met exclusively with Rabbi Yehuda Levin on Monday, and expressed his views and opinions regarding the elections for NYC Mayor, and NJ Governor. Below is an exclusive video & two articles where Rabbi Levin slams the Lakewood Vaad for endorsing Corzine, and goes after the Mishpacha Magazine, Hamodia, Yated & Jewish Press for their endorsements of Mayor Mike Bloomberg.


exposemolesters said...

What defines a real Jew?
Perhaps it was a man with a vision so transparent, so utterly true, so on the mark - it literally cost him his life.

They may have silenced the messenger, but certainly not his message, on November 5, 1990, but his legacy and towering presence lingers on, even 20 years later.

Never once did his fortitude waver during the most turbulent of times.

To make a comparison of our CURRENT "leadership," try comparing any figure you idolize to that of the patriarch of reference, and see if they are compatible.

Should the need arise for the usage of more than one hand, your outlook differs drastically from what common sense should dictate.

Next, make a bid for as many dirty, scandalous, corrupted, and shyster-heads ("leaders") - who you believe stain orthodoxy.

You mustn't be a rocket scientist in carrying out this task.

Go in alphabetical sequence to avoid confusion.

Ironically, "A" for Agudah would be a nice start. Guaranteed that alone accumulates more than five.

Cool, calm and collected, those adjectives befit none other than Rabbi Meir Kahane HY'D, a martyr and shining example
for all of mankind!

Makayla Tellinghuisen said...

October is domestic violence awareness month. My hope is to educate our community on two of the most common types of victimization, for they are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society.
Dating Violence

Dating violence, which may target both adolescents and adults, is a topic rarely discussed within family systems. In fact, a majority of parents (54 percent) admit they’ve not spoken to their child about dating violence.

A vital element to consider when this type of abuse surfaces is that, rarely parties involved openly speak of the abuse, and more often then not, the victim returns to their abuser. Dating violence is a pattern of abusive and controlling behavior that one person uses against another in order to be perceived as the one who holds the power within the relationship. The abuser intentionally behaves in ways that cause fear, humiliation and degradation to control the other person.

Early warning signs

Approximately one in five high school students report being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner.

•Extremely jealous,
•Controlling behavior,
•Quick involvement,
•Uses force during an argument,
•Cruel to animals or children,
•Verbally abusive,
•Threatens violence,
•Alcohol and/or drug use,
•Explosive anger,
•Isolates you from friends and family,
•Believes in rigid sex roles,
•Blames others for his/her problems or feelings, or
•Abused former partners.
Common clues that indicate a teenager may be experiencing dating violence
One in three teens report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, or physically hurt by their dating partner.
•Physical signs of injury,
•Truancy, dropping out of school,
•Failing grades,
•Changes in mood or personality,
•Use of drugs and/or alcohol,
•Isolation, or
•Emotional outbursts.

Makayla Tellinghuisen said...

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is another type of victimization that is seen in our community.

Knowing that there are resources available for victims is essential in the recovery process. Sexual assault is forcing or coercing an individual to engage in any non consensual sexual contact or sexual penetration.

Often teen abusers will use some form of sexual abuse as a tactic to get or keep power and control over his/her dating partner.

Nearly one-half of adult sex offenders report committing their first sexual offense prior to the age of 18.
How can you lower your risk of sexual assault?

There are things you can do to reduce your chances of being sexually assaulted. Follow these tips from the National Crime Prevention Council:

Be aware of your surroundings — who’s out there and what’s going on.

Walk with confidence. The more confident you look, the stronger you appear.

Know your limits when it comes to using alcohol.

Be assertive — don’t let anyone violate your space.

Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings, leave.

Don’t prop open self-locking doors.

Lock your door and your windows, even if you leave for just a few minutes.

Makayla Tellinghuisen said...

See who’s at the door before you open it- if you do not recognize the visitor don’t answer the door.

Be wary of isolated spots, like underground garages, offices after business hours, and apartment laundry rooms.

Avoid walking or jogging alone, especially at night. Vary your route. Stay in well-traveled, well-lit areas.
Have your key ready to use before you reach the door — home, car, or work.

Park in well-lit areas and lock the car, even if you’ll only be gone a few minutes.

Drive on well-traveled streets, with doors and windows locked.

Never hitchhike or pick up a hitchhiker.

Keep your car in good shape with plenty of gas in the tank.

