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2010 - New Year, New Decade, New Child Molest Cover-Ups, Same Corroded Leadership & Inept Rabbinate!

Teacher faces trial in sex abuse case

by: SHEILA STOGSDILL World Correspondent
Friday, January 01, 2010
1/1/2010 4:26:25 AM

MIAMI, Okla. — A former Wyandotte band teacher charged with molesting two former students was held over for trial, court records show.

Brian Matthew Rash, 38, of Joplin, Mo., is charged in Ottawa County District Court in Miami with first-degree rape, first-degree attempted rape, four counts of rape by instrum
entation and two counts of lewd and indecent proposal to a child. His preliminary hearing was held Monday, according to court records.

One victim, a now 21-year-old former band student, told authorities around 200 molestations occurred at Rash's residence, the Wyandotte School band room, Rash's van and hot tub, according to a probable cause affidavit. The first molestation occurred on out-of-town band trip where Rash supplied the 11-year-old victim with alcohol, the affidavit states.

Another victim, a now 22-year-old former band student, reporte
d to authorities sexual misconduct activities with Rash when he was between ages 10 and 13, the affidavit states.

Rash was employed by Joplin Catholic School District from 1995 to 19
97; Wyandotte Public School District from 1997 to 2000 and Neosho (Missouri) Public School District from 2000 to 2007.

He is being held on $650,000 bail and is set to return to court Jan. 15 for arraignment.


Police: Coach accused of sex abuse likely skipped out of U.S.

By: Scott McCabe
Examiner Staff Writer
December 31, 2009

A Little League baseball coach accused of molesting at least three of his players has fled the country and Fairfax police are asking for the public's help in bringing him to justice.

John E. Hamilton, 38, of Centreville, was scheduled to plead guilty in October to charges that would have put him behind bars for a long time. Instead, he failed to show up. Police believe Hamilton may have fled the country, and is hiding out in Denmark or Frankfurt, Germany.

His story was featured earlier this month on the television show "America's Most Wanted."

"We're hoping that anybody with knowledge about his whereabouts will come forward," said Fairfax County police officer Tawny Wright.

The investigation began earlier this year, when a 24-year-old man told police that he had been molested by his coach when he was 12, including in the parking lot of Carl Sandburg Middle School and at Hamilton's home.

The victim said seeing Hamilton with a young boy motivated him to come forward. Hamilton was arrested in May and at least two more young men have told authorities they had been abused by him, too.

Hamilton, who worked at his family's business, Wick's Sports Lettering in Alexandria, is listed as 6-foot-3, 285 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair.

Readers of The Washington Examiner have helped authorities captured two fugitives this month and police are hoping they can come through again this week.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Solvers by phone at 866-411-TIPS (8477) or Detective Jeremy Hinson at 703-246-7523.



Rabbi seeks sex-segregated bus line in Tiberias said...

A prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbi has asked a Tiberias bus company to launch a line similar to the ones in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak that segregate women from men.

Rabbi Asher Idan from Jerusalem, a ruler on religious matters pertaining to modesty, contacted the company Veolia Transportation last month, saying that ultra-Orthodox Jews from Tiberias wanted a segregated line.

"The requests came after an increase in the number of Haredim in and around Tiberias," Idan told Haaretz. He said the request was for segregated buses "in certain neighborhoods in certain hours - when schools and religious seminaries close for the day." He added that "it is important to us that the Haredi public receives services that it is entitled to and that its needs are met."

A veteran woman resident of Tiberias who spoke on condition of anonymity said the request was "an enraging attempt to take over the city." She said that despite her "advanced age" she will wear a miniskirt and sit in the front of the segregated bus "to make a statement."

An ultra-Orthodox resident, who also requested anonymity, said the line was "unnecessary and can only serve to alienate people from the Haredi minority."

But Idan says the segregated line will change people's minds once it is launched. "The secular people of this city will see and learn how good this modesty is," he said. "We don't want to coerce anything - coercion goes against the Torah. We are simply begging that this thing be allowed to happen and that the secular public see how the holy Torah looks."

Idan said the line could be "problematic" in Tiberias because "unlike in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, the Tiberias line would pass through secular neighborhoods as well as Haredi ones." For this reason, Idan said, the people promoting the new line are "being careful and are looking to check how this thing works out."

He added that Veolia would be glad to meet the needs of the Haredi public. But when queried by Haaretz, Veolia would only say that it was "acting according to the directives of the Transportation Ministry as they are issued from time to time, and will continue to act according to them."

The ministry said the issue of segregated lines is pending a court ruling. "For this reason, the ministry does not process requests of this kind until a ruling is made," it said.

The ministry is expected this month to give answers about the segregated lines to the Supreme Court, which is reviewing the legal basis for their operation following a petition on the matter. The petition was filed by the Israel Religious Action Center, which is associated with the Reform Movement. It also prompted Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz to form a committee on the issue.

The committee ruled two months ago that the 90 segregated lines currently operating in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem should be canceled. Segregated buses are a relatively new phenomenon in Israel, with the first one appearing 10 years ago on a line between Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh.

Nir Hasson contributed to this article.

"Zionist" said...

Why I think it's dumb to use the term "Zionist" to vilify defenders of Israeli policy:

This started out as a response to a poster that used the term "Zionist" (without any modifier) to vilify Hillary Clinton. This is something that I myself have mistakenly done before to define those that defend the Israeli state in spite of its abuses of the Palestinian people.

This is the anniversary of the so called "Operation Cast Lead". In it Israeli military attacks on Gaza killed ~1400 and wounded maybe 5000, the majority of whom were women and children. They also destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure that with Israel and Egypt's blockade is difficult to rebuild. They terrorized the whole population of 1.5 million, and many of us would call this a "terrorist" attack. The details of this attack included some particularly horrendous details, including burning children to death with white phosphorus and targeting a UN school where people were led to believe they could find a safe haven in a reign of terror. Ambulances and hospitals were also intentionally targeted. Though some of the corporate media framed it as a "war" only 13 Israelis were killed and of these at least 4 were known to have been victims of Israeli "friendly fire". This was no "war". This MSNBC report from that time documents some of the horrors:

The Kidney Rabbi said...,7340,L-3828250,00.html

Rabbi Elyashiv: Don't sell kidney to fund wedding

Lithuanian spiritual leader shocked as yeshiva student addresses him with bizarre query, urges considerable cutting back on marriage ceremony costs

Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 01.04.10, 15:37 / Israel Jewish Scene

A halachic query directed at Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv illustrated the dire situation of ultra-Orthodox parents in a financial bind faced with meeting their children's wedding costs.

