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A Ghastly Fame!

Where’s the justice for victims of child molestation?

Children whose molestations are posted online face an ongoing battle for safety—and restitution—in adulthood

Abigail Goldman
Wed, May 26, 2010 (11:45 a.m.)
The world of child pornography has its own stars. Their images and video footage are among the world’s most downloaded—a ghastly fame that’s turned childhood tragedy into a perpetual nightmare for victims who, now adults, live in a world where their abuse is always being downloaded.
The “Vicky series,” for example, is a collection of still images and video footage of a pre-teen being raped and sexually assaulted by her father. It is widely considered to be among the most downloaded and traded child porn in the world.
“Vicky” was 10 when the abuse started. Today, she’s in her 20s. In April, a former Nevada resident was charged with tracking Vicky down and stalking her online. Gregory Hoffman, 41, first asked Vicky to be his MySpace friend. When she refused, the harassment began.
In one message, Hoffman wrote: “I loved and adored those videos very much. He jus [sic] wanted to show the world how gorgeous u really were. Is that such a crime??... I want u to talk to me about everything going on in ur life now.”
In another, he wrote: “I wanna make a new porno of u and me.”
Beyond these excerpts, Hoffman’s other messages aren’t exactly fit for print. Hoffman also contacted her friends, sending them photographic montages of Vicky as a young child, performing sex acts.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children attempts to identify victims of child pornography. They reportedly spent years looking for Vicky, who was finally identified when she went on national TV in hopes of drawing attention to the her case, after her father fled the country. He’s since been arrested, and Vicky now receives notifications every time someone is being prosecuted for possessing her images.
These notifications are frequent, and they make it difficult for the adult woman to leave the trauma of her childhood behind, according to Vicky’s attorney, Carol Hepburn. Vicky has a hard time interacting with the public; she has flashbacks and panic attacks and nightmares. She looks out into a crowd, and wonders who recognizes her as the girl her father dressed in skimpy clothes, tied up with ropes, and fed dirty lines to say to the camera.
“There is always a haunting fear of not knowing,” Hepburn says. “That person on the street may actually be a part her life as a closet pedophile.”
For the past year, Vicky and her attorney have fought for restitution or damages from people convicted of possessing her image or video—arguing that each download is a re-victimization, diminishing her potential and causing psychological trauma that must be treated with more counseling and more lawyers. This is a novel argument, one that Vicky and another young known victim of child pornography have only just started advancing in court, with varied success. In some cases, restitution has been flatly denied. In others, the awards are tremendous. A Florida man convicted of possessing and trading Vicky’s images was recently ordered to pay her almost $150,000.
Not everybody is certain this is fair or just. A February New York Times article cited the blog of a George Washington University professor who said demanding restitution in these cases “stretches personal accountability to the breaking point.”
And controversy or not, whether Vicky or any child porn victim will ever collect the money is questionable. People in prison don’t make much money, and any personal assets or funds a defendant has going into trial can be quickly consumed by attorneys.
Hoffman was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison, and ordered to pay just over $150,000 in restitution, transferable to an account in Vicky’s name. Of course, the Hoffman case is somewhat different—he not only had Vicky’s images, he stalked her. How much this harassment figured into the restitution payment is unclear; federal prosecutors did not reply to the Weekly’s request for comment.
Meanwhile, Hoffman has taken steps to appeal his charge from behind bars. Vicky and her attorney will doubtless follow the case, and every other one filed from here on out.

