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Survivors and Friends

Survivors and Friends is a non-profit organization that was founded by annie, a Survivor of sexual abuse herself. Survivors and Friends exists to provide hope, encouragement, and support for survivors of sexual abuse, incest, and rape, and their friends and family.
Here you will find articles on sexual abuse, incest, rape, and on abuse recovery, which are written by other Survivors or the loved ones of Survivors. You will also find the Survivor's Community--a place where you can safely (and anonymously) talk with other Survivors who may have faced some of the same trials that you may be facing--or have faced in the past. We have forums for partners and parents of survivors as well. We hope that you will find this site helpful in the recovery process.
In the future, we hope to also provide some chat rooms for you to communicate with each other.
Remember, you are not alone.

Dancing in the Shadows by Laura Bryannan

Chapter 1


Did you know that many incest and sexual abuse survivors are not aware they were abused? The psyche effectively blocks the trauma from the conscious mind so the person can continue to move forward and function in life. However, the trauma is never completely erased from a survivor's experience. Some survivors who have no conscious memories of abuse have always had a feeling something happened to them but, because they can't remember anything specific, they tell themselves the feeling must be wrong. If you are one of these people, there is a good chance that you are right-- something did happen to you, even if you can't remember exactly what. So, don't let the fact that you have no solid memories or "movies" keep you from exploring this issue.
Incest and abuse survivors often develop telling pathologies as they grow up. These pathologies are actually the various ways a survivor learned to cope with the abuse as a child, and were extremely healthy (perhaps even lifesaving) at the time, but are now in the way of their becoming a fully-functioning adult. So, if you've been working on a specific problem in yourself for some time and haven't been able to get anywhere with it, it's possible that you haven't been asking the right questions about it.
The book Secret Survivors, by E. Sue Blume (John Wiley & Sons, 1990), has a checklist of some of the many symptoms that can develop from sexual abuse. Of course these kinds of symptoms can develop from other causes as well, but if you see yourself in the discussion below, it's worth asking yourself the question, "Is it possible that I am this way because I experienced incest or sexual abuse as a child?" I'd like to summarize some of the most relevant points below.
Do you have issues with your body? Problems such as swallowing and gagging sensitivities, eating disorders, addictions to drugs or alcohol, skin carving or other self-abuse, the need to wear baggy clothes, or a fear of removing clothing even when appropriate (swimming or bathing, for example) often have their roots in childhood sexual abuse.
Survivors often have trouble expressing their anger, or live in constant fear of the anger of others. Some survivors, on the other hand, find anger and violence extremely erotic. Others are rage-alcoholics, and have trouble seeing the damage their outbursts have on the people around them. Another path survivors take is to become obsessed with suicide and death, or they spend their life in and out of depression. Many survivors remember being terminally shy and afraid as a child and, as adults, get very nervous when being watched; extreme cases border on paranoia.
Constant hand washing, lock checking, and other obsessive-compulsive behaviors are often unconscious attempts to clean what feels defiled, fix what feels broken, or secure what feels unsafe. Unexplainable fears about particular rooms or people are another clue. Abuse often leaves one feeling different from the rest of humanity, or even crazy.
One of the biggest red flags is loss of memory. If you can't remember anything before the age of six, for example, it's possible you've blocked out something painful to know about. Some survivors get more specific in their block-outs: they can remember being little but not their childhood bedroom or the kitchen, etc. Sometimes a survivor will only block out a specific person. If grandma lived with your family as a child but you can't remember any interaction with her, this is an important clue.
The pattern I've noticed to be most prevalent in otherwise healthy persons who do not remember being abused is a sexualizing of the identity. Survivors are taught that the way to get love is to put out sexually. So, when survivors become teens and young adults they often do just that! Are you someone who has had a long and somewhat promiscuous history of relationships with people who just aren't right for you--people who are unstable, substance abusers, violent, emotionally-withholding or unfaithful? It's possible you've simply been acting out what you were taught as a child.
Another clue can be found when the above-described person finally breaks that pattern and finds a healthy, loving partner to be in relationship with. A woman who has been a "hot mama" in unhealthy relationships often finds that, in a loving relationship, she loses her interest in sex entirely! Or, she wants to be sexual but finds that, instead of arousing her, her usual turn-ons now bring uncomfortable, icky or scary feelings.
The converse of this issue also occurs. I have seen many survivors let go of otherwise loving relationships because their partner's sex drive was not as active as theirs (the sex drive of an abuse survivor can be like a bottomless pit of need, by the way). Since people who were sexually abused often have their entire self-worth wrapped up in their sexual performing, a survivor has a hard time believing that their partner can really love them if they're not having sex as often as the survivor needs to feel safe.
A tangent to this problem is the woman who experiences her loving, kind and supportive partners as boring. A woman coming out of an abusive background will generally feel attracted to people who mirror the energies of her abuser. If her abuser was angry and violent, only these kinds of partners turn her on. If her abuser was distant, keeping her always at arm's length, she can only fall in love with distant, emotionally-withholding partners. If you are someone who thrives on emotional turbulence and high drama in your relationships, and are bored to tears with the loving folks you've met, you may be stuck in a self-abusive pattern that began in your childhood.
Another path abuse survivors take is to become totally asexual. These people often gravitate toward the myriad religious and philosophical systems which teach that sexual expression is a hindrance to one's spiritual development. This, of course, is the ultimate safe place for many abused people. Survivors in this environment are encouraged to spend their entire lives cut off from their bodies; freedom from sexual impulses is seen as a high spiritual goal. Thus, the survivor will never have to confront the awful memories that lie beneath the surface of their consciousness.
These are only some of the more obvious ways sexual abuse survivors act out. If you don't see yourself in any of the above descriptions, but still feel that something happened to you, please continue to explore this possibility. Incest and sexual abuse experiences are as varied as there are humans on this planet, and not all damaging experiences ever involve actual sexual activity. Sometimes all it takes is one inappropriate touch or glance--baby sitter fondling little girl's crotch, or uncle watching niece in the bathroom--and a child can be permanently shamed. Parents who tease their daughter about the size of her breasts (or who allow other family members to do so), a divorced father who tells his daughter all women are whores, are often setting up patterns in their little girls that may never be healed. These things are also abuse, even though intercourse never occurred.
The fundamental rule you should remember when reviewing your history to look for clues of abuse is this: there is a usually a good reason for every strange thing you notice about yourself. If you have phobias, sexual kinks, behavior glitches, etc., there is a very good chance someone taught them to you! These kinds of things did not come from the Original Manufacturer, they developed from misuse-of-product. No matter how bizarre the behavior or phobia, I have yet to discover a woman who did not ultimately find that it was produced by some corresponding form of abuse.
So, if you have fantasies of being tied up and sexually tortured, there's a good chance someone did that to you and you've blocked it out. If going into the bathroom after dark gives you anxiety attacks, there's a good chance that something horrible happened to you in a bathroom at night earlier in your life. Give yourself permission to believe that these kinds of behaviors have a reasonable and rational cause and you'll find that your life is full of clues about what may have happened to you.
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Laura Bryannan


