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Statute of Limitations on Child Sexual Abuse Must Be Abolished
Readings from Dr. Lynn Daugherty's classic bestseller. . .

Why Me?
     Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse
     (Even if they are adults now), 4th Edition

When something bad happens to you, it often helps to know you are not alone. You feel better if you know that other people have had the same kinds of problems.

Here are some experiences other victims of child sexual abuse (molestation, rape or incest) have had (described in "PG" terms for this website). Some boys or girls were victims of brief incidents of sexual abuse. Other boys or girls were victims of sexual abuse as part of a continuing relationship. Still others were victims of incest. All of these stories are true. The names and some of the details have been changed to protect the privacy of the victims.

All these people were victims of sexual abuse when they were children. Was your experience like any of these? Was what happened to you like any of the things that happened to them? Did you feel any of the same emotions? Did you think or do any of the same things they did?

Brief incidents
Brief incidents of child sexual abuse (molestation, rape or incest) can take many forms. Some have great impact on the victim and others have little effect. Many children, both boys and girls, are victimized in these ways. Here are some of their stories.

Connie, age 33
I have always been terrified of hospitals, but I never knew why. Then one day it came back to me. When I was 12, I had my tonsils out. I remember a nurse came into my room one night after my parents had gone home. I was half asleep because of medication. She started rubbing my head, then my body under the sheet. She massaged my breasts, then my thighs and pubic area . . . . I was scared and felt so helpless. I just "froze" until she quit and went away. I have had this really emotional reaction to hospitals ever since but had blocked out that whole incident.

Carlos, age 16
I was at the beach one day when I was about 12. I was all alone in the changing room when this old man came in. He came over to me while I was starting to put on my swimming trunks. He grabbed for me but I got away and ran home. I don’t go back there alone anymore.

Tina, age 13
I was walking along the road and this guy stopped in a van. He offered me a ride and I said, "No, I am almost home." Then he opened the door and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in. I was too scared to run. He told me to shut up and sit there. We drove out into the hills and he raped me . . . . He did it twice. He kept saying he knew I liked it. Then he drove me back to town and let me out in the park. I walked home crying.

My mom kept asking me what was wrong until I told her. She told my dad and he went wild. I was afraid he was going to hit me, but he kept saying he was just mad at the guy.

They took me to the hospital for an examination. I don’t remember much. Then we went to the police station. They were really nice, but they just kept asking me the same questions over and over like they didn’t believe me.

The worst part was going back to school. Everybody asked me dumb questions and I felt like a freak. They all knew what had happened. They looked at me weird. I just felt dirty. I’d be sitting there in class and like a dream it would be happening again. I’d see the man and the van. I’d just sit there shaking.

I got real upset when we had to go to the preliminary hearing. I couldn’t sleep and then I threw up just before court. I’m so scared that they will let the guy out.

Glenda, age 16
It was really weird. I had just gotten my driver’s license and we went over to this older guy’s house. There were three of us girls. They knew him, but I didn’t. He gave us some beer and some pot. We were having a good time. Then he started joking around and trying to undress us. He said I could take his Mustang out for a drive once he "got to know me." We were being silly and were mainly in our underwear then. He was being real friendly, acting silly and tickling us.

He showed us his bedroom and he had a video camera by the bed. He wanted us to get on the bed and do things with each other while he filmed it. I wouldn’t do it though and I felt real weird and left.

They stayed, but the next day they said they hadn’t done anything. I felt so dirty after that. Wow! If anybody knew what I had been doing there I would have died. He said lots of girls had done that stuff for him, but I don’t know. I’ve been so afraid the other girls would tell somebody what we were doing.

Greg, age 20
I was twelve years old when they put me in the juvenile detention center the first time. I had just been hanging around and the cops picked me up for curfew violation. I spent the night there and most of the next day.

That night, after the guard had left, the other guy in my room started hassling me. He was bigger but not a lot older, just tough. He wanted me to masturbate him but I wouldn’t. Finally he backed me us against the wall and said, "You’ve got three seconds, sucker! Go down or die!" . . . . After I did what he wanted, then he left me alone. I lay awake all night though, scared to death of him.

Read other stories of boys and girls who were victims of brief incidents of child sexual abuse (molestation, rape, and incest) in Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (Even if they are adults now) by Dr. Lynn Daugherty.

Continuing Relationships
Sexual abuse (molestation or rape) often takes place in the context of a continuing relationship. It may go on for a long time before anyone finds out. The boy or girl victim often knows, likes and trusts the abuser. Parents are usually very surprised when they find out what has been happening. Parents usually think of a child molester or a child rapist as a dangerous stranger, not as someone who might be a relative, neighbor or family friend.

Read stories of boys and girls victimized in continuing relationships in Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (Even if they are adults now) by Dr. Lynn Daugherty.

Many boys or girls are sexually abused through incest. Some statistics suggest that as many as one child in every 100 is the victim of incest. Most don’t tell anyone about the abuse until they get older. Some never tell.

Jackie’s story is typical of many girls who are sexually abused by their fathers or stepfathers. She was abused by her stepfather for many years before she told anyone. The abuse started gradually but became more frequent and open as time went on. Her mother did little to stop the abuse. Jackie finally reported it as a teenager. Then she was removed from the home. Her stepfather was convicted of child sexual abuse and placed on probation on the condition that he obtain psychological treatment.
Jackie, age 18

My stepfather was the one who did it. He started when I was about six, I guess. He would come in to tuck me in at night and sometimes just run his hand over my body. It felt good and I didn’t think that was anything wrong.