Please Sign This Petition To Protect New York's Children And Expose Sexual Abusers

nycva banner

A Petition to:

  • Hon. Sheldon Silver, Speaker, NY State Assembly
  • Hon. Malcolm Smith, President , NY State Senate
  • Hon. Pedro Espada, Jr., Majority Leader, NY State Senate
  • Hon. Dean Skelos, Minority Leader, NY State Senate
  • Hon. John Sampson, Leader, Democratic Conference, NY State Senate
  • Your State Assembly Member
  • Your State Senator

We Need to Protect NY's Children and Stop Shielding Sexual Abusers

I strongly urge you and your colleagues to support the Child Victim's Act of New York in a Special Session of the Legislature this fall (A2596B, Markey / S5893, Ruth Hassell Thompson).
There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of UNKNOWN sex abusers of children living and working among us -- in schools, churches, synagogues, youth groups, and especially in families. To find and pursue them, our legislators must change the New York State statute of limitations (SOL), as two special grand juries in New York have declared.
According to the FBI, 1 in 5 of ALL children are sexually abused before they are 18! Many predators are life-long abusers, with as many as 100 victims. Yet, only 10% of this abuse is ever reported to authorities.
This epidemic is made worse by those who have criminally covered up for abusers and are themselves shielded by the state's statute. For example, two special grand juries in NYS -- Suffolk and Westchester -- have uncovered orchestrated criminal actions by religious institutions using deception and intimidation to delay victims from legal recourse until the statute of limitations expired.

There is one proven way to discover predators and their protectors.

"...the NYS legislature should enact a statute similar to the state of California that revives civil actions for damages for a period of one year...." -- Suffolk County Special Grand Jury.
When California enacted a similar law, it discovered more than 300 undetected predators. Delaware, a much smaller state, has discovered more than 60. Given that predators have multiple victims, thousands of children have now been protected in just these two pioneering states.

New York's children deserve this protection, too.

The Child Victims Act of New York will:
  • Expose UNKNOWN AND SHIELDED predators by suspending the statute of limitations for just one year, allowing cases to be revived.
  • Provide justice for victims who were unfairly or criminally denied their day in court.
  • The limit would be 35 years after age 18.
  • Provide additional time for future victims to overcome their trauma, extending the SOL from age 23 to 28.
  • Applies to all sectors, public and private
  • Save our state extensive financial and social costs by reducing the number of victims and abusers

Please protect New York's children. Don't shield their abusers!

I support the Child Victims Act of New York (A2596B/S5893).

(with City)
Zip Code:


~ 62469 petitions emailed. ~


Rex L. Smart said...

Rex Lee Smart, an ex-manager of the Kanab field office for the Bureau of Land Management awaiting trial for alleged sex crimes against children, has died of an apparent suicide.

Kanab police chief Tom Cram said Friday that officers with Kanab police and Kane County Major Crimes Task Force went to Smart's house about 8 p.m. Thursday in Kanab to serve an arrest and search warrant related to allegations of witness tampering.

When told police were there to arrest him, Smart , 62, went into an adjacent room saying he was getting his shoes. Once in the room Smart accessed a handgun and shot himself once in the head. Smart was taken to the Kane County Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to court documents the latest charges against Smart --both third-degree felonies -- involved threatening e-mails he allegedly sent to his former wife, who lives in New Mexico. The e-mail stated she was going to "falsely accuse me of abusing children." It also threatened to file a defamation suit.

The former wife contacted investigators in Kane County on March 29 informing them of the e-mail and said she was concerned Smart might become violent toward her and another family member.

The documents state that after their divorce in 1999, Smart went to her home in New Mexico and physically attacked her; he was charged with assault.

"[The former wife] stated that she was afraid of Rex, that she fears him coming to her home to retaliate against her," the documents state.

Police said they were serving the search warrant to confiscate any computers, discs or modems containing information related to transmitting e-mails found at his house.

The latest charges, filed Tuesday, come on the heels of new sex abuse charges that had been filed against Smart on May 17. Then, Smart was charged with a single count of aggravated sex abuse of a child, a first-degree felony, and two counts of sex abuse of a child, both second-degree felonies.

According to court documents, the alleged crimes occurred on July 6, 2007.

Smart was issued a summons on those charges and told to voluntarily get booked at the county jail before his June 3 initial appearance on the charges; he was not incarcerated, however.

Earlier, Smart had been charged and was due to be tried on one charge of rape of a child, six counts of child sex abuse of a child and two counts of sodomy on a child, all first-degree felonies.

Those alleged crimes occurred between June 2005 and September 2006 and involve a girl who was 9 during the time the first count of sex abuse occurred.