yeshivos afraid of this said...

The Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, has agreed to pay $166 million to settle claims filed by hundreds of victims of clergy sexual abuse.
Among the claimants are former students at St. Mary’s Mission east of Omak.
A federal court approved the tentative settlement between the Jesuits and more than 500 victims of sexual abuse.
The claims include victims in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.
Tamaki Law, Yakima, and Michael Pfau of Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala, Seattle, represented the claimants.
Under the proposed settlement, the Jesuits will pay $48.1 million and their insurers will pay $118 million, Tamaki investigator and victim liaison Ken Bear Chief said during a meeting with victims and press March 25 at the Omak Longhouse.
The case, filed in February 2009, revealed “a shocking number” of abuse victims on American Indian reservations in Washington, Idaho and Montana, where the Jesuits ran boarding schools until the mid-1970s, said Jason P. Amala of Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala.
Dozens of victims also came forward from remote villages in Alaska, including many who were orphans or were placed under the care of the Jesuits because their parents were too poor to take care of them.

Rabbi Shlomo 'crocodile tears' Mandel said...

Monsignor William Lynn is my role model.

A high-ranking church official in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia will seek to challenge evidence that led prosecutors to charge him with child endangerment.

Monsignor William Lynn will demand a preliminary hearing this afternoon to see if the charge should be upheld. His lawyers say the former secretary for clergy never supervised or cared for children in the archdiocese, and cannot be charged with endangering them.

Prosecutors say a 124-page grand jury report is enough to send the case to trial. The grand jury alleged Lynn transferred priests with sex-abuse histories to new parishes without sufficient warning.