In case of car trouble, call for help on your cellular phone. If you don’t have a phone, put the hood up, lock the doors, and put a banner in the rear mirror that says, “Help. Call police.”

If you or a loved one has been victimized it’s important to remember it is not your fault and that there are trained advocates available if you need them.

So often in our society people are quick to assume things about those that have been victimized.

They may say that the victim must have had some involvement in the abuse, for example they may say that the victim was wearing too revealing clothes, or that the victim didn’t have to put themselves in that situation.
These types of comments are referred to as “victim blaming,” and they are entirely inappropriate.

To suggest that a victim wanted to be abused is incredibly painful for the victim, and their family; as they are dealing with their own emotional turmoil.

It is important to note that in all types of abuse and victimization are within a cycle that is extremely complex. It’s almost impossible to understand the many dynamics of abuse unless you have been a victim.

I hope everyone will take these forms of victimization seriously, and realize that anyone you love could potentially become a victim. Educating your children on these topics could save their life.

Who to call if you have experienced victimization

If in an emergency dial 9-1-1, Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 800-933-6914, or Sexual Violence Crisis Line: 800-522-2055.

Editor’s note: Tellinghuisen is a trained sexual assault advocate who has interned at Pearl Crisis Center. She is majoring in social work at St. Cloud State University.

Sources for the article include: Empower Program, sponsored by Liz Claiborne Inc. and conducted by knowledge networks, social control, verbal abuse, and violence among teenagers (2000);; (Jay G. Silverman, PhD; Anita Raj, PhD; Lorelei A Mucci, MPH; and Jeanne E. Hathaway MD, MPH, “Dating violence against adolescent Girls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and sociality,” Journal of the American Medical association, Vol. 286, (No. 5, 2001); Delaware Coalition against Domestic Violence Newsletter (Winter 1999); Liz Claiborne Inc., Conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited (February 2005); Information obtained from the Delaware Coalition against Domestic Violence Newsletter, (Winter 1999); Ron Snip, et al., “Recidivism in young Adulthood, Adolescent Sexual offenders Grown up,” 25 criminal justice & behavior, 109, 117, (1998).

yob sux said...

Somebody needs to
the sign that hangs
over the yob building
"100 years of chinuch"
to 100 years of abusing kids.

What a god-awful
place deriving
pleasure by torturing kids.

Agudah: Sexual Abuse Conference a "hate crime" said...

Conference Will Explore Sexual Abuse in Schools
Eileen Buckley (2009-11-02)

Crisis Services
BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) - School administrators and school board members from across the region have been invited to attend a conference about child sexual abuse within schools.

School districts are not immune from sexual abuse cases. That is why Crisis Services in Buffalo is hosting an important training session this Wednesday. The agency wants to inform and educate elementary, middle and high school level administrators about sexual violence against children.

Robyn Wiktorski-Reynolds is advocate program coordinator at Crisis Services. She says it remains a difficult topic for the school districts and some districts have not responded well to the problem.

The Buffalo School District faced a civil lawsuit from an alleged sexual abuse case at Discovery School 67. It involved an employee a five year old autistic student. Experts will teach school districts about responsibilities, liabilities, civil and criminal aspects of the law. The conference will also provide offer information on the impact of victims and families and provide pertinent information about sex offenders.

This Wednesday's conference will include partners to Crisis Services from local law enforcement, the Erie County District Attorney and service providers for victims and treatment. Crisis Services says its time for school district to begin a conversation on best practices for prevention.

Click the audio player above to hear Eileen Buckley's story now or use your podcasting software to download it to your computer or iPod

Aron Twerski said...

Hi everybody!

I would like to announce that Yomtov "Toby" Bensasson was an honorable traffic cop for Agriprocessors.

His ex-boss Sholom Rubashkin comes from an honorable mishpacha who never even think about hurting cats.

Yeshiva dorm on Eastern Parkway said...

Yeshiva row over Messiah goes to court

BY Scott Shifrel

Tuesday, November 3rd 2009, 4:00 AM

What began as a brawl in a Brooklyn yeshiva dorm over a revered rabbi has left six members of a Jewish patrol group facing gang assault charges in a state Supreme Court trial that started Monday.

The fight - over whether the late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson is an emissary of God - also led to broken bones, a $150 million lawsuit and a battle between two rival patrol groups.

"I'm going to call the Messiah as my first witness," defense lawyer Tedd Blecher quipped after the trial's first day.