A yeshiva student from Jerusalem who is about to marry his daughter asked the distinguished Lithuanian rabbi whether he could sell a kidney in order to purchase an apartment for the young couple, and was naturally denied.

"Rabbi" Shloime Mandel the putz drek fake said...

Who cares if molesting goes on in my yeshiva, that's why I reneged on the deal that was to rid Nussbaum from the YOB premises, hoping my words will be satisfying, while my stubbornness to actually follow through goes unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Scarred by clergy sex abuse

January 2, 2010

IT IS amazing to me that the clergy sex abuse cases are still going on and new priests are popping up at the rate that they are (“Group names Irish priests accused of child sexual abuse,’’ Metro, Dec. 29). Tell me how anyone could go to a Catholic Mass after knowing what has gone on. It’s not just the named priests but the whole higher order that has had a role in it. The church leaders were very much a part of the abuse because they knew about it and did nothing except spread the offending priests around to hide their acts, and ruin more young children’s lives.

As someone who was sexually abused as a little boy, I can tell you that this still follows me and stays with me no matter what I do. Many years of therapy - I am 55 years old - have only made it manageable, and that’s not a way to live. I have never been in a relationship with someone to share my life with.

I am amazed that people think I should just decide to get over it. If they have such a difficult time hearing about the abuse I suffered, they should realize what it’s like to be in it and to have gone through it many times. It’s a lonely place to be.

I will never be quiet because someone is uncomfortable and not able to handle it, because I was quiet long enough when it was going on.

Kevin McNamara

WCTV said...

Task Force to Stop Child on Child Sexual Abuse
Child on child sexual abuse touches and troubles the lives of thousands of children each year and the state of Florida is launching a new effort to stop it.
Reporter: Tara Herrschaft
Email Address:
Task Force to Stop Child on Child Sexual Abuse
New research by the Justice Department shows more than a third of sex crimes against children are committed by other children.
The Florida Department of Children and Families identified more than 8300 children as either alleged perpetrators or victims of child on child abuse from 2008 to 2009.

And officials say it's critical to respond immediately. "Because many of the children that are abused at some point could later become abusers," said Alan Abramowitz, the State Director of the Family Safety Office for DCF.

The death of 7 year-old Broward County boy Gabriel Myers has sparked the DCF Secretary to form a task force. Myers was sexually abused by a 12 year-old boy and killed himself back in April. He was also on psychotropic drugs, which officials believe may have been another contributing factor. Now the group is holding hearings around Florida, gathering feedback to prevent future crimes.

"A lot of times we don't know particularly how to react to it. Either in the law enforcement side, the parental side, or the social worker side. So we've got to do a better job of preparing parents and in our case, foster parents with dealing with these issues. We've also got to do a better job of making sure the support systems are in place. Because it takes specialized psychological and emotional services to be able to deal with the child who's been victimized and equally important to deal with a child who's the victimizer," said Jim Sewell, the Special Assistant to the DCF Secretary.

The first hearing was a couple weeks ago, and there will be about five more. The Tallahassee meeting is scheduled for March 11th. Organizers are planning on submitting a report of their findings and recommendations to the DCF Secretary and then the legislature.

And for more information about this task force or reporting abuse click on the link below.

yob abuse said...

For years I am haunted by the enormity of predation incurred at yeshiva of Brooklyn.

Never, will I forgive Rabbi Jack pedophile Mandel, Rabbi fat pig Raider, Rabbi torture chambers child molester Nussbaum and Rabbi rasha Shlomo scum of the century mandel.

Hikind said...

What happened to those hundred of cases Dov Hikind told us about. Where are his rallies exposing those yeshivot?

(Rabbi) Shlomo Mandel said...

Looksy what I have here today. Even a make-believe on the outside rosh yeshivah like me gets the zchus of having his shul listed here.

People just don't judge enablers of abuse too harshly these days. They really don't care that I'm supplying a pedophile with a job and giving him plenty opportunity to harm others. So if they don't care why should I and why should you, right?



Yeshiva of Brooklyn Minyan
Rav Shlomo Mandel t’’yhka
Rabbi Heshy Arem, CHAIRMAN

DA Chales Hynes said...

POLICE Minister Michael Wright sent a letter assuring that every effort would be made to extradite an alleged paedophile from Western Australia - more than a month after the man died.

While the State Government blamed the bungle on a "clerical error", the victim of alleged paedophile Kenneth Abrook says it is the final insult in her failed six-year quest for justice.

"I feel quite ripped off actually, because I have tried so hard to get him convicted for what he did and now he's dead," she said.

The woman, who did not want to be named, first wrote to Attorney-General Michael Atkinson in February 2004 seeking justice for persistent sexual abuse by Abrook in the mid-north in the 1960s.

The woman says she was abused in a Catholic Church orphanage then repeatedly abused by Abrook from the age of 13 to 18, resulting in two children and an abortion.

Police charged Abrook but a 2005 attempt to extradite him from WA failed because his lawyers claimed he was too ill with emphysema.

Despite repeated efforts to restart the extradition proceedings, the victim says she had not heard from police for two years.

"I was told by the detective a couple of years ago that they weren't going to go ahead with it and that was the last correspondence that I had," she said.

However, shadow attorney-general Vickie Chapman received a letter from Mr Wright on December 21 informing her that the case was going ahead - despite Abrook having died on November 9.

"I am advised by Commissioner Hyde that despite the legal advice to date from Western Australia, SAPOL will pursue every legal option to charge and extradite Mr Abrook, including an independent medical examination," the letter says.

Ms Chapman said the woman's case had been "bungled" by "ministers who don't appear to care".

A spokesman for Mr Wright said Abrook could never have been prosecuted if the State Government had not removed the statute of limitations for sex offences committed before 1982.

"In relation to Ms Chapman's letter, advice was provided to the minister from South Australia Police on the 17th of November 2009. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, the response was not signed off by the minister until the 21st of December," the spokesman said.

rav avremel schor bans this event said...