Those charges were filed in 2007. Smart was scheduled to stand trial on the charges next month.

On Friday, Smart was scheduled to appear in 6th District Court in Kananb for a pretrial conference. A bail hearing was also to be held.

County Attorney Jim Scarth said on Friday that he wanted Smart held without bail because he feared he could hurt himself or others in the community.

An investigation into the apparent suicide is ongoing by the Kanab police. The state medical examiner's office is performing an autopsy.

Anonymous said...

No longer do I observe Judaism due to
the hypocrisy I encountered many times with other "Jews".

Simple stuff like being polite turned into a hostile situation for no reason other than cockiness and the enjoyment of belittling others.

They may not realize that with words they can ruin the outlook and observance of others.

This is not to say I totally blame it on that, but it really turned me off, and I'm sure others are in the same predicament as I am or even worse, like being molested.

Mom said...

Rabbi Lior: Youth violent because of moms' careers

Kiryat Arba rabbi says women should not be ashamed of being housewives, as 'it's a 24-hour job'

Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 05.27.10, 09:37 / Israel Jewish Scene

Kiryat Arba Rabbi Dov Lior believes violence among Israeli teenagers stems from their mothers' careers. "People say that the youth has a problem of violence," he said Wednesday. "The problem is that the mother works and it's hard for her to devote herself to her home."

According to the rabbi, a woman pursuing a career – whether in a public office or a private one – is not doing the ideal thing as her job is to be a housewife...,7340,L-3894570,00.html

exposemolesters said...

Support the Child Victims Act of New York (A2596B/S5893).

Sign the petition at:

In addition-----

Kindly contact Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey
Contact Information

Office Addresses:

District Office
55-19 69th Street
Maspeth, NY 11378
Albany Office
LOB 654
Albany, NY 12248

or visit

to fill out Online Form


Ruvein said...

There was a little article printed which basically stated there is a molestation problem that does exist in Jewish camps. It went on to say to speak to your child about it. The irony is it was sourcing Agudah & MGH as the mazhirim.

How ironic it is that those most responsible for the molest epidemic are the ones "warning" us about it. Oh, yes, of course- there was no mention of going to the police in such an instance.

shlomo mandel of yob: RESIGN NOW! said...

Pope accepts resignation of abuse accused cleric in Nigeria
2010-06-01 05:30:00

The Vatican said Monday that Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of a senior Catholic cleric who has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in Nigeria.

Archbishop Richard Anthony Burke resigned from the pastoral care of the archdiocese of Benin City, Nigeria, the Vatican said, without elaborating on the reasons for the cleric's departure from office.

Earlier this year, a woman aged in her 40s and living in Canada made a complaint against Burke in which she claimed he had sexually assaulted her while she was still in her teens and then engaging in a 20-year affair with her.

The St Patrick's Missionary Society in Kiltegan, Ireland of which Burke was a member, said in a statement that he had admitted breaking his vow of celibacy, the Press Association news agency reported.

'He has apologised to all those whom he has hurt by his actions and has taken full personal responsibility for what he has done wrong,' the society said.

Archbishop Burke denied the allegation of child sex abuse but admitted having the affair with the woman when she was over 18.

Orlando Colon said...

The man accused of sexually abusing a young girl inside a Jewish temple is going to try to prove he's not fit to stand trial.

News 10NBC has learned that the lawyer for Orlando Colon has requested a psychological examination. Colon was caught in the basement of Temple Beth David in Irondequoit with several young girls.

Colon is not Jewish, but told police he went to the temple to find God because he said, "Jesus was a rabbi."

We'll learn more about the psych test when Colon is back in court in August.

For more Rochester, N.Y. news go to our website

margo fell asleep at the wheel said...

A bus wreck on a major New Jersey parkway caused minor injuries to six people Wednesday morning, the New Jersey State Police said.

The coach bus overturned on the Garden State Parkway shortly before 5:30 a.m. with 22 people on board, said Sgt. Miguel Estrada, a spokesman for the New Jersey State Police.