Later on Daddy started doing other things with his hands . . . . That didn’t seem right but I was supposed to obey him. Then he started kissing me and kissing me under the covers. I must have been ten by then.

I was frightened. I knew my mother would punish me if she found out and I knew Daddy would be mad at me, too. I felt like it was my fault, but I didn’t understand how. I didn’t want anyone to find out how bad I was.

I remember lying awake in the dark hoping he wouldn’t come. I told myself I would jump up and run if he came, but I never did. I just lay there and hoped he would go away soon. Then I would cry and finally go to sleep. But then I would have nightmares about monsters.

One night my mother came in and saw him. She got real mad. He cried and promised never to do it again. She never said anything to me, but I always felt like she was mad at me too. We started to go to church then. He went every night they had a service.

Nothing happened again until I was 12. The he started being real nice to me again. By then I was doing a lot of the work around the house. My mother was always tired. She just never seemed very happy. My stepfather and I always had a good time together though. We would go to the grocery store to pick up whatever we needed for dinner. It would be just me and him. My brothers and sisters would stay at home. Sometimes he’d buy me something special on those trips. He always took my part with my younger brother and sisters. They knew they couldn’t mess with me when he was around. It was pretty nice sometimes, the special way he treated me.

Then he started coming into my room again at night. I don’t think my mother ever knew about it. He would cry sometimes and say he loved me. He said they’d split up the family if anybody knew what was happening. He said my mom would probably get real sick if she ever found out.

He didn’t come in very often. Just a couple of times a month maybe. I started lying awake again waiting for him, hating it. I was so ashamed. What if other people found out? My brothers and sisters said I was the favorite. What if they knew what I had done?

I felt so rotten, like I was all alone and always would be. How could I ever tell anybody about anything so awful? I thought about running away or killing myself, but I was afraid to do either one. I wished someone would stop him, but I knew I had to keep doing what he wanted or terrible things would happen.

My mom even asked me once if he ever did "those things" to me again. I couldn’t let her know, so I said no. If she had cared more, it seems like she would have checked more though. I guess she just didn’t care as long as I didn’t cause her any problems.

Then the trouble started when I wanted to go out with boys. He started getting real mean about letting me leave the house alone. He would make me turn down dates and, when I turned 15, he wouldn’t let me get a driver’s license. He said it gave me too much freedom. He was always asking who I was with, what I was doing and would get mad if boys called me on the phone. Sometimes I saw him in the car following us when I did go out.

He would do all sorts of nice things for me though. He gave me money any time I wanted it and would buy me clothes if I wanted. I would get sick about myself though. It was like I was selling myself to him for the things I wanted to do. I couldn’t tell anybody then because I hadn’t said anything before. They would just say I was a whore. Maybe I was. I felt so rotten. My mother was mad at me a lot because she said he would do anything I asked. I knew she’d be mad if she found out why.

Then he put me on restriction just because I came home late from the movies. I wasn’t even with a boy, but he still got mad. He said I couldn’t go anywhere for a month and then he slapped me and called me a tramp. I was real scared and mad at him and mad at my mom.

The next day in school I kept crying and they took me to the counselor. First I told her it was because my stepdad had slapped me, but then I told her the truth. Then everything got to be a big mess. She called the cops and they arrested him. He didn’t stay in jail long though.

Everybody is mad at me now. I’m living with my aunt and I’m not supposed to see him anymore. I know what he did was wrong, but sometimes I still feel like I am to blame. It is hard to shake the feeling that I caused all these problems. I wonder if I will ever feel different.