Matisyahu will perform live at the Philadelphia 76ers game when they host the New York Knicks January 13.

The Grammy-nominated musician mixes Jewish themes with reggae, rock and rap music.

The Sixers are hosting a "Jewish Heritage Night" and they'll also offer kosher food in the 11th Street Atrium from the Max & David's restaurant.

Matisyahu has been well received by his fans. His one-of-a-kind voice has pushed two of his albums to Gold status.

"All of my songs are influenced and inspired by the teachings that inspire me," said Matisyahu. "I want my music to have meaning, to be able to touch people and make them think

His new album, "Light," is in stores now. It debuted on the Billboard top 20.

"Jewish Heritage Night is an opportunity for the Jewish community to come together and enjoy a night of Sixers basketball," said Sixers Senior Vice President Lara Price.

The concert will take place after the game.

Read more:



Shlomo Mandel - Yeshiva of Brooklyn said...

Not only is it proper, but If it were me I'd beat the bochur to a pulp in front of his chaverim.


[Posted in the YWN Coffee Room:] I heard of a principal in a mainstream Yeshiva (Mesivta / High-School) in Brooklyn who does the following: In his Yeshiva as is in most others, the rule is that no cellphones are permitted. Sometimes the principal tells bochurim to empty their pockets to check if they have a cell phone on them.

Is it proper or not?

it's all about the money said...

This has not been a good year for the Jewish community. It seems like not a day went by without hearing of another scandal involving members of the Orthodox community.” These were the words of welcome offered in an agenda booklet for the Orthodox Union’s (OU) West Coast Torah Convention, titled “Recalibrating Our Moral and Ethical Compass,” held Dec. 24-27 in Los Angeles.

Certainly, revelations of shady dealings by Jews — Orthodox or otherwise — did not really increase so drastically during the past year as the statement suggests, but the perception stems largely from the international shock-waves caused by the unraveling of the Ponzi scheme of Bernard L. Madoff (who is Jewish, but not observant), as well as from several other very public scandals involving members of the Orthodox community.

The purpose of exploring this topic, the booklet suggested, was not to “criticize the transgressions of others,” but rather “to find solutions that will prevent us from embarrassment in the future.”

Touch of Kindness said...

Rabbi Yona Landau is sitting in his insurance office in the Beverly-La Brea area, not selling insurance. Landau and one of his two employees spend nearly all of their time running Touch of Kindness, a social service agency Landau helped found in 1977.

When Landau first moved to Los Angeles from Lakewood, N.J., he and a group of others met in a garage to pack and deliver weekly groceries for about six families. By 1980, the others had left, and Landau inherited Tomchei Shabbos (Hebrew for Supporters of Shabbat), which had grown to serve 60 families. He moved into a small storefront with shelves and top-loading freezers. Today, Touch of Kindness, which encompasses Tomchei Shabbos and several other concerns, is a $2.2 million organization helping around 1,500 families.

The weekly food delivery, which operates out of a 16,000 square-foot warehouse on La Brea Avenue, is the heart of the program. About 100 volunteers package and deliver 6,000 pounds (double on holidays) of chickens, eggs, milk, challah, grape juice, fresh produce and other groceries to more than 200 families each Thursday evening.

Landau, 55, runs the organization, doing all the fundraising, keeping the budget and investigating each new applicant the community rabbis and social workers send to him. He relies heavily on Steve Berger, a bond trader, to run the operations — purchasing the food or inventorying donated items, coordinating the volunteer drivers and packers. The only paid staff at Touch of Kindness is a few custodians who maintain the warehouse.

Touch of Kindness also distributes diapers, keeps a rotating stock of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and redistributes used furniture and appliances. A handful of women travel to Montreal twice a year to pick up manufacturers’ closeouts and sell brand new clothes well below cost at an invitation-only sale.

Landau, who was a day school teacher for 14 years, knows his community well. He has families who are not on Tomchei’s lists, but who appreciate leftover challahs or produce from the weekly delivery. He has a list of large families with working mothers whom he likes to treat to dinner when caterers call him with a bounty of untouched leftovers, which neighborhood girls help him pack up in smaller containers.

And volunteers deliver Tomchei’s packages with utter discretion. Most of the food is delivered to doorsteps in unmarked boxes, with codes in place of the recipient’s name. Some families prefer to pick up their packages from the warehouse, while others pick it up from Landau’s front porch, late at night. For some, Landau sets up a tab at local kosher groceries.

“We try to help people without making them feel needy,” Landau said.

His clients’ dignity is so paramount to Landau that he generally shuns publicity, never holding a banquet, and agreeing to this interview only in hopes of garnering more support for the organization, which recently had to move from a donor-owned warehouse and is renting its current space until it can buy a building.

In addition, Landau is also the main fundraiser for Kollel Yechiel Yehuda, a Chasidic yeshiva, where he himself studies every morning. He maintains a few apartments for people to stay in when they come through Los Angeles on missions to collect charity. And he has a favorite accomplishment.

“If I can find someone a job, I’m flying high,” he said.

His wife, Tzirl, makes sure their Shabbos table is always full of appreciative guests, though the Landau’s own six children have moved out.

“You just see the need out there, and you see the pain, and you just make that a priority,” Landau said. mensches/article/rabbi_yona_landau_delivering_kindnesses_discreetly_20100106/

Rabbi suspected of making 1,200 obscene calls to children said...

A Modi'in Ilit rabbi was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of making 1,200 obscene phone calls to children, Channel 10 news reported.

The rabbi, 36, who is also a school teacher, is suspected of impersonating an Education Ministry official and calling children in the afternoon when he believed their parents not to be at home.

Police began investigating after four children complained about a man who had called them in the afternoon and asked them frank sexual questions. The children's parents then alerted police.

Police said the suspect made 1,200 phone calls, used a pay-as-you-go phone and called random numbers to try to cover his tracks.

Police said the rabbi told them he was not harassing the children, according to Channel 10, but that he was studying child sexual assault and trying to find out when children are exposed to sexual subject matter.

Police probe girl, 10, suspected of having sex with several children said...

Police reported on Monday that they were investigating allegations of a 10-year-old girl who had been regularly engaging in sexual acts with children aging between 12 -14, in a bomb shelter in the north.