The bus flipped off the right side of the highway, prompting authorities to shut down the center and right lanes to traffic for about two hours, Estrada said.

Estrada said the driver was a 35-year-old Brooklyn, New York, man, and that police believe driver fatigue was the main factor in the crash.

The passengers were traveling to Lakewood, New Jersey, after attending a rabbi's wedding in New Square, New York, according to a spokesman for the bus company, Darkanu.

The injured were transported to local hospitals, Estrada said.

Eli said...

Many Rabbis have the habit of denying sexual abuse. They are no different than these “peace and human rights activists.”

YouTube said...

rare vidéo of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman

Agudah Frauds said...

Anthony D. Weiner is against school vouchers and supports gay marriage. Any reason why Agudah has this love-fest with him? Oh, Yes, they get kickback$$ from him.

Thank you YWN for ignoring these facts and posting the Town Hall meeting photos of him in a Queens Shul.


Welcome to the Official Site of Joseph Hayon 2010 NY-9 Campaign
Hello. My name is Joseph Hayon. Welcome to my website. I am a candidate for the congressional seat in District 9, which comprises parts of Brooklyn and Queens. (Please click DISTRICT for more specific information.) I am running because our current representative, Anthony Weiner, is no longer responsive to the voice of his constituency.

For example, Anthony Weiner has come out strongly FOR same-sex marriage and has even co-sponsored federal legislation to recognize it (see bill H.R.3567), by repealing DOMA--Defense Of Marriage Act. He is also an opponent of "school vouchers"; that is, equitable public funding for religious schools. Weiner also opposed the ban on "partial birth abortion," a gruesome and, in my opinion, inhumane procedure that is used to terminate pregnancies between 5-7 months.

Anthony Weiner has not been seriously challenged since 2004. In 2006 and 2008 he did not even have a Republican opponent. Has he become complacent? Is he truly representing you? For example, are you pleased with the health care bill just passed, that he goes around defending?

Other issues that are important to me: I will fight for repeal of the capital gains tax on primary residences, repeal of the inheritance tax, and no corporate bailouts. Please go to the ISSUES page for more information.

Sadly, our leaders cater to special-interests, lack wisdom, and corruption and scandals are a daily occurrence. I pledge to represent you with honesty, with compassion for the downtrodden in our community, to work extra-hard, and, most important, be a model for your children by always acting with integrity. Is it not time for a representative who will put the people first? This is a grass-roots campaign, so your support, donations, and volunteer efforts are critical. Please help me by volunteering and/or making a donation. Every bit helps, even a dollar, to let me know, you, the people, care as much as I do and support my campaign.

Thank You and God Bless You!

On November 2, 2010, vote for Joseph Hayon, who will represent the people first.

Wilfredo Rosario said...

June 2, 2010, 4:03 pm
Ex-Officer Is Convicted of Sexual Abuse
John Marshall Mantel for The New York Times Wilfredo Rosario on his way to court May 18.

A former police officer was convicted on Wednesday of sexually abusing two women in Manhattan who had been lured by promises of applications for jobs and programs for their children.

The former officer, Wilfredo Rosario, faces up to seven years in prison after his conviction on sexual abuse and other charges.

Mr. Rosario, 41, was previously convicted in January of telling an 18-year-old woman that he would destroy a summons he was issuing her in exchange for oral sex; he was dismissed from the police force as a result of that case. After this trial, he faces a separate rape charge involving a different woman.

During the trial, Mr. Rosario testified that the allegations were all part of a conspiracy aimed at tarnishing his reputation because he had filed a class-action lawsuit claiming racial discrimination against the department.

He said that in one of the current cases, he did not remember ever being in the apartment of a woman who testified that in 2004 Mr. Rosario came to her apartment and touched her breasts and hugged her without her consent.

He accused the second victim of misrepresenting what had happened after they were alone in his car. The woman said Mr. Rosario forced her to touch his erect penis while his pants were unzipped; Mr. Rosario said that she only touched his religious beads.

Gafni case said...


Working Mom said...