Two other priests, an ex-priest and a former Catholic school teacher are also due in court on child-rape charges.

Lynn is the first U.S. Catholic church official charged in the priest sex-abuse scandal.

civil rights said...

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz met with leading members of Oslo’s Jewish community at the city’s Chabad House last week, where he spoke about the extreme anti-Israel, anti-Semitic attitudes he encountered in Norway. He urged them to take lessons in Jewish pride and courage from Chabad.

The world famous civil rights lawyer who is typically invited to meet with heads of state wherever he travels, told the group of about 30—among them a number of professors—that he was turned down for meetings with Norway’s leaders. His offers to speak at NTNU-Trondheim and Oslo universities were also declined because of his views on Israel.

“I’ve spoken at every major university in the world, German, Russian, Chinese universities, and even at Bir Zeit. Only twice in my life have I been turned down. The first time in Apartheid South Africa when I was Nelson Mandela’s lawyer, and the only other time has been here.”

Mid-City Molester said...

The man known as the "Mid-City Molester" was convicted on Friday of kidnapping and molestation.

Daniel Merino, 42, was found guilty by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury of approaching four girls between the ages of eight and ten while they were on their way to school, reports the LA Independent. The girls were all alone when approached. Merino then asked for their help in getting his daughter to school, took the girls to a nearby apartment building and sexually molested three of them, and attempted to molest the fourth.

The incidents happened between February 2008 and November 2009. Merino faces three 25-year-to-life sentences, as well as 20 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Speak Out and Help Heal Other Survivors

In the United States, one in every 100 children is involved in sexually exploitive activities. Most runaways and homeless young people are who are surviving through participation in the sex industry were originally fleeting from homes where they were being sexually abused. Thus, a vicious cycle is created. Exploited at home, and then on the streets.

Strangers do not commit most sexual crimes against under-aged individuals. Instead, it is parents, uncles, or next-door neighbors who molest our children. These facts regarding child exploitation are taken from a study titled “The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico,” by Richard J. Estes, PhD, and Neil Alan Weiner, PhD, from the University of Pennsylvania, Center for the Study of Youth Policy.

The three-year investigation, which was commissioned by the US Government, calls for urgent measures to be taken to tackle the issue. It was published one day before “9/11,” a day that has ever since symbolized the devastation of international terrorism. And yet we can see from the study that terrorism is already alive and well in the homes of abused and exploited children.

Every day, a child is exploited. Every day, we tell ourselves, “It’s not that bad,” when the reality is, childhood sexual exploitation has become an epidemic. As a nation, we have so glorified sexual images that we have almost become blind to the reality behind the symbols. These images teach our children to place great value and emphasis on their sexuality.

I know this is true. I am a sexual abuse survivor. If I did not tell the truth about what happened in my lifetime as a result of my own experiences as an exploited child, it would be as if I too was looking the other way.

Silence and secrecy perpetuate the crime. When we tell our stories, we create change that ripples around the globe. In the process of healing from being both an incest survivor and a prostituted woman, I re-claim my sexual identity when I tell the truth about how I became split from myself. How the wounded little girl went underground and how I developed into the “bad girl” to protect her.

If no one tells the truth, the exploitation will become the norm. Then whoever is exploited will be blamed for what happened to them. They were available for the victimization, showed no resistance, therefore they must have wanted it, and so it’s their own fault.

I was blamed for my own victimization by being labeled a bad girl. I was defiant, and so I decided that if society viewed me as bad, then I might as well be a good “bad girl.” I shoved my addiction to the sex industry underground, and later it resurfaced as a sex and love addiction. The only way out of the maze is to tell you the truth. I am lifting the veil. This is the journey I took to become whole and reclaim my womanhood. Please tell me your truth. Take the hand of another survivor and together we will help to heal the world.

chara said...

People like Mandel practice religion with God, but not with fellow man.

Miriam said...

I was sexually assaulted as a child. It all began when I started receiving "therapy" for rebelling. You see, my school felt I was not frum enough, and to help me past this it was arranged I see a therapist. Turns out this religious man who was supposed to help end my rebellious state, proceeded to fuel it instead. He was not a certified psychologist. I later found out from my older sister he raped her too.

mikvah victim said...