Facts About Sexual Abuse

Facts About Sexual Abuse
  • One out of every three girls and one out of every eight boys will be sexually abused by age 18.
  • Eighty to ninety percent of offenders are family members or someone close to the family.
  • When sexual abuse occurs within a family, it is likely to continue for a period of time, even years, until it is discovered and stopped.
  • Both males and females sexually offend, however males represent a higher percentage of known sex offenders.
  • The media reports information on the highest risk offenders; however the majority of sex offenders are unknown to the general public either because information isn’t publicized or because they haven’t been caught yet.
  • While most other criminals decrease their criminal activity as they age, sex offenders typically do not. Most sex offenders continue to offend until they are physically incapable. Successful completion of sex offender treatment can interrupt this behavior; however extreme caution around children will continue to be necessary.
  • Child sexual abuse usually begins with a sex offender gaining both the parent’s and the child’s trust and friendship. Once a relationship has been established, the offender will begin to test the child’s knowledge and ability to protect themselves. Sexual jokes, back rubs, “accidental” sexual touching, and hugging, often done in the presence of the parent, are utilized to “test the waters”. If the offender isn’t given the message that these behaviors are inappropriate he/she will increase the amount and type of sexual exposure. To adjust the child to sexual activity, offenders commonly utilize casual or “accidental” exposure to pornography. This entire process is known as grooming.
  • Children who are well informed and empowered to act, and who have someone who will listen to them can, in many cases, prevent or stop sexual abuse. Offenders do not usually choose victims who are likely to resist or tell.
      • Sexual abuse can cause long-lasting problems well into adulthood. It is important to get your child into counseling after abuse has been disclosed. It is also often necessary and healthy for adult survivors of child sexual abuse to re-enter counseling at various periods of their life to assist in working through issues that resurface.
When I first announced that I was launching a series of articles about child safety and child sexual abuse issues, I wasn’t quite prepared for the number of emails I received from people wanting to not only express their appreciation that I’m doing this series, but several of them wanted to tell me their personal story of being a victim of sexual abuse, but didn’t feel comfortable leaving a public comment on the post. You may be wondering why I’m even doing this series, since the subject of sexually abused children tends to send chills down the spine of most parents, including mine.
I’ll tell you why I’m doing these posts. I was a victim of sexual abuse when I was a young child, and when I became an adult I did a tremendous amount of research on the subject in order to learn the facts about children being sexually abused, so I could do everything possible to protect my own children from ever becoming a victim.
But, it didn’t work. Despite knowing the statistics and all the known signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse; understanding the “grooming” methods child molesters often use on intended victims; teaching and reminding my children about “good touch, bad touch” on a regular basis; having excellent communication with my children; one of my sons was sexually abused at a young age by a highly respected church minister and close family friend, inside the church we attended at that time.
If you think it is only necessary to watch out for “strangers” who might want to hurt your child, you would be mistaken. You know, “stranger danger” and all that jazz. That is a myth, so forget that idea. Having been abused myself, and being the mother of a child who was sexually abused, I have a lot to say to people who are either uninformed, misinformed, or completely and utterly clueless.
4 Common Myths about Child Sexual Abuse:
Myth #1: You believe that since you live in a nice, safe neighborhood, where you know all your neighbors on a first name basis, and your children play with their children, hanging out at each other’s houses etc, that all is well on the home front.
Fact: Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood, in every religion or church group, covering all racial boundaries or ethnic groups, and it certainly doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. You can live in a beautiful, gated-community of homes worth millions of dollars, and your child is still not protected from being molested or abused.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice national statistics, 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will become victims of sexual abuse by the time they reach their 18th birthday. Not only that, but statistics show that children in elementary school are the most vulnerable and likely targets, and children with disabilities have even higher risk factors. That’s not good news for parents with little children, making it vitally important for parents to become educated about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in society today, without becoming completely paranoid about it.
Myth #2: You have already talked with your children about not allowing anyone to touch their private parts, perhaps even calling those body parts by their proper name, and you believe that’s pretty much all there is to do. You may even have said to your children something like, “No matter what, you can always tell me anything that is on your mind, and I will believe you”.
Fact: Sexual abuse occurs by forcing or manipulating a child in a way that allows the sexual offender to touch the child’s private parts (which may or may not include penetration), or takes photo’s of children without any clothes on, or when an offender exposes themselves to a child, etc. Children need to be taught about sexual abuse, and they need to learn and know the words “sexual abuse”. Listen, you can tell your children over and over about “good touch vs. bad touch” and proper names of body parts, but if your child doesn’t know the correct terminology, how are they going to know how to tell you they were “sexually abused”?!
Myth #3: Most sexual abuse cases are committed by people who are complete strangers to you or your child.
Fact: Closely monitoring the online database for sex offenders who may have moved into your neighborhood simply isn’t enough. 85-90% of child sexual abuse cases are committed by trusted family members and close friends. That includes fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, babysitters, daycare workers, boyfriends of single mom’s, fellow church members and clergy, and so on.
If I have to write a thousand more posts about sexually abused children, to make it crystal clear who the most likely offenders are, I will write them gladly if it will help just one more parent develop greater awareness to this issue.
Myth #4: You believe that your child would automatically tell you that he or she had been sexually abused. You may say to yourself, “My child and I have such great communication, that I KNOW my child would come and tell me immediately”.
Fact: Most sexually abused children do not tell anyone they were abused, even when directly asked by parents or other authority figures. Victims of sexual abuse are often too afraid that the news will hurt their parents, or they are afraid of not being believed, or they were threatened in some way by the offender.
While some schools offer programs that provide useful information and resources, for children and parents alike, the responsibility of educating children about sexual abuse belongs to the parents. And by the way, sexual abuse does occur in schools too!
Were you a victim of child sexual abuse at some point in your life? Are you a parent of a child who was sexually abused, perhaps now dealing with the agony of not knowing it was happening? Even if you personally have never been abused in this way, I can promise you that someone you know has been victimized sexually, but they just haven’t told you their personal story.
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Iowa State University

Sexual Abuse Statistics

Sexual Abuse Statistics:

  • 90% of all campus rapes occur when alcohol has been used by either the assailant or the victim. (Facts on Tap website)
  • One in twelve college males admit to having committed acts that meet the legal definition of rape or acquaintance rape. (Facts on Tap website)
  • 55% of female students and 75% of male students involved in acquaintance rape admit to having been drinking or using drugs when the incident occurred. (Facts on Tap website)
  • Female college freshman are at the highest risk for sexual assault between the first day of school and Thanksgiving break. (Facts on Tap website)
  • Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America someone is sexually assaulted. (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, RAINN website)
  • In 2003, there were 198,850 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault. (2003 National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS))
  • 1 in 4 girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18. (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1999)
  • A recently published eight year study indicates that when perpetrators of rape are current or former husbands or boyfriends, the crimes go unreported to police 77 percent of the time. When perpetrators are friends or acquaintances, the rapes go unreported 61 percent of the time; and when the perpetrators are strangers, the rapes go unreported 54 percent of the time. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2002)
  • 84% of sexual assault victims know the offender. (National Victim Center, 1992. US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1991)
  • One out of every six American women have been the victims of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime (Prevalence, Incidence and Consequences of Violence Against Women Survey, National Institute of Justice Centers for Disease & Prevention, 1998)
  • In 2003, nine out of ten rape victims were female. (NCVS 2003)
  • About three percent of American men – a total of 2.78 million men – have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. (Prevalence, Incidence and Consequences of Violence Against Women Survey, 1998)
  • In 2003, one in every ten rape victims was male. (NCVS 2003)

