Monday, July 17, 2006

Almost 2 decades later YOB responds with a shallow offer

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and hope all the boys at camp are having a blast without being molested by anyone.

YOB has finally responded to abuse charges against Yehuda Nussbaum aka Shtnez Checker. However, their response to the matter and their proposal of dragging and stalling this process is not adequate or sufficient enough. It was an insulting resolution that will only put the victims through more suffering and pain. This solution might have been relevant when the abuse charges were first brought up in the late 80's and early 90's. Now, the relevance of such a solution has come and gone, bringing alternative measures into more of a reality. UNLESS ===

YOB fires "rabbi" yehuda nussbaum unconditionally by August-1-2006 and gives him his walking papers period.

We have lawyers drooling to go forward with this case.

On August-1-2006 they will get their opportunity.

More to come.......


Anonymous said...

Fantastic work. You and UOJ are doing a tremendous chesed for klal yisroel.

Anonymous said...

please keep up the pressure.thankyou for your outstanding work.

Anonymous said...

Well...what was their offer?

exposemolesters said...

It seems that YOB after much pressure, will finally fire "Rabbi" Yehuda Nussbaum the molester. Nussbaum will never ever again be allowed to work in chinuch or be near children again. I will write much more about the language of the final document what the lawyers will mediate on and prevent Nussbaum from ever molesting another child again. It will also have severe consenquences on yeshiva's like YOB and YTT etc. if they protect or harbor accused chhild molesters like they have done for so many years.

Never again will "Rabbi's" be allowed to continue preying on our children.

Never again will we allow the maugulis's and Mandel's of the world to just sit idly by while their employees grope and fondle our childrens private areas. We will never allow them to bully us and smear us again,just becuase they cannot and would not face the horrible truth.

More to come...

Anonymous said...

It's August 1.

Yossi Izrael said...

Hi all,

Are all these sites authored by UOJ or individuals?

And if you are indeed separate people why don't you all team up together to form a strong coalition rather that operating as a ragtag shadow army? In that case you could also calm down Mr. UOJ and convince him that civil manners will help get more people on his side. As a matter of fact I know many frum people who would join him but distance themselves from him because of his vulgar and abusive language and apparently random rants against anything with a yarmulke.

In my very humble opinion this shooting from the hip behind anonymity is quite senseless. Why not join or come out like Mike Lesher and Rabbi Dratch?

Kol tuv,

Yossi Izrael

exposemolesters said...

To Yossi Izrael,

Thank you for your very well spoken thoughts. You make excellent points. The committee, as I would like to call it, is in process of coming together as one. For now, i maintain contact with several different people who are able to help and act behind the scenes. I do understand though, why UOJ and others, would want to maintain their privacy.

My anonymonity, is not so anonymous. Those who know the story of my brother being molested, were quickly able to figure out who I am, and I do not hide who I am. In fact I am proud that people know me, becuase it lends all the credibility that I need, so people know that I am for real. I do not go around publicising who I am, but if you are aware of the circumstances of what we are trying to do on this Blog, and you know my family, then you can most probably figure out who I am as so many have already done.

Again, you make great points. Please write me anytime you wish!

Anonymous said...

why was the last posting deleted?

exposemolesters said...

It was a mistake, it's now re-posted.

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