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Belzer Child Molester Mendel (Menachem) Deutsch Case

Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York reports:

Last week Wednesday, two boys were molested within an hour of each other, inside the Belzer Synagogue in Boro Park on 15th Avenue. On Erev Shabbos, the NY Post published the news about the sexual attack on two young boys. Detailing how the pedophile lured the boys, aged 11 and 12 into the basement of the shul. Soon after, CALA learned that the surveillance footage was subpoenaed to assist the investigation.
Mi KeAmcha Yisroel! Only three weeks ago, CALA wrote about the Belz Chassidim, how they made the news on their heroic stance on sexual abuse and the steps they have taken for prevention, including surveillance and bathroom monitors. Additionally, their one-strike-and you’re-out policy has helped this investigation come to a swift end.
At around 4:30 pm, the suspect turned himself in to the 66th precinct, accompanied by one of the Belzer Dayanim, and a criminal defense attorney. Again, Belz has taken a strong stance on reporting abuse and putting an end to these types of crimes. It is admirable that a dayan, upon learning the identity of the pedophile from the surveillance footage, actually turned him in, despite the rebbish lineage of the suspect. Kol Hakavod!
The 19 year old suspect, named Menachem Deutsch, is called Mendel amongst his fellow Belzers, and lives near the 15th Avenue Shul where the attack took place. Married for less than a year, he is one of the first grandchildren from the prominent Deutsch family to marry. Originally from Monsey, New York, he married in to a choshiva Belzer Family. His wife is a Schiff from home, a granddaughter of the “Shotz” Moskowitz family, the first grandchild to be married in that family.
Hashem should continue to protect our children and send continued strength and wisdom to the leaders of our community. May they continue to do the right thing.
The question remains: Will he now admit who molested him? Apparently, the family of the first victim already withdrew the charges.
NY Post Update: Brooklyn Teen Surrenders in Abuse Case


Child Sexual Abuse said...

The effects of sexual abuse extend far beyond childhood. Sexual abuse robs children of their childhood and creates a loss of trust, feelings of guilt and self-abusive behavior. It can lead to antisocial behavior, depression, identity confusion, loss of selfesteem and other serious emotional problems. It can also lead to difficulty with intimate relationships later in life. The sexual victimization of children is ethically and morally wrong.

Report, report, report said...

If you suspect sexual abuse and believe a child to be in imminent danger, report it to the local child protective services agency (often called “social services” or “human services”) in your county or state. Professionals who work with children are required by law to report reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect. Furthermore, in 20 states, citizens who suspect abuse or neglect are required to report it. “Reasonable suspicion” based on objective evidence, which could be firsthand observation or statements made by a parent or child, is all that is needed to report. Remember that you may be the only person in a position to help a child who is being sexually abused.

child molester enabler shlomo mandel said...

Just like Casey Anthony was found not guilty, so too every rabbi that ever swept abuse under the rug will be exempt from any wrongdoing.

Aron Twerski said...

Menachem Deutsch is an honorable child molester from an honorable family yichus.

stay safe this summer said...

RAPE is always a brutal crime. But when the victims are defenceless and innocent children, it’s even more despicable.

Not only are the children physically violated and their innocence defiled, the mental scars stay with them long after the final attack.

Parents usually think of a child molester or rapist as a dangerous stranger. While the “stranger” angle grabs headlines, it is less common than most people believe, say experts.

The majority of child victims know their assailants, who are most often family members or friends.

Manny Waks is a brave man said...

Latest rabbi sex-abuse victim to come to light in recent days.
MANNY Waks's behaviour started to change part-way through his schooling at Yeshivah College.

''I wasn't listening to the teachers and was getting into trouble,'' Mr Waks says.

Now, more than 20 years later, he believes his disruptive behaviour, his rebellion against his strict Hasidic upbringing, even the fact he is no longer an observant Jew, can potentially be linked to sexual abuse he says he was subjected to at the Orthodox Jewish school in St Kilda East.

Read more:

child molester enabler shlomo mandel said...

So what if Groner allowed a child molester to have access to children. Big deal!

Mr Waks made his first statement to police in 1996. He also told Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, Yeshivah Centre director. In 2000, after returning to Australia, Mr Waks was shocked to see his alleged abuser was still in a position of authority at the Yeshivah Centre.

''I said to Rabbi Groner: 'How can you give this person access to children?' Rabbi Groner pleaded with me not to take it further. He said to me that [the alleged perpetrator] was getting help from a psychiatrist. I said: 'Can you guarantee he will not re-offend?' Rabbi Groner said no and that's when I walked out. In my attempt to seek justice and closure I felt like I was working against an entrenched culture and system of covering up these crimes at any cost.''

Yeshivah College's general manager, Nechama Bendet, says Rabbi Groner died in 2008.

''We are therefore not in a position to clarify any communications he is alleged to have made around 15 years ago,'' she says. ''The college would like … to make it absolutely clear that it supports and encourages any person who alleges sexual abuse to report the matter to the Victoria Police as the college condemns all forms of child abuse.''