Statistics in Iowa:

  • 2,070 sex offenses were reported to Iowa law enforcement agencies in 2003. (IowaCASA Statistics, 2003)
  • Over 70.4% of rapes reported to Iowa law enforcement in 2003 were committed by someone known to the victim. (IowaCASA Statistics, 2003)
  • 70.8% rape victims knew their attacker. (IowaCASA Statistics, 2003)

Story County SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) statistics:

  • There were 55 SART responses in 2004.
  • Breakdown of the 55 cases in 2004:
    • 65% were between the ages of 18-25
    • 98% were female and 2% male
    • 47% of victims were ISU students
    • 54% were acquaintances
    • 71% of victims reported having used alcohol or other drugs
    • 61% of victims reported that the perpetrator used alcohol or other drugs


Eli said...

Rabbi Blau believes that Ohel is the problem.

“[Ohel] is the group in the community that works with children, with survivors and with abusers,” Rabbi Yosef Blau, mashgiach ruchani (spiritual adviser) of Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and a longtime advocate for abuse survivors, told The Jewish Week referring to the mother’s case as well as others of which he has knowledge.

“They have been the point men for the community [on this issue] and they have accepted the approach of the community, which is never to go to the police. They endlessly [hide] behind technicalities,” Rabbi Blau continued.

“Because [Ohel is] an agency that does wonderful things for children,” Rabbi Blau added, referring to the homes and services Ohel provides for foster children, it is not an agency he would like to see disappear. However, with respect to the handling of child sexual abuse, Rabbi Blau believes that Ohel “is the problem, in a nutshell. They [have shown that they are] not able to deal with the situation that they are legally required and morally required [to deal with]. The workers are all sincere people,” the rabbi added. “Solutions [to the current problem] would involve changing [Ohel’s] leadership. [And] you will know there’s change when they start reporting.”

Read more at:

Abuse Case Tests Ohel’s Adherence To Reporting Laws
The entrance to Ohel’s main office in Borough Park. Michael Datikash
The entrance to Ohel’s main office in Borough Park. Michael Datikash

Counselors, higher-ups at Brooklyn social service agency grapple with reporting of abuse to secular authorities. An inside look at an agonizing treatment process involving a mother and her young son.
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Hella Winston
Special To The Jewish Week

Ohel Syndrome said...

Ohel is clearly treading legal boundaries, and if anything has proven to be acting outrageously irresponsible in the handling/mishandling of sexual abuse situations.

Nechemya Weberman said...

A New York City rabbi has been charged with molesting a 12-year-old girl over three years.

Nechemya Weberman pleaded innocent at his arraignment Wednesday night to charges of criminal sex act, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse.

His lawyer, George Farkas, denied the charges. He said the 52-year-old Brooklyn rabbi has counseled troubled families in the past.

Authorities say the alleged abuse occurred from 2007 to 2010.


Information from: New York Post,

Rabbi David Niederman said...

Any decent yid knows Nechemya is innocent of these crazy charges. Not only that, but the girl is a habitual liar not to be believed. It will not shock me to learn she retracts her fantasy the minute we find some way to put her and her whole mishpocha in cheyrem.

Molester Lady said...

Remember Livermore mom Christine Hubbs who was arrested last summer on charges that she liked 13-year-old boys a little too much? She pleaded no contest yesterday in Alameda County Superior Court, and she's expected to serve five years in jail and to have to register as a sex offender. In exchange for her plea, prosecutors dropped 63 other felony sex counts and a few misdemeanor counts. That's quite a lot of counts! Sounds like this wasn't a one-time deal.

Hubbs, a 42-year-old dentist's wife and mother of three, is accused of using Xboxes, free dinners, and video games -- as well as nude photos of herself sent from her cell phone -- to entice two different boys, aged 13 and 14 at the time to have sex with her. One of the boys, the 14-year-old, had been dating her daughter. She's been in custody at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on $4.3 million bail since her arrest in August.

molester nussbaum from yob said...

Could you imagine what chutzpa? An injustice. 2 life-sentences for something small from what I read here seems unfair.

Convicted child molester gets 2 life terms

yudi kolko said...

This is reminiscent of the time I got a beat down at a bris by one of my molestation victims.----

A Broward jury took about 30 minutes Thursday to convict a man of molesting a 3-year-old Davie boy.

Luke Petruschke, 39, was found guilty of two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation.

Broward Circuit Judge Andrew Siegel immediately sentenced him to two life terms in prison, saying he felt the maximum punishment — not the 25-year minimum sentence — was appropriate.

Petruschke's case made headlines in October 2009 because the boy's father, Manuel Vega, and a neighbor, Krish Carter, severely beat Petruschke within hours of the child reporting the abuse. Both men later pleaded guilty to felony battery and are on probation for the offense.

The boy told his parents that Petruschke, a trusted family friend who visited the house daily, had gone into the room where he was sleeping and fondled his genitals and buttocks the night before.

dragon said...

There is no mitzva to support ohel in light of the recent revelations.

Rabbi Blau is a wise man, and I trust and value his opinion very much.