Police discovered the case by chance after a neighbor noticed the children entering the shelter without adult supervision and notified the police.

Apparently the girl was boarding school student who returned home over the weekends, during which she would meet the suspected children with whom she had sexual intercourse.

All the children suspected of being involved have been questioned by the social workers from the welfare ministry, but due to their young age they cannot be arrested, nor charged for an illegal act.

Brooklyn Rabbi critical after fatal Pa. crash said...

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- A horrific triple fatal crash on Interstate 80 outside Pittsburgh, Pa., killed a 10-year-old boy and a woman, both from Brooklyn, and left the boy's father fighting for his life.

The Brooklyn residents were in a van struck by an out of control tractor trailer last night on Interstate 80 in Clintonville, where state police said freezing rain created poor driving conditions.

Police say 20-year-old Pasha Azulay, described as a newlywed, and 10-year-old Avrohom Dovid Liberow, both of Brooklyn, were killed. The driver of their van, 45-year-old Shneur Liberow, was critically injured.

Liberow, a rabbi at a Flatbush synagogue, was the dead boy's father. His wife and three other girls in his van, ages 17, 11, and 2 sustained less serious injuires.

Related Content

More: Get Eyewitness News delivered to you!
A third person, 66-year-old Thomas Munsell of Ann Arbor, Mich., was also killed in the wreck.

The bodies of the Brooklyn victims were released by the local coroner will be brought to Liberow's synagogue for services later today.

The crash involved multiple tractor-trailers and other vehicles and may have been caused by the weather.

The eastbound lanes were closed for seven miles between the Clintonville and Emlenton exits.

Elior Chen said...

Mother of victims files for divorce from 'Rabbi' Elior Chen
Jan. 7, 2010 Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST

The Jerusalem District Rabbinical Court on Thursday held a first hearing to discuss a request by the mother of the children that were allegedly assaulted by suspected child-abusing cult leader Elior Chen.

The children's mother has filed for a divorce, but Chen married her in a non-rabbinical wedding, and therefore, is not recognized by the state of Israel as the woman's spouse.

In November, the self-styled rabbi who allegedly influenced followers to abuse their children in order to "correct their corrupt souls," was indicted on eight counts of abusing and assaulting minors.
This article can also be read at /servlet/Satellite?cid=1262339420916&pagename=JPArticle%2FShowFull
[ Back to the Article ]

Rabbi Dovid Feinstein said...

I support Sheldon Silver who supports gay marriage. Is Belsky and his pals insinuating I'm wrong?

The panel, organized as Vaad L'Shmor Kehillasenu ("Board to Protect Our Communities") includes, Rav Yisroel Belsky, a Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath; Rav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum, a Rosh Yeshiva of Mirrer Yeshiva; and Rav Chaim Krauss, Mara D'Asra of Kahal Bais Yisroel and Rosh Kollel of Kollel Ohel Chaim; all from Brooklyn, and Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum, Mara D'Asra of Congregation Nachlas Yitzchak, from Queens.

More on EJF by Eli Neuberger said...

Rabbi (Lewis) Lipa Brenner said...

I search bathrooms of different shuls for vulnerable victims to sodomize. My rationale is you beat the system once, you can beat it again, especially since my buddy, Mr. Hynes, still holds office.

Yeshiva of Brooklyn - A century of all sorts of abuse said...

The Qualifications For Jewish Leadership

by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Bereshit explored what made each of our ancestors (or unworthy) of the birthright and leadership of the Jewish people. Turning to Exodus, we now explore whether these conditions and characteristics applied to Moses.

The first condition is the characteristic of tzedek, or more correctly, tzedakah, as God says explaining the election of Abraham: “Since I have known him ... to guard the way of the Lord and to act in compassionate justice and morality...” [Genesis 18:19].

Tzedek is justice; tzedakah is compassionate justice, justice commingled with love. [Deuteronomy 24:13]

yudi koklo said...

Say what if I learned how to work one of these 'body scan' gadgets, boy that would be great!

Rabbi' Yehuda Nussbaum Of YOB said...

The dybbuk inside my body molests young boys.

Shmuel said...

Belsky supports pedophiles and enablers, so what's his problem with gay marriage?

Chaim Krauss would try to sexually come on to parents (mothers) when he worked at Yeshiva of Brooklyn, unless this is another one with the same name.

* * * * * * * * *

"The panel, organized as Vaad L'Shmor Kehillasenu ("Board to Protect Our Communities") includes, Rav Yisroel Belsky, a Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath; Rav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum, a Rosh Yeshiva of Mirrer Yeshiva; and Rav Chaim Krauss, Mara D'Asra of Kahal Bais Yisroel and Rosh Kollel of Kollel Ohel Chaim; all from Brooklyn, and Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum, Mara D'Asra of Congregation Nachlas Yitzchak, from Queens."

Survivor said...

I disagree. Look at all the pious and ultra-religious Torah scholars make a mockery of Judaism by stampeding on the rights child sex-abuse survivors who cry out in agony. Are these enablers HOLY people because of their supposed Shabbos observance? I think not!

Rabbi Yosef: Shabbat desecrators worse than beasts

In weekly Saturday evening sermon, Shas rabbi says those who do not observe Jewish day of rest are foolish
Kobi Nahshoni

Shas' rabbi once again comes out against seculars. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef verbally accosted those who desecrate the Sabbath during his weekly Saturday evening sermon. He claimed that those who do not keep Shabbat are "foolish people" who are "worse than beasts."

Among the halachic deliberations he discussed – including a combat soldier who comes home only on weekends and wants to launder his uniform and on listening to answering machine messages as they are being recorded on the holy day – Rabbi Yosef spiced up his sermon with a story:

An ox owned by a Jew was sold to a gentile. The gentile was shocked to find out that the ox refused to work on the Sabbath. The buyer claimed that he received "a worthless beast," and asked that the deal be nullified. Only when the seller whispered in the ox's ear that now it will be allowed to work seven days a week did the animal obey.

The rabbi described the gentile's subsequent insight as follows: "This is a clever ox, and I am worse than an ox. I, who was created in the image of G-d – why do I work on the Sabbath? He went and converted because of the ox. He studied Torah and became a great wise man. About this, it is said: 'An ox knew his buyer, and Israel did not know.' There are foolish people who desecrate the Sabbath and are worse than beasts."