The Canadian Jewish news

Sexual abuse of children a problem: rabbi
By JANICE ARNOLD, Staff Reporter
MONTREAL — He’s been vilified, threatened, offered bribes and almost murdered. Yet Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg of Brooklyn, N.Y., is more determined than ever to raise awareness of the sexual abuse of children in the Jewish community and to have perpetrators prosecuted by the civil courts.

His 10 years of outspoken activism have made him many enemies in the haredi community to which he belongs. He has, in particular, exposed incidents of the abuse of boys by men in yeshivot and mikvot.

More disturbingly, Rabbi Rosenberg has shown the lengths to which community leaders will go to cover up these crimes.

Rabbi Rosenberg spoke at a public event Feb. 20 at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue for 2-1/2 hours, often in graphic detail, about what, he says, is happening and what has to be done.

The small audience, men and women seated separately, listened in apparently stunned silence.

He did not come to raise money, he emphasized – “I am a wealthy man,” he said – but to wake up the community to this still-hidden problem. What he does want is more opportunities to speak. He’s prepared to go almost anywhere.

Rabbi Rosenberg, 60, has a website “dedicated to fighting pedophilia in Jewish communities worldwide,” which includes access to a confidential hotline in Yiddish, English and Hebrew 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since June 2010, it has had more than 140,000 visitors, the site stated. One in five underage male students are victims of their teachers, rabbis or other staff at their schools, and one in three boys are molested by men while using ritual baths, he said.

There is no religious obligation for a boy to go to the mikvah, he affirmed, and certainly not one for boys under bar mitzvah age. Better control of who comes in and video surveillance are two methods of preventing abuse, he urged.

Schools should make police checks before hiring staff, he said.

But those who abuse children are often respected rabbis and teachers, he added.

agudath israel senior citizens division said...

How old a case this is! It has been a mighty long time to tell someone. And now to expect who they are accusing to go to jail for crimes taking place in the 1970s seems rather unfair to us.

A once-celebrated Christ the King basketball coach accused of molesting a player in 1976 pleaded guilty to the charge Monday – but he won’t serve any jail time.

Bob Oliva, whose 27-year career at the Queens prep school included coaching future NBA stars, cut the deal with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office in Massachusetts, where some of the sexual abuse took place. He faced as many as two life sentences if convicted.

“You are a sick, disgusting person and a poor example of a human being,” victim Jimmy Carlino said in a court statement. He said Oliva molested him more than 100 times during various trips together.

Oliva received five years probation. He also must register as a sex offender, stay away from coaching and not interact with minors unsupervised. He resigned from the high school in 2009 once the allegations surfaced.

Yeshiva of Brooklyn 'A Century of Child Abuse' said...

Just because "Survivors" and clergy came together for a first of its kind conference about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church -- it shouldn't be taken to mean rabbis and yeshivos who have been caught-up in sex scandals of their own should also expected to do the same.

MILWAUKEE -- Survivors and clergy came together for a first of its kind conference about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. It was hosted by Marquette University's Law School.

The conference stemmed from a documentary by former State Supreme Court Justice and law professor Janine Geske. The film was intended to get dialogue rolling in seminaries and parishes.

"Then move forward to make sure children are protected and make sure that children are never exposed to that in our church again," said Geske.

Bishops and clergy from the U.S. and beyond emphasized the need for a personal approach.

"Bishops are better off in dealing with this when they have firsthand contact with victim survivors ... caring for people who've been victimized, caring for survivors and bringing about healing," said Spokane Bishop Blase Cupich.

It's healing that many believe needs to happen worldwide.

Abuse victim Peter Isely said, "This is a global church; this criminal activity's been taking place everywhere around the world. There has to be a global solution."

The conference runs through Tuesday at Marquette University's law school.

Ashley Judd said...

Ashley Judd's memoir details a family faced with troubles ranging "from depression, suicide, alcoholism, and compulsive gambling to incest and suspected murder," she writes. Radar and MSNBC received advance copies of All That Is Bitter & Sweet, out today. Judd writes that "there was always marijuana inside the house" and that her father "was prone to taking hallucinogenics," and adds that when her mother divorced and got a new boyfriend, that man was an "abusive full-blown heroin addict with a criminal record."

The most tragic incident Radar recounts is one in which Judd describes sexual abuse she suffered: "An old man everyone knew beckoned me into a dark, empty corner of the business and offered me a quarter for the pinball machine at the pizza place if I'd sit on his lap. He opened his arms, I climbed up, and I was shocked when he suddenly cinched his arms around me, squeezing me and smothering my mouth with his, jabbing his tongue deep

Lonnie Ray Correll said...