Since learning of the police inquiry last month, Mr Waks has worked closely with police. He is hopeful of arrests soon.

''This is certainly a move I have been anticipating for many years,'' he says. ''I do not seek sympathy but rather understanding and support for deciding to bring this important and sensitive issue into the public domain. We need to shatter this insidious code of silence.''

Read more:

Nechama Bendet said...

I'm the dope Mr. Waks is referring to, because it was I who made the ridiculous suggestion that it was before "mandatory reporting" in an attempt to defend a coverup in the Kramer sex abuse case.

Mr Waks, who was not abused by Kramer, says there are multiple perpetrators and victims involved in the current police probe. He is furious that Yeshivah College did not take action at the time and says it recently tried to ''defend the indefensible'' by suggesting the alleged abuse related to a time before mandatory reporting.

Read more:

Yeshivah College shame on you said...

Yeshivah College, which did not report the complaints to police, was accused of covering up the scandal. Kramer went on to offend in the US, sodomising a 12-year-old boy while conducting a youth program at a St Louis synagogue. He was jailed in 2008 and is now serving a seven-year prison sentence.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavod to Manny Waks!

Hazmana Belsky said...

I am ordering an hazmana for Motzey Shem Rah against Waks pronto.

Yudi Kolko said...

I am an example of a child molester who went off scot-free. That is because of my heros, Margo and Belsky.

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People said...

U.S. Catholic bishops revise guidelines against sex abuse

Seattle, Washington (CNN) - To fight child abuse by priests, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops revised its 2002 charter Thursday, the group said.

Child pornography is a crime against church law and the abuse of someone who is mentally disabled is equivalent to child abuse, the conference said in a statement on its revised Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

The charter was created to battle the sexual abuse of minors by clerics, the conference said.

Vicki Polin said...

THANK YOU MANNY for the courage, bravery and tenacity you've shown by sharing your story with the world.

I personally believe that Manny Waks deserves a great deal of respect and honor. Each and every time Manny walks into a room everyone should stand up as they would any rav -- and also give him a round of applause. He's a true hero to the Jewish people.

Anonymous said...


Please correct the following in the article:
Dutsch is no prominent family, it is a regular family, it is just that they are know since it is a BIG family but no special aaskonim or rabonim or yicuhs in this family.

Yeshivah College shame on us said...

Why are we talking about abuse that took place before mandatory reporting was in effect? Shouldn't we be absolved from any wrongdoing when we were allowed to 'legally' shove the dirt under the rug back then?

Jewish Child and Family Service’s said...

Abuse does happen in our community says rabbi in the know
Written by Rebeca Kuropatwa
Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Winnipeg – As guest speaker for the Jewish Child and Family Service’s (JCFS’) annual general meeting recently, Rabbi Mark Dracht discussed domestic violence and child abuse in his talk, It Happens Here.
Dracht, an expert in the areas of domestic violence and abuse, a counsellor, advisor, writer, lecturer, advocator, and policy formulator, is also the founder and director of JSafe – the Jewish Institute Supporting an Abuse Free Environment, a not-for-profit organization committed to affecting the way the Jewish community addresses issues of domestic abuse and child abuse.

“Moses on Mount Sinai taught us that, yes, we’re special, great people, but one that needs a Torah with 365 prohibitions,” the rabbi told the Winnipeg audience. “We’re a people with flaws, failures, and the ability to overcome and succeed.”

Dracht explained that the Torah “makes us better, moves us, makes us more divine and more like the image of God...and that, although human beings are supposed to be merciful, humble, and magnanimous, we’re not all the time.

“The Torah was given to us because we’re imperfect – because there are those amongst us who are murderers, thieves, adulterers, liars, cheaters – people with all kinds of problems and difficulties.”

There are up and down sides to the many stereotypes about the Jewish community, conveyed the rabbi. “We set the bar very high for our children and the people in our community.... But when stereotypes become a reason for not accepting or seeing reality for what it is, that’s when it becomes a problem.

“We must see reality for what it is, and stop telling people who are brave enough to tell others what they’re going through to go home and make shalom bayit (peace in their homes).”

According to statistics, Dracht said, it takes the average woman seven years to leave an abusive situation. In the Jewish community, it takes the average woman 14 years to leave due to “fear of what the neighbours will say, desire to maintain shalom bayit, and embarrassment because of the myth that it doesn’t happen here.”

The rabbi said that things are improving.

“It’s getting better in terms of prevention and assistance in resolving issues with the help of organizations like JWI [Jewish Women International], JSafe, and JCFS.”

The vision of JCFS is to be the place in the community where all voices are heard and needs are fulfilled. Its mission is to strengthen lives in keeping with Jewish values.

molester nussbaum from yeshiva of brooklyn said...

Molesting children is not a crime if you love them and are mechanech them to be strong in the future.

Leibby Kletzky still missing PLEASE HELP said...

As the community continues to mobilize a search in Borough Park, Brooklyn for nine-year-old Leibby Kletzky, who was last seen leaving a local day camp Monday, a local shopkeeper recovered a surveillance video showing him walking alone.

