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"Shlach Lecha (Anashim)"


"Shlach Lecha (Anashim)"

Translation: Send "for yourself" men, Hashem tells Moshe Rabeinu. The land of Israel was meant for the Jews, Hashem promised it to our ancesters Avrum, Yitzchok, and Yaakov. Now it was time for the Jews to enter Eretz Yisroel as Hashem had promised. However, rather than trusting in G-D, the Jews began to doubt him. Despite G-D's promise to the Jews that he would give them Eretz Yisroel, and that the land will yield an abudance amount of fruit, grains, and natural resources, some there and some hidden, the Jews wanted spies to check out the land for them and report back the results. By doing so, they displayed a lack of faith in G-D. They feared that upon hearing the Jews would populate the land of Israel, the gentiles would hide all their valuable assets underground so that they would not find them. The Jews therefore approached Moshe Rabainu about sending spies to report back on the condition and hidden treasures of the holy land. Upon hearing the Jews argument, Moshe Rabainu thought they had a valid point. He went to Hashem and asked him what he thought about sending men of importance to spy on the land of Israel. G-D responded that it is a display of lack of faith by the Jews, and that it was not the first time the Jews didn't have faith in him. This made G-D very angry. However, G-D allowed Moshe Rabeinu to choose 1 man from each tribe to scout the land so that the Jews would not think Hashem was not keeping his promise to them.

Why did G-D want 1 man from every tribe? so that when they report back positivley or negatively on the land, they will be judged and punished or rewarded accordingly. As we know, most of the 12 spies reported back negative things about Eretz Yisroel. Only Kalev ben Yefune and Yeoshua Bin Nun reported back positively about the land of Israel. The torah uses the word "Anashim" which is indicative of people of stature and importance. These spies that Moshe Rabeinu selected with permission from G-D, were very respectable people. They were wise, had leadership skills, and were non-currupted. That's how these men were when they left on their journey. When they returned however, they came back different. They were now men of curruption and evil. They were overtaken by their power and pride and became men of falshood and dishonor.

Power can currpt a person to the negative extreme. We saw it by the Meraglim, and we are seeing it today in our surroundings and the world we live in. The current bleak situation of child abuse, both sexual and physical has grown rampant in our yeshiva's today. Were it not for the power of the Internet, some of this abuse may well still be taking place. We are fortounate to have this venue so as not to allow the Margulies's of the world to cover up the abuse by keeping the perp (RUBbe Kolko) around so he can continue to molest for 4 decades, and by running a campaign of corruption and intimidation against victims and their parents.

Lippy boy, may have once upon a time garnished the Kovod of some people, before he became ruthless with his corruption and lies. Now, this 80 something year old is in shambles. He has a lot of answering to do up there. Lippy boy, should do what he should have done a while ago if he wants to save any face, and that's firing himself from running TT.

This just in:

New Yeshiva opening up featuring -----

The Co-Principals

Lippy Boy Margulis and Jack the Sadist Mandel.

==== Specialized individual attention for every boy. We Guarantee it! ====

"The RUBeim"

Harav Yudel "the RUBbe" Kolko and Harav Yudel "the groper" Nussbaum

We believe in keeping your children safe from harm and have chosen the above esteemed and experienced RUBbeim to watch over your children and to service them, so that they recieve the proper Chinuch and education they so deserve!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing. I had my share of abuse at YOB. Jack Mandel beat me up repeatedly, as did Nussbaum, and other Rebbe's who worked there.

Once during English class, the sadist Jack Mandel roared into the classroom and smacked me across my face. He thought I had shut the lights off in the room.

The teacher at the time (who was a rebbe during the day at YTT), a chasideshe fellow, would use the back of his dried up hands to smack boys in the class.

I witnessed countless acts of sexual abuse as well as physical abuse. Jack Mandel used to pull boys pants down and smack their behinds. Nussbaum the faker, would also use his intimidation and fear that he put into every boy, as a ploy to rub up and feel their private areas all the time. I would see "rabbi" nussbaum hugging, kissing, feeling, smacking, and punching boys. He went from one extreme to the next. One second he is smacking you with his ruler and hitting you with his hands, and the next minute he would play touchy, huggy, feely with you, as if he was your best friend.

It was well known that YOB was the Abu Garib of Brooklyn. There are so many YOB victims who are in therapy today because of the abuse and trauma they endured.

Other Rabbi's in YOB would send their students to Nussbaum's class when they wanted to punish them. Nussbaum would then do his usual abusing of these students as well.

Keep up the great Mitzva you are performing for bnei yisroel. Hashem will reward you greatly.

exposemolesters said...

Up Above,

I am so sorry for the suffering you went through at the hands of the YOB Reshoim. Rest assured that YOB is not going to get away with what they did to you and others. We are still in process of taking appropriate action that will expose YOB. They are starting to feel the heat already B'H. YOB will be held accountable for all their horrible actions. Bracha V'Hatzlocha to you my friend.

The Michael Broyde Report said...

Good work

Anonymous said...

Is MIchael Broyde the guy who has an article in the Hakirah journal? What are the allegations concerning him?

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