'America's Most Wanted' accused child molester caught in Henderson
By Mike Blasky

A man accused of child molestation was arrested in Henderson Tuesday after being profiled on "America's Most Wanted."

Lonnie Ray Correll, wanted in Oklahoma on charges of molesting an 11-year-old girl, surrendered to Henderson police Tuesday.

He is being held without bail at the Henderson Detention Center pending extradition.

Correll was featured on Fox's television show Saturday night. A viewer called Henderson police and said Correll was staying in the Desert Sands RV Park on Sunset Road.

When detectives arrived to investigate, Correll had already fled, police said.

Correll, who had been in Henderson about two months, had been hiding in a nearby desert area since the show aired Saturday.

Contact reporter Mike Blasky at or 702-383-0283.

Anonymous said...

My brother Mike is a molester. He molested both me and my brother, both of which went on to have homosexual experiences.
He put me in an old hand me down dress.
Mike instructed both his young brothers (appx 3 years old) to copulate him.
He married a woman who is a dead ringer for a transsexual, enabing him to relive his role as molester every night. I understand he prefers copulation so much he has problems with traditional intercourse.
I think you know who he is.

Rabbi Mordchai Fish said...

For the second time in as many weeks, a leading Brooklyn rabbi walked into Trenton federal court and pleaded guilty yesterday in connection with the biggest corruption case in New Jersey's history.

Rabbi Mordchai Fish, 58, admitted he conspired to launder $900,000 after being approached by dubious federal snitch Solomon Dwek. Fish was among 43 people arrested July 23, 2009, in a sweep.

Read more:

fake rabbi said...

A PREACHER jailed for child abuse can today be exposed after he tried to build a new identity - as a rebel rabbi.

Former student minister Ronald Chalmers was booted out of the Reverend Ian Paisley's church in Ulster when he was locked up for three years for a sex attack on a boy in a church hall.

The Sunday Mail can reveal that Chalmers has resurfaced in Scotland, calling himself Rabbi Asher Kramer and leading a breakaway synagogue in Lanarkshire.

Former Tory activist Chalmers, 47, left the Free Presbyterian church in disgrace in 1992 after indecently assaulting the 11-year-old boy in Finaghy, south Belfast, and at a guest house.

The court heard he abused the boy on a bed next to the pulpit at the church hall.

Chalmers was ordained as a Messianic Jewish rabbi two years ago and is now leading a small band of followers based in an East Kilbride community centre.

But he was kicked out of the Union of British Messianic Jewish Congregations last year over concerns about his behaviour.

Ubmjc leader Rabbi Dr Yehoshua Scott said: "Ronald Chalmers is a very charming person but some members left his synagogue scandalised by accusations of a friendship with a gentleman who had a low IQ.

"A lot of people were increasingly concerned by his behaviour and he now has formed his own organisation with just a few members."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

My memories of being sexually abused as a child torment me to this day. The person responsible lives a high profile life. He leads and mentors other Jews, a RABBI he is.

Sexual abuse in Emanuel said...

Channel 2 reported on Monday that the principal of Emmanuel’s Ashkenazi elementary school for boys, Rabbi Moshe Nussboim, is currently on trial behind closed doors in the Kfar Saba Magistrate’s Court on suspicion of sexually abusing three boys from Sephardi families in his school between the years 2002-2008.

The Emmanuel affair took off in 2007, when a partition was erected in the middle of the local Beit Ya’acov girls’ school building to separate between girls in a “hassidic track,” composed of primarily Slonimer Hassidim, and the rest of the girls.

child molester yudel nussbaum from yob said...

No relation to Rabbi Moshe Nussboim, but I would not mind if we collaborate on boy prey in the future, especially when I visit Eretz Yisroel.

Lawrence Taylor said...

Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor has been given the lowest-grade sex offender status on Tuesday following his March 22 sexual misconduct sentencing. Judge William Kelly had delayed this portion of Taylor's sentencing, but three weeks later Taylor has been designated as a Level 1 sex offender. As a result, he will not have his photo published in an online registry for such offenders.

Judge Kelly decided on Level 1 status because he believed that Taylor would not find himself in a similar situation. Had Kelly agreed with the prosecution and gone with a Level 2 status, that would have required Taylor's picture to be added to the registry. However, given Taylor's public profile and the amount of attention already given to this trial, Kelly believed that there was little difference between the two levels and went with the lower one.

