Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What about a shidduch for the victims?

What about a shidduch for the victims?

The question was brought up to me, what about Nussbaum's children, how will they ever get shidduch, if people find out what their father did? By that same token of logic, one can also assume that a son of a murderer is also a murderer. And a daughter of a convert should not be qualified as Jewish, because her mother was originally gentile. Makes me wonder, how many Tzadikim the world would see too, because along those lines of logic, one would already know what he/she is. If his father was a Rabbi, automatically he will also be one. If his father is wealthy, he too will be wealthy. If a family member molests little boys, it makes you a molester too, since you belong to that family. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

And these "chachomim" (not), how do they answer the same question when thrown back in their faces? You shameful rabonim who let this child sexual abuse continue and linger, all because you wouldn't chas vesholom want a chilul hashem you claim? You wouldn't want to jeopardies a chilul hashem, so your answer is to allow our children to be victimized, brutalized, and bullied .... day after day, month after month, year after year, all the while knowing or not wanting to know about a Rabbi who molests, and a yeshiva determined to harbor and defend this know sadist and sexual predator. That makes a lot of sense doesn't it, you fake yidden, fake rabbi's. Isn't practicing what you preach, part of judiasim? Unless of course your version of judiasim, conveniently left that part out.

So we're back to that question. What about a shidduch for Nussbaums children? I ask, what about a shidduch for all the lives ruined by Nussbaum and YOB? Any Rabbi ever take that into consideration? Apperently not.

There is a story with Rav Shimon ben Levi, who was Rav and Dayan of a city in the early centuries. One day, a lion ate up a man that lived in that city. Rav Shimon ben Levi was distraught, because he felt guilty for the mans death. On what account? Because as Rav and Dayan of that city he failed this man. He should have made sure that this man wouldn't have committed a sin that ultimately led to his punishment of being eaten by the lion. In not doing so, Rav Shimon ben Levi, was held responsible thus resulting in his getting punished. Rav Shimon ben Levi, who was on such a high spiritual level, that he would have eliyahu hanavie visit with him daily, was punished when the Prophet did not come to him for 3 consecutive days.

So too, in our days. Our rabonim, share in that responsibility, that when the crimes of our schools and trusted rabbis go unpunished, they will have nothing in which they can defend themselves with, at least not to G-D. They so far to a large and embarrassing extent, have made the biggest chilul hashem themselves, by refusing to follow or interpret the torah in the correct fashion. Fakers, oh i say. Black hat, gartel, mikvah drenched fakery with a beard that can't hide the disgrace of a Jew that they are. May hashem have mercy on his children!


Yaakov R. said...

I believe that forcing an insincere apology from them is less than a slap on the wrist. They should be made to pay compensatory damages to the families of each victim. If they refuse, then a call to Jeffrey Herman is in order to pursue legal action.

exposemolesters said...

Yaakov R.

I totally agree with you. The victims should be compensated, and we do not need an insincere apolology. Anyway, YOB has had enough time to take our deal and they stupidly haven't done so, so our deal is off the table. I don't care if I take down the whole YOB now, to get justice for all the victims.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know a victim of Nussbaums. He said he had been groped and fondeled inappropriatley, as well as the subject of terrible daily physical abuse. Yakov mandel, who I understand was ousted from the Yeshiva, also beat him up many times. The person that I know is very embarressed about his sexual abuse and is reluctant to have his name out there for all to see, but I assure you I know him and his family, he's not the type to just say such things.

Thanks for shedding light on all of this. You are a Tzadik.

exposemolesters said...


All too familiar.

It's a terrible thing what these victims have to live with for the rest of their lives.

He is courageous to have felt comfortable that he conifided in you. Many victims try to totally block it out of their minds, they just don't want to remember it.

Chazak Chasak Venischazek!

Anonymous said...

I was not abused but I have an idea for you and your relative.

Perhaps you can start a secret yahoo forum for these individuals. The forum would be advertised by word of mouth - not broadcast all over the internet.

At this forum, victims could share their story and try to come to terms with what they experienced. Members who 'survived' e.g. married with kids etc etc could be michazeik the others.

It would be anonymous, but there would be some sort of confirmation process. Because it would be a secret closed forum, you would be able to limit it to who you wanted, e.g., people who were frum/heimeshe/yeshivish in brooklyn area schools who were abused by a Rebbe.

At different points, perhaps once a month, a therapist or baal eitzah could look over the posts and comment on it. S/He would offer a direction that the conversation should take and try to establish goals.

This would not replace individual therapy with a professional, but that does not mean it would be totally unhelpful.

Either way, good luck.

exposemolesters said...

Excellent Idea. Thank You!

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