Authorities say Leibby was last seen leaving the Boyan Day Camp on 1205 44th Street between 12th and 13th Avenues shortly before 5 p.m. Monday.

He went missing after a previously arranged break from his normal routine.

“He normally took a bus down, you know, like every child, he wanted a little bit of independence, wanted to do a little bit of walking on his own,” said Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “So they had decided that they were going to — instead of walking all the way home, the mother was going to meet him just two blocks or so away from the day camp. The day camp is at 12th Avenue and 44th street, and the mother was meeting him at 13th Avenue, just one street over. Never arrived. Never showed up.”

Leibby, also known by the Hebrew name "Yehuda ben Esther," is four feet tall and weighs 50 pounds.

He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with green and white stripes, blue pants, a black leather belt, black socks and black sneakers, and had a knapsack labeled “Nechmod Day Camp.”

Police and volunteers canvassed the area last night and searched stores, alleyways and backyards.

Hikind and two other community leaders are offering $100,000 to anyone with information leading to the boy's safe return.

Anyone with information on the case should contact the the Shomrim Patrol at 1-718-871-6666 or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS. They can also reach Crime Stoppers by texting CRIMES and then enter TIP577, or visiting

Levi Aron Arrested In Killing Of 8 Year-Old Leiby Kletzky said...

Levi Aaron was arrested earlier today in the kidnapping and murder of 8 year-old Leiby Kletzky, The New York Post reports, after authorities raided his Kensington, Brooklyn home and discovered what they believe to be Kletzky's severed feet in the refrigerator,

When police entered Aron's home he was shirtless, according to The New York Daily News, and when questioned about the boy, he nodded towards the kitchen. Officers said they also found a cutting board next to three bloody butcher knives.

Aron, who turned 35 years-old today, then led police to a dumpster two miles away in Greenwood Heights, where the rest of Kletzky's body was found.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced the arrest at a press conference this morning, according to the Associated Press. Kelly said investigators tracked Aron down after surveillance video footage showed the lost boy approach him on Monday.

Cops said Aron, who is a clerk at the Empire State Supply Co. hardware store on McDonald Avenue in Kensington, allegedly suffocated the boy before cutting him into pieces, the Post reports. Kelly said Aron "panicked" when he saw the massive search led by the Brooklyn Hasidic Jewish community and the NYPD to find Kletzy and "that's why he killed the boy."

Levi Aron is Jewish but authorities aren't sure if he's Hasidic, according to the AP.

Aron's Facebook page shows he 'Likes' the group "IS YOUR FAMILY SAFE? Find out who really lives in your area".

"He has no excuse," a source said of a possible motive to the News. "He doesn't know why he did it."

Aron's only previous run-in with the law was a ticket for public urination.

Chaim said...

Three carving knives and chopping this boy into pieces, I just cannot believe the cruelty done here. I hope they give Levi Aaron the death penalty, only let it be at the hands of his prison inmates, the kind that would be a slow, painful death.

so sad said...

Security video footage shows Leiby speaking to Aron on a corner by his car, police said. Aron then went across the street and entered a building, while Kletzky waited for seven minutes. When Aron returned, the boy and the man got into his car, police said.

Assemblyman Hikind said...

"This is not about a child just in Borough Park," Assemblyman Hikind told PIX11 News. "This is about all children and what we need to do to protect our children. If this can happen here, it can happen anywhere."

perp was security guard in Memphis said...

Aron recently moved back to Brooklyn after having lived for several years in Memphis, Tennessee, where he worked as a security guard. "We are contacting authorities in Memphis," Commissioner Kelly said. Aron does not have any record of prior major crimes, according to Commissioner Kelly, but a deeper investigation into his background is underway.

Aron took the boy back to his apartment, Kelly said, and when, a few hours after the boy disappeared, a search got underway, Aron learned about it and panicked. That's when Aron killed the boy, according to the NYPD.

Mid-South Ties said...


New Yorker Levi Aron, a former Memphian, is accused of killing and dismembering a boy
Aron was married to a Germantown woman and worshipped at local synagogues
Aron worked as a security guard in Memphis

(Memphis 07/13/2011) The suspect in a gruesome crime in New York, involving the kidnapping, killing and dismemberment of an 8-year-old boy, has Mid-South ties. Police say 35-year-old Levi Aron, a Brooklyn man who once lived in Memphis and still has acquaintences here, is the man behind the crime.

It all started Monday when 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, a Hasidic Jew, was kidnapped while walking home from day camp. After days of searching and a $100,000 reward, police narrowed in on Aron with the help of surveillance video. New York police say Aron owned up to the crime, pointing them toward a freezer in his apartment with some of the boy's remains.

"Inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them. Some of the remains were in the freezer, and the others in a dumpster two and a half miles away," said New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.,0,1740841.story

Anonymous said...

The police have not released any details, but this boy not only was tortured and brutally killed, he probably was also raped and sexually violated.

Anonymous said...

Dr David Kenneth Cochrane Registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

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