However, Level 1 status still means that he will need to register as a sex offender, in addition to six years probation.

Michael and Debbie Overby, Rose Faucett, Phillip Hester said...

Police have charged four people in a scheme to sell a baby girl to a convicted child molester and his sister.

Indianapolis Police say siblings Michael and Debbie Overby tried to buy the 10 day old daughter of Rose Faucett, 36, for $300 and a room to stay.

Michael Overby was also charged with falsely signing papers to say he was the child's father.

Read more:

chametz חָמֵץ said...

Sexual abuse is no laughing matter. For those of you guilty of your role in enabling this cycle to continue, YOU are the CHAMETZ that needs to be burned!

Rabbi Gabriel Bidany said...

Sexual molestation is my thing.


A randy Israeli rabbi was busted last month for groping a female passenger aboard a flight to New York - but he claims he wasn't copping a feel, just catching some Z's, federal court records say.

Rabbi Gabriel Bidany was charged with misdemeanor assault after twice fondling a dozing woman on a March 27 Delta Airlines flight from Tel Aviv, according to a federal complaint.

The unidentified victim told FBI agents that about 90 minutes into the flight, she awoke to the holy man's hand under her blanket, touching her private parts, the complaint says.

When she jumped back, she claims, Bidany quickly withdrew his hand, according to court records.

With 10 hours left on the flight, the victim said she then tried to sleep and pulled the blanket over her head and body protectively. But instead of taking the hint, Bidany allegedly reached his hand and felt her breasts, the complaint says.

After she yelled, "What are you doing, stop touching me?" she told officials that Bidany claimed it was a mistake.

"I'm asleep," he said, according to the complaint, which was first reported by The Smoking Gun website.

The victim then complained to the flight crew who described her as "visibly shaken and frantic," according to court records.

Bidany's lawyer told The Smoking Gun that his client was innocent and denied the groping ever happened.

Read more:

Rabbi Avi Shafran said...

Based on these developments I find Samuel Kellner lied.

Rabbi Baruch Lebovits is an innocent man. We need to stand united and release him now!

District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said a new indictment charges Kellner with perjury in addition to extortion and conspiracy. He was not charged with bribery or witness tampering.

Hynes said Kellner found out in 2008 that the rabbi had been accused of molesting a child, then got the second child to make similar claims.

Kellner also is accused of demanding $400,000 from the rabbi’s family while saying he could have other children make similar allegations against him.

“We allege that Kellner sent emissaries to Lebovits’ family telling them that he controlled the witnesses against Baruch Lebovits,” Hynes said, “and that in return for $400,000, he would ensure that the witnesses would not testify at trial.”

Hynes stated that while child abuse cases must be “prosecuted vigorously,” authorities should be mindful and “very, very careful about false complaints.”

Upon Kellner’s indictment, lawyers for Lebovits — led by famed Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz — rushed to start an appeal.

“We know this community, we love this community and there’s a real job that has to be done in that community to eliminate this culture of extortion,” Dershowitz said.

The appellate judge will allow Lebovits to be released on $250,000 bail pending his appeal. He will be under house arrest, be required to wear an ankle bracelet and will only be allowed to leave his home for a medical emergency.

gedolim said...

Shit all over our faces. We yell, why does it smell like chara everywhere we go? They answered, the same way we carry our chometz everywhere we go!

a yid who cares said...

A good moed my dear chaver. Keep up the fight. We desperately need awareness on the sexual abuse of children. Too many in our community are still in denial.

yob sux said...



Anonymous said...

I hate YOB. Send kids to this "yeshiva" at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Career military pilot who molested his siblings. Victims under 5 and he used to instruct copulation.
Ended up a fucking pathological wierdo, of course. Told he didn't belong by his peers.
Now incompetent at intercourse with his wife, strongly preferring copulation, not unexpected.

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It is unfortunate that it has come to this. It is a big darn shame it has come to this. It is very hurtful that it has come to this. But yet, IT HAS COME TO THIS. It has come at the price of a GREAT CHILUL HASHEM. It has come to Hashem having to allow his holy name to be DESECRATED so that his CHILDREN remain SAFE. Shame on all those responsible for enabling and permitting Hashem's name to be desecrated! When you save children you save the future. You save the future you save generations. You save generations you save lives. You save lives you have saved the world!!!!!!!