Youth violent because of moms' careers

This is stupid. Many women are forced to work to support a family.
While it may not be ideal, it's ludicrous to not only knock these moms, but to attribute it to youth violence.

These Rabbis are truly out of touch.

Rabbi Avi Shafran's hero said...

SHAH ALAM: A 28-year-old labourer satisfied his sexual urges by forcing his 5-year-old daughter to perform oral sex on him. She ended up vomiting.

For his brief moments of pleasure, the Sessions Court sentenced him to nine years' jail and two strokes of the rotan.

His despicable acts were exposed after his daughter told her grandparents that she had a sore throat from committing the act several times.

Her grandparents then lodged a police report against their son who was subsequently arrested by the police.

Yesterday, the father pleaded guilty to committing the offence in their home in Kampung Padang Jawa in Klang in Dec 2008.

In sentencing, judge Hasbi Hasan said the accused had committed an inhuman act.

"You are not fit to be a responsible father," she said.

"I hope you will take advantage of your time in jail to reflect on what you have done and change to become a better person."

She ordered the jail term to run from the date of his arrest on Dec 22, 2008.

According to the facts, the child was forced to perform the act on her father in his room.

When he was finished with her, he told her to leave the room and wash her mouth.

In mitigation, the accused, who has another child aged 8, admitted to committing the offence but claimed he was not "fully conscious".

"I plead for a lighter sentence as I regret my actions," he said.

"My wife and parents are not working and we were staying in a rented home prior to the incident."

Deputy public prosecutor Wan Noora Nisa Ngadirin, however, pressed for a deterrent sentence to teach the accused a lesson and to send a strong message to offenders.

Adolph Hitler Y'S said...

The bottom line from what follows is this:

Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews. Gays in the military is an experiment that has been tried and found disastrously and tragically wanting. Maybe it's time for Congress to learn a lesson from history.

The leftwing blogosphere has gone berzerko over comments I made on my radio program this week regarding Adolph Hitler's homosexuality and the savage homosexuality of his Storm Troopers.

At this point, an excerpt of my remarks is now on YouTube and has been referred to by the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and the Guardian in the U.K.

I have been accused of sinking to new lows and excoriated for rank homophobia.

The problem for my critics, however, is that I'm right.

In 2001, noted German historian Lothar Machtan published the book, "Hitler's Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator." As the far left London newspaper, The Guardian, reveals, not only is it a well-established matter of historical record that Hitler was a practicing homosexual, he murdered those around him who threatened to expose his sexual preference to the public.

Machtan's quotes from the memoirs of one Hans Mend, who served as a fellow-soldier of Hitler's in 1915 in France. Said Mend, "At night, Hitler lay with Schmidl, his male wh***." According to Machtan, Schmidl and Hitler were "inseparable lovers" for five years.


Anonymous said...

Victims of child porn seeking restitution

agudas israel senior citizens division said...

Chasdei Hashem ki lo samnu, ki lo chalu rachamav! ... A nes min hashamayim B'H

NY Legislature Fails to Pass Child Sexual Abuse Law
Date Published: Friday, June 4th, 2010

For the fifth year in a row, the New York State Legislature will fail to pass a child sex abuse law that would have given victims more time to file suit against their abuser, as well as the institutions that may have enabled their abuse. According to The New York Times, the Child Victims Act was defeated in a Senate committee on Wednesday, a development which likely means the bill is dead for the remainder of this legislative session.

The measure was defeated by a 9-6 vote of the Senate Codes Committee. According to the Times, all of the committee’s Republican members, along with two Democrats, opposed the bill.