With six defense lawyers objecting at once, a kibitzing crowd and the first witness having trouble telling six bearded defendants apart, the trial veered close to farce.

The defendants, members of the Shomrim watch group, face 15 years - and prosecutors were serious when they told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Albert Tomei of possible witness tampering just before opening statements. The six defendants were called to a Yeshiva dorm on Eastern Parkway to break up a fight between four members of the Messianic group and others on Dec. 29, 2007.

"It seems that the defendants had one goal and that was not to mediate," Assistant District Attorney David Weiss told jurors. "It was to beat up a bunch of yeshiva students."

Defense lawyers said the case was instigated by an attorney affiliated with Shomrim's rival guard group who also filed the lawsuit.

Read more:

Daily News comment section said...


5:42 AM
Nov 3, 2009

"Row over Messiah?" Hmm. Here I was thinking that this was a story about the TelePrompter Challenged W'Onder.
Report Offensive Post
David Chowes

7:14 AM
Nov 3, 2009

Report Offensive Post

10:00 AM
Nov 3, 2009

This is absolutely false reporting, yes there was a brawl, yes the patrol group allegedly assaulted the yeshiva students, hospitalizing four of them. But no, this is not related to any ideological belief, or messianic belief for that matter! I was there, i know!
Report Offensive Post

10:06 AM
Nov 3, 2009

Is there really a need for Jewish patrol groups? Why is there a battle between them? Who are they protecting and serving?
Report Offensive Post

10:12 AM
Nov 3, 2009

This garbage is funded through city hall and the nypd with nyc taxpayer dollars, put these trash in jail and stop giving them our money!

Read more:

Rabbi Meir Kahane (z"l) said...

Gov’t Radio Bans Ads for Memorial Services for Rabbi Kahane
Cheshvan 16, 5770, 03 November 09 06:41
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( Voice of Israel government radio, which is part of the state-regulated Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), banned on Tuesday commercials urging attendance at memorial services for murdered former Knesset Member Rabbi Meir Kahane. His family said it will sue the government.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, a Knesset aide to MK Dr. Ben-Ari, warned that if the IBA does not cancel the ban, he will demand that it also prohibit commercials calling on the public to attend memorial services this week for former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.

The radio network yanked the ads after receiving complaints from listeners, including Peace Now, and explained its decision by saying that the issue of Rabbi Kahane is too “controversial.” The commercial featured a one-sentence statement by MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, who urged people to attend the services on the 19th anniversary of his death this Thursday. There was no reference in the ad to the history, life or political views of Rabbi Kahane.

Yariv Oppenheimer, director of Peace Now, told the IBA that the mention of Kahane’s named on the air represents a reference to his ideas, which Oppenheimer called “racist” and involved in political controversy.

After he was elected to the legislature, the Knesset banned him and later outlawed his Kach movement, which promoted mass aliyah of American Jews to Israel and favored paying Arabs to leave the country. He was murdered during a speaking engagement in New York City in 1990.

The Kahane family’s lawyer, Rahamim Cohen, said he will sue the government regulatory authority for discrimination and will appeal its decision to the High Court. He called the ban on the commercial “surrender to extreme left-wing reports.”

Voice of Israel government radio officially is mandated to maintain a balance of views, but media watchdogs have continually documented and complained about bias against Orthodox Jews, strong action against terrorism, and those who favor a State of Israel that includes all of eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights.

IBA director Mordechai Sklar stated that his decision was based on fears that MK Dr. Ben-Ari wants to encourage a public debate on Rabbi Kahane’s views and his outlawed Kach movement.

Tuesday's ban was not the first time the radio network has blocked commercials by nationalists. Last week, the High Court ordered the IBA radio network to remove its prohibition against use of the word "expulsion" in commercials by the Gush Katif Museum, which used the term to refer to the government's forced removal of more than 9,000 Jews from Jewish communities in Gaza four years ago.

child molester enabler shlomo mandel said...

This is tachlis. When can I sign?,7340,L-3798910,00.html

Rabbis petition for 'kosher' internet on cell phones

mikva jew said...

I get all the gossip here. The irony is I am supposed to purify myself, but soon after I go back to my obnoxious nature, making sure to ridicule the very same things I am guilty of.

Yitzhak Peretz said...