Abusive 'rabbi' sentenced to 24 years in prison said...

A self-proclaimed rabbi who counseled his followers to commit acts of child abuse and abused several children who lived with him was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Elior Chen was sentenced Monday in Jerusalem District Court to 24 years in prison and damages of $192,000 to his victims, eight children of the woman with whom he lived, a follower whose husband had given her over to the charismatic leader.

One child has been in a persistent vegetative state for almost three years since suffering abuse at the hands of Chen. The children's mother is serving a five-year jail sentence for her involvement.

Four of Chen's followers have already been sentenced to up to 20 years each in prison on similar charges.

Chen's attorney and his supporters on Monday maintained his innocence.

Chen fled Israel for Canada and then Brazil in 2008, and was extradited back to Israel several months later, after he counseled his followers to severely beat and burn the children in order to rid them of the devil. Some of the children were forced to drink alcohol and turpentine until they vomited, and to eat their own feces. They often were locked in suitcases and other small spaces.

molester nussbaum from yob said...

A Converse teen whose former assistant Scoutmaster is serving a 60-year prison term for child molestation filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Boy Scouts of America and its local affiliate.

“For decades now, BSA and (the Alamo Area Council) have known ... grown men seek Scoutmaster positions to prey on young boys,” the suit states.

James Hiatt, 30, was convicted by a Bexar County jury in 2008 of four counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and five counts of indecency with a child stemming from interactions with the boy in 2004 and 2005.

“Abuse is — and has always been — unacceptable, and the Boy Scouts of America extends its sympathies to the victims.

Read more:

Denis Frederick Allen said...

Convicted child molester Denis Frederick Allen has been refused parole for the second time in two years.

The 76-year-old was sentenced to a maximum 14 years in prison in November 2000 for a string of serious sex crimes involving 11 boys.

He was sentenced to a further three years behind bars, to be served concurrently, in 2002 after he pleaded guilty to fresh allegations involving a nine-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy.

Allen became eligible for parole in November 2009 but his application was refused.

He was refused parole again at a private hearing yesterday but will have another opportunity during a public hearing at Parramatta on March 29.

The retired butcher and former football coach preyed on boys for 33 years, recruiting them by preaching the joys of independence and risk-taking and encouraging them to drink.

He told a psychiatrist that the boys were special to him and claimed to have loved them.

If they resisted his advances he would often resort to tears, tantrums and bribes and, in some cases, physical and emotional cruelty.

One victim said that Allen would often play a game of blindman's buff, covering his eyes and then fondling the genitals of several young boys in order to guess their identities.

His victims were all affected by the crimes and some suffered major psychiatric problems in later years.

Roy E. Miller said...

A convicted child molester faces a new charge of child molesting after allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a 5-year-old girl.

Roy E. Miller, 50, of 812 N.W. Fifth St. Lot 56 in Richmond was arrested Tuesday and placed in the Wayne County Jail on a preliminary charge of child molesting (Class A felony) for an incident on Oct. 2, 2010.

According to court documents, Indiana State Police forensic scientist Lori James checked DNA taken from Miller against DNA from underwear belonging to the 5-year-old victim. Her findings showed that Miller was the source of the major DNA profile on the victim's underpants.

Additionally, during an interview at JACY House, the victim described the incident and identified Miller as the individual involved.

Miller was out of jail after posting bail in December on a $5,000 bond for three Class D felony charges related to sex offender registration. Those charges were filed in November after Miller failed to register his new address with authorities.

On Oct. 25, Miller was living at 203 N. 15th St. when the report of possible child molesting was placed with Richmond Police Department. That address was in violation of the residency restrictions placed on sex offenders since it was within 1,000 feet of Lion's Park, Annie's Little Lamb Daycare and the Central United Methodist Church Youth Center.

yob sux said...

Yeshiva of Brooklyn is a cult-school waiting to suck the life out of the unfortunates.

But perhaps nobody's more responsible for the trail of physical, sexual and emotional distress than its dean, 'rabbi' Shlomo Mandel. That's because he shamelessly sweeps under the carpet to protect his own interests, and by doing so enables grown men (working for him or not) access to further their sexual predation on children.

Mandel is a rasha. He thinks he's above the law. His smile is not fooling everyone, certainly not Hashem.

shlomo mandel enables child molestation said...

A court in Rome on Thursday sentenced a former Catholic priest to 15 years in prison for child abuse, as a wave of paedophilia cases by clergymen across Europe reaches Pope Benedict XVI's doorstep.

Ruggero Conti, a former parish priest at Selva Candida on the outskirts of the Italian capital, was found guilty of abusing seven children between 1998 and 2008 when he was arrested. He had claimed complete innocence.

Prosecutors had sought 18 years in prison for Conti on charges of sex acts against minors, sexual violence and incitement to prostitution of a minor.

He was accused of carrying out some of his crimes on parish camping trips.

The case has attracted wide media attention in Italy as relatively few priestly abuse scandals have come to light in this predominantly Catholic country, compared to the hundreds in northern Europe and the United States.

A lawyer for the victims, Fabrizio Gallo, told reporters he would also seek "a just compensation" from Vatican authorities after the court ordered Conti to pay around 200,000 euros (279,000 dollars) in damages.

"This trial showed that the accusations were true and that the lives of many people have been destroyed forever. I hope the Church will find a solution and compensate victims who have been abandoned," Gallo said.

"No-one offered them a hand to help them or say sorry," he added.