Those voting no included:

John J. Bonacic, Republican, 42nd District
Neil D. Breslin, Democrat, 48th District
John A. DeFrancisco, Republican, 50th District
John J. Flanagan, Republican, 2nd District
Martin J. Golden, Republican, 22nd District
Jeffrey D. Klein, Democrat, 34th District
Andrew J Lanza, Republican, 24th District
Stephen M. Saland, Republican, 41st District
Dale M. Volker, Republican, 59th District

Those voting yes included:

Thomas K. Duane, Democrat, 29th District
Kevin S. Parker, Democrat, 21st District
Bill Perkins, Democrat, 30th District
John L. Sampson, Democrat, 19th District
Eric T. Schneiderman, Democrat, 31st District
Daniel L. Squadron, Democrat, 25th District

Shirley L. Huntley, a Democrat from the 10th District, Shirley L. Huntley

As we’ve reported previously, the Child Victims Act would have enacted a one-time, one-year suspension of the statute of limitations for sex abuse lawsuits. It has long been opposed by the Catholic Church and several Orthodox Jewish groups, who could have faced substantial liabilities had it been enacted. But it was hoped that new revelations about the Catholic Church hierarchy’s mishandling of abuse claims would spark more support for the bill.

Despite the defeat, the bill’s author, Assemblywoman Margaret Markey, a Queens Democrat, said even this setback represented progress.

“Our bill has never even come to a vote before in the Senate,” she said. “So we feel this was an important step.”

Rabbi Shlomo 'crocodile tears' Mandel said...

Yeshiva of Brooklyn is virtually
a sex abuse facility. Rabbis molest boys and students molest students.

100 years of Torah Chinuch (coughs!).


Sex abuse allegations spur protest at Lakewood H.S.

7 steps to protect children from danger of sex abuse said...

Child advocacy: Darkness to
Light offers 7 steps to
protect children from danger
of sex abuse

By Cindy Bryant • Child advocacy • June 6, 2010

Summer is here.

It is time for barbecues, camping, swimming, hiking,
biking, sleepovers, summer camp, vacation bible
school, hide-and-seek and kick the can.

Life memories will be created. Summer also brings
about a sense of freedom to let our children go and
experience all that summer has to offer.

It is an adult’s responsibility to do their best to
provide a child’s safety. Darkness to Light provides
a program 7 Steps to Protecting Our Children from
sexual abuse that provides protection for your
children. The steps are:

1. Learn the facts. Understand the risks. Realities,
not trust, should influence your decisions
regarding children.

2. Minimize opportunity. If you eliminate or reduce
one-adult/one child situations, you’ll dramatically
lower the risk of sexual abuse of children.

3. Talk about it. Children often keep abuse a secret,
but barriers can be broken down by talking openly
about it.

4. Stay Alert. Don’t expect obvious signs when a
child is being sexually abused.

5. Make a plan. Learn where to go, whom to call and
how to react.

6. Act on suspicions. The future well-being of a
child is at stake.

7. Get involved. Volunteer and financially support
organizations that fight the tragedy of child sexual

Asking the tough questions can be uncomfortable.
Parents have a powerful voice. Your choice to carefully investigate any program that serves
children can truly make a difference and keep your
child protected. Parents can be informed, ask
questions and make a stand to protect children.
Asking these questions before you sign your child
up for overnight camp, day camp, recreation
programs, swimming lessons, etc will show that you
are a concerned parent and will give you the
confidence in leaving your child.

Take the time to talk about safe and unsafe touches.
Educate your children regarding how to say no to
unsafe and unwanted touches. Talk time should not
be a one-time thing but rather an ongoing dialogue.
Talk to your kids about where to get help if you are
not the adult that is supervising them. The more you
talk to your children the more comfortable they will
be with the subject.

To find out more about ways to protect our children
from sexual abuse, join us for training from
Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children 7 Steps to
Protecting Our Children by contacting Ana Sluss at
(970) 407-9739 or

Cindy Bryant, school based prevention specialist
and Laura Hunt, executive director of the Larimer
County Child Advocacy Center, Inc.

Rabbi Avi Shafran the putz said...

Richard Roach is NOT a hero in my estimation, he just got lucky. The real heroes are Bernie Madoff and the Catholics who helped us thwart off The Child's Victim Act Of New York.

Baruch dayan ahemes said...

Mordechai Eliyahu, ex-Sephardi chief rabbi, dies

June 7, 2010

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, spiritual leader of the national religious movement in Israel, has died.