Moshe Katsav said...

Israel's disgraced ex-president Moshe Katsav testified for the first time on Sunday in a trial in which he faces several counts of rape and sexual harassment, Israeli media said.

The 64-year-old Iranian-born father of five arrived at Tel Aviv district court at 9:00 am (0700 GMT) with his lawyers but did not speak to reporters before entering the closed-door hearing.

He is expected to be questioned by defence lawyers and prosecutors for three eight-hour sessions per week until the conclusion of the trial, which is expected to come before the Jewish passover holiday at the end of March.

The trial -- in which at least 56 witnesses have been called to testify -- opened in May with a 20-minute session during which Katsav pleaded his innocence.

The district court judge then adjourned proceedings until September 1, when Katsav's alleged victims began testifying.

Katsav has been indicted on two counts of rape, forcible indecent assault and abuse of power against an employee at his office while he was tourism minister in the 1990s, according to the justice ministry.

He is also accused of sexually harassing at least one female employee while he was president, and of obstruction of justice, it said.

He was forced to step down over the charges in June 2007.

Survivor said...

I am sure Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is not pointing fingers at EVERYBODY, but not every yid is on the same madraiga, and each has special circumstances surrounding their level of observance.

It would be cruel and harsh to place blame on every Jew who desecrates Shabbos without first stepping into their shoes.

Many make the claim that going 'off the derech' is an EXCUSE, but I caution rational minds not to jump to conclusions based on that criteria. That includes Rabbi Yosef.

exposemolesters said...

Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out

CALL TO ACTION: Abolishing the Statute of Limitations on Child Sexual Abuse

Child Molester Enabler Rabbi Shlomo Mandel said...

What do I care about violating the Torah!

Signs of abusive behaviour include “approval withheld as punishment, locked into or out of the house, held against ones will or pushed around, punched, shoved, slapped bit, kicked, burned, choked or hit, personal items destroyed, abandoned in strange places, ridiculed or insulted, abandoned in strange locations, harassed about fictitious affairs, publicly or privately humiliated, criticized, or shamed with names called, isolating victim from family and friends, makes them feel bad, demands to know whereabouts, does not want victim to share time with others, threatens to hurt or kill sell if victim leaves,”

Rabbi Blau said, the Jewish commandment against “lashon harah,” gossiping, in the matter of suspected abuse, is waived, overridden by the teaching of Lev. 19:16, “Thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor.” Abusers must be reported. It is a “hilul hashem,” a moral desecration, of God’s name and of the Ten Commandments, for a Jewish individual not to report suspicions of abuse.

Abuse is a matter the “law of the land,” “dina demalkhuta dina,” can adjudicate in secular courts and must pursue. Enforcement has raised its own concerns for responding to claims of abuse within Jewish communities. Officers have reported being charged with anti-semitism in the course of their doing their job, responding to a citizen’s call for help.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi O.Y. has said many wacky things in the past, this one no different. I know he's a mekubal, but he does make you shake your head sometimes.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss Guilty (timesunion) said...

Rabbi takes responsibility for "inappropriate physical contact" with boys
Rabbi Yaakov Weiss also admits he tried to convince victim to lie

By ROBERT GAVIN, Staff writer
Click byline for more stories by writer.
Last updated: 2:06 p.m., Monday, January 11, 2010

ALBANY -- A Colonie rabbi admitted in court today he had "inappropriate physical contact" with two naked boys and tried to convince one of the boys to keep silent.

Yaakov Weiss, founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School, pleaded guilty to child endangerment during an appearance in front of Albany County Judge Stephen Herrick.

He faces up to 60 days in jail and three years probation as part of a plea bargain reached with the district attorney's office. His sentencing his schedule for March 1.

Under questioning by the judge, Weiss admitted he had the inappropriate contact with the boy. He also told the court he told one of the boys to lie about the contact if asked by parents or police.

Weiss, 29, sent an e-mail to the Times Union in October 2008, after being charged, calling the charges "100 percent untrue."

"This has been generated by an individual who has been antagonistic toward Chabad of Colonie from its inception and continues to be envious of continued success," Weiss wrote at the time. "This is his way of getting rid of us."

Weiss moved to the Capital Region from Iowa in 2004. He adheres to a branch of Judaism known as Chabad-Lubavitch, which is known for its work to get Jews more involved in their religion.

Weiss was initially charged in City Court two years ago with sexually abusing the two 13-year-olds in 2007. When he was indicted and arraigned over the summer, Weiss was accused of those charges, as well as allegations he tried to convince one of the boys to lie.

"Just say nothing happened," Weiss told the child on June 30 on Sycamore Street in Albany, the indictment said.

The indictment alleged that sometime between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2007, Weiss repeatedly struck one of the boys on the back on New Scotland Avenue, "knocking him to the ground and then kicked him in the leg."

The court papers say Weiss sexually abused one of the boys in June 2007 and the other between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 of that year. The incidents allegedly took place in a facility at 340 Whitehall Road in Albany.

In both cases, the indictment alleged that Weiss had sexual contact "consisting of placing his penis in contact with said child's buttocks." The incidents allegedly took place inside a pool, called a mikveh, used by some Jews for ritual purification, according to his attorney.

The indictment said one of the boys sought advice from Weiss, his teacher and spiritual leader, on Sycamore Street on June 30 that year.

Weiss "instructed the child to be untruthful" and to "not tell his mother or the police about an incident where the defendant subjected the victim to sexual contact."

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss Guilty (NORTH COUNTRY GAZETTE) said...

Albany Rabbi Cops Plea In Sex Abuse Case
Posted on Monday, 11 of January , 2010 at 7:18 pm

ALBANY—An Albany rabbi has admitted having inappropriate sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy.

Yaakov Weiss, 28, of Loudonville, entered a guilty plea to endangering the welfare of a child as his trial was about to start Monday in Albany County Court.

He will serve 60 days in the Albany County Correctional Facility and must also complete three years of probation.

He was facing one count of second degree sexual abuse, two counts of third degree sex abuse, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, all misdemeanors, after being arrested in September.

Police say that Weiss sexually abused the teen from November 2007 until April 2009. It was alleged he had sexual contact with the teen at least once at a location on Whitehall Road and twice at a New Scotland Ave. location.