During the trial, the bishop in charge of Conti's parish, Gino Reali, admitted he had ignored initial rumours saying: "I didn't believe them."

queens said...

Suspect In Child Abuse Case Fights Extradition

The 29-year-old Astoria man who was on the run for six years after jumping bail for kidnapping and child sexual abuse charges, last week told an examining judge in the Netherlands that he won’t return to Queens without a fight.
Peter Belegrinos, whose last known Queens address was 20-64 24th St. in Astoria, was arrested on February 21 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on a warrant issued when he jumped his $50,000 bail in 2006 in the Queens case.
Belegrinos, a former psych technician at Elmhurst Hospital Center, is charged with attempting to kidnap three children, a boy and girl, both age 9 and a 12-year-old girl in Astoria Park in August 2005.

According to a criminal complaint filed at the time, Belegrinos allegedly asked the children to join him in a kissing game, which scared off the boy and the 12-year-old girl.
The complaint states, Belegrinos then allegedly tried to lure the 9-year-old girl into his car by telling her they had to catch up with the other children. The girl ran away from Belegrinos, toward the boy, who was hiding in some nearby bushes in the park.
The children later told investigators that Belegrinos drove to the shrubs, jumped out of his car and ran toward them. As he approached them, Belegrinos punched the girl knocking her to the ground before lifting her up and sexually abusing her, the complaint states.
When the girl attempted to scream for help, Belegrinos covered her mouth with his hand and said, “Can’t you ever shut up?”
The boy started screaming when he saw Belegrinos grab the girl and knock her to the ground, alerting people walking nearby.
Belegrinos was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court in August 2005 on second-degree kidnapping, first-degree sexual abuse and child endangerment charges and released on $50,000 bail. When he failed to appear in court in January 2006, the warrant was issued for his arrest.
Queens NYPD detectives and detectives at the Queens District Attorney’s Squad never stopped searching for Belegrinos, who they believe initially fled to Greece. Their determination paid off last week when he was nabbed at the Amsterdam airport.
“If the defendant thought that law enforcement authorities would forget about him after five years, he was sadly mistaken,” Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said.
“His alleged offenses are said to have occurred in a public area in broad daylight. Such allegations make the defendant a threat to children and a clear and present danger to society. His long overdue arrest also proves the old adage: “You can run but you cannot hide,” Brown said.

Anonymous said...

Isn't CEO David Mandel the one who told a Baltimore audience that one must report child sexual abuse allegations to the rabbi before going to the police?

Rabbi Avi Shafran said...

Totally pornographic - - - - -

Ignorant rabbi demands evidence he won't provide for himself

Category: Creationism • Kooks • Religion
Posted on: March 8, 2011 4:37 PM, by PZ Myers

Why do you torture me so? For the past week, the number one request in my mailbox hasn't been this nonsense about bacteria in meteorites, it's been people asking me to address Rabbi Adam Jacobs' stupid article on the Huffington Post.

I have a problem with that. I despise the Huffington Post and the fact that some liberals who ought to know better take it seriously as a leftist voice, instead of the lowbrow, pandering, honking noise of stupidity that it is. And in particular, I cannot support Arianna Huffington's contempt for labor and her privileged pretentiousness. So I cannot link to her site any more at all.

Fortunately, I can link to Jerry Coyne instead, who takes the silly rabbi apart. I'll only mention one item that jumped out at me.

His whole piece is a complaint that science has failed to explain the origin of life, and that we don't have a complete step-by-step description of every process that generated the first replicator over four billion years ago.

One might suppose that in the six or so decades since the discovery of the DNA molecule by Watson and Crick during which researchers have been investigating the origin of life they might have come up with some pretty solid leads to explain it.

We've only had a few decades of steady progress, and already he's demanding the moon? I notice that the rabbi has had a few millennia during which his ancestors have claimed an intimate and special relationship with an omniscient super-being, and all they have to show for it is "god did it." You would think that with all that privileged access, there would have been some tiny fragment of scientific utility somewhere in their holy book, but no, nothing.

If we're going to start comparing lacunae, let's start with thermodynamics. We've got detailed, complete mathematical descriptions of a fundamental mechanism that drives all of biology; the Torah's got nothin'. The believers have got a dissipated invisible vapor with not reasonable support; we've got Ludwig Boltzmann.

We win. Argument over.

Fuck off, rabbi.

aguda pig said...

No need to head to Pikesville or New York.

Pita & Rye, a Kosher Jewish deli, is opening in Howard County’s Maple Lawn community in May.

Jay Fridkis, the restaurant’s owner, said the shop will focus on deli favorites like pastrami, corned beef and turkey as well as on Mediterranean-style falafel, shawarma and shish kabob.

Rabbi Hillel Baron of Columbia’s Congregation Ahavas Israel will provide Orthodox kosher supervision to Pita & Rye. The rabbi welcomed the restaurant as the first kosher food restaurant in Howard County. “It is a milestone for our Jewish community,” Rabbi Baron said in a news release.

Maple Lawn is a sprawling planned community in what was once rural Fulton. Developer Michael Greenebaum, of Greenebaum & Rose Associates Inc., said there’s been a need for a kosher deli.

Pita & Rye joins Maple Lawn’s other eateries — Looney’s Pub, Venegas Prime Filet, Ranazul, Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream & Treatery and Sidamo Coffee and Tea.

Read more: Orthodox Kosher deli opening in Maple Lawn | Baltimore Business Journal

agudath israel senior citizens division said...