Eliyahu, who served as the Sephardi chief rabbi of Israel from 1983 to 1993, died Monday after being hospitalized at the Shaarey Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem for nearly a year from complications of a heart condition. He was 81.

Tens of thousands of mourners are expected to attend his funeral Monday night in Jerusalem.

Eliyahu was born in the Old City of Jerusalem and became a protege of the Hazon Ish, a highly influential ultra-Orthodox rabbi. In 1960 Eliyahu became the youngest person elected as a religious judge in Israel.

Eliyahu, who served as the chief rabbi of Beersheba for four years, was elected to the Supreme Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem, a position he held until his death.

As chief rabbi he reached out to secular Israelis, traveling throughout the country to meet with groups of Jews.

The Manhattan Day School said...

Jodi and Gavin Samuels moved to New York from Australia so their children could attend Orthodox Jewish schools, and they planned to send their third child to the same Upper West Side yeshiva that their older children attend. But officials at the Manhattan Day School told them they wouldn't even interview two-year-old Caily.

Caily has Down syndrome, but her parents say she's not the only special needs child in their Orthodox community whose been rejected from local Jewish schools.

"Why is it that we are in one of the wealthiest communities in the world, yet there is no real option for Jewish children in our community to get a Jewish education?" said Jodi Samuels. "Why is it that Jewish kids are going to Catholic schools on the Upper West Side in one of the most densely populated Jewish cities? Why is it that 97 percent of children with Down syndrome are mainstreamed but my child with Down syndrome has no option to be mainstreamed if we want a Jewish education?"

The Samuels raised those questions, and others, in a recent public forum held at Congregation Shearith Israel and more than 170 people showed up to hear experts on special education and Jewish education speak. The panelists agreed many Orthodox schools need to do a better job of including special needs children.

"Our Jewish community has so much more to do to be more inclusive, to be more tolerant, to be more helpful," said Dr. Jeff Lichtman of the National Jewish Council for Disabilities.

Only a small fraction of the people attending the forum said they have a child with special needs. Most were just interested in learning more about the issue and discussing how the community should handle special education.

But not everyone has been supportive.

"We've received threats. We've been told we'll be squashed. We've had people attack us," Samuels said.

The Manhattan Day School never returned NY1's calls for comment, but the Samuels say they'll keep fighting for Caily to be considered. They've also offered to pay for any additional services needed to include her. But even as public schools are reorganizing so almost all special education students will be mainstreamed, the general consensus at the forum was that many Orthodox schools have a long way to go.

Filthy Arab Scum bags said...

Racist rabbi dead, advocated genocide against Palestinians

Mordechai Elyahu, one of Israel’s most racist and fascist-minded rabbis, died Monday, at the age of 81, Israeli sources reported.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency (, Mordechai Elyahu, one of Israel’s most racist and fascist-minded rabbis, died Monday, at the age of 81, Israeli sources reported.

A former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Elyahu was a chief mentor for the Gush Emunim settler movement.

However, Elyahu was especially notorious for advocating ethnic cleansing and murdering non-combatants including children if the crimes are politically expedient for Israel.

In 2007, he urged the Israeli army to employ “Nazi methods” against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand. And if they don’t stop after we kill 1000, then we must kill 10,000. If they don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop,” Shumel Elyhau, the rabbi’s son, quoted his father as saying.

He petitioned the Israeli government to carry out a series of carpet bombing of Palestinian population centers in the Gaza Strip, arguing that a ground invasion of the heavily populated enclave would endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers.

Widely viewed as one of the most knowledgeable Talmudic sages in Israel, Elyahu ruled that it was forbidden to risk the lives of Jews for fear of killing or injuring non-Jews whom he viewed as “of lesser value in comparison to Jews.”

Elyahu was closely affiliated with Merkaz H’arav, a Talmudic college in West Jerusalem, widely considered to be the theological nerve center of religious messianic Zionism.

The College teaches and promotes the teachings of Abraham Kook, the ideological godfather of religious Zionism.