Police said they opened an investigation after Child Protective Services receiving an anonymous tip. 1-11-10

child abuser and child molester enabler shlomo mandel from yob said...

I think Weiss is innocent of all charges. He pleaded guilty to avoid a chilul hashem. He is a hero.

I believe by what he said originally. I don't for a minute believe the alleged victims.

He sent an e-mail to the Times Union in October 2008, after being charged, describing the charges as “100 percent untrue.”

“This has been generated by an individual who has been antagonistic toward Chabad of Colonie from its inception and continues to be envious of continued success,” Weiss wrote at the time. “This is his way of getting rid of us.”

On Monday, the rabbi declined to comment as he exited the courtroom but issued a statement through his attorney, Arnold Proskin, that the plea deal was a “more peaceful way of resolving this than going to trial.”

Proskin later relayed a statement saying Weiss has support from the Chabad community.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss Guilty ( Times Union ) said...

He faced up to 2 years in prison on a four-count indictment that accused him of child endangerment and sexual abuse. The deal also spares Weiss from having to register as a sex offender.

exposemolesters said...




Religion to me is simply the fear of another persons imagination. This Rabbi will pay for what he has done with due process. But remember, before you pass judgement, especially you Catholics, think.

Comment by Tom Brophy — January 11th, 2010 @ 6:17 pm

This fellow is very well connected because of his wife’s family. He may end up in another community without a felony on his record as he pled to a misdemenor – and he may not have to register as a sex offender unless Judge Herrick decides it is appropriate. I suggest writing to him, the newspaper, the probation office – anyone who will listen. We owe the next community’s children the protection we now know to exercise here.

Comment by Leah — January 11th, 2010 @ 6:24 pm

Up to 60 days in jail and “spared having to register as a sex offender”. This plea deal is, in my opinion, scandalous. The District Attorney has failed to ensure that children will be protected from a sex offender. The defendant holds a position of power and respect in his community and, more significantly, has unfettered access to children. He can now freely move to a new, unsuspecting community and continue to sexually abuse children. ADA Sarfoh should not be pleased with this result, she should be ashamed.

Comment by you must be kidding — January 11th, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

there should be more out cry concerning this story. if an average joe, not a female, did these things he would spend years in prison and have sex offender status for the rest of his life. i don’t get the catholic thing.

Comment by socalbob — January 11th, 2010 @ 7:28 pm

It sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. They went to the trouble of getting the indictment in order to let him plead to a misdemeanor? And he did not have to explain what the contact was – just that it was inappropriate? No registration? That is shocking. Either he has connections or the Albany DA is falling down on the job.

Comment by Sharon — January 11th, 2010 @ 7:53 pm

It is so sad in this day and age that children are still not respected and treasured. To think that a person (Rabbi or otherwise) can plea bargain and admit to the offense and then not have to register as a sex offender–that is a travesty and intolerable.
Our community should press for fair and just treatment–he should register as a convicted sex offender. Pedophilia crosses all religions, races, socio economic and educational boundaries.
What a sicko he is!

Comment by Not fair to other children — January 11th, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss Guilty (cbs6albany) said...

A well-known Loudonville rabbi has pleaded guilty in Albany County Court to endangering the welfare of a child.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss appeared in Albany County Court Monday morning to enter his guilty plea, part of a deal that could get him jail time when he is sentenced March 1.

He faces no more than 60 days in jail and three years of probation.

Weiss had faced two counts of sex abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss Guilty (wten) said...

Local rabbi pleads guilty to contact with boys

Posted: Jan 11, 2010

COLONIE, N.Y. -- A well-known Loudonville rabbi has admitted to "inappropriate physical contact" with two teenage boys and asking one of them to keep quiet.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss pleaded guilty in Albany County Court on Monday to charges of child endangerment.

Back in August, he pleaded not guilty to four misdemeanor charges, including sex abuse and child endangerment. He was released on his own recognizance.

Weiss was originally arrested under the allegations in September 2008.

In an October 2008 statement, he dismissed the claims, saying they were "100% untrue, baseless, and a complete and utter fabrication."

Weiss is the founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School. He made headlines in 2005 when he lobbied the Colonie Center mall for Jewish holiday displays. He was arrested back in 2008.

As part of a plea deal he will spend 60 days in jail and serve three years probation.

travsty of justice said...

Yaakov Weiss got off of raping boys in mikvas, and then he got off again - this time with the "plea deal" of the century.

Tell me how a violent sexual predator of children can get away with this kind of absurdity without having to do some kind of serious time in lockup? That's it! just a measly 60 days. Inferior crimes have received much stiffer penalties, yet Weiss gets treated like he got a parking ticket.

He will serve 60 days in the Albany County Correctional Facility and must also complete three years of probation.

2 months? 60 days? is that fair time when compared to the nature of the crime? Is that what you call justice for the two thirteen year old boys Weiss sexually violated, physically assaulted, intimidated and threatened with harm?

The indictment also alleged that between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2007, Weiss repeatedly struck one of the boys on the back on New Scotland Avenue, “knocking him to the ground and then kicked him in the leg.” Court papers alleged Weiss sexually abused one boy in June 2007 and the other between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 that year.

Is this a miscarriage of justice, or a justified outcome?

Weiss also acted with malice and intent by telling a 14-year-old boy on June 30, 2008 to “just say nothing happened”

Is this a guy your conscience will let you be at ease with when one day you discover his place of dwelling is in your general proximity? How do you think your kids will feel about it when he and your boy cross paths?

what is she snorting? said...

That solves it all! Weiss will now bring his trade to another community, where some other unfortunate boys will fall victim to his sexual violence.

Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor Shannon Sarfoh, who prosecuted the case, said she was “pleased that the case was resolved in this manner, requiring the defendant to publicly admit to the conduct he subjected those two boys to, while also sparing them the difficulty of testifying to the events publicly.”

DA Charles Hynes said...

Shannon Sarfoh is just catering to politics. She understands that pleasing the orthodox Jewish community pays dividends.

Rabbi Yosef and Chana Engel said...

An American-born rabbi and his wife say they intend to fight fraud charges in a South Australia court.

Lawyers acting for Rabbi Yosef and Chana Engel told the Supreme Court of South Australia Tuesday that their clients were “frustrated” at the length of time that had expired since allegations against them first surfaced several years ago. The court heard that the charges have prevented the Engels from “getting on with their lives,” the Adelaide Advertiser reported.