A convicted 78-year-old pedophile in Louisiana volunteered to be castrated so he could be released from prison early.

Francis Phillip Tullier was sentenced to 27 years behind bars in 1999 after admitting to molesting three girls between the ages of 6 and 12 on several hundred occasions.

Now the West Baton Rouge Parish resident will cut his prison sentence in half and is scheduled to be released next week.

Tullier's lawyer, Nathan Fisher, told the Advocate newspaper that his client decided to go under the knife because he didn't want to die in jail for crimes he committed in the 1970s and 1980s.

"They had enough to send him up for two or three life sentences," Fisher said. "He had no chance of getting out of prison unless we did something unusual."

He added, "I didn't want chemical castration, I wanted the whole deal. The victims probably weren't happy, but I'm not representing them. It took a lot of discussion, it wasn't something done on a whim."

The operation took 10 minutes and was paid for by Tullier. The surgery was delayed for years because he was dealing with other medical issues.

In October, Tullier was reluctant to go through the procedure. "I lost my house, I lost my wife and now y'all trying to take my manhood."

According to court transcripts, the judge replied, "It's time to give Caesar what Caesar is owed."

On the condition of release, Tullier will have to register as a sex offender.

Castration of sex offenders is legal in eight states. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jidndal signed a bill in 2008 sanctioning the procedure.

Read more:

explaining said...

Why would we want to accept Ohel's meek version of conflicting evidence they want to so frantically sweep away?

What is Ohel hiding?

This play on words stuff with attacking The Jewish Week is pitiful. The rest of the blabbering consisted purely to confuse and mislead.

Wasn't Ohel the agency who had Avraham Mondrowitz employed as the "child psychologist" with special expertise in taming troubled youths?

The child rapist with counterfeit credentials even had a radio show giving advice. He ran a makeshift office in the basement of his home "mentoring" and "treating" his chosen delights.

Then you have all these charedim child molesters roaming and succeeding, and somehow Ohel's name keeps getting linked alongside their names.

Coincidence? I don't think so!

remorse said...

Remorse is the punishment of crime; repentance, its expiation. The former appertains to a tormented conscience; the latter to a soul changed for the better.

abolish said...

Time to extend and open one year window for SOL.

Statutes are subject to revision by legislatures and interpretation by courts. This is a rapidly changing area of the law and there is no guarantee that the information on this table is current. Some of the states for which there is no information or which have been listed as not recognizing any delayed discovery or extended deadlines may be considering legislation. Some of the statutes that are listed with limited deadlines may have case law exceptions.

If you are wondering if you have a civil case, you should consult an attorney who practices in your area and who can advise you how the statutes and case law in your jurisdiction apply to the facts of your individual situation.

SOL said...

Statute of Limitations on homicide is a lifetime. Why by child sexual abuse is it any different? Maybe they don't understand its effects and ramifications. Such depravity to human life shouldn't be tolerated.

ma shaalosech uma bakasuose ad chatzi amalchus? said...

Achashveirosh's request to Esther. Pshat is we all can ask GOD for what we need too.

Pain said...

Reported incidents of child sexual abuse are markedly on the rise. What is especially shocking is the fact that these reports represent only a small portion of actual occurrences of sexual abuse. Incest affects individuals and families regardless of class, income, profession, religion or race. The statistics are truly alarming. It is currently estimated that one-third of all children are sexually abused before the age of 18. This includes 40% of all females and 30% of all males. The vast majority of these reports involve very young children, below age seven.

Every year in this country, two million children are brutally beaten or sexually abused. 340,000 new cases were reported in 1989 (U.S. Advisory Board, April, 1991). Of these abused children, 3,000 to 5,000 die every year. In New York State alone, 200 bodies of sexually and physically abused children are found each year and not even identified. These are the ultimate victims.

Children who are neglected or sexually abused are known to have lower IQs and an increased risk of depression, suicide and drug problems. Abused children are 53% more likely to be arrested as juveniles, and 38% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime. During preschool years, abused children are more likely to get angry, refuse direction from teachers, and lack enthusiasm. By the time they reach grade school, they are more prone to being easily distracted, lacking in self-control, and not well-liked by peers. l

Ephrayim Byrks said...

The Canadians can't implicate me in sexually abusing children.

Chanina said...

Ask /'Hashem answers our tefilot - on Purim even more so.

I hope He finds favor in my humble request to bring relief and strength.

big fan said...

Chag sameach my friend!

shkoich said...

You saved my life!

Rabbi Shlomo Mandel said...

Click the link to see my most recent Purim photo snapped right before sitting down for the seudah.

Molestation said...

Silent No More
Baltimore Jewish Times Executive Editor Phil Jacobs and filmmaker Scott Rosenfelt expose sexual abuse in Baltimore’s Orthodox Jewish community

Late last month, Phil Jacobs, executive editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, was packing his bags and feeling anxious. He was on his way to the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Standing Silent, a documentary directed by Scott Rosenfelt—producer of Home Alone, Mystic Pizza, and Smoke Signals, among many others—chronicles Jacobs’ several-year quest to expose sexual abuse within Baltimore’s insular Orthodox Jewish community. The Atlanta film festival had been one of the first to accept it, and was the first Jacobs would attend.

