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You... Come read from the Chumash

Let us try to put ourselves in the shoes of a 5th grader who was sexually molested and abused by "Rabbi" Yehuda Nussbaum. Let's try to imagine how this 10 year old boy felt. Think about what you would do if you were that 5th Grade boy. Would you be scared? Would you feel ashamed to tell anyone that your rebbe is putting his hands on your genitals? how do you tell anyone that your rebbe is groping you, it's too embarrassing? He's your Rebbe afterall you reason, aren't rebbe's supposed to be good people? Especially this rebbe, he has credentials to check Shatnez no less. He davens with his eyes closed while shaking his head and looking up to the sky. When the designated boy was chosen to lead the Bracha's and were up to the part of "Asher Nosan Lasechvi Bina Leavin Bain Yom Uvein lyla, the rebbe would say it with real Kavona, yelling it out loud. He must be a "Tzadik" you would think to yourself.

He was such a "Tzadik" that he would preach and berate any boy who wasted paper towels. If you washed your hands for netilas yadyim by breakfast or lunch and didn't use every inch of the paper towel, he would scream at you. Same for blowing your nose. You would be in the small basement eating breakfast or lunch and getting served our portions by an elderly man (Mr. Berger), and where a small little tiny office stood next to the 7th grade classroom, and this 5rth grade Rebbe would have his eyes peeled like a hawk on any boy who does wrong.

He was such a holy rebbe, that he was known to go around with a very used up paper towel in which he would fold in 100 different directions, trying to use up any left dry spots to blow his nose into. How could such a rebbe do any wrong, right? This 5th grade boy is distraught, what does he do? Who does he turn to? Who does he trust?

He is very scared now, he needs his Mommy. He's afraid to go to class, he doesn't want his Rebbe to put his hands inside his underwear anymore and feel down there. Should he tell his parents? What if they don't believe him? What if they get angry with him? What if they think it's his fault? By now, this vibrant and smart young boy makes a decision. He's going to tell his Parents what his rebbe is doing to him. He's going to be strong.

Ashamed, he tells his parents about learning "Chumash" in his class. I don't like learning chumash because that is when my rebbe calls me up to the front of the class to read out loud from the Chumash. When I go up to my rebbe's desk, he wraps his arms around my body and pulls me closer to him, his beard rubbing against my face. He kisses me on my forhead and cheeks. He tells me to read a Pusik out loud in the chumash. I begin reading. I'm trying to concentrate but my Rebbe is feeling inside my pants. He's fondling my genitals and holding me close to his body the whole time, I could barely even move. I just wanted to stand away from him and read, but he would pull me closer to him, sometimes seating me on his lap. I'm scared of him Mommy, I don't like my rebbe. He hits the boys hard with a ruler if you're not good. He tells you to open your hand and then he hits you real hard. It hurts. If you close your hand he hits your knuckles. How many times did his Rebbe molest him, his parents ask? At least on 3 different occasions, mabey more, he doesn't remember all the times.

Don't worry son, his parents tell him. We are going to make sure that your rebbe gets in trouble for what he did to you. Your Rebbe is not going to do that to you ever again son, he's reassured by his parents. You did nothing wrong. Your Rebbe did a terrible thing to you. We are so sorry you were hurt. We love you.

His Mother is crying. his father is shaken.

This is disgusting! I have tears in my eyes writing all this.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pulling my kids out of YOB.

exposemolesters said...

yobsux said...

I went to Yeshiva of brroklyn for kindergarten through 8th grade, until I was able to leave that hell on earth. I was repeatedly physically assaulted by the animals who run the place like abu ghraib. I was viciously brutalized by Yaakov Mandel, Yehudau Nussbaum and other rabbis at yeshiva of brooklyn. I saw yaakov mandel pull a boys pants down and beat him with a belt. Anyone who was in my class saw how he beat a rachmonus kid in the class who later ended up in ohel with his bare hands. He beat another kid from a poor home who had no money to pay higher tuition elsewhere and when his divorced single mom complained she was laughed at, Jack said take your kid to another school for this tuition rates. These menuvalim should burn in hell. ask anyone why the mesifta never made it. The answer is plain and clear. Noone was willing to stay once they became a baar daas.
2:51 PM

exposemolesters said...

Jack mandel and Yehuda Nussbaum are sadistic horrible people. Aside from the terrible physical abuse that took place around the clock, Nussbaum had to sexually impose his will on boys there.

When Nussbaum got rid of his ruler because of too many complaints he became even a bigger maniac than ever. He would beat boys up with his hand and fists vicously and without mercy. So he's a child molester and a child beater.

Jack Mandel is another sadist that will get his day of judgment where he will be sentenced to rot in hell together with Nussabum!

Anonymous said...

I too went to YOB. I was sexually and physically abused by Nussbaum also during Chumash. He made me cry so many times, he would derive pleasure from seeing me that way. Once, Nussbaum beat me up so hard, he left me with black and blue marks. My father threatened to call the cops on them and they got scared. Yeudah Nussbaum and Yakov mandel, there are 2 seats in hell reserved for you, for 2 pieces of shit.

Yaakov Mandel tourtured me repeatedly by wacking me across the face and pinching and pulling my cheeks to the max. The whole YOB should be shut down, they're animals.

exposemolesters said...

to yobsux:

I feel your pain. Please email me at

kishmich said...

ur another sick fuc* like UOJ U LIYING BASTARD beware of judgement day

Anonymous said...

As you're story may be true, I have a simple question.

If it's you're brother who was abused, why doesn't he fend for himself? Why are you the one who is writing this blog?

exposemolesters said...

Above "anonymous" and "kishmich"

I am writing the blog with his help, is that a problem for you? What a nitwit!

"Kishmich" you dirtbag, I won't even respond to your stupidity. Get back in your rat hole!

exposemolesters said...

Anonymous said...

did u seek halachic guidance before u started this?
hey you low down piece of scum and hypocrite.
Did you consult dass tora to even come and blog here?
its pure bittul torah to blog , is it not?

June 15, 2006
exposemolesters said...

Then why are you writing? It is Bittul Torah, is it not? You're such a fake, get back in your hole you sleaze bag!

June 15, 2006

Anonymous said...

I took my kids out a long time ago beacuse they were beaten up by Jack the Sadist Mandel and it was going around that Nussbaum was molesting boys. I know one of the boys that was molested.

Yehuda Nussbaum is a sick bastard who beat my kids with rulers and his fists. He's a Rasha that deserves Gehenim Just like Jack the sadist Mandel.

yidwhocares said...

I pulled my boys out of yob years ago when yaakov mandel viciously beat up my son and then blamed my son for what happened. Nussbaum is another sadist who bashed my boys with his ruler. I heard of Nussbaum molesting boys, going back years ago. I personally know one of his victims. That was the final straw, when I decided i'm taking my boys out of this hell hole. I hope Nussbaum and Yakov mandel burn in hell for what they did.

I support you totally "EM". You are doing a big mitzvah. May Hashem reward you with all that is good.

exposemolesters said...


I appreciate the kind words. YOB will be SHUT DOWN unless Shlomo Mandel gets rid of Yehuda (the molester) Nussbaum. Thank G-D Jack Mandel is no longer there, but he will be sweating it out on the witness stand real soon!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Kolko proctored a Yeshiva of Brooklyn Girl's final recently?

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