According to Israeli writer Yair Sheleg, Kook taught that the “difference between the Jewish soul and the souls of all non-Jews, no matter what their rank and level of understanding, is bigger and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the animal soul.”

YouTube said...

100,000 people attended the funeral of former Chief Rabbi of Israel Mordechai Eliyahu. The ceremony was held on Monday night at Jerusalem's Mount Menuhot ceremetery. Current Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger cried as he delivered a eulogy to the Sephardi Chief Rabbi who served from 1983 to 1993. Leading figures including Rabbi Ovadia Yosef attended the funeral as well as knesset members and local leaders, both religious and non religious including Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barakat. The Head of Rabbi Eliyahu's office Rav Shmuel Zaphrani read aloud a prayer found in Rav Eliyahu's pocket the day he died. Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu was considered a spiritual giant of the religious zionist community in Israel and was widely respected and admired. He died at the age of 81.

Rabbi Shlomo 'crocodile tears' Mandel said...

The toira shtait to don talmidey chachomim lekaf zechus.
this is important. kinder
are too young to know a rebbe
put his hands on his erva.
most of the time they just
make it up.
they have no right to accuse
and the same thing is true
by the pope. see here

Church Abuse: Victims Demand Action From Pope
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CIA said...

Former CIA station chief pleads guilty to sex abuse

A former CIA station chief who allegedly raped an unconscious Algerian woman pleaded guilty in a D.C. courtroom Monday to abusive sexual contact and use of cocaine while possessing a firearm.

Andrew Warren, 42, faces up to 10 years in prison, the Justice Department said.

He will be sentenced on the two lesser charges Sept. 9.

In court, Warren admitted that on Feb. 17, 2008, he committed abusive sexual contact while on U.S. Embassy property in Algiers.

Warren was arrested in Norfolk in late April.

Agudath Israel Senior Citizens division said...

This is another old case, what an outrage!
Ore. abbey faces trial over alleged abuse in 1958

The Oregon Court of Appeals has called for a jury trial in a sex abuse lawsuit against Mount Angel Abbey and one of its priests that dates back more than 50 years.

The priest, Father Louis Charvet, who died in 2007, was accused of masturbating in front of a 14-year-old student in 1958 at a high school the abbey once operated.

The case went to the Oregon Supreme Court, which sent it back to the appeals court for review on the issue of whether Charvet was acting within the scope of his employment.

The appeals court on Wednesday remanded it to the trial judge in Portland who originally dismissed the case, saying it should be up to a jury to decide.

In an opinion by Judge Darleen Ortega, the appeals court said a jury"could reasonably infer that the alleged abusive conduct resulted from the employment-related conduct."

Charvet was the faculty adviser and dormitory proctor for David Schmidt, then a freshman at the former high school that was part of the Mount Angel Abbey seminary.

Schmidt claimed in his lawsuit that Charvet called him into his office for a meeting, asked him to stand while the priest sat behind a desk, then proceeded to talk about sex and reproduction while he masturbated under his cassock..

Child Molester Enabler Rabbi Shlomo Mandel RESIGN NOW! said...

The scandal over sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests threatened Robert Zollitsch, the archbishop of Freiburg, who was charged Wednesday with aiding and abetting a known abuser by allowing him to get a new job in a German parish in 1987. Archbishop Freiburg, 71, head of the German Bishops’ Conference, was accused by prosecutors of permitting a priest accused of child abuse in the 1960s to be reappointed. The church in Freiburg accused the prosecutors of sensationalism and denied that the appointment was Archbishop Freiburg’s responsibility.

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It is unfortunate that it has come to this. It is a big darn shame it has come to this. It is very hurtful that it has come to this. But yet, IT HAS COME TO THIS. It has come at the price of a GREAT CHILUL HASHEM. It has come to Hashem having to allow his holy name to be DESECRATED so that his CHILDREN remain SAFE. Shame on all those responsible for enabling and permitting Hashem's name to be desecrated! When you save children you save the future. You save the future you save generations. You save generations you save lives. You save lives you have saved the world!!!!!!!