“So this movie’s coming out,” Jacobs said. “I keep pushing it away and pushing it away and it’s almost time.” His articles on sexual abuse had named the names of perpetrators, a taboo in the eyes of some in the Orthodox Jewish community, to which Jacobs belongs. Some had accused him of lashon hora, the Hebrew term for negative speech that harms another, a serious sin. The documentary was bound to rekindle some of these feelings in his critics. But there was another, more personal reason Jacobs was feeling anxious. It was perhaps the same reason he’d pursued his sexual molestation series for so long and with such drive: As a young man, Jacobs was raped.

Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been a topic of public debate for at least a decade, but word of molestation in the Orthodox Jewish community has been slower to emerge, often because its members have had a tendency to keep such scandal under wraps. But, increasingly, publications such as New York City’s Jewish Week have begun to explore the topic, while victims have started going to the police. In the last several years, at least four books have been published on sexual molestation in the Orthodox world, and several prominent rabbis have publicly addressed the need for the community to face the problem. In Baltimore, the dubious privilege of shining a light on the subject has fallen to Jacobs.


Yeshiva Of Brooklyn 'A Century Of Child Abuse' said...

Fedder presented a definition of child abuse and neglect: Any failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker that “results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation.”

Bergen County’s two rabbinical organizations gathered last Thursday night for a joint training session about identifying and responding to child abuse and neglect.

More than 20 rabbis from across the Jewish spectrum heard a presentation by Lisa Fedder, director of Jewish Family Service of Bergen and North Hudson, at the agency’s Teaneck office. Project S.A.R.A.H. (Stop Abusive Relationships at Home) was represented by Esther East, director of Jewish Family Service of the Jewish Federation of Greater Clifton/Passaic.

The joint training session reflected a desire for cooperation by both Rabbi Randall Mark, president of the North Jersey Board of Rabbis, which is made up of Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist rabbis, and Rabbi Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, president of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County. Both bodies were well represented at the session.

Itamar said...

Let's avenge the Fogels' death ● Op-Ed
This past Friday night the Fogels ran a Shabbat event for children in their home. After the event the children including their 12 year old daughter Tamar went to partake in a Bnei Akiva youth group and the rest of the family retired for the night. In the meantime terrorist broke into the community of Itamar. More

molester nussbaum from yob said...

A 27-year-old man convicted of molesting three young boys was sentenced to 32 years in prison Tuesday morning at Victorville Superior Court.

A mother and her three children were visiting a friend’s home in Phelan in November 2008 at the same time as Thomas Sterling Henson, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials said.

The mother found one of her sons sitting on Henson’s lap, and the child told her Henson had inappropriately touched him, officials said.

Henson pleaded guilty to four counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 on March 4, before Judge John Tomberlin sentenced him Tuesday.

If he had been convicted of all charges, Henson could have faced up to about 135 years to life in prison.

Henson’s last known address was in Newberry Springs, but he had been living in Hesperia for about a month prior to the incident, officials said.

Tomoya Shimura may be reached at (760) 955-5368 or said...



Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't trust Mike around my kids. I think he's still a risk." The nun was right.
Mike knows what he has done. He celebrates the fact the gods have sold him the perception I am taking the blame for his sexual mental illness. As such, this man represents a risk to the community, for if he thinks he got away with it once he may again.

agudath israel senior citizens division said...

This case is far too old. Release George England NOW!
A child molester convicted in Florida of buying a young Vietnamese girl in the early 1970s and abusing her as a sex slave from age 5 until she was a young adult was sentenced Friday to the maximum 30-year prison term.

Senior U.S. District Judge Jose A. Gonzalez cited the "horrendous nature" of the case to justify the sentence imposed on George Joseph England, 66, who in January was convicted of five sex abuse-related charges.

England was convicted in California in 1977 of molestation charges involving some of his victim's young friends, but fled to Florida with her before he was sentenced. They lived for decades under an assumed name taken from a dead child, until in 2004 the now adult victim decided to go to the FBI.

That victim, 43-year-old Jackie Zudis, called England pathetic during a sentencing hearing and said the abuse has caused her severe depression and struggles with alcohol.

"It was sick that you had to take a little girl for your own pleasure," Zudis said to England, who sat silently in a wheelchair, wearing blue prison garb. "Because of this degenerate, I don't know who I am."

The Associated Press typically does not identify victims of sex crimes, but Zudis has chosen to be identified publicly after being named for years in court papers as "Jane Doe."

A man allowed to give his name only as David also briefly spoke at the hearing. He was the son of England and Zudis, given up for adoption when Zudis was 13.

"It left me wondering my entire life what my heritage is. I'm still fighting that fight," he said.

Trial testimony showed that England repeatedly had sex with Zudis beginning at age 5, and also had her invite friends to their home so he could molest them as well. Court documents show that England even had a concealed camera near a bathtub so he could spy on the girls while they bathed. Later, he used alcohol to make Zudis and her friends more compliant.

"This case provides a front-row seat to a level of human depravity that simply exceeds the imagination of most people," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Corey Steinberg.

According to court documents, England was working in Vietnam as a civilian contractor in the early 1970s when he bought Zudis from her mother. Eventually they settled in Orange County, Calif., and England was tried and convicted in 1977 of three molestation charges involving the girl's friends. While out on bail, he and Zudis fled.

After Zudis came forward, England was captured in Florida and returned to California to serve what originally were three life sentences. But those sentences were reduced, and England was about to walk out of prison in March 2010 when federal charges were filed in Florida.

England's court-appointed attorney, R. D'Arsey Houlihan, said England planned to appeal his convictions and sentence.

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