The rabbi’s foolish words

Hanoch Daum slams Rabbi Peretz for smearing non-Jews over Ushrenko murder
Hanoch Daum

For many years, former Shas member and Interior Minister Yitzhak Peretz sat at some attic without disturbing the public. Too bad he decided to pay us a visit, and also rather odd that he did. A man who built up such a sectarian party, which does not accept Ashkenazim or women into its ranks, is not really the person who should be telling us that non-Jewish Russian immigration brought terrible murderers to Israel.

“I predicted it; I said we will regret it for generations to come,” Peretz said in an interview with the “Haredim website” in the wake of the Ushrenko massacre’s resolution. “We have murderers here and we have anti-Semites…regrettably, all we can do now is watch the grim results of the weakness that overcame Israel’s leaders, ministers, and advisors.”

Learned Opinion
Rabbi: Gentiles to blame for Ushrenko murder / Kobi Nahshoni
Former Shas minister: I warned officials against allowing non-Jews to immigrate to Israel
Full story
Well, I’m not saying that it isn’t true: There are violent murderers among immigrants from Russia, yet the fact that they are Russian or non-Jewish is irrelevant to their horrific acts; just like Eli Pimstein’s goatee was irrelevant to the fact he killed his daughter (and he wasn’t a Russian as far as I recall). Similarly, that fact that the Orthodox mother who abused her children in Beit Shemesh was Sephardic had nothing to do with her horrific acts.

Moreover, a person whose party produced such an impressive number of prisoners could be expected to show a little modesty, at least when it comes to smearing entire sectors because of the acts of few.

Here is something that Rabbi Peretz, but not only him, must learn: Criminals make up their own sector. It’s a sector that comprises mean and cruel people devoid of compassion. People who think they deserve everything and that they are allowed to steal, hit, take bribes and take lives.

These people, and it doesn’t matter whether they live in some hut in Judea and Samaria or in an apartment in Rishon Lezion, or in the same Jerusalem neighborhood as Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, are bad people who must be slapped with tough sentences and be ostracized from the public arena. These people are the only ones responsible for their acts.

The killer of the Ushrenko family did not represent the Russian immigrant community, but rather, his own corrupt soul, just like Rabbi Peretz did not represent all rabbis with his foolish words, but merely himself.

"Rabbi " Jackoff Mandel said...

It's hard flying under the radar when I caused endless suffering to all those boys as menhael in the yob yeshiva ketana, and now years later having to duck out of their way to avoid payback.

Naturally I was caught off guard standing naked by the mikvah when one of these grownups I abused as a kid almost knocked me headfirst into the yellowish water.

Brittany Paolella said...

Hidden crimes unfair to victims

Iam writing in response to the Sept. 15 letter "No exemptions for sex abuse." The Orthodox community lacks investigative and judicial powers to enforce the law.

I lived in Lakewood for the first 14 years of my life, and I would feel unsafe living there if I knew there were sex offenders lurking around my school and where I hang out.

I agree it is unjust for the victim if the sex offender only has to attend therapy and not have to face the law.

If another person from outside the Jewish community were charged with the same offense, he or she would most likely be given a harsher sentence.

penny1952 said...

Seems like so many cults forming across the country Lakewood being one. They are a closed scoiety and how can this happen in a country that is suppose to be free. Sorry for the girls but the town of Lakwood aloud this to happen when it sold out years ago. We have laws but for some reason they can not be used in the cult. Someone should investigate this town. Children should be safe.

Workingpoor said...

"The Orthodox community lacks investigative and judicial powers to enforce the law."...

They lack these things by choice. The Orthodox community turns a blind eye and gets away with it under the guise of their own theology.

Women are thought less of than a farm animal. If at all.

Rabbi David Zweibel said...

Agudath Israel of America says Maine's repeal Tuesday of a state law allowing same-sex marriage is "heartening."

"What this shows is that the concept of marriage is indeed well understood by the public," said Agudath executive vice president Rabbi David Zweibel. "It means what it has always meant: the consecrated union of man and woman. Legislatures that try to change this classical definition are not only out of line but out of touch."

The Orthodox Union also put out a statement approving of the vote.

"In addition to our religious values, we fear that same-sex marriage poses a grave threat to the fundamental civil right of religious freedom," the organization said in a statement. "Scholars and advocates on both sides of this emotionally charged debate agree that codifying same-sex marriage without providing robust religious accommodations and exemptions will create widespread and unnecessary legal conflict that will 'reverberate across the legal and religious landscape.' Already, in states with same-sex civil unions and similar laws, religious institutions, including churches, social service providers and youth groups have been penalized by authorities for their beliefs. Forcing a choice between faith and the law benefits no one.