The Engels, who were sent as Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries from New York, are accused of inventing the Spirit of David Hebrew School in order to receive federal and state grants of $50,000.

Police recommended 39 charges against the Engels last year for dealing dishonestly with documents, allegedly signing fake report cards to justify applications for funding for phantom Hebrew classes.

Rabbi Engel was appointed to the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation in 1998, but his tenure was terminated in 2006, sparking an acrimonious legal battle that wound up in the Supreme Court of South Australia. The court ruled in favor of the city’s only Orthodox synagogue, and Engel now runs his own small Orthodox congregation in the city.

The case was adjourned for a pre-trial conference in March.

Tropper will squeeze you said...

Recommended reading - - - -

Con Game
How a New York rabbi tried to remake the rules on converting to Judaism, until a sex tape—and a family feud between his wealthy backers—brought him down

Yaakov Weiss said...

Boy oh boy! Look at the justice system. This could have been me, but I have friends in high places.


A 21-year-old Roselle man was sentenced in Cook County Circuit Court to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing two young girls.

James Shields, of the 500 block of West Logan Avenue, pled guilty in Rolling Meadows Branch Court to one count of criminal sexual abuse. He also will have to register as a sex offender.

Shields was babysitting the girls in his residence when the incidents began in June 2008, said assistant state's attorney Shari Chandra.

One of the girls was 3 years old when she was molested and the other 10, prosecutors said. In May, 2009, the older girl made reported the abuse to authorities after Shields forced her to have sexual intercourse with him, Chandra said.

Shields has a prior conviction for illegal drug possession, she said.

-- George Houde

Rabbi Lepold Margulis said...

In the United States at large approximately one in two hundred women will develop the severe disturbance of eating behavior known as Anorexia nervosa. In the orthodox Jewish community, experts have said that the prevalence is more - some say as high as four times that of the general community. It is clearly an issue involving Pikuach Nefesh, since of all psychiatric disorders AN has the highest mortality rate. Anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric disorder with the most devastating of consequences

vut ebout fet peeple dont dey heve eateng preblems ulso?

Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, The School That Abuses said...

Politicans rally with Jewish and Christian clerics against clergy abuse
By Yair Ettinger and Nir Hasson
Tags: Municipal Rabbis, Haredi

A rare meeting between clerics from various churches, representatives of the Foreign Ministry and the Jerusalem municipality, and a rabbi belonging to the Eda Haredit anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox stream gathered last week in Jerusalem in an effort to stave off a diplomatic crisis between Israel and a number of foreign states.

The meeting was spurred by the growing number of complaints from churches in the vicinity of Jerusalem's Mea She'arim quarter about violence and harassment toward them on the part of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

These churches are located outside the Old City walls and in proximity to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, and include Polish, Ethiopian, Romanian and Russian places of worship. They have recently encountered serious harassment and violence in the form of spitting and curses aimed at nuns and monks, a dead cat thrown into one church's courtyard, anti-Christian slogans spray-painted on walls, and stone throwing.
In recent months, when demonstrations by members of the ultra-Orthodox community were seen against the operation of a parking lot on the Sabbath and the arrest of a woman accused of starving her child, attacks on Christians intensified as well.

News of the harassment of the clergy was published abroad and met with shock. Complaints were lodged with the Israeli embassies and began piling up at the Foreign Ministry.

Poland's honorary consul in Jerusalem approached Avraham Kroizer, the mayor's adviser on ultra-Orthodox affairs. The latter turned to members of the Eda Haredit and to Dr. Hagai Agmon-Snir, director of the Jerusalem Intercultural Center, closely tied with the group.

Eda Haredit representatives denied that members of their community were involved, but said it was possible that "fringe youth" who had participated in the demonstrations were causing the problems.

In recent years, and particularly in the past few months, there have been several incidents in which Palestinians have also been attacked in the area separating the western and eastern parts of Jerusalem. Agmon-Snir and Kroizer said it was not by chance the appeal had been made to the Eda Haredit, even if they were not responsible for the attacks, because rabbis from that community could lead other ultra-Orthodox to follow in their footsteps.

Later last week, Rabbi Shlomo Papenheim, a member of the Edad Haredit leadership, met at the Jerusalem municipality with Kroizer and the mayor's adviser on religious communities, Jacky Avrahami. Mayor Nir Barkat also attended. Papenheim brought a letter from rabbis of the community's religious tribunal denouncing the violent attacks. The letter also mentioned violence on the part of youths in the Sheikh Jarrah quarter of East Jerusalem, where Rabbi Shimon Hatzadik's grave is located.

"In addition to the desecration of the Lord's name that is involved," the letter states, "our rabbis, may the memory of these righteous men be a blessing, have already forbidden harassment of gentiles."

Goel Ratzon said...

Israel detains self-styled sage over incest, abuse
Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:10am EST

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israeli police have detained a 60-year-old self-styled Jewish sage on suspicion of incest and abuse of women and children they allege he kept like slaves in various homes around Tel Aviv.


Goel Ratzon was remanded in custody Tuesday, a police spokesman said after a gagging order was lifted Thursday.

Ratzon's lawyer said he denied all wrongdoing, adding that about 30 women and 60 children were involved with the accused, who police say exercised extreme power over his commune.

"The evidence shows the suspect controlled his women with a firm hand, including their possessions and their money," said a police statement, which added that Ratzon had written a "rule book" for women he kept in "conditions of slavery."

"He would dictate what they could and could not do, limit their movements and impose sanctions and various punishments, including the use of violence if they refused to obey."

Among the more serious allegations, police said Ratzon was suspected of fathering children with some of his own daughters. Police said 17 women and about 40 children were involved.

Several women who identified themselves as Ratzon's wives appeared in an Israeli television documentary aired last year.

"He is the messiah everyone is talking about," one said. "He is already here and he hasn't been revealed yet. The day he decides to reveal himself, the land will shake."

The women wore the heavy dress of Orthodox Jews and bore tattoos of the bearded, bespectacled Ratzon's face. He was also interviewed, introducing several of his children, all of whom had names with variations on Goel -- Hebrew for "redeemer."