Agudath's full statement is after the jump:

Reacting to Tuesday’s vote in Maine repealing a state law redefining marriage, Agudath Israel’s executive vice president, Rabbi David Zwiebel, issued the following statement:

"Maine voters’ repeal on Tuesday of a state law that redefined marriage is heartening indeed. It is noteworthy that voters in every state in the union that has put this issue before the electorate have opted to preserve traditional marriage.

"What this shows is that the concept of marriage is indeed well understood by the public. It means what it has always meant: the consecrated union of man and woman.

"Legislatures that try to change this classical definition are not only out of line but out of touch."

agudah pig said...

Three years ago, the first kosher Subway restaurant opened in Cleveland -- and even company pitchman Jared Fogle showed-up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Since then, Subway has gone on a kosher franchise binge, opening nine restaurants (11 by the end of the year) in markets like Miami, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, N.Y. Now at least four of those franchises -- Los Angeles, Baltimore, Cleveland and Rockville, Md. -- are trying to convince local religious academies to bring the six-inch sub into school cafeterias.

So far it's been slow going. In Los Angeles, kosher Subway co-owner Jonathan Sedaghat is in negotiations with three area private schools to serve Subway sandwiches on a weekly basis for as many as 300 students. Most of his school business so far has come from Yeshivas ordering heroes for special occasions like field trips, sports events and orientations. The menu consists of turkey, roast beef, salami or bologna low-fat subs (290 calories, 30 calories from fat) with sliced apples and potato chips. The franchise charges between $5 and $7 a lunchbox, depending on the order.

Harry Kozlovsky, the owner of the Subway franchises in Baltimore and Rockville, says that it's been difficult in this economic climate to find new customers. Kozlovsky adds that many Orthodox private schools buy from cheaper dairy restaurants or less expensive in-house caterers.

"We do advertise and ultimately we will get more play once the economy turns around," he says. "Jewish day-school tuition is $10,000 to $15,000 a year and most are not looking to spend extra money." Koslovsky's recently opened Rockville Subway did land its first religious-school client last week, and that school's rabbi expects to order Subway lunches every month.

"The kids thought it was amazing -- and we never hear that about a lunch," says Rabbi David Serkin of the Hebrew Day School in Silver Springs, Md. On Oct. 19, the school decided to put together a "festive meal" for its students by ordering turkey, bologna and salami subs with tomato, lettuce and pickles. Subway charged $4.80 per meal.

The Baltimore Subway frequently caters special lunches for Yeshiva students who have completed portions of Torah study. The rabbis bring their kids to Subway as a reward -- and as an alternative to daily dairy meals of macaroni and cheese or pizza.

Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University, is not impressed with serving Subway sandwiches -- kosher or otherwise -- in school cafeterias. "The mind boggles," she says. "I put this in the same category as artificial meat products for vegans. We still aren't talking fruits and vegetables here. I leave it to the rabbis and Talmudic scholars to figure out whether this is an appropriate option."

child molester enabler shlomo mandel said...

The only reason I do not report child sex-abuse is because not to make a chillul hashem.

Four Missouri Amish community bishops have been charged with failing to report child sex abuse allegedly perpetrated by a member, prosecutors say.

Anonymous said...

This sickness and sins against children has been going on for too long. These religious people come among minorities and say they come in the Name of the Lord but they are coming in the name of their religion and raping little girls and boys. No wonder it's so difficult for American Indians to realize the hope in Jesus Christ. These animals that have raped and been protected by their religions need to do more than just pay out money. They should be made to sign up as sex offenders like everyone else. Their sins are more gross than others because they have sinned against little children, minority groups, against God all in the name of their religions. Even if thier religion allowed them to marry, they would probably still be sexaul predators.

agudas israel senior citizens division said...

A 70-year-old Joliet man was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing two little girls he was baby-sitting.

Glenn W. Lawlor, 70, of the 1500 block of South Chicago Street, could have been sentenced to 37 years in prison.

In a bench trial in August, Will County Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes found Lawlor guilty of one count of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Lawlor abused the children several times from February 2006 to March 2008 while he watched them for their mother. The children were ages 6 and 8 when the abuse began.

Both victims testified during the trial.

Anonymous said...

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