"I'm perfect," Ratzon said in the documentary. "I have all the qualities a woman wants."

Ratzon's lawyer, Shlomtzion Gabai, said about 30 women and 60 children were linked to her client: "As far as he is concerned, no sexual crimes have been committed," she told Israel Radio. "The women consented willingly to relations."

Rabbi Shloime Mandel the putz drek fake said...

Physical, sexual and emotional abuse
are all part of our chinuch program, but so too is our knas system.

As part of the investigation of Goel Ratzon, police have uncovered the book of rules he has written for his 17 wives and 38 children.

The rules and their punishments - mostly fines "for the good of the family" - seemingly reveal Ratzon, who calls himself "Anonymous" in the book, as a tough and uncompromising autocrat. Police released excerpts from the rule book:

1. No woman will patronize or attack another woman verbally or physically. Anyone caught by Anonymous doing so will be fined by NIS 2,000 for the good of the family.

2. No woman will interrogate another woman on where she is going, with the exception of asking if she can buy anything for someone. Transgression fine: NIS 100.

3. Talking in all rooms is prohibited, except the living room. No one must speak nonsense. Fine: NIS 200.

4. No one will be sitting about when there are dishes to be washed, cleaning to be done, children to be taken care of, etc. Anyone found idling will be fined NIS 2,000.

5. If two women are fighting, both will be punished as co-conspirators and fined NIS 2,000.

6. Anonymous must not be asked if he is at home, where is he and where he is going. Anonymous may disconnect the phone for any instance of unsuitable questioning, and fine the offender NIS 400.

7. Anonymous decides which woman comes with him and which doesn't according to his needs, no matter where. One can ask if one may join them, but any answer must be accepted without appeal, argument or making faces. Fine: NIS 300.

8. Anonymous must not be interrupted when speaking. If Anonymous is speaking to someone else on a subject that doesn't concern one, there's no need to intervene unless Anonymous decides to include one in the conversation. Fine: NIS 500.

9. If Anonymous tells someone to do something, she must do it immediately, without saying "OK" or ignoring him. If she has made a mistake and he pointed it out to her, she must not repeat the mistake. Anyone not doing something that he requested as soon as he requested it will be fined NIS 300.

10. No work must be done when a man is in the house, even if the woman is there and the man is an adult. An adult man is any male over 12 years of age. Fine: NIS 3,000

Abraham Mondrowitz said...

Suspected sex offender escapes extradition to US

Israeli Supreme Court refuses to extradite Abraham Mondrowitz, suspected of sexually abusing minors 25 years ago

The Supreme Court determined Thursday that Abraham Mondrowitz, who is accused of committing severe sex crimes against minors in the US up to 25 years ago, will not be extradited.

Mondrowitz, a psychologist by trade, resided in the US until 1984, when he immigrated to Israel. A few months after his arrival he was indicted in his home country on charges of sexual abuse of minors.

In 1985 the US asked Israel to extradite Mondrowitz, but the appeal was denied because at the time the crimes with which he was charged were not part of the extradition agreement between the two countries.

The agreement was amended in 2007, and in September of that year an additional appeal for Mondrowitz's extradition was filed.

The suspected sex offender appealed to the Supreme Court, and Justice Ayala Procaccia accepted his appeal. She explained that the extradition could not be approved due to the statute of limitations applicable to the charges, and that it would harm the suspect's right to due process.

"Due to the passage of time until the extradition process could begin, because of the circumstances in which the obstacle in the agreement was not removed when it should have been, we must reject the extradition appeal," Procaccia wrote in her verdict.

She added that the case exposed a tension that exists between bringing criminals to justice for the public good and assisting other countries in bringing to justice defendants believed to have committed offences within their territory, and the enforcement of legal norms in Israel designed to secure due process.

"The delay in the appellant's extradition process – currently measured at 23 years – which could have been prevented by an earlier amendment of the extradition agreement, places a legal and ethical obstacle before the completion of the extradition," the judge concluded.

Abraham Mondrowitz said...

Mondrowitz Extradition Denied by Israel's Supreme Court
Accused Child Molester will not Face American Court
By Avi Meir
Published on Thursday, January 14,
The Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Abraham Mondrowitz, accused of committing crimes of molestation of against minors in the United States up to 25 years ago, will not be extradited.

Justice Ayala Procaccia ruled on the case. Justice Procaccia justified her ruling based on the statute of limitations on the charges, also explaining that it would harm the suspect's right to due process.

"Due to the passage of time until the extradition process could begin, because of the circumstances in which the obstacle in the agreement was not removed when it should have been, we must reject the extradition appeal," Justice Procaccia wrote.

“This is a very disappointing ruling,” remarked an activist in the New York Jewish community who has written extensively about child molestation in the Orthodox Jewish world. “It would have sent a strong and necessary message.”

“When we ignore a molestor of children or let him travel from one Yeshiva to another, twenty years later we have created a new crop of people who need help and who very well might molest themselves.”

Mondrowitz, who passed himself off as a psychologist, resided in the United States and toward the end in Brooklyn, New York until 1984. Aware that he would be pursued by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office he fled to Israel. A few months after his arrival he was indicted in his home country on charges of sexual abuse of minors.

In 1985 the United States made its first extradition request regarding Mondrowitz, but the appeal was denied because at that time the crimes he was accused of were not part of the extradition agreement.

The agreement was amended only two years ago, and in September, 2007 a new request was filed. This was the request that was denied on Thursday. ♦

exposemolesters said...

Profound and well penned writing applies to the massive display of cruelty a.k.a. barrage of weasels betraying the Torah and mankind.

"Do not stand idly by while your neighbor's blood is being spilled" Leviticus 19:16

“One of the ill effects of cruelty is that it makes the bystanders cruel”

“Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance, and cruelty.”

Why rabbis sin
By Jeremy Rosen

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It is unfortunate that it has come to this. It is a big darn shame it has come to this. It is very hurtful that it has come to this. But yet, IT HAS COME TO THIS. It has come at the price of a GREAT CHILUL HASHEM. It has come to Hashem having to allow his holy name to be DESECRATED so that his CHILDREN remain SAFE. Shame on all those responsible for enabling and permitting Hashem's name to be desecrated! When you save children you save the future. You save the future you save generations. You save generations you save lives. You save lives you have saved the world!!!!!!!